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Asking A Guy To Prom (25 Easy Ways To Do It)

Are you nervous to ask a guy to prom? You should relax. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but it’s something you can do. It’s okay to be nervous, especially if you’re not so close to the guy you want to ask. Asking a guy to prom depends on your relationship with him. 

Of course, it may be easier if he’s already your boyfriend. You could look for a creative way to do it or do things in line with his love language. It’s different when he’s a crush, your friend, or a random guy you feel would be great to invite to go to prom with you.

It’s normal to think he could reject you as the case may be sometimes, but how would you know if you don’t ask? Asking a guy to prom is not like asking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance because it’s not common for girls to do the asking when it comes to prom. 

At the same time, they’re alike because they both require some creativity points to do that. You should find cute ways to make it happen. Are you wondering how you could do this without it being so awkward? Keep reading to learn 25 ways to ask a guy to prom.

25 Ways To Ask A Guy To Prom Without Being Awkward

1. Spell it out with cookies

Cookies are a nice way to ask someone to prom. It doesn't have to be homemade cookies. You could find customized ones that you can use to propose to your prom date. If you don't find the letters, you make the letter P with a question sign, which means “prom?”

That way, it would be easier for both you and him. The preparation would be easier for you and the guy would understand your question faster and better. This is a good way to ask a boy to go to prom with you, a nice and good-looking cookie. Who knows? It could be his snack for the day.

2. Tell your friends to help you

One creative idea to get a prom date is by using your friends' help. There's a saying that it's more fun to try things with your friends than do them alone. If you're a shy girl, you could try the idea of asking your friends to help you in asking a guy to prom. 

They could carry cardboard with a word of the question written on each. Depending on the friends you have, they could encourage him to accept. If your friends are your pets, you could hang cardboard on their necks with the words written on them. It doesn't hurt to try. Additionally, not every girl would try this idea, so, it makes you unique

3. Write a little note or letter to him

Sometimes, you need to be a bit old-fashioned to make things work. One way to do that is by writing a little note or letter to him. You could either slip it into his locker, under the main entrance of his home, or pass it through a friend to give it to him.

You could also give it to your friend to give to him. Depending on how cute and adorable your little note or letter is, it could make him smile and feel good about himself. It doesn't matter if it works out or not, it will make his day. Use this in asking a guy to prom.

4. Try using a different language

Have you ever thought of trying this? If not, you should. Many foreign languages sound so sexy, that you don't want to be left out in trying them. It's quite easy. You could go on the web and search for interpretations of what you want to say in a different language.

If he asks what it means, then you could interpret it in English with a firm but sweet voice and ask if he would like to go to prom with you. It could be hilarious, educating, and surprising at the same time. It is a nice and creative idea to ask someone to go to prom with you.

5. Talk about prom for no reason

If you're both close, you could start telling him about prom. It doesn't have to be anything that makes sense. It could be past stories and memes you saw online about prom. Start telling him jokes about them, whether you make them up or not.

He won't know if they're true or not. The aim is to engage him in a long conversation that would make you both relaxed enough for you to pop the question. You could even play prom videos online for him to watch, then casually ask him to be your prom date. It's a fun idea to ask a guy to prom.

6. Write it on a ball

It doesn't matter the kind of ball you use to propose. It could be basketball, baseball, or football. All you need to do is to put down the words with a marker. If he's a sports guy, fair enough. It will make it easier for you to know the kind of ball to use.

If you can't get a real ball, you could make a football poster just for it. If you don't want to spend money on pizza or any kind of dinner date, this is something you should try out. Writing on sports balls is a sweet way to ask a guy to prom without much stress. 

7. Get him a heart-shaped pizza

get him a heart shaped pizza

Many people love to eat and that includes boys too. So, you could make a heart-shaped pizza specially made for him, or you could make it by yourself at home. You don't have to write anything in the pizza, just make sure it tastes delicious enough to make any guy say yes to your proposal.

Ask him to go to prom with you on the pizza box. You could write it inside or outside, depending on how you want him to see the message. It would be nicer to write the question with a marker on the inside of the pizza box. This is a creative idea you can use in finding prom dates in the long term.

8. Using nice and colorful balloons is a good way too

Balloons are beautiful and using them is one of the most creative ways for a girl to ask a guy to prom without much stress. You could get different colors and write a word of the question on the balloons. You don't have to go all the way to get helium balloons.

They could be the tiniest ones. All that matters is your ability to write boldly on them. The bolder the better. Balloons are a creative way you can try asking a guy to prom with. The good thing is, he'll have them to keep as something to remember as long as they don't burst.

