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Cancer Man - Aquarius Woman Famous Couples: A Match Made in Hell or Heaven? 

Can the homebody and the explorer ever find true love together? Cancer needs the security of home and children. Aquarius is the eternal wanderer; searching for adventure and new experiences. At first glance, the Cancer Aquarius couple is a bit of a mismatch. However, they have something in common.   

Both are odd and arbitrary. You can blame Cancer’s changeability on its ruling planet, the Moon. Cancer’s mood ebbs and flows with the tides. 

Aquarius is more sudden and shocking, like lightning streaking across the sky. This scuttling crab that appears on the beach at full moons intrigues the Water Bearer. Aquarius dazzles Cancer by lighting up the sky whenever it is around.   

Their mutual strangeness will initially attract Cancer and Aquarius. But can they maintain a relationship? If you’re interested in astrology you’ll know that certain zodiac signs are compatible and others are not. 

In this article I want to look at the love compatibility of these two signs by taking a deep dive into Cancer man and Aquarius woman famous couples.   

5 Cancer Man Aquarius Woman Famous Couples

1. Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers  

Tom Cruise

Cancer man Tom Cruise is the most well-known actor in the Western hemisphere. But did you know he’s been married three times? 

His first marriage was to fellow actor Mimi Rogers. The 67-year-old actress met Cruise in 1987 and their marriage lasted three years. The couple wed in a low-key ceremony to avoid the media. The press fixated on the age difference between the couple. We don’t know why the marriage failed so abruptly.   

However, Rogers’ father was involved with the Church of Scientology. Rumors suggest he introduced Cruise to the church. Ironically, the Church disapproved of his relationship with Rogers. They preferred Nicole Kidman. As a Cancer man, the stability of a readymade and influential family such as the Church of Scientology would be a huge attraction.

2. David Hasselhoff and Catherine Hickland

David Hasselhoff

The Hoff is a well-loved American actor who, like Tom Cruise, has also been married three times. David Hasselhoff married his first wife, actress Catherine Hickland, in 1984. Hasselhoff was starring in the TV series Knightrider and was at the peak of his fame. He holds the Guinness World Record for the most-watched man on TV.   

Reports suggest it was this celebrity status and media attention that split up the couple. Aquarius women do not mind the spotlight. However, I believe the constant public scrutiny of their personal lives forced this couple apart. 

Cancer man Hasselhoff proved true to his zodiac sign when he won full custody of his two daughters from his second ex-wife.   

3. Evan Peters and Emma Roberts 

Emma Roberts

American Horror Story stars Roberts and Peters met on a movie set in 2012. They began an on-again-off-again relationship that sometimes turned violent. This tumultuous relationship saw Roberts arrested for domestic violence against Peters in 2013. Peters had asked Roberts to marry him earlier that year, but after the assault, the pair broke off their engagement.   

However, later in the same year, they got back together. Perhaps this is a sign that Cancer man Peters wanted the security of being engaged to Roberts. The problem with dating an Aquarius woman, however, is that they are in no rush to settle down

In fact, there are rumors that Roberts dated actor Hayden Christensen while she was engaged to Peters in 2017. There are suggestions this led to the breakup of his relationship with Rachel Bilson.

4. Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha  

Kerry Washington

Here’s one example of a successful Cancer man Aquarius woman famous couple. US actor Kerry Washington’s career is diverse and broad. This actress has starred in films and TV series and appeared on Broadway. She is a renowned producer and director and is involved in politics and LGBTQ+ rights. 

This wide range of interests is typical stuff for Aquarius. You’ll find that Aquarius women often have their fingers in a lot of pies.   

Washington married Cancer man and NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in 2013. Since his retirement from football, Asomugha has dipped his toes into the acting world. Something I’m sure his wife would have encouraged. 

The couple is happily married today with a daughter and a son. Asomugha enjoys his role as a stay-at-home dad while Washington’s career goes from strength to strength. Cancer men can become jealous and worried about their spouses, but they also believe in equality and women’s rights.   

