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How to Know if A Cancerian Man Likes You More Than A Friend (8 Signs)

January 29, 2024

Are you wondering whether a Cancerian man likes you?

Perhaps there’s a specific guy who is dropping some hints that are hard to read?

Maybe it seems like he’s flirting, but you’re not sure. 

If so, read on. This article lists 8 telltale signs that a Cancerian is attracted to you. 

However, before we dive in, please take the time to read these few sentences carefully.

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If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on a man, I’d invite you to learn more about how I discovered the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

Of course, it may be that this Cancerian is already really into you. The guide below will help you realise whether this is true. 

The Signs a Cancerian Man Likes You

A Cancerian man is an ideal romantic partner but getting them to that stage can take some real work! If you are interested in a Cancerian man, you may find that you have time on your hands whilst you let your relationship grow, even as friends. He might seem guarded and you may be unsure if he really likes you. The good news is that a Cancerian man is able to show his emotions freely and places lots of value on open conversations. A Cancerian man who likes you won’t play games, so if you have noticed that he is keen to spend time one on one with you, then you are sure that he really does like you. This isn’t a sign who will just string you along!

1. He’s spending more time with you

A Cancerian man is keen to find out as much as possible about a potential mate before he commits his heart and soul. If you are friends with a Cancerian man or even aquantainces you could easily mistake this for mere friendliness – the dreaded friend zone - but look out for the telling signs he has other ideas! If he likes you in that way, he will be asking questions that surely no one else would be interested in. From what your childhood dog was called to your favourite dream destination, it’s like the Cancerian man is gathering up information to build a real picture of you. If this is happening, it’s not a test, but simply a way to see how you look at the World. He really does want to know you inside out! Take a look at how he speaks to you against how he speaks to other friends. Are any topics different with you? Is there a deeper connection in place?

2. He’s relaxing

A true Cancerian man may start of shy and fidgety around you as he learns to feel comfortable and that’s totally normal. This is just the nature of the zodiac sign and unlike a Leo, booming into the room, a Cancerian man will take everything in and listen more than he talks. If he is starting to enjoy talking, you will be getting to know the real him. You will notice that he starts to enjoy spending more time with you, perhaps at home or away from a group and will likely be doing everything he can to carve out extra alone time with you. This is a really great sign that he already likes what he sees and wants to know more!

3. He’s showing he likes you by giving gifts and kind gestures

A Cancerian man might not be one to give flashy gifts but he will be using his mind to put together something thoughtful for you. Maybe it’s a playlist or sending you a funny video after a bad day at work. Perhaps it’s something bigger, or even just a text on an anniversary of an important date to you. Take this for the gesture that it is, a sign that he has used all this invaluable information about you to help create a further connection with you and is interested in seeing where the relationship might go. You may want to repay the favour, something sure to make him feel comfortable and wanted.

4. He’s nagging you!

It sounds like a bad thing, but is he is nagging you to stop smoking, to eat more greens or to get that report done in time to meet your deadline it’s a sure sign that a Cancerian man likes you! This way of protecting you from negative consequences is one of the ways he is showing his true feelings and although you can of course tell him where to get off, this is a clue that he feels he wants to protect you and be an important future in your life for the long term.

5. He’s physically around

It sounds simple but a Cancer man who is starting to like you will be physically there as much as possible and will start to be more affectionate. They love being with someone and seeking to give security as they would love to receive, so you will find that a Cancer man who likes you will find the time to stay in touch, either face to face or through the phone. You might even see that he flirts with you, and you should encourage this and flirt back to give him the confidence he needs! Also look out to see if he is there when you need support. A good sign will be offering to be there for medical appointments or anywhere where he can nurture and be useful.

6. He’s putting you off other men

 A Cancerian rules with their emotions and are likely to be someone who has their heart on their sleeve. The worst trait is the jealously borne from this and if a Cancerian man is starting to like you, he might start to show signs of being perturbed by other men in your life or try putting them down. He isn’t a pack animal and might not have a big gang of friends you have to bond with, so any other males might be seen as a threat and out come those claws! This is all part of his way of showing you that he is your protector and he is able to step into that role. Whilst sweet, remind him it isn’t 18797 and you can handle yourself, but take it as a compliment and a good sign that he really does like you.

7. He’s not averse to a hug

If its’ early days of knowing a Cancerian man, a hug might not seem much, but for them, this public display of affection is a sure sign that you have earned his trust. As a sign connected with nurturing and home, family and trust, physical contact is something that tends to be earned and given seriously, rather than a frivolous gesture of some of the other bombastic signs! If he is being more affectionate, this is a real sign that he likes you. – he wouldn’t do this with just anyone! Often you don’t read much into low level signs of affection but with a Cancerian man these should be treated as real signs that he likes you and wants to show you this. Lucky you!

8. He’s talking about the future.

Whether you are friends or something more, if you are starting to make an impact in a Cancerian man’s life you will know it because he starts talking in the future. As a natural dreamer with deep thinking tendencies, a Cancerian doesn’t make light decisions quickly and will no doubt have had you on his mind for quite some time. If the conversations start to include you together you can be sure that he truly is thinking of you both as some kind of a pair. He might want to talk about dreams, theories or concepts and will feel a deep connection if you can also share your own. This is a great sign!

If you are interested in seeing if a Cancerian man likes you, simply ask him! This emotional sign is open and happy with face to face conversation and isn’t daunted by the deep. For him, he’s always about fact finding, and ensuring that nothing unpredictable will happen, that he won’t be abandoned at the first sign of danger. If you can prove this you will be well on your way to showing this Cancerian that you are the one for him.

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Do you agree with all the characteristics of Cancerian man here? What about your Cancerian, does he seem to like you or are there problems in how he acts around you?

Share this article with someone you know who would love to know how partner with the Cancerian man  in their life, we’d love to hear the success stories!

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