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17 Types Of Kisses Guys Like

Although sexual contact and sex are often thought of as the most intimate forms of connection between two people, kissing is actually the most intimate of all! Kissing not only produces pleasure in both people involved but also strengthens the connection they have with each other, especially when it’s a good kiss, of course.

Whether you want to know how to spice up the intimate relationship between you and your partner or you want to show the guy you’re dating that you’re an expert kisser, it’s always good to know about the types of kisses guys like the most and receive some kissing tips!

In this article, we’re not just going to share details about the many types of kisses that exist, but we’re going to focus on the top 17 types of kisses that guys like the most, so you can be sure to impress the man you want with your lip skills.

1. French Kiss

The french kiss is a kiss that’s incredibly well known, and it’s highly regarded as being one of the most passionate types of kisses! A french kiss consists of you slowly kissing your partner, opening your mouth a little wider, and gently putting your tongue into their mouth. 

Once the french kiss is underway, things can get pretty hot and heavy, typically leading to arousal and sexual activity.

Top Tip - Don’t slobber over your partner - there shouldn’t be much/any saliva involved in this kind of kiss, so pay attention and keep your spit to yourself, unless your partner is really into that!

2. Neck Kiss

Neck Kiss

Most men love neck kisses! Neck kisses typically happen when two people are either doing foreplay or if one person is trying to turn the other one on. When it comes to kissing the neck, you want to stick to the sides of the neck, as going straight for the middle of the neck under the chin is a little tricky and not the most sensual. 

You can practice any kind of kissing on the neck, from open-mouth kissing and licking to lots of little closed-mouth pecks.

Top Tip - Whisper and dirty talk into your guy’s ear while you kiss his neck - he will be turned on immediately!

3. Kiss Down By The Body

If you’re kissing down the body of a guy, you’re most likely doing so because you’re hoping to engage in foreplay with him, or you’re ready to perform oral sex on him. Kissing down someone’s body, typically starting at the mouth and ending at the groin, is a sensual kind of kiss, creating a ripple of pleasure throughout the body. 

Top Tip - When you’re planning on performing oral sex on your man, don’t just get straight to it - kiss down his body and watch him feel teased!

4. Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe kisses aren’t typical kisses that you will just give your partner in a casual situation, because they’re intimate and used to slowly arouse your partner, whilst kissing other parts of your partner's face and body too. You should start off by gently kissing around your partner's ear, then kissing the ear and earlobe.

Top Tip - You can even gently bite your partner’s earlobe to increase pleasure.

5. Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss is the sweetest type of kiss, intended to comfort someone. Although this kiss is normally given by a guy to make a woman feel comforted and looked after, men love them too because they also want to feel comforted! A forehead kiss is a simple kiss, just a quick closed-mouth kiss on the forehead area.

Top Tip - Hold your hands to your partner’s face and cup it with both hands.

6. Love Bite Kiss

Although love bites aren’t technically kisses, they are a type of intimate act that can increase sexual pleasure for some people. You can give your partner a love bite by making a circular shape with your mouth, putting your mouth on an area of your partner's skin (usually the neck), and sucking gently until a small bruise shows up.

Top Tip - Make sure that your partner likes love bites before you go for it and give him one.

7. Cheek Kiss

Cheek kisses aren’t always used for romantic purposes, with a lot of countries using cheek kisses as a way to greet each other. However, cheek kisses can be romantic when you’re giving them to your partner. Giving your partner a peck on the cheek shows affection.

Top Tip - Kiss your partner on the cheek when you’re out and about together to show how much you like them.

8. Butterfly Kiss

A butterfly is a kiss without using the mouth! Instead of kissing your partner using your lips, you just put your face close to your partners so that your eyelashes touch your partner’s face, and then flutter your lashes. This gentle touch of your lashes on your partner’s skin will give him a sensitive, intriguing feeling of pleasure.

Top Tip - Say sweet, intimate things to your partner while you butterfly kisses them to make them know how much you like them.

9. Closed Mouth Kiss

Closed mouth kisses, otherwise known as ‘pecks’ aren’t the most passionate or intimate of kisses, but they still show your partner that you’re interested in them and want to show them affection. 

Top Tip - Whilst you’re busy doing something, give your partner a close-mouthed kiss to show that you still want to be intimate with them and like them.

10. Hand Kiss

Hand kisses are incredibly romantic gestures, typically used in Europe when trying to flatter someone. You can kiss your partner gently on the back of the hand if you’re trying to keep it PG and tender, but you might want to kiss the inside of your partner's hand whilst cupping their hands to your face for a more sensual hand kiss.