5. Molly Ringwald and Panio Gianopoulos  

Aquarius woman Molly Ringwald is an American actress known for starring in the films Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club. 

She has been married to Greek-American writer and book editor Panio Gianopoulos since 2007. The couple had a daughter in 2003, but Aquarius women like Ringwald are in no hurry to get married. I would imagine it was her partner Gianopoulos that wanted the commitment.    

This Aquarius woman - Cancer man couple went on to cement their marriage with fraternal twins in 2009. What is typical of this Aquarius-Cancer couple is the gender dynamic

As the eternal homebody, Cancer is happy to let his Aquarius woman take the spotlight. Cancer man relishes providing solid foundations in a long lasting relationship. Aquarius women need their freedom. Cancer is wise not to clip her wings.   

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility in Real Examples of Celebrity Couples

Only two relationships from my five famous Cancer men and Aquarius women couples are successful. So, is Aquarius-Cancer compatibility out of the question?  

Let’s examine the personality traits of each zodiac sign and relate them to my famous couples.   

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Security vs unpredictability  

Good luck pinning down Aquarius. This zodiac sign is full of surprises, new ideas, and prone to change its mind on a whim. They are a little like thunderstorms. One instant the weather is calm and sunny, and the next, dark clouds are pelting down rain and shooting lightning bolts.  

Of course, all this changeability upsets Cancer. This is a reactive sign, not a proactive one. 

They’re also just a tad insecure. Crabs like routine and stability. Flying off on a moment’s notice can be overwhelming for them. They could work out a compromise if both understand the other sign’s needs. Cancer cannot expect Aquarius to stay at home every weekend. Aquarius needs to stick with scheduled plans.   

This understanding works well in Molly Ringwald’s relationship. Her career takes priority over her husband’s.   

Private vs inquisitive  

Crabs are naturally private souls. These reclusive creatures find calm in solitude. Occasionally, Cancer can be rather stuffy and old-fashioned (they’re not as bad as Capricorn, but then again, no one is). But they certainly don’t approve of gossip or rule-breaking. A person should have decorum and diplomacy.   

Aquarius has its nose in everything. Aquarians are like toddlers or puppies. They are truthful and childlike in their explorations. They travel on their own meandering road through life, meeting new people (one of Aquarius’ favorite pastimes) along the way. 

Cancer worries his Aquarius partner is too trusting of strangers. After all, you must earn trust; it’s not freely dished out.    

Tom Cruise would have felt violated by the press intrusion into his relationship. This is an actor who spends hours greeting fans at film premieres, but unless he invites you in, his personal life is off-limits.   

Sensitive vs blunt  

Few zodiac signs in astrology are as emotional and sensitive as Cancer. This is a tender soul, who must protect himself under a hardened shell. 

Aquarius has a friendly nature, but she does speak her mind. However, it is with passion, not malice. She doesn’t mean to hurt anyone. She’s just honest and says what she sees. Much like that toddler, Aquarius can be unsophisticated and candid. But you wouldn’t berate a child for being truthful.   

Cancer must learn that Aquarius knows no guile, which is difficult for them because the crab is prone to manipulation. The problem lies with her forthright nature. Cancer is always striving for a deeper connection with its partners. Surely she knows what upsets him by now? He thought she understood him.    

Of my famous couples, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts’ relationship depicts this clash of personalities perfectly. Cancer man Peters would not take kindly to his Aquarius partner ‘telling it like it is’. His moods would frustrate the sometimes-shallow Aquarius.   

Past vs future  

Happy Couples Looking at a Mobile Phone

In astrology, Aquarius is always looking towards the future. These forward-thinking innovators fire off sparks into the distance and follow them to see where they land. Crabs love the cozy nostalgia that wallowing in the past allows them. They feel safe in friendship and memories of childhood.   

It takes a lot of cajoling to get a crab to leave the safety of his rock pool. But when he does, under the excited wing of the Air sign Aquarius, he can discover there are fascinating sights to see in the real world, not just in his imagination. 

What Aquarius knows is that Cancer secretly longs to explore; it’s in his nature. So, she’s just nudging him gently towards his own desires.   

