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8 Tell-Tale Signs A Cancer Man Isn't Interested

March 30, 2024

Are you wondering whether a Cancer man is romantically interested in you?

Perhaps there’s a certain Cancerian who you’re trying to impress?

Maybe you were even dating and now you think he might have lost interest?

Either way, read on for our list of 8 clearcut signs that a Cancer is not interested in you. The guide also includes a list of tells that show he’s falling in love. 

But, before we get into these, it’s important that you read the next few sentences carefully.

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If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on a special guy, I’d recommend reading how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

In the meantime, read on for our advice specific to Cancers. 

Here's how to spot when a cancer man is not interested.

8 Signs Cancer Man Is Not Interested In You

1.  He Stops Noticing The Little Things

These guys are notorious for seeing the tiniest details of your life. Not because they are nosy or aiming to stalk you at a later date, it’s because they are genuinely interested in you.

This man has a little notebook in his head and is constantly writing down your likes and dislikes, any problems you’ve got so that he can make your life better. One of the first signs he's not into you anymore is when he stops noticing or doing these little things.

2.  He Doesn’t Include You In Family Activities

This sign lies within the fourth house of the Zodiac. This represents home and family. More than any other, this sign feels strongly drawn to their loved ones.

They are extremely protective of their loved ones. They grab them with their pinchers and shelter them under their hard shells.  One of the signs that he’s not interested is if he stops including you in family events.

3.  He Stops Hiding His Moods

3.  He Stops Hiding His Moods

Cancer man cannot control his moods. This is down to that pesky Moon in their sign. One minute they are riding high on the crest of a wave, the next they’re emotionally drained.

However, they can hide them, especially if they are committed to their partner. It’s time to worry when they stop hiding their bad moods.

4.  He Stays Out More Than He Stays In

One of the biggest signs that our cancer man is not interested is if he doesn’t like coming home any more. This guy is a real home-body. There’s nothing they love more than curling up with their lover, on the couch, cuddling all night.

In fact, your average cancer man prefers to stay home with their loved one. They want to get to know you. That’s the ideal date night for him. If he's going out it means he's not interested.

5.  He’s Stopping Cooking For You

Now, this might seem like an odd one, but our cancer man loves to cook for his girlfriend. For him, food really does equate to love. It goes back to that homely nature of his again.

When he cooks he’s literally putting his love on a plate for you. And for this shy star sign, this is a huge deal.  If he’s stopped you need to know why.

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6.  He’s Not Jealous Of You Flirting

6.  He’s Not Jealous Of You Flirting

Seeing his woman flirting with another guy is like a dagger to the heart for cancer. It wounds him more than any other sign and he feels this pain of betrayal keenly.

In actual fact, many cancer guys can become quite needy and clingy when they feel threatened by another man. If you want to see if he’s not interested, try flirting and see what happens.

7.  He Lets You Make All The Decisions

At the start of a relationship, cancer might seem shy and reluctant to make the first move. However, once he’s established your feelings, he’ll always want to make the decisions. This is down to him wanting to please, care and protect you.

Remember his little mental notebook I talked about earlier? He stores all his important stuff about you in there so that he can pounce and make things better. The moment he stops and allows you to make the decisions is the moment he’s not interested anymore.

8.  He’s Not Sensitive Any More

He can be either too sensitive or really, really too sensitive. The fact is, they’re never not sensitive if you catch my drift. You could say that sensitivity is their middle name.

Emotions and feelings run deep in these guys, they'll never want to hurt you. You’re either under their shell with them, or you’re out in the cold, fending for yourself.

The thing is with our cancer man is that he's got too many other family members to protect and worry about.

Those are signs he's not interested in you, how does our cancer guy let us know that he's interested?

Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You

Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You

Cancer men are notoriously shy creatures when it comes to love and passion. So it can be difficult to know whether they are falling in love with you.

For them, the start of a relationship is always the hardest. They find it incredibly difficult to approach someone new, even if they really fancy them. This is because they are used to keeping their feelings and emotions under that hard shell of theirs.

With this combination of crippling shyness and hard exterior, it’s a wonder they ever get to date at all. And how are we supposed to know what’s going on under that hard exterior?

Well, you need to know that cancer man won’t make the first move. So it really is up to you to spot the signs that he’s interested.

Whereas with Aries or Taurus we know we’ll be swept off our feet, with cancer man we tread a little more carefully. We have to make the first move. But as soon as we do these guys are quick to pick up the baton.

  • He Can’t Stop Looking At You

Cancer man doesn’t flirt as such, at least, not at the beginning. You might notice him stealing a few glances every now and then. If he sees you’ve spotted him he might give you a shy smile or grin.