Top Tip - Say sweet things to your partner whilst you kiss their hands.

11. Eskimo Kiss

An Eskimo kiss is a fun, adorable kiss that you can do with your partner to be intimate and cute! Eskimo kisses come from the Inuit, who only have their noses on show outside. So, just like the Inuit,  with an Eskimo kiss, rather than putting your mouth on your partner’s mouth, you get close to your partner’s face and rub your noses together. 

Top Tip - Make it a fun thing to Eskimo kiss with your partner!

12. Underwater Kiss

An underwater kiss is not only an intimate type of kiss that you can share with your partner, but it also adds adventure and surprise to your relationship. When you’re in a pool with your man, go underwater together and kiss! You need to hold your breath and keep the kiss closed mouth to make sure you don’t swallow lots of water!

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Top Tip - Touch your man under the water whilst you kiss to increase his pleasure and make him more aroused.

13. Spider-Man Kiss

Spider-Man Kiss

A Spider-Man kiss, made famous by the movie Spider-Man (hence the name!), is a type of kiss where you kiss your partner upside down. Your partner might be hanging off the bed and you might be sitting on the floor, or you might have your head hanging off the sofa and your partner is below - all you need to do once you’re both lined up and one of you is upside down is kiss each other.

Top Tip - The best kind of kiss that you should do when you’re doing a Spider-Man kiss is a french kiss.

14. Lip Biting Kiss

A lot of people really enjoy having their lip slightly bitten when they kiss as it adds a little bit of roughness and passion. To add a lip bite into a kiss, all you need to do is gently (very gentle at first because the lips have so many nerve endings!), bite the lower lip, or upper lip, of your partner whilst you kiss. 

Top Tip - Lip biting only really works when you’re open mouth kissing with your partner, and can come off a little strange if you do it when you’re having a simple, closed-mouth kiss.

15. Single Lip Kiss

Single lip kisses are sensual kisses that pay attention to only one lip, typically the lower lip of your partner. Rather than covering both of your partner’s lips with both of your lips, you focus on kissing just one of your partner’s lips.

Top Tip - You should first gently brush your lips against one of your partner’s lips, increasing the tension and sexual energy.

16. Eye Kiss

Eye kisses, also known as angel kisses, are tender kisses where you plant small kisses on your partner’s closed eyes. Your partner will feel a soft sensation in their eyes, providing them with a feeling of comfort. 

Top tip - Don’t panic if your partner is a little concerned with you kissing their eyes at first! Be gentle.

17. Crotch Kiss

Obviously, kisses around the crotch area are kisses that will typically lead to oral sex. By kissing your partner around his crotch area before giving him oral, you’re teasing him and increasing the sexual tension between the two of you.

Top tip - give your man a full-body kiss, then kiss around his crotch area, before giving him orally to increase sexual tension.


Why do guys like to kiss so much?

It’s not only guys that love to kiss, the majority of people love to kiss because kissing not only creates a bond between two people and can sometimes lead to sexual contact, but because it also releases happy chemicals in the body! Kissing releases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, which increase the feeling of happiness and pleasure, especially when you’re kissing someone you love.

Do guys like neck kisses?

Most guys love giving and receiving neck kisses because neck kisses are intimate and create sexual tension. When you’re giving someone a neck kiss, or someone is kissing your neck, it’s most likely going to lead to having sex or being sexually intimate with each other.

What is the best kissing technique?

This is a really personal question because it depends on what you enjoy the most. However, typically, your kissing technique should be closed mouth and gentle to start with, slowly increasing the passion and becoming more open-mouthed, including tongues. You should attempt to increase the speed, depth, and passion as the kiss goes on.

What is the most romantic type of kiss?

Everyone is different, so a kiss that feels romantic to someone might not feel romantic for someone else - you need to decide what makes you feel the most romantic! Typically, French kisses are regarded as the most passionate and romantic.

Why do we moan during kissing?

Most people will moan when they kiss because they’re experiencing pleasure from the kiss. Moaning can often also occur during kissing because the people kissing are getting ready to have sex with each other, and the moaning is a precursor to the more extreme pleasure that they’re about to enjoy.

In Conclusion 

Now that you know exactly what types of kisses guys enjoy, it’s time for you to get out there and try out the different kisses to see which one you and your man like the most.

Did you like this article and find it useful? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share with anyone you feel needs to brush up on their kissing knowledge!

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