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What Is The Best Match For Cancer Man?

April 29, 2024

If you want to know whether you’re compatible to date a Cancer man, this is the guide for you. 

It will reveal what star signs that Cancerians are most compatible with, plus what personality traits they’re most attracted to. 

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Then, by all means, scroll down for my Cancer-specific facts.

What Are The Best Zodiac Matches For A Cancer?

There are a number of signs that are well suited to one another over others. With Cancer signs, they are a good match for their corresponding water signs. These are Scorpio or Pisces or other Cancer signs. They also make a good match with Virgos, Taureans, and Capricorns. 

Here we look at why those signs are well suited to the Cancer personality. 


Virgos are a great match for a Cancer guy. The two-star signs can fall in love easily thanks to the Virgo’s strong sense of self and confidence. It’s a good foil for a Cancer who can easily get subsumed by their emotions. 

In addition to Virgo's strong character and headstrong attitude is the fact that they are perceptive people. This compliments a Cancer's nurturing instincts well, as does a Virgo’s want to help the person they love. 

The two signs, therefore, fit well together for these characteristics alone. However, there is more - a Virgo is also a very practical person which can help keep a Cancer’s emotional ups and downs in check. 


Taureans are a complicated star sign, much like a Cancer. The two signs are good together therefore as they help to balance each other out. In addition, they are both incredibly romantic beings which a Cancer man will enjoy as he loves to love someone who matches his enthusiasm for spoiling their other half. 

Additionally, Taureans are passionate beings which helps compliment a Cancerian’s intense ways - in all areas of his life, but particularly in the bedroom and particularly when in love. Sex is important to a Cancer who will love to be with someone who matches their sensuality between the sheets. 


A Capricorn can be a good pairing for a Cancerian because of their generous nature. It is a good match with the romantic sentiments of the Cancerian as it means that a Capricorn is capable of meeting the grand gestures of a Cancerian man head-on. 

Plus, they are clever too which helps them keep in check with a Cancerian male’s moods even when in love. While they can be stubborn, this too can be a good thing for a Cancer as it means that they will not always let their sensitive natures get the better of them. 

Capricorns love to be in love as well which is a good match for a Cancer. The two signs will find that the optimistic nature on the side of the Capricorn and the romantic nature on the side of the Cancer, is a good basis for a loving connection. 


A Scorpio is a fiery zodiac sign. The two signs - Cancer and a Scorpio - can work together despite highly emotive sensibilities. This is thanks to a Scorpion’s equally intuitive ways that can tackle issues that a Cancer is having before they get too big. 

They’re also incredibly devoted people which helps pair up with a Cancer’s loyal nature when in love. They want to be with people who they know will always be there for them and not leave as soon as things may get tough.

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Finally, they also tend to be rational beings. This can sound strange sometimes given that Scorpion’s are also very passionate people, but they still have a sensible head on their shoulders. For a Cancer, this helps them stay in love as it gives them a steadiness that they crave. 


When a Cancer and a Pisces meet up in a relationship, they can easily fall in love thanks to a Pisces being a dedicated and friendly manner. The two signs can, therefore, have a long and healthy partnership as a Cancer responds well to the security that a Pisces sign can give them.

Additionally, a Pisces person is also sentimental like a Cancer guy can be. While being sentimental is not for everyone, when both people in a partnership are prone to sentimentality, it can really work and help a relationship go the distance.  

They also have an even temper that is willing to tolerate a fair amount, which is great news for a Cancer man. He needs to be in a two with a person who can put up with their sensitive and possessive natures. A good temper, which Pisces usually ordinarily always have, will be able to do so with ease. 

What Type Of Sign Is A Cancer? 

What Type Of Sign Is A Cancer? 

Cancer signs are part of the larger group of signs, called the water signs. They are an emotional collection that can be very intense types. Astrologers liken Cancer to the depths of the ocean on how deep their emotions can run sometimes and for some, this will be too much. To others, it will be a magnetic pull that they cannot keep away from. 

Water signs make great partners at times too thanks to their unparalleled levels of intuition. They are very aware of how their loved ones are feeling and they then check their behavior to ensure that they are as supportive as possible. 

Cancer signs also crave security - this is thanks to being so sensitive and emotional, they need a person who can tell them that everything will be ok. They also need to know that that person is not going anywhere and that that love is there to stay. Without security, a Cancer man can be unpredictable and more prone to mood swings than usual. 

What Are The Traits That Best Match A Cancer Man?

A Cancer man has many different positive and negative characteristics - like every other zodiac sign. It’s important to have balance and compatibility with these traits for a relationship to have a strong foundation and a real chance of lasting in the future. 

