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When A Cancer Man Has A Crush On You (13 Signs)

June 28, 2024

Are you wondering whether a Cancer man has a crush on you? 

This sign is known for being shy and reserved, so it’s not always obvious whether they like you. 

Luckily, this guide will reveal the subtle hints they tend to give out when they’re attracted to a woman. 

However, before I reveal these, it’s important you read the next few sentences carefully. 

Throughout my teens and early twenties, I really struggled to find a man who was excited to spend time with me. 

Sure, I could find dates and hook-ups, but I was always fighting to keep a great guy’s attention. 

It felt like I’d never be more than a casual ‘bit of fun’ to these guys. 

Thankfully, I was able to turn this around and I want to share how I did it. 

It all started when I discovered a powerful aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

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This psychological shortcut is extremely consistent, yet so few people seem to be aware of it. It’s a surefire way to make him feel like no other woman can.  

So, if you’re looking for more great men to lay their cards on the table and admit their feelings towards you, I’d urge you to learn how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

In the meantime, the guide below will help you figure out how that special Cancerian in your life feels about you.

Cancer Man In Love

Cancer’s positive characteristics

  • Imaginative
  • Empathic
  • Tenacity
  • Caring
  • Sensitive
  • Tenderness
  • Family-orientated

Cancer’s negative characteristics

  • Clinging
  • Possessive
  • Moody
  • Uncooperative
  • Cowardly
  •  Mean-spirited
  •  Neediness

What Is A Cancer Man Like? 

Cancer is a Water sign which means nurturing, caring, intuitive, emotional and protective. Cancer man really is ideal husband and boyfriend material.

This guy doesn’t feel whole until he’s found ‘the one’, and he’ll spend a lifetime searching for his true love.

Water signs have an incredibly nurturing nature. This is hardly surprising as nothing in nature can survive without water. But Cancer guys, in particular, crave the security of a family around them.  

It’s a little like a pot that contains water. Just picture water running free and aimless with nothing to keep them from escaping. This is Cancer man without his loved ones around him.

So in essence, for true love, Cancer man is a great choice. The problem is that Water signs are notoriously shy and timid regarding opening up about their feelings.It’s hard to know if a Cancer likes you because these mysterious types hold their cards close to their chests. Probably because their sensitive nature can’t take a love rejection well.

Cancer is the first Water sign and as a result he feels destined to make lasting connections.Basically, to bag a Cancer man you need to have your wits about you. Because they don’t approach people and they definitely won’t make the first move.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign. Now, normally Cardinal signs start off each season. For example, Aries is the catalyst for spring, Cancer is responsible for the beginning of the summer months, autumn is initiated by Libra and the cold months of winter are preceded by Capricorn. 

The problem here is that Cancer is a Water sign and we all know what that means. Sensitivity, timidity and crippling shyness.

Cancer Man Is A Romantic Homebody

Cardinal signs like to set things in motion. They are the catalysts of the Zodiac. But each sign represents a particular set of human characteristics. For instance, Capricorn represents our successes and achievements. On the other hand, Cancer represents the home and emotional wellbeing.  

So Cancer man is always striving to find peace and happiness but Water signs with a Cardinal element use emotional reasoning and think with their hearts, not their heads.

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It’s true that Cardinals are the instigators, but this particular star sign will use his emotional prowess in matters of the heart.

Cancer Man Acts Like A Teenager In Love

Cancer Man Acts Like A Teenager In Love

Cancer is the 4th sign of the Zodiac. Let’s view the star signs as our progression through human stages. For instance, Aries is the first star sign and is the baby of the Zodiac, whereas Pisces, the 12th sign, is the old man. Therefore, Cancer is the adolescent.

His mantra is ‘I feel’ and as most adolescents, feelings can run hard and deep. As a result, Cancer guys can feel apprehensive about showing their true feelings. The problem is that those born under Cancer don’t know why they feel the need to hide away.

So, he becomes secretive and prone to hiding his true feelings. Consequently, Cancer can sometimes live in the past where they feel most safe. After all, the future is a scary and adult place they’re not used to inhabiting.

