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How To Deal With A Sensitive Boyfriend (27 Empathetic Ways)

Many people are not aware that they’re in relationships with sensitive individuals. This fact can lead to major misunderstandings. However, there are signs that reveal your partner is indeed sensitive. If they feel things deeply and tend to process information more intricately than most individuals, they're sensitive. 

These qualities come with many strengths and also a tremendous amount of vulnerability. Being in a relationship with a sensitive individual requires more knowledge on how to communicate effectively and make the union blossom. 

If your boyfriend is sensitive, and you're looking for ways to understand him better, then this article is for you. This article on how to deal with a sensitive boyfriend will help any girlfriend or wife cope adequately in their unions.

27 Ways To Deal With A Sensitive Boyfriend

1. Don't label his sensitivity negatively

Human beings can be classified differently because we all have special characteristics. Similarly, sensitive people are a unique category of individuals with peculiar traits that make them stand out in their relationships. They're more in touch with their emotions and more compassionate than the average individual.  

Although some people tend to perceive these features negatively, it’s essential to embrace your partner’s positive sides as his girlfriend. People might view sensitive individuals as over-emotional and downplay their outstanding qualities but remember that every individual has their flaws.

Making a sensitive individual feel indifferent for being compassionate will only push them further away. It’s mandatory to work together to overcome certain faults instead of building a negative perception about these features. 

2. Show interest in his interests

If your boyfriend is sensitive, he will be able to observe and perceive your emotions more intimately. He'll know when you're putting in the effort to make the relationship work or merely allowing things to take their course. One way to tell him that you care is by showing interest in him and his hobbies. 

Once he perceives some effort from you, he'll be more motivated to balance things and make the union work. Sensitive men respond well to positive advances. Therefore, if you can show that you're immersed in your union with them, they'll seek ways to return the favor by also being engaged.

3. Be inquisitive

Asking questions is another way of showing interest. You're letting your partner know that you're engaged in their life and would like to know more about it. Sensitive people love when others ask them questions because it's an avenue to open up and express their emotions. 

They wouldn't share their emotions unless they perceive interest first. This process also allows them to connect deeply with the person seeking clarity on specific subjects. This process is essential for those with sensitive significant others. If you don't ask your significant other questions, it would be interpreted as a lack of interest, and ultimately, a lack of love.

4. Learn his love language

Learn his love language

Every individual interprets love in different ways. It could be in the form of spending quality time, receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, or even acts of service. Understand that sensitive individuals connect deeply with their emotions, so it's essential to understand how they perceive love from others.

This process will help you connect deeply with them while intimately expressing your affection. It will also give you insight on how to cater to their emotional needs as you interpret their requests better. For example, a highly sensitive man may complain that you don't care about him, but this could otherwise mean that you’re not spending enough time with him.   

5. Apologize when you’re at fault

Sensitive individuals wear their emotions on their sleeves and interpret scenarios literally. They also have a habit of ruminating on challenges until they can find a solution. Learning to apologize to your boyfriend will lessen any form of tension in the relationship and stop your significant other from over-thinking.

It also allows you to reveal your side of the story and helps your better half understand you better. Apologizing leaves no room for misunderstandings and builds harmony. It's a subtle way of telling your significant other that you're more concerned about their emotions than winning an argument.  

6. Make him a priority

Your significant other may seem demanding, but those demands are secret ways to make the union blossom. Your sensitive better half may want you to spend more time with him on the weekends, or perhaps, talk him out of a bad mood anytime he gets one. 

Such requests may seem over-the-top, especially if you barely have enough time to yourself. Nonetheless, if you make your sensitive partner a priority in your life, catering to his needs will be easy. It will be convenient to show up when he needs it, and this process will help both of you establish a special bond with one another.  

7. Ensure your words match your emotions

Highly sensitive individuals have a unique way of understanding people's emotions. They are empathic by nature, which means they can also tell when someone isn't genuine with their feelings. Hence, being straightforward is a crucial way to keep peace and tranquility. 

