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The Ultimate Guide of Relationship and Dating Advice for Women

At least once in the lifetime, we all struggled with a difficult relationship. We had to pass over heartbreaks and disappointments, leaving the man we loved without having completely understood what had gone wrong.

Sometimes it is even harder to understand why we ended up with a break up instead of a happy ending. What I have discovered over the years (and many failed relationships), is that much of this is due to a lack of understanding by both parties of the dynamics of a relationship.

It took me many years to figure this out, but to help other women who are struggling (like I used to) I have decided to put together everything I have learned (mostly through trial and error) so that hopefully other women will find their life partner so that they can experience true happiness in their relationships a lot quicker than I did.

I have divided this post into 4 main categories making it easier to navigate to the topic that is relevant for you.

Whether you are unable to find the right partner, face relationship difficulties, deal with a breakup or you just feel that your partner has lost his sexual interest in you, you should be able to find these topics covered below.

Dating & Finding A Partner

This category was created mainly for all the single ladies who feel that finding the right partner is impossible. If you are part of those women who always seem to end up with the wrong man regardless of their strategies, then this section is for you.

Most of these articles are focused on strategies to understand men and finding a potentially right partner, tips to keep a man interested in you and how to avoid wasting energy and feelings on the wrong guys.

Here are some of the main topics discussed in this category.

a. Understanding What Men Really Want

The first step to take in finding the right man is understanding what men really look for in a partner. Sonya wrote a couple of articles on this subjects, including a review of a program that should give you an insight into the men’s twisted minds.

What Do Men Want in a Woman

Knowing what men truly want is not easy. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find out.What Do Men Want In A Woman: 34 Traits will give you a complete list of what most men want, beginning with a woman’s personality to their understanding, affection and more. By simply following these tips, you will be able to catch and maintain a man’s interest.

They Want To Be The Alpha​

Another article dealing with the same subject is What Men Secretly Want Review [by James Bauer]. This is actually a review of a relationship development program designed by the relationship counselor James Bauer. The program aims to improve the communication between the partners by giving women an understanding of the men’s psychology. This review should help you determine if it is worth investing in the program and what similar courses are available out there.

b. Finding A Partner

Once you have understood what are the real desires of men, finding the right partner seems the most logical thing to do. The following articles should help you with this.

How to Find Men

How to Find Men: The Insider’s Guide on Where to Find Men is an article with two purposes. The first purpose is helping you understand what kind of relationship you want and what type of man you should be looking for. Secondly, Sonya made a list of the most popular places where you can meet a man, including sports events, art galleries and many other places where you wouldn’t have thought that finding a man was possible.

How To Get A Guy To Notice You

​Once you found a man, you should make him notice you. How To Get A Guy To Notice You: 34 Steps is an article that will teach you how to behave if you want to catch a man’s interest without being too obvious about what you’re doing. Following these tips, you will be able to get the attention of any man while keeping your charm and mysterious aura.


​You’ve done it! You met a wonderful man and he seems to be interested in you. Now you only have to make him ask you out. How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out: 18 Steps is an article that aims to do exactly this: let you know how to behave to show your crush that you are interested in him and determine him to ask you out. Simple and easy.

How to Get a Guy to Ask for Your Number

​If you are out on a first date and simply like the guy, you would probably wish to make him ask for your phone number. By doing so, you will have the confirmation that he is also interested in you and you can start dreaming about the beginnings of a new relationship. Making a man ask for your number is quite easy, and Sonya tells you exactly how to do it in How To Get A Guy To Ask For Your Number: 2 Easy Steps

Dating Tips For Women

​If you’re dreaming about building a long-lasting relationship, first you have to get to know the man you’re dating. But if you make some mistakes, such as talking about your past relationships or not being honest about yourself, you might lose your partner’s interest right away. To avoid some awkward situations, you should follow these 21 Dating Tips For Women You Can't Miss. You will learn what conversations to avoid, at least on the first dates.

Boundaries In Dating Concerning Sex

Boundaries In Dating: Tips To Make Dating Work is an article that aims to make you understand what your boundaries are regarding dating and relationships. Knowing your boundaries will help you determine if it is worth investing time and feelings in a relationship or if you’d better move on before suffering too much.

c. Keeping A Man’s Interest

The hardest part of a relationship isn’t finding and dating the right man, but keeping your man’s interest. Having struggled with a bunch of failed relationships, Sonya made use of her experience and wrote a few interesting articles aimed to help you keep the interest of the man you love.