Picture love and romance through the eyes of a teenager and you’ll get some idea why Cancer men shut themselves away under their crabby shell. Not coming out until the coast is clear.

Love for adolescents is trauma, heartache, never-ending pain and loss. No wonder Cancer man prefers to stay hidden until he’s one hundred percent sure love is reciprocated

Cancer man likes to oscillate between the safety of their teenage years and a longing for independence. He wants to go out into the world and experience love and happiness. To settle down and begin the wonderful creation of his own family.

But at the same time, he knows that this enticing new world is fraught with danger. So he is constantly fighting his passion for autonomy and his fear of rejection.

Cancer Man Is Moody In Love

Of all the star signs in the Zodiac, poor, sensitive, emotional Cancer is ruled by the changing moods of the Moon.

And don’t forget he is also a Water sign and therefore prone to the gravitational pull of earth’s natural satellite. Expect Cancer man’s moods to change at will. It will appear as if one moment he’s deliriously happy and the next he’s plunged into the depths of despair.

Never underestimate the influence of the Moon on watery Cancer. But don’t expect Cancer man to explain it. He’s just as much in the dark..

He doesn’t understand why his moods are so changeable. But we know. The adolescent, the Water sign and ruled by the Moon. Unfortunately, moods are a prerequisite for Cancer.

Cancer Retreats When He’s In Love

The Crab is a perfect symbol for Cancer. This hard shell protects the soft, sensitive flesh of our fragile and delicate creature.

But don’t forget that this shell is of this creature’s own making. Moreover, they can use this shell as a barrier to the outside world. It can be dense and protective or merely a light covering. It all depends on the creature inside.

The other thing to remember is that Cancer man is motivated by an innate desire to keep secrets from others. Hiding under their shells, and lashing out with their sharp pincers are perfect cover for the secretive crab.

For this particular sign, home is emotional security. To them their protective shell can be a means to hide away, or a secure home to their loved ones. The outer shell takes many different forms. For instance, Cancer man likes to make jokes to hide their true feelings, or he’ll use sarcasm.

The problem is, if they hide away for too long then their natural caution can turn into fear.

13 Signs A Cancer Man Has A Crush On You

13 Signs A Cancer Man Has A Crush On You

It’s easy to appreciate now why it’s so difficult to know the true feelings of our favourite family guy Cancer man. How to see beyond his tough, outer shell? After all, this guy is a master at concealing his thoughts.

So what are the signs a Cancer man has a crush on you?

1.  He’s Always Around

Is there one guy who seems to be in all the same places that you are? It’s very likely that this is a Cancer man with a crush on you. The thing is, he’s way too shy to make the first move so he’s making himself available to be asked out.

In fact, this reminds me of an ex-boyfriend who just happened to be Cancer. We both worked in shops in the same shopping centre. He would always pop in for a chat and it was obvious there was a spark.

However, he never asked me out. It got to the point that my work colleagues were making jokes about it. In the end, I asked him out and he immediately agreed.

We went out for our first date. I asked him why he didn’t ask me out. He replied that he NEVER asked women out! And he wasn’t being conceited or super-confident in his ability to pull birds! It was just something he never did.

2.  He Wants To Spend More Time With You

One of the signs a Cancer man is falling in love with you is noticing that dates with Cancer man seem to last longer and longer. It’s like he doesn’t want them to end? So a lunchtime date might extend into the evening. Or a walking the dogs evolves into dinner at his house.

If he’s constantly extending the date it’s pretty obvious what it means. He’s enjoying your company and as we know, he won’t say anything because he’s too shy.

But he will engineer a date so it lasts longer.

3.  He Is Super Shy Around You

This is no Aries man, strutting like a bull and picking out his woman before dragging her off for hard, fast, sensual sex. Cancer boy is the complete opposite.

He’ll blush, stammer, lose focus and generally curl up into a ball of embarrassment each time you’re around.

He won’t be able to look you in the eyes if he does ever manage to speak. In fact, some may think he’s ogling your boobs because that’s where his eye-line falls.

But don’t worry, Cancer boy would never be that intrusive. See that bubbling wreck in the corner drinking by himself and eyeing you up every few minutes? That’s Cancer man with a serious crush. And it will be a long time before he feels confident enough to ask you out. 

