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Second Date Expectations (11 Important Things)

Did you recently have an amazing first date with a wonderful guy?

Are you now wondering what should be happening on the second date?

The lines are often blurred when it comes to second date expectations, but I’m here to help…

This guide is packed with ideas for how to enjoy your second date - and how to make sure that the romance progresses during this time.

The thing is, there is one question which can make it really hard to define your expectations: How does HE feel?

If you’re not sure what’s going on in his head, how are you meant to know how fast things should be progressing?

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With that said, let’s now take a look at my ideas for setting up a superb date.

What Should Happen On A Second Date?

There is a huge difference between the second date and the first date. While you and your partner are trying to compose each other on your first date, the second date is a time for you people to reveal to each other your personalities and try to make sure the bond formed on the first date is as tight as that of an electrovalent bond. 

Maintaining a relationship after the first date is not quite easy but a second date is something that helps in this aspect. 

Read below some of the information I gathered from men and women about what their experience was after the crucial date (the first date) and their expectations for the second date.

1. Knowing each other better

Knowing each other better

Actually, the primary reason for going on a first date is for dating partners to know each other, but what if the first date didn’t reveal everything about your partner should there be a second date?

Of Course yes!  The first date is always filled with shyness and a lot of things including stress. Dating partners don’t get to showcase their real selves but on the second date, you people get to know each other well. 

Understanding is what every relationship needs and the only way for new people who are just into each other to understand each other, is by getting to know themselves. You people might like each other but if you don’t open up for one another, then you can’t say if you people are compatible or not.

The second meeting is an avenue for you and your partner to talk about your expectations and what you people are looking for in the relationship. The two dates really need to nail down everything concerning career desires, goals in life, relationship, and family circumstances. The conversation on a second date doesn't need to be a long one. It just has to contain all the vital information about yourselves. 

2. Change in location 

It’s very important to have a change in everything whenever you go on dates, and a change in location is one of those things that must be changed. If you and your date keep going to the same location every time you have a date then there is no way boredom won’t set in. 

Dating involves the creation of unforgettable memories together and building of history as couples. Regardless of how you people are dating (dating exclusively or knowing each other casually), it’s very important to have a look at your dating location. 

Where to have your second meeting actually depends on you and your partner, but it’s wise to choose a fun-filled place that may even instigate both of you to fix the third date. 

For instance, if your first date was in a restaurant, it’s advisable to consider going to a beach for a second date. The beach is a place where you meet a lot of people and see a lot of things. It’s a wide area where no one gives a damn about what you and your partner are doing. You people can consider romancing each other without expecting side talk from anyone around there.

Though the beach is not the only fun-filled place available in the world, I’m only giving a suggestion. But you should expect a change in location when going on a second date with someone. 

3. Physical affection

Physical affection

Well, showing physical affection on a first date is nice but this does not usually happen. Most times, people consider the next meeting as a time to show physical affection. This act is really needed at the beginning of a relationship. It’s a way for you to make sure that your date is opened to being touched or even in the mood for it. 

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The physical affection which I’m trying to talk about does not necessarily require sexual activity. You might be in a relationship where you’ve not hugged your partner for, you people’s movement around the place where you schedule a date could be a way to bring this to reality. 

Your date might be willing to kiss you when next you meet (the second date kiss). There is always a reason why he or she requests an outing with you. Even if the kissing scenario did not take place on the first date, that does not mean you can’t make an attempt on the next date. With this, you people might be trying to seal up everything in a relationship. 

When you are in for a second date, FEAR NOT! 

It’s the second time of meeting you need to show your feelings towards your partner. 

4. Confirm how you feel about your date

To figure out how you feel in a relationship is very important. You don’t need to start reading stories about infatuation and love before you know if the feelings are real or not all you need is to schedule a second date. 

Though this expectation is crucial, there is a need for you to take caution while you are still expecting it. You might accidentally hurt your date.  For instance, if you date someone who wants to be available for a long term relationship, and you don’t seem to be like it,  then it’s better for you to leave because your next meeting might be a way to let the cat out of the bag. 

But in a situation where the two dates are on the same page, and the relationship needs to become intimate, a second date would be one of the best ways to confirm your compatibility and also give room for intimacy in the relationship. 

Now you know what you should expect from a second date, I think there is a need for me to share with you some ideas and tips required for second dates in order to bring these expectations to reality. Let’s start with the ideas for a second date.  

Second Date Ideas 

I have gathered with me all of the best ideas available for a second date. Read on to discover which one suits you.