9. You could use ice cream or candy with a little note

Candies may be tiny, but they're still valuable to many people. This is something you could do. You could get a box of candy or a few pieces and attach a little note to it. It doesn't have to be something complicated. A sentence is enough to ask him to prom.

If it's a little box of candy, you could slip the note inside it. If not, you could somehow attach it to the one you'll give to him. Or, wrap the note around the candy to make him open it before he opens the candy. This is one of the creative ways you can use in asking a guy to prom, especially if he has a sweet tooth.

10. Borrow his book and drop a little bookmark

Dropping a note inside his book is one of the most unpredictable ways to ask a guy to prom. It's the last thing he would expect, especially if you borrow and return it the next day. All you need to do is to ask on a nice well carved out paper, “Hey, would you love to go to prom with me?”

Return his book the next day with a little note and make sure he opens it, so someone else doesn't see it before him. Or, you could give him time to, if you don't mind other people seeing it. It would be nicer if you'd been studying together for a while.

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11. You could casually toss it in your conversation

Not everything should be as good as morning announcements. For this, you don't have to be so careful about how you say it to him, especially if you've both been friends for a long time. Don't worry, he won't say no to your proposal. If he does, it won't be a big deal.

You could casually say “hey, so what do you think about going to prom with me?” He could be surprised when you say it, but it's okay to do it this way. If you can't go all creative, this way you get to make everything relaxed even if he says no to your request.

12. Send a little text message to him

Sometimes, you don't need to go all crazy, especially if you're not that kind of girl. You can just keep it simple. You could compose a nice, cute, and respectful text message asking a guy to be your prom date. This could be through normal text or using a social media platform.

The good thing about this is, that you don't get to show your embarrassment if he declines. It saves you the stress of the physical hassles. You don't need to prepare for dates. This is one of the nice ways you can use it in asking a guy to prom. 

13. You could use cat pictures to ask the big question

One of the cute and creative ways you could use in asking a guy to dance with you at prom is to write it on a cat’s picture. You don’t need to go to hill street studios to take one, you could use your phone or get a random cat picture online.

This would work, especially if he’s a pet lover. You could either send this to him as a message or print it and present it to him physically. You could do this, instead of organizing dinner or lunch dates to ask him to prom. All you need to do for this is wait for his response.

14. Go a bit creative with crafts made by you

go a bit creative with crafts made by you

Using highly creative crafts is a subtle sign to show him how serious you are about going to prom with him. You could carve out letters of the question and stick them on another cardboard to make it look like a card. Or, you could stick the carved-out letters on a flat cardboard.

If you make it that way and make it beautiful, it’s something he could keep in his archives for future memories. At least he could tell people it was one of the times a girl asked him to be her prom date. It’s a cute and thoughtful idea to do this.

15. Sing him a line from a famous song

Music plays a good part in making things turn out well. This is why you should use it to ask a guy to go to prom with you. You should find a nice song that would suit the moment. That way, it won’t make anything sound or feel awkward.

Singing a famous line from a song would make it fun and send the message across to the boy you’re asking to be your prom date. Make it flow naturally by singing it during your conversation. It’s a fun and cute idea to ask a guy to dance with you on prom day.

16. Bake some nice cupcakes to invite him

One cute idea you should use in asking a guy to be your prom date is baking him nice cupcakes. If he has a sweet tooth, he’ll appreciate your effort so much. If you can’t bake them yourself, you could ask a friend to help you or buy them.

Like you would do when asking a guy to Sadie Hawkins dance, you could write the question on the cupcakes box, or spell prom with a question sign. It’s a cute and creative idea to use. You could either give it to him in school or have it delivered to his house.

17. Say it to him with confidence while talking

If you’re not in a relationship with a guy, one nice idea of asking him to dance with you at prom is to add it to your conversations, casually. That’s a creative way to relieve yourself of the stress of having to make a pizza or ask him out on a date to make the request.

Even if you’re nervous, don’t make it obvious that you started the conversation for the reason of asking him to dance with you on prom day. Make him surprised and lucky to get a request from you. This is a cute idea and one of the creative ways to ask a guy to go to prom with you.

18. Invite him to go prom with you as a friend

If you’re afraid to ask someone to prom, you could start by telling him that there are no strings attached. That will clear the air and reduce the chances of him saying no if he misinterprets it to be a request for a date.

Sometimes, asking a guy to be your prom date could bring mixed signals, especially if he’s somebody who feels uncomfortable going out on a date. If he’s also your guy friend, you could ask him to dance with you on prom day. This may not be creative, but it’s simple, informal, and cute.