Don't assure your sensitive spouse that everything is alright when you're angry because this will only create discomfort between the two of you. They will perceive the insincerity in your words and worry about the causes of your anger. It's essential, to be honest about how you feel to avoid creating room for assumption and tension in the union.   

8. Check up on him frequently

Sensitive people need regular attention more than most individuals because they connect on a deeper level. They are most comfortable around people they can trust with their feelings, which is why they tend to have a limited number of relationships. 

Checking up on your boyfriend shows that you're concerned about his wellbeing and his emotional state. Asking simple questions like how his day went or if he encountered any challenge will create room for emotional intimacy and help the union blossom. 

This process also significantly improves the trust between the two of you. He'll be more open to sharing both his successes and challenges with you because of your interest in his personal life.

9. Praise his strengths

Although dating a sensitive guy requires some extra effort, know that he has outstanding qualities that make him unique. For example, sensitive men are compassionate and are more understanding of a woman's emotions. They are also caring individuals that tend to be more emotionally present in their relationships. 

Making him aware of his strengths will keep him encouraged to do more. It will also help him feel valued, strengthening the bond between both of you. He will have your positive words to fall back on in any situation where he feels incompetent due to his sensitive nature. This process will keep him on his feet.

10. Complement his weaknesses

Highly sensitive individuals have their flaws like every other individual. They tend to over-think and react based on their emotions. They also tend to get uncomfortable around strangers and refrain from socializing with new people. Such weaknesses can hinder sensitive individuals from achieving a lot, which is why it's essential to help them out when you can. 

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Learn the kind of flaws your significant other has in the relationship, and look for ways to compliment them. This process entails helping him find a healthy balance to his challenges instead of calling him out for his deficiencies. Introduce your significant other to some friends, and give him clarity when you perceive he's overthinking something.

11. Don't be critical

A sensitive partner will read meaning to the words you say in many ways. This scenario happens because they think from an emotional perspective, while you may be seeing things logically. Therefore, it's essential not to express unnecessary criticism of their actions because it would harm the relationship. 

Pointing out your significant other's errors is prudent, but it necessary to look for the right ways to do it. Instead of saying, "You like making assumptions before clarifying things," say, "I would appreciate if you sought clarification before making assumptions." Making constructive criticism shows your better-half how to improve instead of merely passing a judgment.

12. Encourage more than discourage

Encourage more than discourage

Like embracing your better half's strengths, encouraging more than discouraging will give room for a healthy union. For example, if your partner is reluctant to go to a social gathering with you, telling him that he'll do fine will yield better results than giving him a lecture on the things to avoid doing in public. 

You'll be able to boost his strengths with affirming words more than critical statements. Let him know that you believe firmly in him, and you'll start seeing a better side of him, which includes less sensitivity. The more kind words you can tell your better half, the better scenarios will turn out.

13. Be a great listener

Highly sensitive individuals only open up to those they can genuinely trust. Thus, if your significant other shares their feelings with you, it's essential to listen to them. Being distracted will hurt them because they'll assume you don't value their vulnerability. This act may also cause a rift in the union because one party will feel unwanted. 

Men are fond of bottling their emotions and would instead look for avenues to resolve them personally. If you have a guy that's willing to share his emotions with you, listening to him is the best way to strengthen the bond between the two of you and improve your love life with him. 

14. Settle conflicts immediately

Sensitive people have a habit of ruminating over subjects until they can find a solution. This process can lead to unnecessary assumptions if they don't have enough facts to accompany their thoughts. Therefore, if you want your relationship with your partner to work, you have to be willing to settle discordances immediately. 

This process will prevent your sensitive significant other from worrying about the union's problems and making early conclusions. It will also show that you're aware of the discomfort the conflict may be causing them, and you're willing to fix it. This process also shows empathy, which would help the love between the two of you to blossom.

