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Cancer Man Acting Distant (17 Possible Reasons For It)

May 29, 2024

Are you dating a Cancer man who is acting distant? 

Do you wonder why he acts this way? 

Perhaps you’re worrying about whether he even likes you?

If so, you’re in the right place because this guide explores the main reasons why Cancer men act distant - and what to do about it. 

However, before we dive into this guide, I need you to read the next few sentences very carefully. 

Throughout my twenties, I wasted so much time chasing guys who wouldn’t show any emotion towards me. 

Looking back, it was usually because they weren’t that into me.

I had no idea how to make an emotional impact on men - so they’d often get bored and leave. 

Thankfully, I was able to fix this problem - and it all started when I learned about a little-known aspect of male psychology. 

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This psychological trigger releases intense feelings of self-worth, power and purpose inside a man. Naturally, he begins to feel closer and more devoted to a woman who makes him feel this way. 

Once I learned how to activate a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’, my relationships became a lot more passionate, affectionate and meaningful (read my personal story to learn more).  

The crazy thing is: so few people seem to be aware of this concept. As such, it really is your opportunity to make him feel like no other woman can.

If you’re desperate for real relationships without these insecurities and silly mind games, I’d urge you to learn how I discovered the power of the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

Then, you can read our tips for dealing with a distant Cancerian. 

Why Is Cancer Man Acting Distant?

He’s Hurt And Upset

He’s Hurt And Upset

Cancer is a sensitive sign, more so than Pisces or Virgo. The slightest harsh word can crush their souls, especially from a loved one. They feel like someone has stamped over their shell.

When Cancer man is upset he’ll retreat back into his shell for safety. He needs to process what’s been said. And he can’t do that out in public. He’ll come back out when he’s ready.

Be wary though, he might have hardened his shell a little. Cancer is ruled by the Moon so these men feel their emotions intensely. He’s afraid of getting hurt. He knows he can’t handle the desperate lows.

He’s Taking His Time

Cancer man is all about family. This sign makes more long-time commitments than any other in the zodiac. But if he’s going to spend the rest of his life with you he has to know you really are the right person.

Paradoxically, cancer men have real commitment issues. This goes back to that not wanting to be hurt issue. This can make them rush into a relationship before they’re ready.

Once they realise what they’ve done they back out quickly with no explanation. He’ll then take his time to decide whether he wants to pursue a relationship with you.

He’s Not Getting Enough Attention

You could say that Cancer man is a bit soppy. He can be quite a delicate and reserved soul and needs constant validation from his woman. Of all the signs, Cancer man always needs to see that you love him.

If he doesn’t feel he’s getting enough attention he’ll go cold and distant. And Cancer is notoriously shy when it comes to making the first move.

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Also, he won’t come out and tell you what’s wrong. He’ll just go all quiet and expect you to come to him to find out.

He’s Stopped Loving You

He’s Stopped Loving You

Of course, one reason Cancer man is acting distant is that he’s fallen out of love with you. There can be many reasons for this, but for Cancer, he needs to feel bathed in the warm spotlight of your love.

If he doesn’t he won’t storm out like macho Aries. He’ll simply back off and let you figure it out for yourself. This doesn’t mean he’s playing you. It’s just he’s never the one to make the first move in anything regarding couples and relationships.

Speaking of players, Cancer men don’t tend to act like that, but they will in certain circumstance. If you see Cancer man acting distant it could be a sign he wants out of the relationship so he's playing you.

6 Signs A Cancer Man Is Playing You

  1. We know that Cancer man loves to share his feelings. It makes emotional connections more intense. Being open and honest about how he feels is important for him. Has he stopped telling you how he feels? This isn't someone that can easily hide how he's feeling.
  2. Not to bang on but Cancer is all about emotions. They can be up one minute and down the next. Therefore it’s a really bad sign if he is flat and emotionless. It means he’s stopped caring.
  3. Typically Cancer man will be optimistic about your future together. If he’s fallen deeply then nothing will get in his way of securing a family with you. He’ll want to start putting roots down immediately. The moment he’s pessimistic is a sign he’s playing you and wants out.
  4. This sign is particularly tactile and touchy-feely. They really are happy with cuddles on the couch. It reinforces their sensitive native. Has he stopped being affectionate?
  5. We already know that Cancer is ruled by emotions. By and large, they can keep them under control. However, if he’s playing you then he won’t be able to.
  6. Is he snapping at you for little trivial things? It means he’s hiding the bigger secrets under his shell.

