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5 Undeniable Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You

April 29, 2024

Are you wondering whether a Cancer man is falling in love with you?

Maybe you’re in a relationship with a Cancer who is no good at sharing his feelings?

Perhaps his lack of emotions is leading you to wonder if your relationship is going anywhere?

If so, read on. This guide reveals the 5 undeniable signs that a Cancer is falling in love with you. 

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Of course, it may be that your Cancer man is already on the brink of falling in love with you.

Below is our list of 5 telltale signs that this is the case.

Typical Cancer Man Behavior When In Love

Typical Cancer Man Behavior When In Love

There are a number of typical behaviours seen in Cancer men when they are in love or sometimes even if a Cancer man likes a woman that he has yet to fall for properly. Keep an eye out for them so that you know where you stand with your Cancer male easily.


One of the best traits of a relationship with a Cancer man in love is the fact that he is perhaps one of the most dedicated boyfriends out there. That means that he shows you his love by turning up to everything you ever ask him to and doing anything you ever ask him to do. He may also happily skip on plans with his friends just so that he can be with you - especially if you have had a bad day or had some bad news so that you are in need of cheering up. He will always want to make sure you are ok.


As an extension of his dedicated ways, a Cancerian man is a very supportive partner that will help you in any way he can.

If you are going for a promotion at work, he will push you in ways that will make you more hireable. If you are training for a new fitness goal, he will train with you. If you are moving house, he will help pack up your things. He likes to make sure that his girlfriend is made to feel important in his life and finds that by being supportive, that special someone in his life feels secure in the relationship.


Have you ever felt really unwell or unsure about something? If you have a Cancer man as your boyfriend and that Cancer man is falling in love with you or is already a man in love, then you can expect your boyfriend to look after you until you are better.

They are an incredibly caring sign of the zodiac who is sensitive to a person's needs, especially when that person is their girlfriend. They get to know you to make sure they know how to make you happy so at your lowest points, they can help pick up the pieces and make you feel so much happier.


Owing to their dedicated and caring ways, this Zodiac sign is one of the most protective boyfriends you will have had in a long time, if he is in love with you. Even if he is still falling in love with you, he will still want to take actions that ensure your safety, health and happiness at all times.

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This can be a little overwhelming for some women at times who like the freedom to do as they please. Some women will find this protective nature inhibiting as it can mean they always have their boyfriend watching her them. However a Cancer man in love has the best intentions at heart and means well.

Opens Up

In keeping with being protective as well as supportive, a Cancer man is falling in love with you if he opens up to you about his feelings and emotions. They are a sensitive zodiac sign which means they will want you to know how they are and what emotional plight they are going through at any point.

Again, some women may find this quite overwhelming at first as Cancer men do open up - often when they feel secure with someone. If a Cancer man likes you and sees a future in your relationship, you will need to get on board with his regular updates on his feelings. You will soon get used to them and actually welcome his open communication which lets you know what is going on in his mind.

How Does A Cancer Man Act When In Love

How Does A Cancer Man Act When In Love

So are there any particular actions that a Cancer man displays when he is in love? A Cancer man loves to be in a relationship and so will often show the below common characteristics when out and about with the woman of his dreams.


If you are not a huge fan of public displays of affection, then you are going to have to get used to this from your Cancer guy. Being affectionate is one of the clearest signs a Cancer man gives when he is in love with a woman. This means you will be kissed and touched a lot in public as well as having him hold your hand at every given opportunity so he can show the world that you are his special someone.


In addition to being affectionate, another one of the obvious signs a Cancer man performs when falling in love is his attention to romance. Expect candle lit dinners as well as moonlit walks. All the while he will be wanting to touch you as much as possible, so get ready to hold hands throughout any date you go on.

He also shows his romantic sensibilities by sending you flowers at any given chance and celebrating any anniversary he can. He does so in the hope that he gives the woman he is with a high level of security when in a relationship with him so that she never feels taken for granted or under appreciated.

Some women may find the levels of romance he reaches hard to deal with, but a Cancer man loves to bestow and shower his girlfriend with affection and gifts. It is a good sign that he has very strong feelings for you.

Easily Hurt

These affectionate and romantic ways go hand in hand with a Cancer man being a sensitive soul. The result sadly is that he is often easily hurt in a relationship when he is a Cancer man in love. A Cancer man likes to think that just because he is in love with someone, they are incapable of hurting their feelings.

Realistically, this can never be the case all of the time, but nevertheless, a Cancer male does not have a thick skin and you'll soon get to know what his trigger points are if you want this to be your one serious relationship. It may be tricky at first, especially if you are not a sensitive person who is hurt easily like him - but soon you be able to read the signs a Cancer man displays when he is getting upset by your behaviour or words.

