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Things Guys Like To Hear From Their Girlfriends (29 Interesting Things)

The key to any healthy relationship is open communication. You should always make your partner feel loved by constantly expressing your emotions. A great way to keep the fire burning in relationships is through compliments. The more you make your partner feel good about himself, the more effort he’ll put into the relationship. 

Men love receiving praise from their women, so strive to make yours happy. He’ll be proud to be with you if you feed his ego in the best possible way. Take a look at these twenty-nine things guys like to hear from their girlfriends to know how to make your boyfriend admire you and feel like a king.

29 Things Guys Like to Hear From Their Girlfriends

1. I love you

This first phrase is one common thing many guys like to hear from their girlfriends. This might be a common one, but it tops the list of things guys like to hear from their girlfriends. They might feel the affection in the relationship, but subtly still need constant reassurance. They want to know that your feelings haven’t changed, and you’re still head over heels for them.

Regularly mentioning how much you love your partner is key to sustaining the bond between the two of you. It’s easy for couples to forget this factor, or sometimes, say it without meaning it. Imbibing it into your everyday activities is key to making things work. Your partner will sense your compassion towards him, and it will make a big difference.

2. You make me laugh

Who doesn’t want to laugh? In relationships, guys immensely strive to impress their ladies. They feel a sense of accomplishment knowing they can make a woman happy. Telling your partner that he makes you laugh is critical. It affirms that he’s doing a great job, which will push him to do more. More so, it will make him feel like he holds a special place in your life.

It’s crucial to be honest when you make this statement. You might feel guilty if your partner finds out you’re bluffing. You shouldn’t tell a lie about your partner making you laugh merely to make him feel good. If he’s not particularly funny, you can always rephrase the sentence to, “You make me happy.”

3. I believe in you

i believe in you

The pressure to become something is particularly heavy on men. They want to feel valued by the female gender, which is why they strive to make several accomplishments. If they can’t achieve their goals or visions, it’s easy for them to become frustrated and disappointed. Therefore, telling your partner that you believe in him will encourage him to keep pushing.

If he’s trying his best to impress you, your compliment will make him feel supported and inspire him to do better. He’ll feel a sense of hope and courage to tackle his setbacks and challenges. More so, this process will amplify the union between the both of you. The mere fact that you acknowledge his efforts will give him a sense of importance in your life. 

4. You have beautiful eyes

The best set of compliments to give guys pertains to their physical features. From their facial features or body structures, they undoubtedly love to hear that they look good. Saying it to a significant other strikes an even better chord. You’re indirectly stating your attraction for him and building a stronger connection in the relationship. 

Physical attraction is an essential factor for guys. When a male finds out that a female finds him attractive, he’ll feel special to her. Apart from complimenting your partner’s eyes, you can talk about his physique down to the littlest things you can notice about his body. Tell him he has beautiful hair, nice feet, a dashing jawline, etc.

5. You look handsome

Paying attention to your partner’s appearance is a great confidence booster on their part. It’s also the key to building a happy relationship. Since your partner wants your attention more than anything else, you have to tend to his desires in the littlest ways. Mentioning how handsome he looks or complimenting his great features will brighten his day more than you expect.

This process will also bring both of you closer together. If someone feels noticed and cared for by you, he’ll always want to be around you. Everyone undeniably wants to be where they’re most valued. Therefore, creating a welcoming environment for your significant other will make the relationship blossom.

6. I appreciate you

Men enjoy being praised for their efforts. Merely telling your partner that you appreciate him will make him feel special. More so, he’ll sense that you recognize him in many ways. This statement also shows gratitude and takes into account what your partner has done. The sole fact that it’ll make him happy is why y should consider saying this to him more often.

The plus side about appreciating your partner is that it makes it easy for him to appreciate you too. It creates a welcoming environment for both of you to prove how much you care about each other. Constant acknowledgment builds harmony in the relationship and helps both of you connect on a deeper level

7. You look sexy

There’s a clear difference between being good-looking and looking sexy. Telling your partner he’s good-looking keeps things on a platonic level. On the contrary, mentioning how sexy he looks vividly points out that you’re attracted to him. 

Deep attraction is a critical criterion in any intimate relationship. It validates the essence of being together, which is the reason men want to hear about it more often. If you profess your attraction, it secures the bond both of you share. 