  • You'll Start Seeing Him Everywhere

Have you noticed this guy seems to be everywhere you are? Or there’s that guy that always opens the door for you with a gorgeous smile. Or that man that makes sure he’s walking his dog the same time as you. He’ll put himself in a position for you to ask him out.

I once had a boyfriend born under this sign and we worked in the same shopping complex. He would pop in daily just for a chat, but there was an obvious spark there. I knew he was interested in me.

Eventually, I asked him out and he immediately said yes. The date was a success but I asked him why he hadn’t asked me out. He told me that he never does, even if he is desperate to date her. He lets the girl ask him.

This isn’t him being smug or bragging, it’s that shyness again. So, if you do ask a cancer man out on a date and he instantly responds with a yes, you’ve passed the first hurdle.

  • He’ll Take You Home To Meet The Family

One sure way to know if a cancer man is falling in love with you is if he takes you home to meet mom and pops. This means you are potential marriage material.

As we know, family is the most important thing in his life. He’s not going to bring home any old floozy. She must mean something special to him for him to introduce you to his parents. But it’s not all about them approving you; he’ll be desperate for you to like his family.

  • He Wants To Look After You

Has he started doing little meaningful things for you? They don’t have to be particularly romantic gestures. Cancer men feel an obligation to care for the people they love.

Cancer man finds it hard to vocalise his feelings. It’s that shy interior again. But he feels compelled to act when he cares about someone. For him, actions speak louder than words.

  • He Starts Opening Up About His Feelings

It might be true that cancer man prefers actions to talk but once he senses a kindred spirit he’ll want to share his innermost feelings.

Cancer men lock their heart away, not because they are cold and unfeeling, but because they are so emotional. They can’t afford to bear all if their heart will be broken.

This sign, more than any other in the Zodiac (apart from Pisces) are extremely self-protective when it comes to bearing their souls.

  • He Invites You To Dinner

But this isn’t dinner out at a fancy restaurant, this is dinner cooked and prepared by him. It’s all about that family vibe and actions rather than words again.

This is one sure way cancer man can show his love, through asking what food you like then preparing it at his own home. Remember, you're being invited to see under his shell. That means you are extra special.

Cancer Man Behavior When In Love

Cancer Man Behavior When In Love

When cancer man is in love he’ll show you with cuddles and lots of attention. Cancer is a water sign which means he is finely attuned to his emotions. However, he finds it hard to open up.

Yet, once you’ve gained his trust he’ll let you in to share his soft, emotional side with you. This guy is sweet and romantic. There’s nothing he loves more than to snuggle up on the couch with his loved one.

You won’t find him partying at noisy night clubs or bars until the morning hours. He’s more at home when he’s at home. Creating that lovely warm cosy glow of family life.

Talking of family, this guy is a real homeboy. So he’ll want to start feathering his little love nest. He’ll want you to feel comfortable and secure with him. Likewise, he needs someone that makes him feel secure.

This sign rules the fourth house of family and home. This means anyone born under this zodiac sign craves lifelong security. Of all the Zodiac signs cancer man is likely to have long-lasting relationships and marriages.

He’ll definitely want children and the sooner the better. He wants to leave his mark on the world and he’ll do that through his children. He doesn’t need to have the biggest business, make the most money or become famous to do it. His kids are his legacy.

Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You

The cancer guy doesn’t tend to play mind games with their partners. However, like all Zodiac signs, if he’s not committed to the relationship anymore there are signs he wants out.

Has your cancer man gone quiet and unresponsive? It’s a warning sign whenever a Cancer man retreats back into his shell. Their walls are up at the start of relationships but they can be persuaded to creep out of their shells with enough encouragement.

One problem Cancer man has is that women flock to him because he’s so intuitive and nice. This means he has a lot of female friends and with that comes a lot of attention.

Some men become big-headed with all this attention and can string their female friends along, letting them think there is a relationship or romance in the near future. It’s a sign he’s playing you if you appear to do things together that couples do but you never get past the friend-zone.

They start keeping secrets from you. Once he opens up his life is an open book to you. He’s playing you in some way if he starts keeping things from you.

Cancer man can go from happy and contented to crabby in an instant. You can thank the Moon for this. But he’ll keep this crabby nature to himself if he loves you. Unfortunately, when he can’t do that it’s a sign of his true feelings.

He’s stopped flirting with you. This sign is terribly flirty. In fact, it’s something they can’t help doing. They see flirting as an innocent pastime. It’s fun for them and they don’t see any harm in it.

Cancer men can be complicated, over-sensitive and emotional. But they are also one of the most loyal, caring and romantic partners in the Zodiac.

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