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When Will He Propose

When you’re dating a man that you really like, and fall in love with, it can be very difficult not to have your mind wander to marriage. As a result, you will often find your time thinking about when your boyfriend is going to pop the question. You may even have a girlfriend that you talk about marriage with and discuss when your boyfriend is going to propose. 

Here in this article, we highlight 25 signs that will signal that your boyfriend has either bought an engagement ring or is at least thinking about when to pop the question to you. Not all of the below signals need to be seen for you to gain confidence an impending marriage proposal is on the cards.

25 Ways To know when he will propose

There are a number of things that men commonly do when they have been looking for engagement rings for their girlfriend. They are quite varied and sometimes can be easily misconstrued as just odd behaviour. However, if you see a number of the below signs all of a sudden, it is a good signal that your boyfriend is going to propose.

1. He gets jumpy about certain plans

Men get really jumpy around the time and they decide to make a marriage proposal to their girlfriend. Whatever their age and whatever is going on in their lives, they will start to become so nervous about the thought of putting a ring on their girlfriend’s ring finger. Plus they will feel the added pressure of making the proposal a big surprise and so start to get jumpy about certain plans made together in their diaries.

2. He gets nervous when you make dates in your diary

As a direct result of getting jumpy about certain plans that he has made with you, he also gets nervous when you make dates in your diary on your own. This is because he does not want any curveballs getting in the way of him and his marriage proposal. He will also get nervous about the idea of you going to places that he has in mind when he goes to pop the question. Look out for him being very curious about what you are planning without him.

3. He gets off the phone quickly when you’re around

He gets off the phone quickly when you’re around

Often when a guy is thinking about proposing to his girlfriend, he will spend a lot of time on the phone talking it through with his friends and maybe even his parents. If you are in a relationship where you spend a lot of time together, or you live together, it, therefore, means that he will often get off the phone quickly when you enter a room as he doesn’t want you to hear what he’s saying to his nearest and dearest. 

This is because he wants to keep the element of surprise.

4. He is constantly checking his bedside table

If you were living with the boyfriend that you are in a serious relationship with, a good signal that he is going to propose is if he is constantly checking his bedside table but never actually getting anything out of it. That’s because the bedside table is often where guys keep their jewellery box with the ring enclosed. 

He will be constantly checking if it is there because he will be nervous about anything making his plans go awry.

5. He talks about the future a lot

In terms of where you are in your relationship, it’s a good sign that a man is thinking about a marriage proposal if he talks about the future with you a lot. If the plans that he is making you include you or inadvertently include you, it, therefore, means that he thinks your relationship is going to end up as husband and wife. He therefore will most likely be thinking about taking a relationship to the next level.

6. He mentions having a family with you

One of the other key signs that a man is going to propose (other than talking about the future a lot) is him, mentioning his belief that you and he will start a family together. This is one of the biggest assertions a man can make about how he thinks his life will include you till the day he dies. 

If he talks about having a child with you he, therefore, is most likely thinking about walking down the aisle together.

7. He gets secretive

Another one of the signs of a man who was going to propose to his other half is that he gets very secretive about what he’s up to over the next few days or weeks. For some women, they may jump to the conclusion that he’s actually having an affair. Whilst this is sadly sometimes the case it can also mean that he is planning to put a ring on your finger and he’s going to pop the question very soon.

8. He keeps asking you when you’re free

Getting cagey and jumpy about what plans you have made for the future together and separately he will also repeatedly ask you when you are free. 

This is often because he will be planning his big surprise to the very detail that is required of such a big occasion in a person's life. He will want to know where it dates that you are free to ensure that he picks the best one and therefore the best situation that he can create to ask you to marry him.

9. Your best friend and he seem to have in-jokes

Men rarely propose on their own with no input from their other half’s best friend or family members. If you notice that your best friend and he seem to have jokes that you don’t really understand or they hush up quickly when you are walking towards them to engage him in conversation, it could be that they are in collusion with one another to buy you your engagement ring. 