More so, it builds a sense of assurance that no one can tear both of you apart. The plus side is that this statement is a fun way to build intimacy with your partner. 

8. Thank you

Another sweet yet simple statement that would make your man happy is ‘thank you!’ It shows how grateful you are for the little effort he puts into the relationship. It also gives him hope that things will work out perfectly. The more you acknowledge your partner, the more he feels loved by you. You’re not communicating negative emotions but sharing warmth and compassion.

The more you say thank you, the more your partner strives to appease you. He’ll enjoy receiving compliments from you, and would want to make it consistent. This process also allows him to appreciate you because of how special you make him feel. 

9. You’re different

Mentioning how peculiar your partner is, solidifies your attraction towards him. It helps him know that you see him differently from everyone. More so, that you’re connected to him for a reason. If he thinks he doesn’t have a special place in your life, he might become distant with time. On the contrary, giving him reasons for your connection easily solves this problem

Understand that you’re expressly permitted to make this statement even though you’re meant to love your significant other unconditionally. Many males tend to feel incompetent or undervalued with time, which is why they sometimes, crave this type of reassurance. Guys want to hear that you see them differently. Therefore, always try to mention this to your man.

10. I need your advice

Another thing men want to hear from their ladies is them asking for their opinion on subjects. Although most guys like independent women, they strive to have a sense of importance in females’ lives. Therefore, constantly asking your partner for his advice would make him feel needed. The more he feels valued, the more he’ll try to make things work. 

This statement is also crucial because it highlights your partner’s expertise. Asking for his advice makes him feel smart and versatile in many areas. More so, it proves that you value his opinion. Involving him before taking certain actions also reveals the regard you have for him. This realization would indeed make him happy.

11. I feel safe with you

i feel safe with you

Most guys thrive on the factor called ‘hero instinct’. They want to plan an essential role in their ladies’ lives and be her prince charming. It boosts their masculinity and gives them a sense of importance. If you can make a man feel like a hero around you, he’s bound to cherish his relationship with you. 

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Therefore, mentioning that you feel safe around him will create that special bond. He subconsciously wants to protect you, which is why reaffirming this point makes him feel great. Tell him that you admire his efforts in your life, and feel comforted in his arms. The mere fact that you feel safe around him will give him more reasons to be with you. 

12. Tell me about it

Another thing male individuals crave to hear from their girlfriends is the go-ahead to talk more about a subject. Understand that men undoubtedly love to be heard. Since women are known for doing the most talking, it will make your partner feel special if you listen to him more often. Despite having a lot to say, you should constantly allow him to express himself. 

This process gives room for a well-grounded connection between partners. The more you listen, the more you can understand. It will also help you feel your partner’s presence more often. You’ll pay more attention to areas you neglected and make your partner feel even more special.

13. You make me happy

There’s nothing more comforting to a guy than knowing he can make his woman smile. Men love being praised for their efforts, so you should make your man feel special in the littlest ways. He’ll be proud to hear that he has accomplished something positive in your life. More so, this remark will give him a sense of fulfillment. 

The fun part about telling your partner this statement is that it’ll encourage him to do more. Since your approval indirectly matters to him, he’ll look for better ways to make you happy. The more you can give him a sense of accomplishment, the more he’ll strive to be a better partner.

14. I respect you a lot

Respect is an essential aspect of any relationship because it emphasizes how much one partner values the other. Men fear their ladies losing interest, so you have to reemphasize your partner’s importance over time. Show him how much you regard him by mentioning it to him. He’ll sense his worth, and will feel even more special.

Remember to accompany this statement with the appropriate action. Men want to hear that their partners respect them, but also want to see it in their actions. Value his opinions, give him room to express himself, appreciate the differences, and be mindful of how you communicate with him. These are a few ways to respect your partner even more. 

15. Have fun with friends

The key to having a healthy relationship is balance. You need your space just as much as your partner needs his. Wholeheartedly encouraging your partner to enjoy spending time with his friends acknowledges this factor and helps stabilize the relationship. He’ll sense your compassion towards his personal life and would cherish your presence even more. 

Understand that the more you give a guy space, the more he’ll long to be around you. If you make a fuss about him leaving all the time, he’ll crave being apart even more. Therefore, this statement is crucial to establishing a bond between you and your partner. Remember to be genuine with your remarks or you might pass the wrong impression

16. You’re a great person

Male individuals like to hear their ladies talk about their personalities. They don’t just want physical attraction, but all-around interest. Making compliments about your partner’s behavior will make him feel exceptional. Tell him how great he is as a person, and how you cherish his generosity. Talk about any impressive qualities you’ve observed about him. 