Who Should Text First After A Date Here Are The Dating Rules

Probably one of the most asked question after a successful first date is whether you should or shouldn’t text him. While there is no precise rule of who should be the first one to contact the other, there are some guidelines you should follow. Sonya answers your concerns in Who Should Text First After A Date? Here Are The Dating Rules.

Make A Man Fall In Love With You By Being Supportive​

How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You In 31 Different Ways is an article aimed to tell you how to behave if you want to make a man fall in love with you. There are many different ways to do this, from simply being yourself to showing a genuine interest in his hobbies, being supportive and many more. Read the article to find out the 31 different ways of making him fall in love with you for good.

Deep Conversation Topics to Have With Your Man

A true relationship is not all about good looks and hot nights. A man worth keeping will certainly want more from a relationship, including having interesting conversations about the meaning of life and a thousand of other subjects. If you want to have a deep relationship with your partner, you should share with him your dreams and fears and you should also let him know you care about his. Since communication is everything, here are a few Deep Conversation Topics To Have With Your Man.

How To Make A Guy Want You More

How To Make A Guy Want You More: Some Useful Tips  In this article, Sonya is sharing a few tips on how to keep a man’s interest by making him want you more. There are many ways to do this, from accidentally touching him once in a while, to showing your natural self without fear. Read the article to discover all the tips.

How to Keep Him Interested

Once you have an established relationship, one of the main concerns you will probably have is how to keep your partner interested in you alone. Well, the most valuable advice, in this case, is to keep him interested in you by simply being yourself. If he’s not happy with who you really are, then maybe he isn’t the right man for you after all. However, if you’re confident that he is the one, read Sonya’s advice on How to Keep Him Interested with These Subtle Tricks.

What To Do If Your Man Stops Calling You

Sometimes, no matter how perfect the relationship seemed to be, your partner just stops calling you. While it can be really frustrating not knowing why he doesn’t want you anymore, there are a few things you should never (and I mean never) do if he stops calling. Find out what those things are in the article What To Do If Your Man Stops Calling You: 5 Tips You Need To Know .

Why Do Men Pull Away In A Relationship And What To Do About It

There are some situations when your man just starts pulling away from the relationship. There are many reasons why he could have such a behavior, from feeling too stressed out, to commitment pressure, lost interest and much more. Find out which are the most common reasons why a man is pulling away, and how to deal with the situation, by reading the article Why Men Pull Away And What To Do About It.

d. Make Him Commit

If you have a wonderful relationship but he doesn’t want to commit, these tips might help you.

How to Make a Man Commit

How to Make a Man Commit in 28 Ways is an article aimed to educate you on how to behave if you want your man to commit to you. Sometimes just loving him is not enough. You should be able to keep him interested while remaining an independent woman. Read all the tips in the article to learn how to deal with this situation.

How to Get Him to Propose

If you have been in a serious relationship for a long time, but it just seems that he is unable to decide to throw the big question, maybe you should start thinking about how to make him propose. A Guide On How To Get Him To Propose  will not only make you understand why he might not have proposed to you yet but will also give you a lot of ideas on how to make him propose. Finally, the guide also reveals the most common mistakes you could make that will determine him to run away instead of deciding to get married.

Signs He Wants to Marry You

34 Signs He Wants to Marry You. As the title says, this article is going to reveal which are the signs your man gives if he really wants to settle down with you. Some of these signs might be more subtle than the others, and since it is not a general rule to see all of them in your man, understanding that he truly wants to become your husband might be really comforting even if he didn’t make a proposal yet.

e. Avoiding The Wrong Guys

Even if a man might seem interesting at first, that doesn’t mean that he is the right man for you. The articles in this section are aimed to teach you how to recognize the lack of interest, the immaturity, or other substantial flaws a man has, before becoming too emotionally involved with him.

5 Signs Of Immaturity in Your Man

If dating a guy that is not emotionally mature can be fun when you’re not planning on getting involved in a serious relationship, you should definitely stay away from those men if you’re dreaming of a long-term relationship. Read the5 Signs Of Immaturity in Your Man to find out if you’re dating the right man or if you should keep looking.

Mind Games Men Play

Most men love playing mind games with their partners. While this might be fun for them, for you, it might become really frustrating. There are many reasons why a man plays mind games, but with the right strategy, you can learn how to beat him. 5 Mind Games Men Play And How To Beat Them is an article aimed to do exactly this, teach you how to recognize and win the mind games of your man.

