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Does He Like Me? Signs and Signals That You Got To His Heart

Are you tired of wondering whether your crush likes you? 

Is it starting to feel painful daydreaming about a future together, only for nothing to happen?

Would you prefer to just know whether this special guy wants to be with you? 

I understand it can be difficult to ask a man about this, which is why I created the guide below. It reveals the telltale signs that a man is deeply attracted to a woman.

However, before you take note of these signs, it’s important for you to read the next few sentences carefully.

I used to spend far too much time investing into guys who weren’t interested in being with me. 

For years, I was only ever seen as a ‘bit of fun’. Nothing more... 

It honestly felt like I’d never be good enough to be anyone’s girlfriend. 

Maybe that sounds relatable? Well, I want to tell you how everything changed for me...

It all started when I learned about a powerful aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

This primal mindset plays a key role in how men feel about the women in their life. 

But only if you know to trigger it in their brain…

Once I discovered how to do this, the men in my life would begin to show a lot more interest in me. 

This skill can be the difference between being seen as ‘the next pretty girl’ or as a woman worth chasing (read my personal story to learn how I did it).  

It’s relatively simple to activate a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

Once you do, it’ll typically become a lot easier to tell whether he likes you, so click here to learn how.  

Indeed, you’ll probably see a lot more of the telltale signs listed below...

Before jumping to conclusions and assuming he doesn’t like you, read my guide to the male body language and find out which signs to look for to understand if he teases or if he likes you.

Male Body Language - Does It Matter?

Let’s be honest for a moment. We women claim to be independent but in the end, we’re desperately and unconsciously looking for the right man. It doesn’t even have to be a prince in shiny armor. More often than not, we just settle for a kind soul who sends a simple message of good morning or good night.

The real problem strikes when you’ve met someone that YOU like but he acts indifferent. You crave for him to approach you but he doesn’t even seem to see you are there.

Now, the problem with men is that they rarely show their feelings right from the start. Yes, there is the bold type who would come and introduce himself, but these men are rare. If you have to deal with the shier type, understanding whether or not he likes you is a matter of correctly interpreting his body language.

Knowing how to detect the unmistakable signs of commitment is also useful when you've dated someone for a while but he never made your relationship formal.

In such a case, determining whether or not he likes you can help you decide if it’s worth investing time and energy in a relationship or if you’d better move on.

According to psychologists, it takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to understand if he truly likes you. And he doesn’t even have to speak. So, “Does he like me”? Here are the signs to look for.

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Does He Like Me? Common Body Language Signs
Knowing how to interpret the male body language allows you to understand which are the true intentions of the one in front of you. Whether you met on an online dating site or in a pub, the signs to look for are the same.


I’m not talking about him sending you virtual winks on your favorite dating platform. If you two have met and he’s winked at you, it may be one of the first signals that he likes you.

In the male body language winking is a sort of workhorse that men use as a channel for sending a first eloquent message which corresponds to “I noticed you”.


Understanding the look of a man is easier than it seems. If you notice that he can’t get his eyes off of you, he probably likes you. Now, don’t expect for him to stare at you. That would be rude or you could mistake him for a psycho. But just pay attention to those looks that take less than a fraction of a second yet repeat themselves over and over again.

But the looks story takes a whole different turn if you’ve been introduced. If you’re actually speaking to him and your guy seems enchanted at gazing at you, he’s definitely interested.

If other signs add up to a fixed gaze, such as raised eyebrows or enlarged nostrils, then he’s probably completely in love.

Dilated Pupils

The eyes are a gateway to the soul, so pay close attention to the changes in the size of his pupil. Dilated pupils designate curiosity and express great physical interest. However, dilated pupils might also mean he only wants to hook up.

Facial Signs

His face can give a clear answer to your “does he like me” question. When a man is attracted to a woman, he’ll nervously touch his lips, cheeks, ears, or chin. This denotes the desired to be kissed and may be a clear indicator his into you.


The smile is one of the primordial signs of attraction. So if you’re talking and he’s smiling, that’s another positive indicator that he likes you.

A man interested in a one-night stand alone may lack a courtesy smile even if he’s kind.


Okay, his voice may not be exactly a body language sign but it still helps you figure out what’s his interest.

If you notice that he’s raising the tone of his voice, it means he wants to communicate clearly and establish an exclusive channel with you.


From top to bottom, what he does with his limbs communicates his intentions sound and clear. Observe, for example, his legs. If they are crossed he might not be interested in you, as crossed legs symbolize an attitude of closure. On the contrary, if they are open and well planted on the ground, it means he wants to draw your attention.

Likewise, crossed arms communicate closure while open arms may communicate interest. However, observing the arms is trickier. Some people just feel comfortable sitting with their arms closed even when they are interested in someone.

But if the arms are tricky to understand, the hands can give you a clearer picture. If he puts his hands in his pockets or behind his head, it means he’s comfortable around you, which is a clear sign he likes you.

If he plays with circular objects, such as a glass or a small ball, it means he’s physically attracted but not necessarily interested in more than a one night stand.

Then, there is also the language of the feet. If he’s pointing his feet towards you, it means he’s attracted to you.


A man interested in the woman in front of him tends to sit straight and with his back upright, pushing his chest forward.

Does He Like Me? Common Gestures To Look For
Besides the body signs above, you can also look for common gestures that tell you whether or not you’ve drawn his attention.

