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Should I Tell Him I Like Him? (17 Straightforward Ways)

February 4, 2023

Telling a guy you like him is a very nerve-wracking experience. Deciding whether or not to do it can be a hard decision to make as it is natural to fear the rejection that may transpire by laying your feelings on the line. 

Here, in this article, we look at whether you should tell him you like him or not. Additionally, we also list 17 ways that you can tell him you like him. They’re all great ways that make going through the process of telling a guy your true feelings that little bit easier.  

Should I Tell Him I Like Him?

Telling a guy you like him is a difficult decision to come to. We always want to make a relationship work with a man we are really into, but sometimes it is easier not to say anything in the hope that he may start the subject first. 

However, it can be a good idea to be the one that broaches the subject and say something like 'I want to go exclusive' because if you don’t, you may find that you are wasting your time on a guy who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. That being said, sometimes it is easier to tell a certain guy you like him than at other times. Often when it is difficult, is exactly when you should tell him how you feel. 

So if you are wondering whether you should tell a guy that you like him, the answer is invariable, yes as if you don’t, you could be wasting your time that could be better spent elsewhere. However, sometimes, it is best not to tell a guy you like him if you are certain that he isn’t quite ready for a relationship with you. He may be one of those guys who take a while to really come to terms with their emotions about a person they are seeing. Those feelings can often take a back seat to the want to stay living a single style life that little bit longer. 

However, even in those circumstances, it can sometimes be best to tell a guy you’re interested in an exclusive relationship because it can be so hurtful to see him dating other women while you are ready to stop seeing other people entirely. 

How Can I Tell Him I Like Him?

Here are our 17 ways that you can tell a guy you like him. Some are good methods particularly if you are not sure what his thoughts are about having a serious relationship with you. There are others that will prevent you from having to talk to him face to face and there are others that may feel like they put a lot of pressure on you, but this can often reap the best and quickest rewards. 

1. Call him

If you don’t want to talk to the guy you like face to face about your emotions, then it can be a great idea to call him on the phone and tell him that you like him. In doing so, you will get an immediate response to your assertions and you will know straight away whether he wants to be in a one on one relationship with you. 

2. Email him

The problem with phoning a guy to tell him that you like him is the fact that it is still quite a pressured way of doing so. You need to summon up a lot of courage to get the words out, so it can be better instead to just email him with how you feel. Even though you may not get an immediate response, it can be a good way of writing down exactly how you are feeling about what is going on between the two of you. 

3. Text him

Texting a guy that you like him can be just as effective as emailing him. Again, it’s great because it means that you get all your feelings out without having to tell him face to face. While it still needs a little lag in response time that can cause you anxiety, it is a good option if you feel like you may stumble on your words if you were to tell him directly. 

4. Tell his best friend

A really good idea to use if you don’t want to talk to your man about what’s going on in your relationship is to talk to one of his best friends. In doing so, you can get the message across to your man that you like him and that you would like to get serious about being in a couple together. Friends often relay information like this to one another so it can be a great way of not having to have a face-to-face conversation with your love interest. 

5. Talk to him about the future

Talk to him about the future

If you want to tell a man that you like him, but you are unsure as to whether you should or not, one thing that can work really well is if you talk to him about the future. The conversation that will arise because of talking about where you see your life in a few years’ time can often bring up the subject of what is going on between the two of you. From there you can tell whether you should tell him that you like him or not. 

6. Ask him if he wants to go exclusive

Perhaps one of the most direct ways that you can tell a man that you like him and you would like your relationship to develop into something more serious, is to ask him if he would like to go out exclusively with you. This, of course, takes a lot of courage, but remember that in doing so you are clearing up where you both stand with each other there and then. 

7. Take him on a romantic date

Setting the scene for a direct conversation can often make things easier if you are wondering how to tell a man that you are into him. Take him on a romantic date that you have set up therefore which really sets the mood for what you would like to talk about. Plus, if you can do so after a couple of drinks that will give you just that little bit of confidence, you may find it even easier yet. 

8. Ask him about his past relationships

Talking to your man about past relationships can help in the quest as to how and when to confess to him that you like him. In doing so, you can get a feel for how he feels about exclusive relationships in general. If he has never been in one but has dated a lot, it could be that he’s not really that into getting serious with you - or anyone. However, if he has had a few serious relationships in the past, he may be into the idea of going exclusive with you. By bringing up past relationships, you also give yourself a good chance to talk to him about how you really feel.