Is He Stringing Me Along

If you are unsure whether the man you’re dating is serious in the relationship or he just dates you for the fun of it, then this article will let you know in which category he falls. Is He Stringing Me Along? 5 Signs That He Is will show you what signs to look after if you want to decide whether you should invest time and feelings into this guy or if you should better move along.

How To Spot A Player

Probably one of the most heartbreaking situations is investing your feelings into a relationship with a man who just isn’t true about his intentions. Loving a player will not only leave you with a broken heart, but the experience might just be devastating. To avoid these unpleasant situations, learn How To Spot A Player: Don't Fall Victim To His Game.

Emotionally Unavailable Men

Another difficult situation is dating an emotionally unavailable man. Dating such a man doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t get involved, it simply means that he most probably won’t do it. There are many reasons why a man is emotionally unavailable and it is entirely up to you to decide if you want to build a relationship with such a man or not. The article Emotionally Unavailable Men and What You Should Do will give you an insight of what to expect so you can decide what to do.

Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted

Another unpleasant situation you can face is being taking for granted by your partner. A partner who has this feeling will start caring less as he is convinced that no matter what happens you will still be there waiting for him. Actually, if your partner starts to act this way, you should take immediate action to put things in place. My Boyfriend Takes Me for Granted. What Should I Do? will tell you what to do to avoid or get out from a similar situation.

Dealing With Marriage & Relationship Issues

Once you get a married or engaged, the struggle is not ended. You will have to deal with a whole world of new situations, such as keeping his interest over the years or not falling a victim of jealousy.Here are some of the most interesting topics.

a. Jealousy

How To Not Be A Jealous Girlfriend

Jealousy is not healthy for your relationship. Excessive jealousy could push away even the most in love man because this is not only a sign of poor self-confidence, but also a sign of not trusting him enough. If you want to avoid breaking up because of an obsessive behavior, learn How To Not Be A Jealous Girlfriend.

b. Attraction

Not Attracted To Husband Anymore

If you have been engaged in a relationship for the past few years, you might face the situation of not being attracted to your partner or husband anymore. This is not uncommon, but if you don’t want things to take a wrong turn, you might find useful the tips Sonya gives in the articles Not Attracted To Husband Anymore: What to Do?. These tips should help you re-establish that intimate connection that is missing.

My Husband Wants To Leave Me

But you’re not the only one who might lose interest in the relationship. Your husband might also experience the same feelings, or he might even decide to leave. If you still love him and want to save your marriage, then you should find out what things you need to change to make him fall in love with you again. The article My Husband Wants To Leave Me: What You Need To Change() will tell you how to recognize the signs of his lost interest and what to do to get him interested in you again.

How to fix a relationship

If you’re facing a relationship crisis, before booking an appointment with a relationship counselor you might want to try these 34 Ways of How To Fix A Relationship That's Falling Apart. We all face difficult times every now and then, and sometimes a little change can make a big difference for your romantic life.

c. Relationship Issues

Husband Doesn’t Respect Me

Husband Doesn't Respect Me: What You Should Do is an article aimed to make you understand the various reasons why your husband doesn’t respect you, by understanding what you might have done wrong. Acting jealously or treating him bad in front of friends and family are only two reasons why he might show no respect.

How To Stop Being Needy In

While most of the guys will love helping you out with many issues, from carrying your groceries to changing a lightbulb, they will definitely not appreciate having by their side a person who always needs some help for the most simple tasks. But being needy in a relationship means much more than this. You might seek his constant approval or believe you’re not getting enough attention from him. If you don’t want to lose the man of your life because of asking too much, learn How To Stop Being Needy In 2 Easy Steps

How To Stop Being Insecure In A Relationship

How To Stop Being Insecure In A Relationship is another useful article that will help you improve your romantic life, by showing you how to build your personal confidence and self-esteem. Even if you believe that all your previous relationships ended because you were not good enough, the truth is that you might just blame yourself too much. Remember that insecurity might push your partner away. Follow the tips in this article to become a confident and attractive person in the eyes of your loved one.

d. Cheating

Is He Cheating?

Catching your loved one cheating is probably one of the biggest disappointments in a relationship, but also one of the biggest fears, especially if you have lived a similar history in the past. To help you determine whether your man is cheating or not, Sonya put up a list of common signs you should look after. You can find out what these signs are in the article Don't Ignore These Tell-Tale Signs He's Cheating On You. In addition to the list of signs, Sonya also gives you some tips on how to determine if he is really cheating or not by using the modern technology.

Dealing With Breakups & Separation

Breaking up is hard, especially if you feel that he was the man of your life. If you are totally convinced that it is worth having him back, in this section you will find out some tips on how to regain his interest and reawake his love

.However, don’t forget that no matter how hard it is, sometimes you should just let him go and get over it.

