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What Makes A Man Sexy (41 Interesting Things)

The word 'sexy' means 'sexually stimulating' or merely 'physically attractive.' When a person is sexy, other people find them appealing, or there's an increased amount of attraction from one party to the other. 

Over the years, the definition of a sexually attractive person has drifted from merely having great physical features to having a befitting character.

Girls have different ideas of what sexiness entails in a man, so we put together this article to bring light to the varieties of opinions. If you're curious to find out what makes a man sexy, here are forty-one things that can expose a guy's attractiveness.

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41 Things That Make A Man Sexy

1. He doesn't brag

When you think about what makes a man sexy, you immediately drift to the idea of him having a handsome face and several similar qualities. However, little factors like a male's ability to be humble in many social settings can be relatively attractive. He doesn't include tales about his achievements or try to appear better than the next person. 

Instead, he would rather mingle with everyone despite his accomplishments, which makes him sexier than he realizes. Flaunting material wealth will always repel ladies, which is why humility is seemingly attractive in today's world.

2. He doesn't hide his emotions

he doesn't hide his emotions

Although ladies often crave to see masculinity in a man, they also desire sensitivity. When a man isn't afraid to reveal his emotions, it makes him more attractive to the female gender. For example, if a guy tears up during an emotional movie, it proves that he's in touch with his emotions. 

This scenario brings a positive feeling to the woman because men tend to mask their emotions to appear manlier, making them appear emotionless. Thus, when a male individual reveals his sensitive side, a female’s interest is triggered.

3. He values everyone close to him

An essential quality that most girls find attractive in men is kindheartedness and respect towards those around them. If he regards his family and caters to their needs when necessary, many ladies will find him responsible and irresistible. More so, his positive behavior towards his friends and colleagues will make him more appealing. 

According to research, people associate kindness with attractiveness. People will over time regard you as an ugly person if you have a horrible personality, irrespective of a handsome face, and great masculine features. Therefore, being kind is critical to being likable.

4. He's not careless with his belongings

Being haphazard can make a man unattractive. This scenario occurs because people tend to measure how you'd treat them with how you handle your belongings. If a male individual can't take care of his possessions, it gives insight into his character. 

He has to make carefulness a priority if he wants to appear sexier to the female gender. He also has to become cautious of his actions and do things meticulously. This process will give him an appealing appearance to females.

5. He has control over drugs and alcohol

A man without self-control may never trigger the sex appeal of a woman. He'll always make a mess of himself, which will repel the girl from him. The ability to master one's impulses and be in full control of one's life attributes to a guy's masculinity. 

Most females believe that if a male can't take care of himself, he won't take care of anyone else. Therefore, any male individual that desires to catch the attention of a girl should practice restraint.

6. He shares how he feels

Keeping things bottled up can be a common habit for those that are unfamiliar with sharing their emotions with others. It's also prevalent with the male gender. If a man can be vulnerable enough to share what's on his mind, a woman would consider him sexy irrespective of how handsome his face looks. 

Sharing information even when it hurts him will be more attractive than he can imagine. She'll be eager to have a conversation and build the association from there. Vulnerability is a feature women consider to be sexy.

7. He knows women are beyond only their looks

What makes a man sexy is his high regard for women. Once he acknowledges that women are beyond a great face, nice hair, and a sexy body, he'll instantly appeal to them. Ladies want guys to observe more than their bodies and to look within them. They want male individuals to notice the intricate details about their lives, like what they enjoy doing during the weekends. 

This process entails paying attention to their personalities more than anything else. Embracing a woman's looks is never a bad thing, but defining her solely by that factor will repel her from you.

8. He has a good sense of humor

he has a good sense of humor

A man will be regarded as a free-spirited person when he has a sense of humor. His ability to make others laugh will attract them to him and will naturally be appealing to women. Everyone wants to feel good around others; therefore, having someone that deliberately enlightens them will be a great catch. 