Loyal And Faithful

So often loyalty and faithfulness are taken for granted in a relationship, until someone cheats on the other and someone's heart gets broken. Luckily, with a Cancer man, you can be assured that his eye will never wander and he will be loyal and faithful to you for as long as you want him to be.

To some women who have been hurt in the past by a wandering eye, this may come as a shock to the system. It may also seem too good to be true - particularly if you were ever with a guy who consistently went behind your back with other women. However, as it rightly should be, you'll soon see that this loyal and faithful behavior that your Cancer man is simply acting as one should in a healthy, grown up partnership.


In stark contrast to the loyal and faithful nature of Cancer men, their jealous side can really come out when he is together with a woman that he loves. A Cancer man likes to feel like he is the only guy in his girlfriend's life, and while this is most likely the case if you have spoken about being exclusive - he can still have doubts about your fidelity that could hurt your feelings.

If this is the case in your relationship, and he cannot control his jealousy so that it is affecting your happiness, you will need to sit down with him and try to bring back balance to your partnership. If you do not communicate with him clearly enough, it could be the start of the end for you both as no one wants to be in a relationship where arguments are caused by misguided jealousy.

Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You

Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You

As previously mentioned above, clear signs that a Cancer man is in love with you will be his unswerving loyalty and faithfulness. However, that does not mean that a Cancer man never cheats on a girlfriend - especially if he has professed his love but does not actually really mean it. When that is the case, a Cancer man is playing you.

There are signs that a Cancer man is not being as honest with you as he could be. Keep an eye for the signals below so that you do not waste your time over a guy that will never love you. If you are sure that he is playing you, it's best to quit before your feelings get hurt.

He Is All About The Bedroom

A Cancer man is a very sensual zodiac sign and so likes to be affectionate with his girlfriends. While this, as mentioned, can be one of the signs a Cancer man likes you, it can also be a sign he is playing you if he only wants to spend time being affectionate with you between the sheets.

While a Cancer man likes to dedicate his time to his girlfriend and his girlfriend only so that, as a couple, they are not as sociable as others - that does not mean he is using his girlfriend only for sex. In fact, quite the opposite. He will, if he loves you, want to listen to your every waking thought and be as attentive as he could possibly be. If he is playing you, that won't be present in your relationship and the only together time the two of you will have, will be between the sheets.

He Never Invites You To Family Gatherings

A huge issue that many girlfriends have with their boyfriends is that they do not get introduced to their boyfriend's family. However, a Cancer man is not usually a zodiac sign that is guilty of this. To that end, if he does not want you to meet his family, there is a high chance that he is just playing you.

There could be a good reason that he does not want you to meet any of his family members, however, do be careful that his reasons are not just excuses that you are happy to believe because you are so into him. Remember, one of the best things about a Cancer man is his dedicated and caring nature. If he is displaying signs a Cancer man shows when he is playing you like not introducing you to his family, it could be time to reassess your relationship status.

He Doesn't Make An Effort To See You

When your Cancer man does not want to go out of his way to see you, you can be almost certain that he is playing you. If a Cancer man wants to be in a relationship with a girl he is in love with, he will stop at nothing to spend time with her and will go to great lengths to make sure that they can be together as often as possible.

When you are with a Cancer man that does not make the effort to see you, it can be extremely hurtful as you would probably go above and beyond for him. When that is not reciprocated it can become crushing, but it may be a good opportunity to walk away before you get even more of your feelings hurt. The special someone you are with should never make you feel bad about yourself or as if you are not worth spending time with.

Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You - The Bottom Line

These signs that a Cancer man is playing you are just as key to learn as signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you. By being aware of both, you will be able to know where you stand with the Cancer man that you are so keen on. Plus, luckily, with a Cancer, the signs are incredibly clear and often very clear cut.

It has hard to read their loving, caring and supportive nature as anything other than a serious clue to their feelings for you. However, if you do not know that he is a Cancer it can also be as easy to read their loving ways as a ploy to mask other intentions. With a Cancer guy though, once you do know their star sign, you will soon be sure of their true want for your relationship.

Have you ever wondered if you've been lucky enough to see the signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you? Or have you missed them because you were unsure of his star sign? Comment below with your thoughts and whether a Cancer man of yours has ever shown any other signs that he is love with you. We'd love to hear about them. And do share this article with any friends that you think are in need of hearing about whether their Cancer guy is in love with them or just playing them. Just give their name, email or other contact details so we can pass on the lessons from our article.

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