Making sweet statements like these will empower your partner to become even better. He’ll enjoy how it makes him feel, and will strive to receive more praises. This process also builds a better atmosphere in the relationship. The more you highlight your partner’s strengths is the more he’ll focus on them.,

17. I trust you

Trust is an essential aspect of any relationship. It proves that two parties can coexist with one another and that their bond is valid. You need to admit that you trust your partner to validate your attraction towards him. This statement shows that you’re willing to coexist and make the union work, which he’ll enjoy hearing.

Saying that you trust your significant other also communicates that you believe in him. You’re reassuring him of his loyalty and commitment to you, which is a beautiful thing. More so, it will give him the willpower to strive to make things work. You’re also saying that you admire his reliability, knowing he has your best interests at heart. 

18. I missed you

It’s crucial to give your partner space, but not too much that it could damage the relationship. Telling your man that you missed him is an easy way to rebuild the closeness after some distance. You’re reassuring him of your attraction and emphasizing the connection both of you have. It also shows him how much you value his presence. 

Revealing one’s dependency is vulnerable but crucial to sustaining relationships. If he feels needed around you, he’ll strive to make himself more available. Mention the problems you faced without him being around. This process would also give him a sense of importance around you. He’ll be proud to find out that he makes a positive impact on your life.

19. I need your help

Guys want attention from their partners, even though they don’t actively point this out. Asking for their help is one of the things they like to hear because it makes them feel wanted. You need to involve your man in your problems to make him play a critical role in your life. More so, accomplishing menial tasks for you can even make him feel attractive and more masculine. 

It’s crucial, however, to be cautious of the things you ask your man to do. You need to make him feel strong and valued, and not necessarily emasculated. Any task that will show his strength, expertise, or intelligence will get him excited. On the contrary, little, trivial chores will make him feel less manly. 

20. Let’s do something together

let's do something together

Another thing men want to hear is their partner’s suggestions. They enjoy their partner’s involvement without having to make all the plans. Sharing your ideas shows that you’re immersed in the relationship and excited about making things work. If you never have a proposition, it gives the impression that you’re not interested.

It’s critical to bring up ideas of things you can do as a couple. From trips to vacations, such subjects will excite your partner. You can even suggest improvements to daily routines that would make life all the more convenient. Your involvement will boost your partner’s confidence in the union working out. 

21. I agree

Every successful relationship works with an agreement. Your partner craves to be on good terms with you, and for you to accept and understand his views. Constantly opposing his opinion will pull both of you farther apart. More so, it will make your partner think you don’t regard him. Therefore, saying, “I agree,” is among the list of things guys crave to hear. 

Even so, regularly saying things like, “Let’s do this,” or “I’m on board!” can boost the cooperation level between you and your partner. You’re affirming that you have a willingness to make things work, and not necessarily to prove you’re right all the time. The more you say this is the more your partner will be willing to listen to you. 

22. I got something for you

The act of giving and receiving gifts is a love language for a reason. This action shows your partner that you care about him, and that you’re willing to express it. Giving him those things that will make him happy is a secret key to his heart. It’ll make your man proud to be yours, which will motivate him to express his love better. 

You don’t necessarily need to break the bank to surprise your partner. Simple things like his favorite cup of coffee can go a long way to make him smile. Find ways to relieve his stress or to solve a problem he has. You can also decide to spoil him with treats. He’ll appreciate your effort to make his life more convenient. 

23. I was wrong

A prominent fact about life is that everyone is prone to making mistakes. Accepting one’s faults is, therefore, a basic key to sustaining relationships. It also reduces tension between partners when they’re honest about their flaws. They’ll understand their weaknesses and try to work on them the best possible way.

Frequently saying, ‘I was wrong’ will help your partner warm up to you even more. He’ll acknowledge that you’re prone to fail, and would accommodate your mistakes wholeheartedly. On the contrary, proving you’re right can create a rift in the relationship. You have to learn when to accept your faults and strive to fix situations as soon as possible.  

24. Please, forgive me

Apologizing is the bedrock of any reconciliation. Saying, “I’m sorry,” or “Please, forgive me!” is something males like to hear because it shows that you care and regard the relationship. More so, that you’re willing to make things work. You shouldn’t hesitate to use these phrases anytime you realize you’ve offended your partner.