Having a good sense of humor and knowing when to use it shows that a person is concerned about others' happiness beyond theirs, which will be attractive to any girl.

9.He doesn't feel entitled or superior because of his gender

A proud personality will always be unattractive irrespective of the person's physical features. If a male individual expects to be treated with utmost regard while demeaning others, ladies will naturally keep away from him. 

Women always want to be treated right, meaning that anyone who exerts dominance over them based on mere factors like gender is likely to be unappealing. Women also desire an avenue for expression, and if a male can't present this to them, they'll be uninterested. Male individuals should never feel entitled but should strive to earn respect.

10. He's generous to others irrespective of their gender, race, or social status

A kind guy will undoubtedly get more attention than other male individuals. His compassionate side will make him stand out from the crowd. If he treats everyone equally and isn't afraid to offer a helping hand to those genuinely in need, it speaks boldly about his character. 

Women would find this trait sexy because they believe it's how such a person will also treat his significant other. If he can go out of his way to help a stranger, he'll undoubtedly be kind to his better half.

11. He's not overly controlling

An extreme desire to see everything go a specific way will make a man seem less attractive by the minute. He needs to acknowledge that everyone is subject to their thoughts and wants, meaning that everyone craves personal expression. 

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If a male individual wants to attract ladies, he has to be flexible even in difficult situations. It's critical for those around him to be free to be themselves because this will keep him likable. Once he becomes more accepting of other people's flaws, they'll naturally be drawn to him.

12. He's involved in charity donations but doesn't boast about it

If a male individual doesn't feel the need to tell others about his philanthropic activities, he'll be more attractive to the female gender. Generosity doesn't have to be publicized but has to be done with a good heart. If females can see the genuineness of a man's heart, they'll be interested in him. 

Girls naturally want caring folks, and the way a male behaves gives insight into his loving side. If ladies identify his altruist behavior, they'll acknowledge he has an impressive empathy level, which will appeal to females.

13. He has goals he's working towards achieving

No woman finds confusion or stagnation appealing. If a male individual doesn't know what he wants for his future, it's a repelling factor that will keep a female away. What makes a man sexy is determination and hard work. He may not be completely accomplished, but his zeal to achieve his life goals will make him a catch to many ladies. 

Every woman wants to be confident in a man's plans and that he'll cater to the needs and those around him. If this factor isn't plausible, she'll be disinterested.

14. He saves and invests

Making prudent financial decisions is a critical factor that can amplify the attractiveness of a man. If a male understands the value of money, females will see him as a suitable suitor; thereby, increasing their attraction towards him. 

Being responsible on monetary matters is a rare trait to find, which means that any male that wields this attribute will be peculiar and appealing even if he doesn't have great hair, beautiful eyes, or glowing skin. Any male that wants to gain the attention of females should make sure he puts this habit into practice.

15. He's not afraid of commitment

he's not afraid of commitment

Many men are petrified of settling down with one woman for many reasons. They might be fearful of being vulnerable in a long-term relationship, or their quest for something better keeps them in a cycle of having short-term relationships. Whatever the reason a guy could have for not committing, no girl finds this attribute attractive. 

Every girl wants to have confidence in the person they're dating, and if this isn't possible, it's a major deal-breaker. Knowing that a male individual will never be satisfied in a relationship is a genuine cause of disinterest.

16. He stands out from his peers

A man that has a sense of peculiarity will be attractive in the eyes of any woman. He knows his distinguishing traits and identifies what makes him unique despite mingling with his pack. He can also make decisions for himself, even when others persuade him otherwise. 

This difference will undoubtedly make him sexier to females. A woman wants a man that can stand on his own without overly depending on others. The way he caters to his needs independently will showcase how fluently he'll cater to his partner.

17. He has an extra craft apart from his primary occupation

Financial independence and having enough passive income are unique attributes that can make a man appear more attractive. It displays his responsibility as a person and his ability to make significant financial decisions. 