1. Create a scavenger hunt  

If you wish to have your second date during the day then you should consider this idea. When two dates go on a scavenger hunt, they are able to assess each other’s traits. Traits like ability to collaborate, energy, and patience are put to test. People on a date can always do it themselves or better still they hire a service to do it for them.

2. Meal challenge 

If the chemistry behind your first date was all about food, then you can take the meal challenge. Two dates can choose to either cook a simple meal or a complex one, there is no problem about that. All they are trying to figure out how compatible the both of you are. You need to check if you can both work as a team even when there are obstacles in the relationship.

3. Go on a boat ride 

This is one of the most romantic date ideas. There is a lot of fun when one is on water.  If you live in an environment where you can rent a boat or take a ferry ride for a day then you should try to go for it. Distractions fall away when you coast on waves and focus sets in. You can always become a romance captain if you play your game right while you are still on the water and this feeling can bring about the third date.

4. Bonfire creation 

Move to a quiet place with good ventilation and create a bonfire together. Gist and have a few drinks together. With this, I believe you will have a good time together. 

5. Visit the swimming pool 

Another fun place to be, is the swimming pool. If there is a river, lake, or even a swimming pool around your selected date area, there you guys should plan on going there. It would be of greater fun if the swimming pool is available for night swimming because at this time of the day most times the environment is cool and you with your partner can make the date a romantic and intimate one. 

6. Gameplay

It’s nice to compete. Competition brings excitement and attraction. Imagine yourself competing with a guy in a FIFA Soccer Game. It's going to make the guy more attracted to you. Soccer is a thing for guys and when they see girls who have a passion for such things, they try to get intimate with her. 

7. Cycling 

With cycling, couples can explore the street or city. It’s always fun having someone beside you when you are touring but when you have your date beside you, it’s going to be more fun. 

Tips For A Successful Second Date

Tips For A Successful Second Date

Some of the second date tips I have gathered include:

1. Greet each other with a hug

This is the best way to start the day. A hug that might be coupled with a peck on the cheek would be a lovely way to greet the person you are going to meet on a second date. The hug should be a long one so you have a deep feeling of how your partner’s heart beats when you are around.

2. Try to be inquisitive

It’s the next time you people are meeting after the first date so there is always a need to ask questions just for you to know each other. There are a lot of things which you did want to ask on the first date but time did not permit you to so the second meeting should give you the opportunity to ask them. 

You might feel the saying “Curiosity is what kills a cat” is right. Well to some extent but if you know what you don’t know, you will know you know nothing that's it. 

3. Flirt a little

It will be nice if you loosen up a little if you are having a great time on your second date. Most people don’t allow this to happen on their first dates just because they don’t want to look cheap in the presence of their partner, but when next they hook up they try to show some physical affection. Be careful when you are trying to show this!

4. Reveal yourself

When people are on their first date, they don’t really show their true color. Most of the time their real character is usually under a facade built just to make someone happy and impressed. Second dates are a real opportunity to show yourself so your partner would have a deep understanding of you. 

For me, this is a time for you to get to know a lot about each other so you have to make sure everything is put in place and no secrets. 

5. End with a kiss

End with a kiss

If the meeting should prove the relationship has a lot in store for you, then ending it with a kiss is a perfect thing to do. You need to be certain before doing this and also make sure your date knows what you are about to do so he or she doesn’t act funny. 

The best way to do this is by giving a signal which can be understood. If I were to be the person in this scenario, I would send a text message because these things would be well understood. 


What should happen on a second date? 

While the first date is all about knowing little about each other, the next should involve curiosity. Things that are not clear must be discussed for better understanding.

What does a second date mean to a guy?

This means a lot to every guy. While it might mean a chance to know more about a girl, some guys use it as an opportunity to determine if the girl is committed to the relationship.

How do you know if a 2nd date went well? 

To determine if a 2nd date went well, you need to check the reaction of those who went on the date. If they are excited and want to discuss it with you then that's a sign it went well.

Though the sign I did give is not the only sign available, there are still some other ones.

Should you kiss on the second date? 

This depends on how the date went. If the relationship looks promising then you should consider kissing at the end and not at the beginning.

What is the 3 date rule? 

This is a rule which states that any two individuals in a relationship must abstain from sex until at least the third date. After the 3rd meeting in a relationship, you can have sex which whosoever you are in a relationship with.

On A Final Note

Try to make your second date an exciting one and limit your expectations as this usually has an effect. What you should really focus on or expect is how to know each other more and make sure you show more physical affection.

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