Why Is My Ex Ignoring Me

If you recently broke up but you are still in love with your ex, then chances are you will be trying to get in touch with him sooner or later. But what should you do if he is ignoring you and doesn’t reply to your messages? Why Is My Ex Ignoring Me? Here Are The Answers You've Been Looking For will reveal the most common reasons that explain his behavior. Remember, however, that if he is ignoring you, then you should probably do the same regardless the reason why you two broke up.

Why Is He Ignoring Me-

While it is frustrating being ignored by your ex, it is even more frustrating being ignored by a man who didn’t leave you yet. Him ignoring you is an early sign that your relationship is almost dead, but are there any chances of resurrecting it? Read Why Is He Ignoring Me? 19 Reasons Why He's Being Withdrawn to understand why he might be ignoring you and find out if there is anything you can do about it.

How To Get His Attention Back

One of the main problems most couples face is the partial or total loss of interest, especially after a few years of relationship. There are various reasons why this happen, but most of the times it is just the habit of having by your side a person that has nothing new to impress you with. If you notice that your man is losing, or already lost, his interest in you, then you should find out How To Get His Attention Back: 5 Ways To Win Him Back before it is too late. As the article will show, one of the best ways of getting his attention back is learning how to be happy by yourself.

Does He Still Love Me

So you two broke up but you still love him. You probably want to find out if he still loves you too. The best thing to do this is to see how he reacts when he sees you, but there are many other ways to understand if he has lost his interest in you or not. In the article Does He Still Love Me? How To Find Out If Your Ex-Boyfriend Still Loves You you will find a lot of tips on how to actually figure out if he is still interested in you. This should help you decide if there is a reason to hope of getting with him again or not.

Text Your Ex Back Review

Text Your Ex Back Review [by Michael Fiore] is a review of the Michael Fiore’s successful program designed to educate both men and women about the right approach they should have if they want to reconcile with their exes. The program was developed by the famous relationship coach Michael Fiore, who claims that anyone should be able to make their exes fall in love with them again by sending simple text messages. Sonya made a complete and detailed description of the program to help you understand if Text Your Ex Back could work in your case.

Should I Text My Ex To Tell Him I Miss Him

Texting your ex is a delicate matter. Depending on the reason why you two broke up in the first place, texting him could be a good idea or a horrible decision. But no matter why you broke up, if you still love him you will find yourself questioning about whether you should or shouldn’t text him. If you struggle to find the answer to this question and Fiore’s program didn’t convince you, the article Should I Text My Ex To Tell Him I Miss Him? aims to give you an answer to this existential problem.


Let’s face it: one of the most important parts of a relationship is the sexual side. This part is important for both men and women since having a healthy sexual life will keep up the interest of both partners and will reduce the probabilities of getting cheated.

.To avoid losing your man’s interest and make him think about someone else, in this section Sonya gives you some tips on how to be sexy in the eyes of a man and how to spice up the life in the bedroom.

How To Please Your Man In Bed Cover

The first time you lay down with your partner, chances are you both have a bunch of expectations. Regardless of how successful was the first time, on the following dates, you will still have high expectations about the sexual performances. If you want to impress the man you’re dating in this area too, then the article How To Please Your Man In Bed: 35 Powerful Tips is for you. You will find out how to behave if you want to drive him crazy and make him dream about you day and night.

How to Spice Up a Relationship

After years of being together, there is a chance that your intimate life will become rather dull. This is one of the most frequent reasons why both men and women cheat, so you should make all your best to avoid such an unpleasant situation. Being herself happily married, Sonya put up this list of tips on How to Spice Up a Relationship or Marriage in 35 Proven Ways. You will find out that are the little things that make the difference, and that it is quite easy to keep your partner sexually interested in you.

How To Talk Dirty To A Guy And Still Sound Super Sexy

If you’re a rather shy and romantic person, you might not even think about dirty talk and nasty things to do in the bedroom. But the truth is that most guys love when their partner comes up with the initiative of getting laid or send some provocative messages. Knowing how to talk dirty might be very useful especially after all the butterflies you both feel at the beginning of a relationship are gone. But if you never talked dirty in your entire life, and especially to your man, starting this type of conversions might be hard. Therefore, learn How To Talk Dirty To A Guy And Sound Super Sexy to give your sexual life a twist.

As you can see, with so many topics covered, it is quite easy to find something interesting to read on Her Norm.

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