15. Try not to put your worries on him

We all have problems as individuals. While it may seem prudent to share your challenges with a partner, it's crucial to limit what you disclose to a highly sensitive significant other. This process is necessary because sensitive people consider other people's difficulties the same as theirs. 

They bear the burden of other people's challenges and seek solutions like their life's troubles. Their sensitivity makes them extremely generous, which is why it's essential to protect them from worrying too much. If it's something you can easily handle, it's best to resolve the matter before telling your better half. This process will make your partner feel better.

16. Maintain regular communication

Constant communication in a relationship helps both parties grow closer to one another. It also improves emotional intimacy, which any sensitive guy would love. It's essential to make regular contact with your sensitive significant other offline and online to show how important their personal life is to you. 

Spend time with them, talk about issues, and offer to help when necessary. These are some of the avenues to strengthen the bond between two partners. The more you sustain constant communication with a better half, the less discordance will arise in the union. You will be able to understand the sensitive nature of your significant other better than you did before.

17. Don't say anything you don't mean

Sensitivity is a state of being susceptible to other people's emotions, attitudes, or circumstances. This notion indicates that sensitive people are bound to get hurt by other people's statements more than the average person would. Thus, it's essential to monitor and filter your words to avoid hurting a sensitive individual in your life. 

One way to accomplish this act is by refraining from saying things you don't mean. Your partner may not be able to get over your words because he takes them to heart. It would be best if you thought about your statements first to avoid stirring up a conflict.  

18. Tell him what you like about him

Tell him what you like about him

Telling your highly sensitive significant other what you admire about him is a great way to show your appreciation to him. It will also help you refrain from saying things that could potentially hurt him. This act allows you to look at the positive aspects of the relationship instead of the negative. 

If you give your significant other something good to focus on, his sensitivity will help the very end. More so, he will embrace his sensitive nature and focus on the good instead of the bad. In general, men love receiving compliments from their ladies, which is why this act is exceptional with sensitive men.

19. Don't hesitate to make moves

Sensitive individuals take meticulous steps towards everything to avoid encountering mistakes. They also put in maximum thought to their actions and pay close attention to details. This move can sometimes prevent them from achieving much in a limited amount of time. 

Therefore, it's crucial to learn how to make moves and control scenarios if you have a sensitive partner. Sensitive guys will need an extra push to make decisions without taking extra precautions. They would also need someone to guarantee them that events will turn out fair irrespective of the number of preparations. 

Balancing out their worries by executing activities that they're too hesitant to do will inevitably bring harmony to the union.

20. Provide reassurance

Most individuals want to feel constant love and affection in their relationships. In other words, they want comfort that their partner feels the same way at every point in time. This scenario is similar to sensitive individuals. They are easily impressed by their significant other's emotions, so they subconsciously rely on it for gratification. 

Expressing your affection to your man both in words and actions will appease his secret desires and create a feeling of oneness in the union. This process also helps your significant other be more vulnerable around you because of his confidence in your affection towards him. Both parties will undoubtedly benefit from constant reassurance in a relationship.

21. Try not to get him jealous

You might be tempted to measure your significant other's love by making him feel jealous, but this action is one thing you should avoid doing with highly sensitive men. Some men can handle seeing their partners flirt with other guys, but this sight will hurt a sensitive male. 

Since he's more in touch with his feelings, such a scenario would feel like torture. Therefore, it's essential to avoid doing anything that will make your partner feel distrustful of you to avoid creating a rift in the relationship. When your significant other is expressing healthy jealousy, reassuring him is the best way to sustain harmony. 

22. Be extroverted around him

A highly sensitive individual may become too immersed in their private life if they stay focused on their emotions. This process tends to make them refrain from social activities. Being extroverted around your sensitive significant other is an easy way to help them take comfortable risks and get them out of their comfort zones. 

