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When A Cancer Man Is Hurt (9 Signs)

June 28, 2024

Are you wondering whether you’ve hurt the feelings of the Cancerian in your life?

Perhaps you’ve noticed he’s acting differently - and you’re wondering if you’re to blame? 

It can be difficult to tell, especially as Cancerians are well-known for their mood swings. 

Nevertheless, this guide will reveal the clues to help you discover whether you’ve truly hurt their feelings. 

However, before I reveal these signs, it’s important that you read the following sentences carefully. 

Recently, I discovered a little-known aspect of male psychology, which has a powerful effect on how men feel about the women in their life. 

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Whether you’re hoping to fix your existing relationship or attract a new man, I’d urge you to learn more about how it works

Until then, my guide will help you learn where you stand with your Cancerian man.

Signs A Cancer Man Is Hurt

1. He’s Gone Silent.

If there’s one thing Cancer guys love to do its talk. Once they feel confident you’re their partner they want to cement this relationship.  They do this by opening up. They let out their deepest feelings. 

Cancer, of all the signs, cherish strong bonds with their partners, their family. However, they also do a lot of thinking. Unfortunately, sometimes they worry themselves silly over nothing. 

So, if your Cancer man has stopped talking to you, either way, it’s not good. It means he’s upset. He needs time to figure out what to do next. 

2. He Will Ignore You.

Born under the sign of the Crab, Cancer’s fitted with naturally protective shells. Which is just as well, because this delicate soul needs one to shield his vulnerable soft side. 

So, if he feels unhappy or hurt he’ll automatically retreat to the safety of this shell. 

Now, bear in mind that Cancer men want to spend every living moment of their time with their loved ones. You won’t find this sign out partying without his partner.

So you can be pretty sure, if he’s deliberately ignoring you it means that he’s upset or saddened because of something you’ve done.

3. He Lashes Out.

Remember the crab has sharp, nippy pinchers? Hurt him? He’ll lash out with them to wound you right back. It’s not because Cancer men happen to be particularly vicious or vindictive, it’s because he wants you to be sad, the same way he feels.

Don’t worry though, Cancer men won’t be violent in their actions. He will, however, use his words to destroy you.

You might find him swearing for the first time. Or he brings up old arguments to disarm you.  He’ll use anything in his armor to crucify you because you’ve literally stabbed him in his heart. 

Don’t forget, this Cancer lover craves security, peace of mind with someone. He wants you under his shell with him. 

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4. He Takes Revenge.

Despite being friendly, loving and sensitive, when a Cancer man is hurt he’ll be deadly. It goes back to those pinchers of his. 

Of course, he’s not like Scorpio man. I mean, no one seeks revenge more than Scorpio. But wound Cancer man badly enough - you’ll pay the price.

Cancer's ruled by their emotions. Moreover, it’s these very emotions that trigger their behavior. 

Born under the Water Sign, this is one of the most nurturing signs of the Zodiac. However, damage his fragile heart he’ll come for you in the worst way possible. 

For instance, if you’ve cheated on him, he’ll cheat right back, but not with any old love interest, with your best friend or sister. 

Ways To Make It Up To Your Cancer Man

5 Ways To Make It Up To Your Cancer Man

If you’ve recognized the above signs you might realize now that your Cancer guy is upset. Here’s how to make it up to him.

1. Let Him Have Time Away From You.

Have you hurt your Cancer man? Then he needs time to process his feelings. He can’t do that with someone fussing around him every 5 seconds.

So, back off, give him time to work through his feelings. It doesn’t mean you’re rejecting him. You are respecting him. 

He’ll return once he’s figured out his next move.

2. Listen To Him.

It’s easy to get worked up about apologizing or trying to make things right, but once he’s come back to you, really listen to him.

Don’t think about your responses just let him talk. Simply give him your full focus. Try to understand why he felt so dismayed. What exactly caused him to be wounded? 

Let him speak, repeat back to him his reasons to see if he agrees. 

3. Apologize Sincerely.

Listen to your partner. You’ll have the opportunity to understand exactly what you did wrong.  With this essential information, now you can finally apologize. Knowing full well what you’re apologizing for. 

Simply saying sorry to Cancer man won’t cut it. They’re ruled by emotion, don't forget. 

So offer sincere and emotional apologies. Hopefully, he’ll forgive you. 

4. Rebuild The Trust.

If you cheated or betrayed your Cancer guy in some way you’ll have lost his trust. Cancer men value trust over everything in relationships. 

Why? Because he spent months figuring out if you were someone that could accompany him under his shell. Not only that, but it took courage for him to come out, making himself vulnerable to you. 

Basically, you’re going to have to start from scratch. Imagine you’re both starting from the very beginning of your relationship. You need to start building trust again between you. 

But don’t think it’ll be easy. Your Cancer man will be doubly wary now. 

5.  Nurture Them.

Cancer loves to be taken care of. It’s embedded in their very soul to nurture. They look after those they love. So one sure-fire way you can ease Cancer’s pain - nurture them right back.

Do something caring for them. Cook their favorite meal, run them luxurious baths or give them soothing massages. Buy them tickets for shows they’ve always wanted to see.

But whatever you do, show them how much you love them.

Final Thoughts

We know when a Cancer man is hurt they really do suffer. Whether it’s a Cancerian man or a Cancer woman, they’re one of the most sensitive Zodiac signs. It might feel like you can never get them back; you’ve disappointed them way too much. 

But even if we are talking about your Cancer ex, there’s always hope that things can get better.

So, I really hope you find my advice helpful if your Cancer man is hurting. 

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