19. You could ask his family to ask him

One cute way you can ask someone to prom is by telling his family to help you out. That way, you don’t need to worry about date ideas, what to write on a cardboard, or staging a nice prom dance proposal in school. You could try involving his family.

You could go to his house or ask one of his close family members to help you and ask him to go to prom with you. You need enough confidence to do this, especially if you don’t know his family too well. If it comes from them, he may say yes to your proposal.

20. Take him out for a casual drink

When you want to ask a guy to go to prom with you, you could take him out for a drink. It doesn't have to be a date, you could just go out and have fun. Spend some time talking about a few nice things. Do it like you would do if you want to ask him out on a dance with you.

And you could do this completely on a friendship level. That way you can say it casually. That's confidence on a new level and guys love girls who are confident to ask them to go to prom with them face-to-face. 

21. Write a little poem with a big question at the end

write a little poem with a big question at the end

A little poem won't hurt. You just need to compose your lines well enough to catch his attention while reading it. The important thing about doing this is that you get to make the boy you're crushing on go to prom with you. 

You may not even need to ask the question at the end. You could just spell out prom with a question sign and ask him to respond whenever he can before prom. Or you could add two boxes with yes and no on each and ask him to tick one of them. That's one of the creative ways to ask a guy to go to prom with you.

22. You could audio call or video call

You don’t need to ask someone to prom in school or ask them out on that dream date. You could do it anywhere, including your house. Stay in your room or nice private area and make a video or audio call, depending on which you're most comfortable with.

If you're not sure if he's free for a call, you could drop a message asking him to let you know when he'll be okay for a call. Through a call, you'll get to hear his tone and you won't have to go through the stress of waiting for his response. You could get an answer almost immediately.

23. Make a customized shirt and gift him

It doesn’t always have to be a date, especially if you can’t afford it. Instead, use a customized shirt. If he’s a sports guy and you don’t want to use the idea of writing on a ball, you could write on a jersey. 

You could also spell prom on a shirt with a question sign at the end. Guys love it when you go creative, but in beneficial ways to them. This works on any invitation when you’re both in school, including homecoming, prom, and Sadie Hawkins dance. It’s one of the creative ways to ask a guy to prom. 

24. Design it on their school locker

Designing it on their school locker doesn’t mean you should use permanent markers to draw directly on them. It means you could design a cute invitation with colorful markers on cardboard paper and post it on their school locker. You could also use washable markers to write it.

You could make it the size of his school locker, so it doesn’t become too dramatic. Or, you could make it small but bold enough for him to see before he gets there. If your confidence is enough for this, you could do it. If not, you could try other creative ways to ask him to prom.

25. Make a nice puzzle game with scrambled letters and ask him to arrange them

One of the creative ways to ask a guy to prom is by using puzzles. If your boyfriend loves board games, quizzes, or anything that needs solving some sort of mystery, you could use this to invite him to prom. So, you could create the craft yourself and make it as cute and simple as possible.

Or, you could find the letters involved from a random puzzle. When he puts it together, he could be speechless, but the only thing he’ll have to do is give an answer to your proposal. If this is the guy’s love language, you could use it as a way to ask him to go to prom with you. 


Is it weird to ask a guy to prom?

Many people have the idea that guys should be the ones putting out the request to girls. In reality, that happens most times. No rule says it's against any law to ask a guy to prom. You may have someone in mind that you would want to go to prom with and you need to make a move before other girls do. 

How do you ask a guy to prom without being awkward?

You need to know their personality and what's not awkward for them. It’s a future fun date and you don’t want to miss the only opportunity you have to ask him. Say the right words and make him know you’d be lucky to go to prom with him, whether he’s your guy friend or a random crush.

How do you ask a guy to prom over text?

Try incorporating something he loves, maybe his favorite meme. You could also write a flirty text to him, depending on your relationship with him. Try to be as clear as possible. Remember it's a text and you need to send out the right tone. If you wish, you could ask someone to help you out.

Can you go to prom without a date?

It's lovely to go to prom with a date, but it's not compulsory to do this. Going to prom alone allows you to be more relaxed. You would have the freedom to choose any color of the dress, leave at any time for the event, or bother about who would be your prom. So, you can go to prom without a date.

When should I ask someone to prom?

According to research, it's better to ask someone to prom at least six weeks and at most eight weeks to the night. This is because if you ask them with so much time in advance, you could lose interest before time. If you also ask shortly before the event, you may end up not having a date for the prom.

In Summary

Depending on you as a person, the personality of the guy you're crushing on, or your boyfriend, there are numerous cute, fun, and creative ways you can use in asking a guy to prom. For starters, you can try the 25 ways I've mentioned to prevent things from being awkward. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, please drop a comment, and share it with others.


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