Every woman wants to be associated with a male individual that is strongly committed to his future. If he can think prudently about his life ahead, it will inevitably affect the quality of hers as well. Therefore, any male that wants to impress a girl needs to make smart financial moves.

18. He breaks down his barriers when he's trying to get close to you

A man that is willing to reveal his true self and go out of his comfort zone to please a woman will be more appealing than he realizes. If he chooses to maintain eye contact even when he's not comfortable with it and takes further steps to prove his affection, he'll gain the desirability of women. 

Ladies often want proof of love, and any male that is bold enough to take this step will undoubtedly be attractive to them.

19. He's not afraid to ask a girl out

An easy way to get a girl's attention is to display confidence, even in unlikely situations. A man can reveal his courage by asking a girl out, even when she's likely to decline his request. Ladies undoubtedly love it when men make the first move on them, irrespective of the response they're bound to give. 

This process instantly makes the male more attractive than when they make the first move. Women also like to test the commitment level in men by their persistence. Therefore, a male can become the boyfriend to a girl by merely showing courage.

20. He has a great relationship with his family

A man that values his family understands the essence of keeping bonds. This act will help him build a healthy home someday, which many girls would find attractive. The way a male acts with his family shows how he'll behave with his significant other, which gives females the confidence that he's a worthy suitor. 

This attribute also makes the male individual more desirable because he presents himself as a responsible person. Ladies are driven towards trustworthy males because it assures them they'll have a settled life.

21. He doesn't stir up fights or act uncivilized

A well-cultured man will appeal to a woman's senses because she'll perceive he'll similarly treat her. If he struggles to maintain his cool in public and is hasty to stir up some commotion, ladies will be unimpressed. 

A man should always know when it's right to walk out of a fight or to keep silent in a disagreement. What makes a man sexy is his cool, calm, and collected nature, which many females will find endearing. It will also show that he's civilized, which will appeal to them.

22. He praises his friends

he praises his friends

Encouraging one's friends is a unique quality that shows the integrity of a person's heart. You have to be genuinely happy about your friends' successes before you can praise them. This notion also reveals that only kind people will choose to encourage rather than put down. 

If a man congratulates his friends when they come through, instead of shunning their efforts or experience to look better, he'll be more attractive in the eyes of females. Ladies are smitten by great qualities in men, which means a tenderhearted male will appeal to them.

23. He seeks out relevant information

A man that asks brilliant and thought-provoking questions will undoubtedly trigger the interest of a girl. Any conversation with him is enlightening and revelatory because he's interested in relevant and insightful information. He's also curious to know more about someone when he's privileged to talk to them. 

Females like to be the subject of any male's attention. If he prefers to listen more than speak, they'll be interested in spending more time with him. This character trait will make him more attractive than he realizes because he pays attention to subjects that grab their interests. 

24. He's not easily offended

An overly serious male will appeal less to a lady day by day. According to research, women naturally want play-partners. They want someone they can joke around with, have fun, and genuinely be themselves. A man who gets easily offended and can't take a joke wouldn't suit this category. 

They'll get unnecessarily angry about the woman's statements, which will stir up conflict more than it will create harmony. Therefore, an easygoing personality will appeal more to females because they'll be more comfortable.

25. He's well-informed of happenings in the world

Guys that appear well-educated will be captivating to women. They're well-informed about occurrences around the world, even in areas that don't directly affect them. Talking to an oblivious person will be more time-consuming and draining to anyone. 

On the contrary, conversations with an informed person are enlightening, which most people would want to associate themselves with. Therefore, a quest to be informed about happening can make a guy more appealing to women. Inevitably, they'll also want to be around you more often because of your versatile nature.

26. You can be reserved and outgoing at the same time

Having a healthy balance of quiet and engaged personalities can be an attractive behavior in any man. Women want their men to be reserved when they need to be but also relatively energetic. They can withhold themselves in situations that demand silence but can also be the life of the party. 

A girl isn't only interested in a male's good looks but how he behaves with others. If he's sensitive to different situations, it will tickle her interest even more. More so, he'll appear more attractive and responsible.

