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How To Make A Cancer Man Chase You? (6 Effortless Ways)

May 29, 2024

Are you wondering how to make a Cancer man chase you?

Perhaps you’ve met a Cancerian who doesn’t appear to be showing enough interest in you at the moment? 

Or maybe you’re in a relationship with one who is emotionally distant?

If so, you’re in the right place. This guide reveals all you need to know to make a Cancer man chase you. 

However, before we dive into this advice, it’s important that you read the following story carefully. 

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Then, you can read on for our Cancer-specific tips. 

How Can I Make A Cancer Man Chase Me?

So how exactly can you make a Cancer man chase you? There are a few ways you can make him fall for you. Some can be used on their own, while others may work better if used alongside our other listed tactics. 

Remember to tailor them slightly to your specific Cancer man - you’ll know which of the below methods are best suited to the guy you have you a crush on.

1. Play Hard To Get.

Playing hard to get is often such a great way to make men chase you - for a Cancer man it can be particularly effective. They love to be with the woman that they are attracted to so if you limit the amount that he can see you or hear from you, it will drive him crazy.

The result will be that he consistently attempts to spend more and more time with you. He will want to get to know you better, and by cutting off the amount he can do so, he will find a way to see you nonetheless. This is thanks to the intense nature of a Cancer man and why playing to get is a great idea to get a Cancer man to chase you. 

Playing hard to get can be a difficult thing to do when you have a crush on someone in your life. But it is possible, you just need to keep an eye on the bigger picture. Next time you see the Cancer man you are into, remember that you want to spend a lot more time with him in the future, and to do so you need to spend a bit less time with him now. 

2. Be Friendly.

It may seem at odds with playing hard to get but a great way to get a Cancer man to chase you is to be friendly to him when you do see him. This is down to his sensitive nature where they like to be constantly reassured of their likeability. 

By being friendly towards him, you are giving him the confidence to chase you and it will make him want to see you more if you are kind towards him. There is obviously a fine line between being friendly and playing hard to get. But you need to find a pathway to pique his interest, while not being too attainable to him. 

Being friendly is different from being flirtatious. This is one way that you can find the balance between playing hard to get and being friendly. If you are flirtatious, it is not playing hard to get and you will let him know that you are interested in him. Being friendly doesn’t have to be flirtatious therefore, indeed, you need to try to avoid it if you can. 

3. Appeal To Their Romantic Side.

Cancer men love to spoil the women that they are with. They love to show the woman in their life just how much they love them, and they do this through huge romantic gestures. 

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A good way to make a Cancer man chase you, therefore, is to appeal to his romantic side and let him spoil you - all the while by trying to find that balance of not being too available to him. He needs the one that he has a crush on to be receptive to his advances, but he will only chase you if you make him feel like he always needs to try harder with you. 

Appealing to his romantic side can mean allowing him to buy you lunch or a coffee every so often, or hold a door open for you. A Cancer man likes to indulge his crushes, so let him spoil you on occasion as a way of keeping his interest in you up. 

4. Have Patience With Their Moods.

A Cancer man needs to know he can be himself around the woman that he wants in his life. To get him to chase you, he has to feel safe around you and have the ability to show his bad sides on occasion. 

Bearing this in mind, you will need to have patience with his intense nature and his consequent varying moods. It is not uncommon for this sensitive soul to flit on a daily basis between being a very happy charming person to being moody and low in energy. 

Just give him time to get over these moments in his own way, and he will appreciate the space you allowed him to do so. It can be hard to do this, especially when he may snap at you or be irritable with you. It can be human nature to bite back at such instances but try not to with your Cancer man if you want him in your life for a serious relationship. 

Instead, bite your tongue as best you can and know that it will pass. Also, keep in mind that your Cancer man will remember how you acted when he was at his low points. He’ll want to see you more if you were patient with him. 

5. Ask Them How They Are Feeling.

Keeping the fact that a Cancer man is a sensitive and emotional guy, remember to ask these types of men how they are feeling if you want them to chase you. The reason being is that a Cancer man wants to feel safe with the woman he is in love with and if he feels like you are a supportive force in their love life, they will want to get to know you even more. 

This is also a natural extension of being friendly towards a Cancer man as a way to make him chase after you. He is the type of guy who is kind so that he will really appreciate being asked how he is - especially if he is going through one of his down days. 

They are an intense person, so be prepared for him to unload how he is truly feeling onto you. This is a great opportunity for you to be the support he needs by listening intently to what he has to say. Cancer men do not forget easily and if you are a good listener, he will want to seek you out in the future even more. 

6. Let Them Look After You.

As a consequence of being kind, a Cancer man wants to look after the woman in his life as much as possible. If you want to make a Cancer man chase you therefore, you need to allow them to support you in many different ways. 

This can be at odds with how women have now become accustomed to acting. In the 21st Century where gender equality is on the rise, it can be against a woman’s nature to allow a man to spoil her and look after her needs. 

However, you will increase the chances with your Cancer man if you go against these instinctive reactions and simply allow him to show his sentimental and nurturing characteristics. Having a woman that allows for his undivided attention and loyalty is essential to a Cancer man and his relationships. 