4.  Starts Doing Little Things For You

Is there some guy in the office that always offers to make coffee in the morning? Or a male friend that will come over and mow the lawn at the drop of a hat?

If his star sign happens to be Cancer then it’s quite likely that he’s got feelings for you.

But if you suddenly find your friend is super-helpful or he tries really hard to make you laugh, then consider that he’s got a secret crush.

5.  He Seeks Your Advice

Our Cancer man will do anything to spend more time with you without actually asking you out. So how can he keep in touch and not give away his true feelings? Simple, he needs your advice about something really serious.

So, is your Cancer male friend confiding about his problems? Does he say things like ‘I wouldn’t tell anyone else this but you’ or ‘I thought you were the best person to ask’?

Does he ask open-ended questions that require answers? These are all ploys to keep you hooked and it means he really values your opinion.

6.  He Gets Jealous About Other Men

So, our Cancer man might not feel able articulate how he feels, but he’ll certainly put his two pence regarding other men.

It’s one of the sure signs a Cancer man has a crush on you if he starts making derogatory comments about male friends. Of course, he’ll never disparage family, family is everything to him. So fathers and any brothers are safe from his jealous streaks.

But co-workers, male friends, the postman, anyone who is not family are fair game to him.  

7.  He Starts Asking About Family

Talking of family, as we already know, Cancer longs to have a family of his own. So it’s not that much of a surprise that he’s really interested in yours.

He’s started wanting the background and the skinny on your closest relations. He is researching to see if you are a potential life partner. Get on with your family and that's a good sign for him.

Endure fractured relations with family and this will put him off. So prepare for twenty questions.

8.  He’s Talking About You To Other People

Gossiping is not natural for Cancer man, but if he’s got a crush he won’t be able to shut up. Of course, he won’t talk to you about his feelings, but for certain he’s tearing the ears off his mates. Well, to be honest, anyone that’ll listen to him.

We all remember being young and fancying someone.  We’d use any trick in the book to get their name into the conversation.

This is exactly what our sweet Cancer guy does.

9.  He Shows Off In Front Of You

Now Cancer is not renowned for having massive egos or a compulsive need to be the centre of attention. However, it’s one of the top signs a Cancer man likes you if he starts to show off his best assets.

If he feels confident enough in your feelings towards him, he’ll venture out from under his shell and be dazzling in something he’s good at.

The catch is, he’s got to be completely confident that you like him too. So, if you’ve been giving off signs that you fancy a relationship with him, watch out for some impressive peacocking displays of excellence!

10. He Looks Immaculate

If a Cancer man is not confident in your feelings towards him, he will use any trick in his book to be impressive. And all without actually speaking. One way they can easily do this is to look the part.

One of the signs a Cancer likes you is the occasions he’s smartened himself up. Or perhaps he’s bought a new suit or got a trendy new haircut?

Look out for signs like these. They mean he’s trying to impress but he’s too shy to come out and say it.

11. He’s Started To Touch You In A Caring Way

Flicking off stray hair from a jacket, or picking a snowflake from your hair are all signs Cancer guy wants to get close.

Is he constantly touching you on the arm? Does he gently touch your back manoeuvring away from the road and onto the pavement? Does he brush against you more often but in a non-sexual or threatening way?

Pay attention to his touches. It’s a definite sign of a serious crush.

12. He Remembers Important Anniversaries

Have you only just begun to receive birthday cards or Christmas presents from a Cancer man? For Cancer, remembering and celebrating important events in their family's lives is super important.

However, his inner circle consists of the people he can’t live without. If he doesn’t care about you’re not in the circle and he won’t remember or celebrate.

13. He Loves Your Pets

Cancer likes to form emotional attachments to anything living and pets are extremely important to them. In fact, if they have pets that you don’t get along with, they’ll finish the relationship before it even gets started.

It’s a massive sign he’s got a crush if he starts paying attention to pets.

Final Thoughts

Cancer is a pretty tricky star sign to understand, especially concerning love and emotions. But it’s possible to learn about this reclusive sign and read the signs. And moreover, lucky you if you do find that a Cancerian man has a crush on you!

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