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Do Guys Like Skinny Girls? (11 Things That Guys Find Attractive On Women)

Do you want men to like you? Are you under the impression that men only like women that look like models? Do you think that a woman needs to be skinny to be liked by men? You cannot be more wrong! The media shows that only specific bodies are attractive and that is completely untrue!

I have tried everything from a crash diet to vigorous exercise, only to get skinny like a Victoria’s Secret model and be attractive for men. However, soon I realized that men are not looking for models and I need to focus on my overall self to be attractive to men. Also, I understand now that there are certain things about me that I cannot change. I need to accept it and love myself!

In today’s article, we are going to see what physical attributes men like in women. We will also see if men like extremely thin girls and if yes, then why.

Do Guys Like Skinny Girls?

According to Psychology Today, guys don't like skinny girls. It is just a false image in the minds of women that men like extremely thin girls, who are like runway models. In reality, men like normal women, who are a little curvy. 

Just like women, men also want their partners to be fit and have a well-proportioned figure, which does not mean skinny. Women should no doubt do regular exercise, to get a fit and healthy body, but that does not mean you become so thin that you start looking weak. 

Everybody has a different body type, and you should concentrate on being fit, rather than achieving the figure magazines make you believe that men like. In the end, more than physical appearance, males like women who are confident, smart, and comfortable in their bodies.

Why Do Some Men Prefer Skinny Girls?

why do some men prefer skinny girls

Different people have different tastes; therefore, it is not right to say that no guy likes thin girls. Some men like skinny girls and there are various reasons for it. One main reason for some men liking thin girls is that they equate thinness to the youth, which makes extremely thin girls more attractive to them. 

However, no matter what physical attributes men like in women, women mustn't let these things affect them. The right man, who is looking for a serious relationship, will not be affected by the looks of a woman. He will want someone who has a good heart and personality.

This does not mean that women should stop taking any effort. They should definitely try to maintain the body that God has gifted them. A good physical appearance helps in making a good impression on both sexes.

Physical attributes that men like in women

1. Large hips and small waists

It is not a secret that gents prefer women with large hips and small waists. However, the earlier assumptions that men prefer this figure because they think of women having their babies, is not entirely true. On the contrary, they find women with big hips and narrow waist, physically and sexually mature and at the same young and delicate. 

2. Height

Men, in general, prefer girls with a good height and find taller women attractive. However, they are usually not after extremely tall girls who look like fashion models. Generally speaking, men are not after women with long legs, however, they have a thing for women with long arms. 

Even if you don't have all these features, there is nothing to worry about, as for men, a good posture is equally important. So, if you don't have an ideal height, you can in many cases make for it by keeping your back straight and looking in front while walking.

3. Smile

A smiling face can add attractiveness to anyone's face, which is sure to attract a man’s attention. However, not only smile, but men also find women with white, shiny teeth much more attractive. So, it is time to make an appointment with your dentist, hygiene is attractiveto everyone. White teeth are also an indication of good health. 

4. Healthy hair

healthy hair

Just like us, the opposite sex also likes long, shiny, beautiful hair. They are instantly attracted to women with long, luscious hair. One reason for it is that they see girls with long locks as healthy and fertile. The good news is that with so many products and options for regular salon visits, achieving that beautiful, long hair is not a difficult task.

Taking care of your hair, along with your fitness, will not only help you get the attention of your dream man, but it is also important for self-care. 

5. A high voice

Good communication is important for any relationship. Men prefer a woman with a high-pitched voice, which brings to mind youthfulness and indicates a small, feminine body. Just like women like men with deep voices, men prefer women with a higher voice.

6. Well-groomed

Men like their women to be well-groomed and always be presentable. This does not mean that girls need to be like fashion models, but a small effort taken by the girls towards self-care shows how much they value themselves.

7. Fit body

Now, this does not necessarily mean that girls have to have perfect body-wide hips and big boobs. We know that not everybody is gifted with a fully proportionate figure. However, a small effort shown by you in maintaining your fitness can help you attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Men love curves, and not everybody is interested in girls who are skinny. To catch the attention of a male gaze you don't have to look like a bag of bones, but the mere fact that you love yourself enough to maintain your fitness is enough. Remember for everyone the definition of beauty and attractiveness is different and women don't need to change themselves just to please a man.

8. Less makeup

Men like women with less makeup. They find natural-looking women much more confident and beautiful. Yes, of course using makeup once in a while is fine, but on a day-to-day basis, males want their girlfriends to use less makeup.

Now, if you love makeup and it makes you feel good about yourself, then you should not change it! But if doing makeup is something that you do only thinking men will like you in it, then it is time to change that.

9. Large eyes

Men find women with large eyes much more attractive. They equate large eyes with health, femininity, fertility, and youth.

However, it is not only about the size of the eyes, the important thing is that you use them wisely to make eye contact with the guy that you like. Good eye contact can show anyone that you are interested in them and if they like you, they won’t think twice before approaching you. If you are already in a relationship, your beautiful eyes can show the guy how much you love them.

Eyes are the mirror to your soul. It is not always about physical appearance, a real man will be more interested in your heart. Especially, if he is looking for a wife, he will search for kindness, honesty, and love in your eyes.

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10. Posture


Gents notice your posture more than you would like to believe. And why not? A posture and your body language say a lot about you. A poor posture presents you as a shy and socially awkward person. On the other hand, a good body posture makes you seem confident and attractive. And who does not like a confident person?

Well, men don't expect their girlfriends to look like fashion models but a little care about the way you sit and stand will not harm anyone. Moreover, not only with men, a good body posture will help you make a good impression on anybody you meet. 

11. The way you dress

It is no surprise that like everyone else, men also like their partners to be dressed well. It is important that you feel comfortable in the dress that you wear and you ooze confidence. Also, men find women attractive in red-colored dresses, as red is a color of love and passion.


What body shape do guys find most attractive?

Men find hourglass-shaped bodies most attractive. This body features a wide upper body and hips, but a small waist. Men like this body shape because they believe that women with this body have curves and they appear fitter. 

Are skinny faces more attractive?

Skinny faces are not always more attractive. What is important is that the face looks healthy and not too old, something, which one can achieve with proper self-care and exercise. Having a healthy diet cannot only make you lose weight from your face but can also make your skin glow, thus, making you more attractive.

What do guys like most about a girl's body?

When it comes to sexual desires, all men like the usual vagina, boobs, and butt in women. However, other than that they like curves in a girl’s body because these curves give them the feeling that they are holding a girl.

Why should I lose weight?

If you are obese, losing weight can reduce your risk of some serious health problems. It will automatically improve your health. If you already have blood pressure or cholesterol, losing weight will lower it.

How can I get a positive body?

To get a positive body image, start by appreciating everything that your body does for you. Surround yourself with positive people and cut off contact with people who body shame you and make you conscious about yourself. Remember, beauty is skin deep and not only about outer appearance.

In Conclusion

Do you agree that the opposite sex is not looking for extremely thin girls with the bodies of a model? Do you feel that there are other physical attributes that people like? Do you love yourself the way you are? We would love to hear from you to help our readers. Please comment below!

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