29. He tries to be better

he tries to be better

Guys that acknowledge their flaws and try to work on them will look pleasant in females' eyes. Wanting to be better is a unique trait that reveals the self-consciousness of a person. Such a person would be mindful of his actions and behaviors towards others, which shows his empathy level. 

Females are attracted to self-aware men because they're likely to be tenderhearted to their significant others. If they're keen on improving themselves, they'll likewise cater to their partners' emotional needs.

28. He respects the opinions of others

A man with high regard for people's personalities and characters will appear charming to any woman. He doesn't feel superior because of his knowledge or tries to demean others because of their opinions. He allows everyone to freely express themselves without being condescending. 

One of the most important criteria for a woman to like a guy is comfortability in his presence. If she feels at ease when she's around him and is comfortable being herself, she'll regard him as a likable person. The attraction is bound to occur when a person has a pleasant composure.

29. He understands the essence of consent

One of the most attractive traits a male can display is being a gentleman to a female. It provides the confidence that he'll treat her right, which many ladies find appealing. Females will also be endeared to a male with an established understanding of the importance of consent and wouldn't touch a woman's body until she has permitted him. 

Even though the conversation leads to sexual intercourse, and the female is making persuasive eye contact, he obtains her permission before taking things forward.

30. He doesn't prove his masculinity with dominance

A guy can trigger a woman's sex appeal by being caring rather than forceful. If he's not paying attention to her as a person but exerting control over her wants and desires, she'll become less attracted to him as time goes by. Bear in mind that attraction blossoms more when there's freedom of expression. 

Dominance inhibits a person from being likable, which is why it's not a conducive environment for interest to grow. You can only get a girl's attention by giving her the proper atmosphere to be herself when she's with you.

31. He doesn't play mind games

What makes a man sexy is his confidence when approaching a girl he finds attractive. He doesn't use trickery to gain her affection or play games to stir up doubt about his love. 

Any male that acts straightforward when he's making a move will naturally be appealing to a woman. His intentions are clear; neither does he give her any reason to doubt him. He's consistent with his actions to express his emotions and not afraid to look a little vulnerable to his subject of attraction.

32. He has conviction in his morals

Others will not easily sway a person that has an unshaken belief in something. A man needs to have a strong belief in the morals he keeps, or he'll act out of line when under pressure. Having a vital article of faith in something good will be a sexy attribute in females' eyes. 

It provides confidence that the male will always do the right thing irrespective of the circumstance. The way he behaves with others will also be relatively different because he's operating from a conviction perspective.

33. He offers a helping hand to his friends in need

he offers a helping hand to his friends in need

Girls pay attention to several traits men display to determine whether they'd be a potential partner. One quality women find attractive is being of assistance to others. If a man can cater to his friends' needs, he'll certainly take care of his significant other. 

Being self-absorbed or selfish is a feature that repels women from men because they immediately grasp that the guy is stingy. If he can't be affectionate to his colleagues, it'll be difficult for him to care for his better half.

34. He doesn't cheat others

A male that maintains his integrity even in unlikely situations will catch the attention of females. Honesty and righteousness are desirable features because it makes a person reliable. If a female is certain that a male individual wouldn't use any form of trickery to get what he wants, she'll naturally endear herself to him. 

Folks that exhibit these attributes are also likely to be faithful in their relationships, which every woman wants. If a male can reveal his honesty in a conversation with a woman, she'll undoubtedly find him attractive.

35. He doesn't demean beliefs that oppose his own

Every individual is entitled to their thoughts and opinions about several subjects. A man that is open-minded to people's points of view will charm a woman. He doesn't shun others that don't agree with his sentiment but gives everyone an equal right to express themselves. 

Likewise, he tells others about his beliefs but doesn't force them to believe them. These behaviors will be impressionable on any woman and endear her to such a guy. His easy-going mindset will make him more attractive and will stir up deep interest.