He’s touching his hair

This gesture is common for both men and women. Just like you touch his hair when he is around, he touches his hair too when he’s around you -  if he truly is interested, that is.

However, some men also touch their hair because they like the sensation of it. The best way to tell which is the case is by observing his behavior with the others, especially when he’s talking to other men.

He’s touching his beard

When a man touches his beard when talking to you it means he’s becoming unconsciously aware of how beautiful you are.

He’s touching his ear

In the male body language, touching the ear when in the company of a woman means an inhibited sexual drive. This is a good thing as it shows he doesn’t want to speed things, so he’s probably really interested.

He’s touching his lips

If he’s constantly touching his lips, either with his fingers or with his tongue, it’s a clear indicator that he likes you.

He’s touching his neck

A clear indicator of arousal. If he’s touching his neck when you’re around, he just can’t wait to see you naked.

He’s touching his crotch

As awkward as it may sound, this is the highest form of attraction a man can show. Oftentimes this is an unconscious gesture but it doesn’t mean he wants to marry you. It just means he finds you sexually interesting.

He looks at your mouth

Now my dear, if a man looks at your lips the signal is clear. He wants to kiss you. So just wait for the moment to happen.

He’s playing with his tie

If you see him playing with his tie just imagine he’s playing with his most intimate parts. This sign means a strong sexual attraction.

Another thing to observe is the way he walks. If he walks side by side, opens the door for you and lets you walk in front of him, he likes you. If he tries to walk in front of you, he’s just trying to exhibit himself in front of the others.

Does He Like Me? Signs That He Doesn’t
All signs above are clear indicators that he likes, or at least has an interest in you. But if you’re dealing with an extremely shy man, these signs could be harder if not impossible to observe. So, how to tell if he’s just shy or if he doesn’t like you? Here’s what to look for.

He’s touching his nose

The nose is the center of dislike, so if he’s repeatedly scratching his nose while you’re talking, he’s probably not interested. However, this gesture could be triggered by a subject that is causing tension.

He’s scratching his head

Another sign that he doesn’t like you or that something is making the situation uncomfortable for him.

He’s biting his nails

Just like the two signs above, it just means that he doesn’t like you.

He doesn’t look you in the eyes

I already told you all about the looks in the paragraphs above. He has to stare. If he doesn’t, he’s probably not interested.

Does He Like Me? Sings To Tell If He’s In Love

By now you know whether or not he likes you. If you’ve discovered that he does, and if you’re really comfortable around him, how to tell if he just likes or actually loves you? Here’s what to look for.

Check Out The Way He Looks At You

The look of a man in love is unmistakable. If he looks straight into your eyes both when he speaks and when he listens, he’s probably in love with you.

He Is Always There

A man in love wants to be with you 24/7 and even when he’s not around, he makes his presence felt. If he sends you a text while you’re at work just to tell you he’s been thinking of you, he’s in love.

He Listens To You

If the man you’re dating loves you, he’s more than just a date. He’s acting like your best friend and always listens to what you have to say.

He Is Considerate

If your man pays attention to your behavior, learns what you like and what you dislike, surprises you with little things and acts impeccably in front of your friends and family, he’s desperately in love with you.


How Do You Know If A Man Likes You Or Is Just Being Nice?

If you are trying to tell whether a man likes you or he is just being nice then pay attention to his body language and how he acts when he is around you. If he seems shy around you, is trying to do things to make you laugh or impress you, is being extremely physically affectionate with you or smiles at you a lot then he probably does like you. 

How Do You Know If A Man Is Hiding His Feelings?

If you want to know if a man is hiding his feelings for you notice whether he gets jealous when you spend time with other guys, if he makes it really obvious to you that he is single, he remembers things about your life or he wants to spend time with you often then this man probably likes you but is hiding his true feelings

How Do You Tell If He's Into You?

If you want to tell whether a guy is into you notice whether he gets jealous when you spend time with other guys, he wants to spend all of his time with you, he plans nice things for you to do together, he is physically affectionate with you, he remembers little things about your life or he makes it clear that he is single then he is probably into you. 

How Do You Tell A Man Is Attracted?

If you want to tell if a man is attracted to you then pay attention to his body language. Does he smile as soon as you walk into a room? Does he hug you as soon as he sees you or when he is saying goodbye? Does he brush your leg or your hand while he is talking to you? These are all signs that this man is attracted to you. 

How Do You Tell If He's Not Into You?

If a man is not into you he won’t remember little things about you and your life, he won’t ask you questions about your life and your interests, he won’t make time for you, he won’t be physically affectionate with you and he won’t be bothered if you spend time with other guys. These are the signs that a guy is not into you. 

Bottom Line

Now you should be able to tell whether or not he likes you. But just a piece of advice if he doesn’t. The world is full of wonderful people and it’s useless to waste your time and energy on someone who’ll never look at you in the way that you want.

If he doesn’t like you, move on. Get out there, have fun, make new friends, and don’t focus too much on dating. Sooner or later, you’ll just meet the man of your dreams.

Or, if you’re desperately in need of a kind word and a kiss, even if you know it will probably not going to last, try online dating. This versatile way of meeting people will help you connect with other singles looking for the same thing as you do.

But regardless your choice, just remember that you’re worth much more than a scarce look from a man who doesn’t deserve you. Believe in yourself, get out there and conquer the world.

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