It is therefore a good sign to see your best friend and your boyfriend chuckling together but not letting you in on the joke.

10. He seems to be saving his money more than usual

Engagement rings are expensive items of jewellery. If your boyfriend seems to be saving his pennies and not going out as much as he used to, it could be that he is saving up to buy you an engagement ring. Be aware that he may therefore seem a little more antisocial than usual and might be a bit irritable about it too. 

Also make sure that, if you do think that this is a possible sign of an impending marriage proposal, he isn’t just saving up money to put down a deposit on a home.

11. He is keen to get some alone time with your family

He is keen to get some alone time with your family

Men often want to get the buy-in from their partner’s family before they make a marriage proposal. If your boyfriend is therefore suddenly very keen to spend time with your parents, you can take this as one of the good signs that he wants to take your relationship to the next level and ask you to marry him. 

It is very rare that a boyfriend will want to spend more time than necessary with a partner’s parents, so this is a really excellent sign to keep an eye out for.

12. He keeps checking that you still have a certain time booked in with him

Another way that a man will often show he is nervous about the future is if he keeps double checking and triple checking and quadruple checking the fact that you have still got a certain date in your diary to meet up with each other. 

This will often be at odds with the usual status quo of a relationship that has got serious. Often people are confident that their partners will meet up with them at a pre-organised time. However, when it comes to a proposal, he will want to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

13. He’s planned a big holiday for you

If your boyfriend has suddenly organised a big holiday for you both, it is a good sign that he is thinking about popping the question. Men do try to make asking the other half to marry them fantastic as possible and often this is easily done on a big memorable holiday on a white sandy beach. If your other half has therefore been researching places to go on holiday extensively and has booked a big trip for you both as a consequence, you can be confident in the fact that the holiday is important to him for very good reason.

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14. He has booked a reservation at your favourite restaurant

Well booking a big holiday is one of the great signs to keep an eye out for if you are wondering when your other half is going to ask you to marry him, another one is keeping an eye out for any reservations at your favourite restaurant. He will inevitably want to ask you to marry him in a place that means something to you and that you enjoy spending time in.

Going to your favourite restaurant is an easy win and so if he has reserved a table and is displaying any one of the other signs mentioned here he could well be thinking about getting down on one knee.

15. People keep making remarks 

Friends and family are often a good reflection of the state of your relationship. If any of them are making remarks about the fact that your other half may propose soon then you can take it as a good sign that your partnership is a strong one. It may also be that some of those friends and family have inside information from your boyfriend and know his true intentions towards you.

16. Your friends want to help you get dressed up for one of your dates

If your boyfriend has asked one of your friend’s opinions on rings that you may like on your ring finger, they will most likely know their intended plans for the proposal as well. 

As a result, your friends may have strong opinions on what you should wear on one of your dates. This is most likely because they know that he will be asking you to marry him on one particular evening or at one particular place. As your friend, they will therefore want you to look as good as possible.

17. He asks for your ring size

He asks for your ring size

Perhaps the biggest tale of all is if your boyfriend asks what size your ring finger is. He will need to know that size so that he can accurately buy you a ring to wear. 

Additionally, if you find him snooping around your jewellery box and taking a ring out that you wear regularly to take to the jewellers to buy a ring for you, you can be sure that he is most definitely thinking about getting down on one knee.

18. Your bestie arranges a manicure appt for you

If your best friend uncharacteristically books a manicure appointment for you, you can take that as a great indication that your boyfriend is going to ask you to marry him very soon. Your best friend will want you to be able to take pictures of your new piece of jewellery on your finger without having to worry about a shoddy manicure. 

Take their help as an indicator that you are in for a lovely evening. And try not to chip your nails.