So there are the signs Cancer is playing you, but how can you tell when he’s in love?

7 Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You

7 Signs A Cancer Man Is Falling In Love With You

Cancer men are charming and approachable. You might have started off as friends but felt you are falling for him as he opens up more.

  1. He will open up about his feelings to you when he feels good about you as a person. This is because he craves that deep connection I talked about earlier. Don’t be surprised if he tells you his deepest secrets.
  2. We all know that Cancer is a family-orientated sign, so if he thinks you are Mrs Right, you’ll get to meet the family. And this is a big deal for him remember. This means you are marriage material.
  3. He will introduce you to his friends. When he’s falling for you, he’ll want to get the thumbs up from his closest friends. But it’s more than this, he also wants to see how you all get on with each other because you are going to be spending time together from now on.
  4. He’ll start being possessive about you. Not in a controlling way, it’s just that he wants to pull you in under his shell and protect you. You are caught in his pinchers now.
  5. He’ll start talking about having children. Family is everything to Cancer man, so he’ll want to make sure you are on the same page when it comes to having kids.
  6. Cancer men have to fix things for the precious people in their lives. To them, that is a sign of love. They can be romantic but their idea of romance is to de-ice your frozen windscreen in the morning so you can have an extra 20 minutes in bed, in the warm.
  7. Cancer is not the most humorous of the Zodiac signs, but he will try and make you laugh if he thinks you are worth it. Remember, he wants you to feel special and seeing you roar with laughter warms his heart.

What Is Cancer Man Like In Love?

He’ll create a family home where he feels comfortable and protected. Don’t be surprised if he keeps buying little things for the house. That’s him feathering the nest.

Cancer’s moods are really similar to the tides, ruled by the Moon they can ebb and flow. Cancer is always happy to go with this flow and let you take the lead.

He’ll follow your directions. Once you are a couple he’ll show you his weaknesses. This is hard for him because he has such abandonment issues. But if he knows you love him he’ll trust in his emotions that you’ll stick with him.

This is a sign that wants to make their partners feel special and coveted. He’ll try to do this in many ways but one way will be little surprises that delight you.

For Cancer, love and family are the two greatest things in the world. Therefore, he’ll want to spend every second around you. Why waste time? He’s found his perfect partner, now he wants to enjoy your life together.

I’ve already talked about the emotional and caring side of Cancer, but often, the benefit of being so emotional and caring is that he knows how to spoil you. You’ll receive the most thoughtful gifts from Cancers.

Cancer can be a worrier, it goes back to that sensitive nature of his. When you are his partner you go under that protective worry shell of his. He’ll be as concerned about your problems as he is his own.

He will take care of you as if you are his flesh and blood. Once he puts in the family circle, you’ll always be looked after.

This sign is not known for playing games, only perhaps when they want out from the relationship. Once he’s settled and happy, you can be sure there’ll be no mind games from him.

Cancer is one of the most intuitive signs of the Zodiac. No one beats him, well apart from maybe Pisces, when it comes to natural instinct. He always knows what is wrong with you and he’ll even be proactive about helping.

How To Keep Cancer Man In Love

How To Keep Cancer Man In Love

If you’ve bagged a cancer man, congratulations! You’ve just partnered up with the most caring and loving sign of the Zodiac. So how do you keep this crab happy?

  • Be Wary Of His Moods

Ruled by the Moon, he’s not in control of his moods so be patient if he’s a little down.

  • Prepare To Have A Traditional Role

The Cancerian man prefers traditional roles so he’ll want to be the main breadwinner, the man of the house. As such, he’ll expect you to take on the more feminine roles, for example, child-rearing and stay-at-home mums.

  • Make Friends With His Mum

Cancer guy, in particular, is extremely close to his mother. You’ll have to be prepared to get on with his mum as you’ll be spending a lot of time in her company.

  • Expect Their Mothers To Have A Major Role In Your Life

Finally, Cancer men also rely on their mothers for guidance and advice. As a result, she’ll have a big say in your family, from bringing up your children to how you do the housework.

If you are looking for someone who wants to please you, cares deeply about the relationship and starting a family, look for Cancer man.

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