Signs Cancers are drawn to tend to have one or two characteristics in common. Here we list some of the main characteristics that a Cancer man will be looking for and need in a partner. His values and personality will respond best to a woman who has any or all of these characteristics in a variety of amounts. But it is important that at least one or some of them are present for a relationship to last. 


The intense nature of a Cancer male will need calm energy in its partner. This is because a Cancer man is likely to suffer from mood swings which will need to be matched with a woman or man who can have the serenity to cope.

His mood swings can mean that he is argumentative and irritable at times - this is just what comes with his personality traits, so if a woman is serious about a Cancer man, then they will need to be able to withstand these moods. 

One of the worst things about these moods is that they can come out of nowhere with no forewarning. This can be tiring and hurtful but with the right woman, they should start to diminish in frequency and severity. 

This is why it is so important to have a calm nature when dealing with a Cancer’s moods. 


It is also essential for the best matches for a Cancerian man to be patient. This is again down to their intense and sensitive nature. A woman needs to be patient as otherwise the tendency for a Cancerian man to explode with anger and hurt can be all too frequent. 

If you are serious about a Cancer and want to know about Cancer compatibility, then you need to either be able to deal with this anger and love the Cancer man in spite of it, or you need to love him because of it. This is where the need for patience comes in and also a corresponding sensitivity that can match your Cancer man’s emotional ways. 

Also, it is good to be aware that while there can be quite a few downs with a Cancer man, there are also fantastic highs as well. Their emotional and sensitive natures can work both ways. They can be really supportive, present boyfriends thanks to that intuitive nature. 


You’ll need to be smart and bright to match a Cancer man. Being intelligent is what can make a great match with this sign of the Zodiac. Signs Cancer men like a woman are when they initiate conversation with them on a more cerebral level. This is because they want to get to know a woman quickly and see what makes them tick.

Part of this will be an almost cross-examination of her intelligence, which is why the best match for a Cancer male will have a quick thinking brain that is knowledgeable about a great deal of things. 

A woman well suited to a Cancer male will also need to have emotional intelligence too. This will help them have that much needed patience with the inevitable mood swings a Cancer has. Emotional intelligence will hopefully also result in a woman being calm in the face of a Cancer male who is being repeatedly irritable with her when he is going through one of his mood swings. 


A compassionate nature is required for someone who wants to be the best love match for a Cancer male. Compassion is a much respected emotion at the best of times, but with a Cancer man it is essential. This is again down to their intense ways that tend to mean they have very strong reactions to a whole host of scenarios. 

The result can be a fiery way that can sometimes mean that they are often told they are overreacting. This is why a Cancer man needs a compassionate mate. He needs to be with someone he knows will understand what he is going through at all times. This is down to being a Water sign which can be the root cause of their sometimes mysterious ways. 

Coupled with that much needed patience, a compassionate partner will give a Cancer sign two things he needs: love and security. 


One of the ways that a partner or love of a Cancer man can give them that much needed feeling of security, is to be loyal to one another. Loyalty is a necessity for a Cancer and as such, it is a requirement for their best love match. In fact, it could be argued that a Cancer man won’t even be friends with a person that they do not think is loyal and capable of double-crossing a friend. 

Loved ones of a Cancer need to be aware of this need therefore and answer his calls for help when they come. He will see any refusal to help him as a sign of disloyalty and it will be a massive turn off for him. 

This can be difficult at times as on occasion you may have to disagree with what he says for your own benefit or sanity, but there is a fine balance to be had. Once you find it, you will see that it is possible to be loyal to him all the time as well as have the ability to be true to yourself as well. 



One of the reasons that a Cancer sign, along with other signs like Aquarius, Pisces or Scorpio, is such a good romantic partner is down to their thoughtfulness. While some of their characteristics need a direct opposite in their partner to balance it out, like intensity with patience, thoughtfulness needs to be matched with equal thoughtfulness.

Without an equal match, the relationship can be doomed as one person may feel resentful towards the other, if they never have their needs met by a thoughtlessness that is always present. When a person is thoughtful, they don’t understand how or why a person cannot do the same for them.  

So if you are serious about your Cancer horoscope love, you need to ensure that you are attentive to his needs by always thinking ahead as to what their future needs are. They will do the same for you. 

In Conclusion

Getting your Cancer compatibility right is one of the best steps you can take to ensure that you fall in love quickly and easily. While it is not an exact science, if you are one of the signs listed above with at least two or more of the required characteristics as well, you stand a good chance of your relationship lasting with your Cancer guy.

The signs that typically stand the best chance are Scorpio or Pisces signs, but if you have lots of the personality traits we have discussed, then your Cancer guy may well still see a long future with you. Have confidence in the fact therefore that you can be his dream woman - much like you think he is your dream guy. If that is the case, you’ll bring out the best in one another at all times. 

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