We can see this dynamic perfectly in Kerry Washington’s relationship. She has her eye on the next adventure. Her husband, ex-football player Asomugha, knows not to restrict his Aquarius partner.   

Do Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Make a Good Match?  

Aquarius woman and Cancer man compatibility 

Typically, Air and Water signs do not mix. Air is more compatible with Fire and Water has a nurturing effect on Earth. So, we are not off to a good start.   

There are also fundamental differences between these two signs that are difficult to overcome. Swapping the sex does not help either. It won’t matter if the relationship is between an Aquarius man and a Cancer woman. These two sun signs are like chalk and cheese. 

Cancer needs emotional support

Cancer can be an uncommunicative and moody sign. Aquarius is chatty but blunt. Cancer needs someone sensitive who understands their emotional swings. Cancer gets on with fellow Water signs, such as Pisces or Scorpio. They also fare well, to a lesser extent, with Earth signs like Capricorn and Taurus.   

Aquarius is attracted to new things

Aquarius is the social butterfly; flitting from scene to scene, making best friends as it goes along. Cancer doesn’t understand this. Isn’t longevity and trust built over the years a prerequisite for a best friend, not someone you just met? But Aquarius sees everyone as potential best friends, even lovers.   

Cancer is reserved

Aquarius will rush in while Cancer takes a more measured approach. After all, you can’t be too careful when you’re dealing with the heart. Aquarius sees every encounter as a passionate adventure. Why does it matter if the relationship failed? At least they got to experience someone new and exciting. Now they are free again. 

Aquarius is open to love, life, and new things. Cancer doesn’t want to be hurt again and knows how to protect itself.   

The other fundamental difference is that Cancer is a Cardinal sign and Aquarius is a Fixed sign. Cardinals like to lead, so despite the Cancer man’s vulnerable nature, he’ll still want to take control. Cardinal signs are the brainstormers; the ones that get a project moving. However, they are not good at finishing a task.   

Fixed signs are the ‘doers’ of the zodiac. They’re the ones that get things done; the workers of the zodiac. Because they are doing the heavy lifting, they don’t like being told what to do or how to do it. Aquarius has an arbitrary nature when challenged. She’ll either detach or become hostile.   

The crab must learn he cannot control his Aquarius girl. If he tries, she’ll fight to free herself. After all, you can’t mold air into a shape.


What are the happiest Cancer man and Aquarius woman celebrity couples?   

US actress Molly Ringwald and Greek-American author Panio Gianopoulos exemplify the perfect Cancer man and Aquarius woman famous couple. This Aquarius woman has a more prominent career compared to her Cancer man husband. She is independent within the marriage, which is something that’s crucial for Aquarius. He is happy to be in the background, supporting their family, and maintaining their privacy and anonymity, which is necessary for Cancer.

Who is the most scandalous Cancer man and Aquarius woman celebrity couple?

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are good examples of how the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility fails. Neither actor is what you’d call conventional. Both are a little weird, taking on the more challenging and unique roles in TV and films. I would imagine it was this mutual strangeness that attracted them. However, there are accusations of infidelity, domestic violence and an on-again and off-again engagement. This pair has zero love compatibility as they’re too true to their zodiac signs to be a good match.

Are Cancer and Aquarius a good match?

For Cancer and Aquarius to be a good match, two things must happen. Cancer cannot dominate or control Aquarius. Aquarius is the eternal adventurer. They need to travel and explore and discover unknown places and people. Aquarius must understand Cancer’s attachment to home and family. Cancer is the eternal homebody. They look for security, finding contentment in familiar surroundings and people. If these two can compromise, they can overcome the other’s differences.


Cancer man and Aquarius woman are opposites in many ways. Cancer is sensitive and moody; valuing security and finding comfort in the familiar. Aquarius is easily bored, curious, blunt and outgoing. Cancer man is looking for a long-lasting relationship while Aquarius woman wants to meet new friends. 

Can Aquarius offer emotional support to Cancer? Will Cancer allow Aquarius its freedom? We’ll have to see.

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