36. He's not afraid to make eye contact when talking to you

There's a particular type of boldness a male displays when he stares into a woman's eyes when discussing with her. Ladies find this behavior irresistible because it reveals the male's interest level. 

Men naturally avoid this action because it gives insight into their emotions at that moment. However, males that aren't afraid to showcase their vulnerability by gazing at you directly in the eyes tend to be more appealing to women.

37. He's affectionate

There are several ways a person can show affection to others. However, it takes the littlest loving acts to capture a woman's attention and seem more attractive to her. If you can bring her warm feelings with your deeds, she'll find you more intriguing. 

A male individual who wants to make a lady feel special needs to develop a genuine interest in her finding out her likes and dislikes, and have an immense desire to see her happy. His interest in her will increase her desire for him. She'll also be fonder of his presence.

38. He reciprocates affection

What makes a man sexy is his ability to display mutual respect for his significant other. Men, sometimes, expect to be loved without showcasing their warmth in return. This act will be unappealing to a lady because she continually wants affirmation from her significant other. 

Women will regard any man who's bold enough to tell their woman that he loves her as an appealing individual. It takes a great deal of courage to be vulnerable in a relationship; however, this is a desirable trait women expect to see in their long-term associations.

39. You're active

Being dull or sluggish will seem unimpressive to a lady because an active lifestyle is sure to grasp interest more than an inert one. If you're diligent enough to keep things moving around you, ladies will find this attribute incredibly sexy. This action provides confidence that you'll efficiently carry her along if a relationship occurs. 

More so, it certifies that you'll pay attention to several needs that demand locomotion. Any man that wants to appeal to a lady without using his look should maintain an active lifestyle. Don't be idle and slow all the time, but be energized for activities.

40. He's open-minded

A narrow-minded individual will find it challenging to embrace people's personalities and their perspectives of life. Subjects like identity and sexual orientation would be difficult subjects to accept. This action can be unattractive to a lady because everyone desires acceptance. 

On the contrary, an open-minded man will appeal to a woman's taste because she'll be more comfortable around him. 

He'll embrace her views and opinions, which will ensure the association flows better. A woman's confidence increases when she can genuinely be herself around a male individual. This point reveals why ladies are attracted to this feature.

41. Physical features

physical features

Although it's essential to look beyond a person's physical attributes, we can't deny that some ladies regard a male's body as their most attractive feature. If he has a strong muscular arm, captivating smile, silky hair alongside a nice hairline, and carries himself in a compelling way, they'll be smitten by these features. 

If a great character accompanies these attributes, ladies will see him as a complete package.


What makes a man physically hot?

Physical qualities like a male's face, hair, and arm, can determine whether females think he's attractive or not. However, some ladies prefer to judge a male's attractiveness based on his character and not just his looks. They feel the way a male individual behaves will bring ideas on his overall sexiness.

What makes a man sexually attractive?

Some ladies regard looks as an essential feature that makes a male individual sexy. However, some think features like confidence and the way a person interacts with others can increase their sex appeal. Attributes like kindness can be irresistible to some women.

What do men look for in a woman physically?

Men are often attracted to the youthful appearance of a lady. Features like full breasts and curvy hips tend to trigger their interests. Men also tend to place higher importance on a woman's character above her physical part. Therefore, women should make sure they have kind personalities while trying to appease their males.

What guys find attractive in a girl?

Guys find a variety of attributes in a lady to be attractive. If she has great physical features accompanied by a mature and kind character, they'll be interested in her. Other attributes like honesty, an optimistic mindset, and independence contribute to a woman's sexiness.

How do you know if a guy finds you hot?

The most prominent way to know that a male is interested in you, apart from him voicing it out, is when he makes excessive eye contact. If he's staring at you for long periods or gazing at your body, it's proof that he finds you attractive.

To Summarize

Did you enjoy this article on what makes a man sexy? There are several other factors that women find attractive in men. However, it's always important to pay attention to a person's character above anything else. Kindly leave a comment and share this article if you liked it.

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