Therefore, to make him chase you, you need to have the strength to let him be your knight in shining armor at times - however strange it may feel at first. He is a traditional man, and he likes his affections to have an outlet in his romantic life. This outlet is being both supportive and romantic at all times. 

Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling For You

Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling For You

So now you know how to make a Cancer man chase you, what are the signs you should be aware of to know that a Cancer man is actually falling for you? By knowing what these signs are, you will know whether your tactics are working or not. 

There are five key ways that he will display his thoughts towards you as loving and his want for more than a platonic relationship. Not all of these will be present at any one time, but there should certainly be at least one or two with a stereotypical Cancer man. 

1. He Is Romantic.

One of the best things about a Cancer man in love is that he is arguably one of the most romantic horoscope signs out there. This means you are in for a lot of candlelit dinners, relaxing baths and quaint picnics in the park as he tries to shower you with his love. You’ll find that your home is soon full of flowers he buys you as he likes to send them for no reason at all - he won’t wait for Valentine’s day or your birthday. 

He’s romantic when he is falling in love as it appeals to his kind and sentimental nature. It’s one of the only ways he knows how to show his emotions to a woman. Cancer men like to make their girlfriends or object of their affections feel like the most important woman in the world, and being overly romantic is one of the ways they manage to do this. 

It’s an important sign to keep an eye out for as Cancer men are actually not great at communicating their feelings - despite their otherwise intense and sensitive ways. The reason being is that they feel too exposed when putting their feelings out there to a woman, so let him know that it’s ok to talk to you about how he feels towards you. It will set a good tone for the rest of your relationship if things go well when you first start dating and falling in love. 

2. He Is Affectionate.

Another way that a Cancer man shows his love for a woman is to be tactile towards her. This can mean lots of attempts at hugging and kissing her if they are dating. Or, if he is falling in love with a woman with whom he has a more platonic friendship, he will find other ways to physically touch her without overstepping any lines. 

To those that he is dating, he will be affectionate out in public or in private to equal magnitude. In public, he will love to show you off and tell the world that he is with the woman of his dreams. In private, he will love the opportunity to take things further with you and to deepen your bond and feelings for each other. 

He can be a very sensual person due to being so sensitive and he will make you feel like you are his priority - if he is falling for you. Cancerian males who are just playing women will be selfish lovers, but if you are with a Cancerian male that is falling in love with you, you can expect your guy to be very attentive. 

3. He Is Generous.

Another way that a Cancer man shows his love towards a woman he is either dating or wants to have a serious relationship with, is to be very generous. As previously mentioned due to his romantic nature, the girlfriend of a Cancer man will be showered with gifts and presents. 

However, he will show his generosity through being supportive towards you too. This means that he will take the time to listen to any problems you are going through or help you in any way he can. 

If you are in a tricky situation at work, he will try to show understanding and try to offer tips based on his experience. If you are struggling with problems with your family or parents, he will listen patiently and again make suggestions that he thinks will help. 

Some women may struggle with this type of attention from their boyfriend. They may be fiercely independent and may fear being too dependent on a man for support, in case they should break up. However, due to the sensitive nature of a Cancer man, it is important to take his support and treasure it. Otherwise, you will hurt his feelings, which can cause all manner of issues in a partnership with Cancer men. 

4. He Introduces You To His Friends And Family. 

Once you are with a Cancer man, you can be confident that he is falling for you if he introduces you to his friends and family. They need to have the buy-in from their nearest and dearest for a relationship with a woman to get serious. 

This is important to know as to get a Cancer man to stay in love with you means that you need to get along with his family and you need to enjoy the company of his friends. The opinions that they have on you and whether they like you are essential to a Cancer guy, so remember this when he asks you back to his folks’ home, or along to a guys’ night out. 

This can put a lot of pressure on you to ‘perform’. This can actually have the counterproductive result of crippling your usual charm. You can be too nervous to chat normally to his Mom or Dad, or too afraid to be yourself around his friends. However, remember that your Cancer guy is falling for you for a good reason, and you should take huge comfort in that. 

5. He Talks About The Future.

So often, when a guy is playing you, he never makes plans with you and very rarely talks about the future. While a Cancer guy is not innocent of being able to play a woman, when he wants to take things seriously with her, he will absolutely talk about the future. He’ll mention things like you both growing old together, where you’ll live and perhaps even how many children you will have. 

If this happens at the beginning of a relationship, it can actually make a woman quite scared and intimidated due to the added pressure. However, just remember that you wanted to get a Cancer man for reasons like his sensitivity and intensity. The result of these two characteristics is that he can get quite serious about things quite quickly - and that means talking about your future in-depth. 

The Bottom Line 

Cancer men are wonderful partners. They’re attentive, dependable and incredibly loyal. However, they fall in love slowly due to being too afraid to get hurt at times. The result is that it can be hard to get them to chase you.

However, it’s not impossible if you use our above suggestions in conjunction with one another. Some men will respond better to some tactics than others, so it is up to you and your knowledge of your crush to work out which is the best to use. 

These things take time, have some patience and know that your Cancer man is worth waiting for. 

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