19. Your partner keeps revisiting old memories

If your partner is often walking down memory lane with you in conversation, he may well be thinking about proposing. This is for two reasons. One: he is trying to reassure himself that your good past will mean a good future. Secondly, he is also trying to convince you and remind you that you are both really good together and that you will have a great future if you were to marry.

20. You see him near a jewelry store

Of course, if you catch your other half in the act of buying you a new piece of jewellery, this is one of the most exciting signals that he wants to make your relationship official. 

If you see him near the jewellery store that he would not ordinarily be seen dead in, then the likelihood is that he is looking to buy you some jewellery to help him pop the question in the most traditional way possible.

21. He makes big plans for Valentine’s Day

It may not be the most original day to propose to a partner but if your boyfriend seems to have made really big plans for your Valentine’s Day together, it could well mean that he is thinking of popping the question very soon. Valentine’s Day does also give him a slight cover of simply trying to be romantic so that he can still try to surprise you with his question.

22. He seems needy

The pressure of asking another half to marry him will sometimes mean your boyfriend exhibits uncharacteristic behaviour. A common behaviour that comes from pressure is insecurity that ends up in your boyfriend being very needy for your attention a lot of the time. 

Again this will come from the need to know that you are a strong partnership that has the ability to really go the distance.

23. He makes comments on other people’s weddings

If he thinks that wedding bells are on the cards for you, your boyfriend will likely make comments at other friends' weddings. What he liked about the day and what he doesn’t. Ordinarily, wedding days are not something that men are too interested in with regards to detail. 

However if your boyfriend mentioned how big a wedding is and that he liked that or that he likes the idea of getting married in a church versus in a marquee, you can be certain that he is at least thinking about getting married to you.

24. He does all the chores

In an effort to ensure that you say yes to his proposal, the guy will often spend the run-up to the big day of popping the question doing all the chores around the house. This is to ensure that you remember that he’s a great guy and a really good catch. He wants to make doubly certain that there is no room for you to say no and no possibility that you will turn him down.

25. He doesn’t seem concerned with boys’ nights anymore

If your boyfriend all of a sudden is no longer going out with his guy friends with as much regularity, you can be sure that your relationship is in a position where he is starting to think about long-term marriage

This is because he no longer feels the need to act like a bachelor, instead, he is very happy to spend the evenings at home with you or simply card on dates with you just to spend time together.


How long does it take for a man to propose?

It really depends on the guy for how long it takes him to propose. A guy who is very much in love and very spontaneous may not take long. However, it can take other men much longer even though they are still very much in love with their future partner. 

How long do people date before getting engaged?

It depends from couple to couple how long they date before getting engaged. Couples may actually fall in love very quickly but be in no real rush to get engaged and then married. Whereas for other couples, they’ll be very keen to tie the knot. 

How do you know when a man will propose?

There are a number of signs and signals to keep an eye out for when a man will propose. Not all of the above signs will be present to demonstrate that they are going to pop the question, but many will be. Typically, if your boyfriend is acting out of character, it could be on their mind. 

Do guys get distant before they propose?

It’s not uncommon for guys to get distant before they propose. The reason being is that they don’t actually realise they are doing it. Instead, they are just regressing into themselves and concentrating on how to get the proposal right. It’s not because they want to break up.

How long does it take a man to realize he wants to marry you?

Depending on the type of guy you are dating, the length of time it takes a man to realize he wants to marry you will vary. Guys take different times to come to terms with the fact that they want to marry a person - but they need to do it on their own, in their own time. 

How You’ll Know When He Will Propose - Conclusion

Knowing when a guy will propose it’s something that many women try to keep an eye out for. Sometimes this is simply because they want to know that the relationship is going somewhere. This is because sometimes women feel like their other half is not as ready to commit as they are. 

While a marriage proposal is obviously a great sign of your boyfriend’s commitment, try to talk to him about the state of your relationship if you are concerned that you want different things. It will hopefully save you a lot of heartaches further down the line.

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