It's also a healthy way to complement your better half's weaknesses and helping him out when he needs you. You can suggest some fun activities to help your better half out of a bad mood or liven up the environment if he's too immersed in his thoughts. Any kind of engagement is necessary for a sensitive individual's life.

23. Don't cancel plans at the last minute

If an unprecedented occurrence causes you to cancel plans with your significant other, it's necessary to be straightforward about the reasons. Canceling plans at the last minute without any viable cause will make your sensitive partner overthink and make assumptions about the incident. 

They will think you canceled plans because of them, which will stir up a rift in the relationship. Miscommunication in unions is a major cause of conflicts. Therefore, establishing healthy communication about missed or canceled events will help both of you avoid unnecessary discordances. Both of you would also develop trust and unity in the relationship.

24. Be straightforward about your feelings

If you're dating a highly sensitive person, there's a guarantee that he has observed all your moods. If you're not straightforward about how you feel, it will stir up distrust in the union. Being transparent about your emotions creates a sense of oneness between the two of you. 

If you keep a sensitive male informed about your happy and sad states, he'll have fewer worries about the causes of your distress, and fewer issues will arise in the union. Always remember that emotional intimacy is one thing sensitive people love.

25. Be vulnerable with him

A sensitive male would always want his significant other to be emotionally present in the relationship. Being distant is the easiest way to kill the love and affection present in the union. You might want to play hard to get, but this move wouldn't work well with a sensitive partner. 

It'll only make the two of you drift further away from one another. It's important to reciprocate the kind of emotional investment your better-half puts into the relationship to ensure everything blossoms.

26. Always make him feel secure

A highly sensitive individual wants to feel confident. It's natural for them to question their better half's stance in the relationship if there aren't enough clues to prove it. You might be loyal to your significant other, but understand that you need to make him feel confident in the relationship continually. 

Be transparent about your actions, and don't give him reasons to doubt you. Stick to your words at all times, and your man wouldn't get worked up about the possibilities of the relationship's end.  

27. Try not to play games with him

Sending confusing signals to a sensitive person will inevitably make them drift away. They'll know when you're insincere, which would raise doubts in the union. Sensitive individuals like to feel secure in their relationships. 

Therefore, giving your boyfriend reasons to suspect you will only cause conflict. Building trust in the union is one thing that would keep the relationship strong through tough times. It's essential to avoid keeping secrets from one another to sustain harmony with one another.  


How do I date a highly sensitive man?

Sensitive individuals are compassionate by nature and tend to focus on building emotional intimacy. Dating a sensitive guy would demand being in touch with your vulnerable side. You would have to give him time to adjust to the relationship while complementing his weaknesses in the best possible way.

How can you tell if a man is sensitive?

Caring men can be regarded as sensitive males. They are emotionally present in their unions, are great listeners, compassionate, and generous to the core. They tend to put other people's needs ahead of theirs and are considered as perfect gentlemen. They are also more understanding of a woman's emotions because of their empathic nature.

How do you communicate with a sensitive person?

Sensitive individuals tend to process information more intricately than most people. This process can be time-consuming. So it's essential to give them time to express themselves before providing feedback on a matter. Pick the right words to address their errors and avoid sounding condescending or critical in any way.

Is being sensitive a good thing?

Sensitive individuals have many great gifts. Being in touch with their emotions allows them to connect deeply and make profitable connections. They are also compassionate and caring individuals, which helps them understand other people's emotions. In a nutshell, sensitiveness is the basis of empathy.

Can a sensitive person change?

It's somewhat impossible for a sensitive individual to change their nature, but they can change some aspects of their lifestyle to eliminate some uncontrollable stressors. Learning not to worry will significantly impact sensitive individuals and help them take better control of situations.

In Summary

Did you enjoy this article on dealing with a sensitive male? It's crucial to be sensitive to your significant other's emotions to cater to his needs. Make him a priority in your life, and the friendship will inevitably blossom. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others.

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