You shouldn’t allow your partner to worry about things ending. Instead, seek reconciliation when due. Talk about your problems and apologize even though you feel it’s unnecessary. This process will preserve the bond you share with your partner. It will also communicate your regard for your significant other, which he’ll cherish.

25. I want you to…

Most women are fond of saying, “It’s nothing,” or “I’m fine!” without expressly stating what they want. This process is rigorous for men because they find it hard to understand their partner’s demands. Simply stating what you want would yield faster results than expecting your significant other to guess or sense it.

Even so, it will tackle various communication problems that occur in relationships. The more you state your demands, the more your partner will understand you. This process will then allow him to perceive what you want even in your times of silence. However, it’s crucial to be mindful of how you communicate your requests. 

26. I like the way you think

There’s no better way to praise your partner than mentioning his expertise. The easiest way to do this is to give him compliments about his thought process. This process will make him feel special because you’re indirectly telling him how smart he is and how much you cherish his opinions.

The more you praise your partner’s qualities, the more he’ll strive to become a better person. Other alternatives to the above statement include, “You always know what to say” or “Wow, you’re so knowledgeable!” These compliments will undoubtedly make your partner feel good about himself.

27. I’ll handle the bill

Occasionally, male individuals like to hear their women agreeing to foot some bills. It doesn’t necessarily have to be their bills, but something the woman independently takes responsibility for. They love a woman’s dependency but cherish her sense of self-sufficiency even more. If a woman can cater to her demands without relying on anyone, her partner will respect her more. 

Being self-reliant is beneficial to both parties. It reduces the inferiority-superiority fights that tend to occur when one partner handles everything. It also gives the couple greater financial security if one of them is laid off. Independence reduces the stress on both parties and grows the couple’s connection. 

28. You turn me on

Men desire immense attraction from their ladies. Merely knowing that their partners are sexually attracted to them can boost their confidence on multiple levels. It’s an ego boost when they find out that they can turn their partners on. Therefore, you should admit this fact to your man more often. It will also increase the intimacy level between both of you.  

He’ll have a sense of accomplishment and feel proud about the connection. More so, it will boost his masculinity and make him desire you more. The more you reveal little details about your sexual attraction to him, the happier your partner will be.

29. You were amazing last night

you were amazing last night

The best compliment you can give a man is to praise his sex skills. This process will make him feel good about himself and immensely boost his ego. Yell him how great he was, and how you never want to leave his bed. Mention how impressed you are with something he did, and he’ll strive to do even better next time. 

Guys thrive on the praises of their ladies. The more you can feed his ego, the more effort he’ll put into the relationship. Every compliment about his skills in bed will grow the connection he has with you. He’ll look for more ways to impress you, which is a win on both parts.


What do guys like hearing from their girlfriends?

One of the things guys like to hear from their girlfriends is compliments. They want reassurance that their ladies are immensely attracted to them physically and intellectually. Therefore, you should always talk about your partner’s great body features, and how peculiar his personality is.

What compliments do guys like to hear?

The best compliments males love to hear are about their expertise in several subjects. From menial tasks to love-making skills, men enjoy when women praise their accomplishments. They also love when ladies point out their attraction towards them. It gives them a sense of fulfillment and boosts their ego. 

What do guys find cute in a girl?

Several things tend to draw guys to females. For example, a woman’s smile, laugh, or the way she speaks can make her seem more attractive. Her physical qualities will undoubtedly make her stand out. However, her intellectual qualities can strike an even better chord.

What do guys wish their girlfriends knew?

Most guys wish their partners could understand their need for space and appreciate it when they spend time with their friends. Their desire for distance doesn't affect their affection. Instead, it makes their heart grow fonder. Men also wish their partners could be more direct about their problems instead of giving hints.

What words do guys like to be called?

Some of the things guys enjoy being called include honey, baby, handsome, my true love, sugar, and etcetera. The compliment you give your partner can indeed leave an impression on him. Ensure you make it personal and highlight his outstanding qualities. 

To Sum Up

Did you like this article on things guys like to hear from their girlfriends? Remember that your boyfriend’s happiness will greatly affect yours, so try to always make him smile in the littlest ways. Kindly leave a comment below or share this article if you liked it. 

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