9. Flirt with him

Flirting outrageously with the guy you are into can be something that works if you are wondering how and when you should talk to a guy about how you feel. Flirting with him can really help set that spark alive and remind him why he is dating you in the first place. He is then more likely to agree to what you say when you broach the subject about going exclusive with each other. 

10. Sleep with him for the first time

Telling a guy that you like him is often a lot easier after you have just slept with him. While this may not be a tactic for everyone due to their approaches to sex and what part it plays in a relationship, making love to a person is a brilliant way of getting closer to them. By strengthening that bond, you will feel more confident about talking to him about what’s going on between you. 

11. Over breakfast one morning

Having serious conversations is often easier when you have the time to do so and you are relaxed. Choosing to talk about the status of your relationship is something that should be done when you are both able to focus on what is being said. Try talking to your man over breakfast one morning at the weekend when neither of you has to rush off anywhere. It will make the conversation a lot less pressured.

12. Talk about telling the truth

Talking about telling the truth with one another is another great way to broach the subject about your true feelings towards the man you are seeing. He may even surprise you by bringing up what is going on between you himself. 

13. Have courage

There is no denying that it takes a lot of strength to summon up the courage to talk to a man about what’s going on between you. However, it’s important to have confidence and courage in yourself and your attractiveness to him. He most likely is far more into you than you realize as we are all-natural too down on ourselves. 

14. Organize a fun day out

Organize a fun day out

To alleviate some of that pressure that you may feel to broach the subject of your feelings, organize a really fun day out for him. In doing so, you will be making both you and him happy, which will make you feel more confident about talking to him directly about your feelings. 

15. Give him lots of signals

While signals may not be picked up by guys every time a person tries to indicate how they feel towards them, if you do it enough, they will have to pick up on something. Send your man lots of signs therefore that you are into him and that you want a relationship with him. He will hopefully bring up what is going on between you as a result. 

16. Spend quality time together

To make things easier on you and how and when you should bring up the subject of going exclusive with one another, spend as much quality time together as possible. It will naturally bring you both closer together so that you both realize how you feel towards each other anyway. 

17. Go out for dinner

Going out for dinner is perhaps one of the best ways you can talk to a man about how you feel towards him. The reason being is that you will be a little more relaxed and the setting of a date is a good place to talk about things between you. 


Should I tell him I have a crush on him?

If the guy you have a crush on isn’t in a relationship and you think that you may stand a chance with him, it can be a great idea to tell him you’re interested. Sometimes a guy doesn’t have the confidence to ask out a girl and sometimes they are simply unaware of someone’s feelings towards them. 

Should you let a guy know you like him?

If you like a guy and you don’t think they are aware of that fact, it can be a great idea to let him know. While it means putting yourself on the line with the possibility of rejection, you also can move on with your life more easily once you have had a direct conversation with him. 

How long should you wait to tell a guy you like him?

While it isn’t a good idea to put an exact time limit on when you tell him you like him, you do need to make sure that your feelings are met too. If you are finding it difficult to say something to him, remember that he will most likely feel the same way if things are going really well between you. 

Do I tell him I miss him?

It’s up to you to tell a guy whether you miss him or not. Some guys will like to hear this, while others will find it too much. It’s up to you to decide which he is, but also it is important that your feelings are taken into account too. Make sure you don’t always just do things to keep him happy while your needs are met. 

How do u know if a boy likes you?

Whether a guy likes you can be difficult to ascertain as it will be different from man to man. Some will be over the top and romantic with you, whilst others will display their affection by being supportive in other ways. If you’re unsure, ask him. He will most likely welcome the chance to tell you his true feelings.  

How To Tell A Guy That You Like Him - In Summary

The fear of what a guy you like may say when you tell him how you really feel about him is often what stops us from saying anything in the first instance. However, if you’re interested in him then it will actually stop a lot of heartache in your love life in the future if you tell him you like him sooner rather than later. 

This can take up a lot of courage and there is, of course, every possibility that he may not feel the same about you. But if you don’t say something then you could actually make yourself feel a lot worse. The anxiety that will come from living with the anxiety about whether he does like you or doesn’t like you in return can be very debilitating. 

Plus, by laying your feelings on the line earlier, you save yourself time later on if he actually admits that he doesn’t feel the same way. Imagine hoping that the relationship will go somewhere and waiting a long time for him to say so, only to be told that he doesn’t want to get serious. If you had said something earlier about how you feel about him, then you will have saved yourself all that time.


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