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How To Hurt An Aquarius Man (13 Upsetting Ways)

May 31, 2024

Have you recently been hurt by an Aquarius man?

Is your stomach burning with a desire to get revenge on him?

Would you like to know the most effective ways to hurt an Aquarius man, based on their personality type.

Well, you’re in great luck! There are plenty of actions that can be taken to really get under the skin of an Aquarius man and I’ve listed them in the article below.

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So what does hurt Aquarius man? To understand that let’s examine his star sign first.


  •       Air sign
  •       Ruled by Uranus
  •       Symbol the Water Bearer
  •       Fixed sign

Positive traits: open-minded, acceptance, uniqueness, imagination, altruistic, independent.

Negative traits: unable to commit, easily-fixated, unfocused, disconnected, eccentric, indifferent.

Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign, ruled by Uranus, symbolized by the Water-bearer. Air signs think on their feet, plucking brilliant ideas out of thin air. They have the gift of the gab and are intelligent communicators.

Uranus is the planet of dramatic and revolutionary change. Uranus governs scientific discovery and innovation. Rebellion and uprising are also linked to this mysterious planet.

Fixed signs are the workers of the zodiac. Where cardinal signs start the process and mutable signs finish the job, fixed signs are the doers.

Characteristics Of An Aquarius Man

This person is a unique individual who tends to stand out from the crowd. He can be the nerdy geek that is passionate about telling someone about the weird behaviour of photon particles. Or he’s the weird guy with the pink and green hair that serves you at the fast-food restaurant.

Aquarius is possibly the most non-judgemental sign of the zodiac. They are open-minded about people, policies, projects, you name it, they’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. They are also hugely creative and if they don’t work in a creative industry they’ll use this talent in their spare time.

They also have a strong sense of social justice. They feel compassion for someone worse off than themselves. As such, you’ll often find them working, or at least, contributing to causes in life they feel strongly about.

Aquarius men, in particular, don’t like to be restricted or tied down in any way. So although they may get married or move in with a partner, what Aquarius like to do is have a Friday night out with the boys. Failing that, they’ll have a hobby that affords them some alone time.

Aquarius men are trustworthy and easy-going and expect their partners to be the same. They are straight talkers and value honesty. You won’t catch an Aquarius guy cheating, his high moral simply won’t allow it.

Now that we know more about Aquarius man, what hurts him?

13 Ways To Hurt An Aquarius Man

If you want to know how to hurt an Aquarius man in a relationship here are 13 ways you will hurt his feelings:

1. Insult his intelligence

Insult his intelligence

If you really want to know how to hurt an Aquarius man then question their intellect. They’ve spent years honing it by gathering and analysing information. They pride themselves on their debating skills and on their skill at delivering information and knowledge.

If you question their intelligence in any way you will see that Aquarius anger.

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2. Restrict his freedom

One of the worst things you can do in life to an Aquarius man surprises him on Leap Year Valentine’s Day with a proposal of marriage. He will run a mile I promise you.

It’s not that he won’t ever get married or engaged, but it has to be on his terms. If he feels trapped or pushed into a corner he will back off.

3. Cheat on him

Of course, all guys find cheating hurtful but for Aquarius, he really doesn’t understand the mechanics of it. Aries will fly into a jealous rage, while Scorpio will plot his cold revenge and Capricorn will stoically turn his back on love.

But Aquarius has always believed in honest dialogue. Aquarius is a sign without guile or cunning. It is not manipulative and does not lie. 

4. Give him the silent treatment

We already know that Aquarius values communication, so what happens when you shut it down completely? Aquarius man cannot handle the silence.

Because they are so forthright and do not play mind games they just want to sort out any problems quickly and effectively. Not allowing them the chance to do so is not only incredibly frustrating but hurts them as well.

5. Question his integrity

Aquarius man always has good intentions in life. Dare to put them under a spotlight and question his integrity then prepare yourself for battle.

Aquarius man has the words ‘moral code’ tattooed down his spine and ‘honesty’ flowing through his veins. This person is probably quietly donating things to animal charities or volunteering at soup kitchens.

6. Be a drama queen

Because Aquarius man has such an innate sense of social injustice and inner compassion for world problems, your petty dramas are going to quickly irritate and upset him. Particularly if you don’t get why he’s getting upset with you.

So your parents only bought you a second-hand car for graduation? So the dress you wanted for prom night had already been sold? So what? 

7. Drop litter

Saving the planet is undoubtedly top of Aquarius' list of the most important things to do. If you don’t believe me, try dropping your fast-food wrappers out of the car window and watch your Aquarian boyfriend’s face as you do it. This is something in a relationship he won’t tolerate.

8. Arrange his diary for him

Aquarians love freedom, so they get quite upset when other people try and arrange dates for them. It’s not like they are control freaks, it’s more about a feeling of claustrophobia. They don’t like being fenced in or bound by an obligation.

9. Stop making him the centre of attention

Aquarius man does have a flaw and that is he does like to hog the spotlight. In fact, he positively shines in it. But let’s not forget that he also has these amazing creative talents so he is justified in wanting to show them off.

However, this is something that will hurt the feelings of Aquarius.

10. Accuse him of having an affair

Aquarians, don’t lie or cheat or have affairs. But what will hurt him the most is that you could think he is capable of such behaviour. Your accusation puts the relationship in a whole new light for him. Now he thinks that you really don’t know him at all.

11. Tell him he is not good in bed

Tell him he is not good in bed

No man wants to be told he is a rubbish lover, but it’s a little different with Aquarius man. He is not renowned for his warm and tactile nature, in or out of the sack. So it is quite possible that you might feel he is not a passionate lover.

However, because he is so open-minded about sex he may believe that he is a considerate lover. Although honesty is always the best policy with Aquarius, try and sugar-coat this message. You know what guys are like with their egos.

12. Ask them to stick to a routine

Aquarius man’s ruling planet Uranus dictates the sudden drastic change, so there’s nothing this sign hates more than a boring, day-to-day routine. So shake things up. If he suggests an impulsive trip to the beach then takes him up on it. Or if he wants to try out that new Tibetan/Scottish fusion restaurant then go with him.

13. Say that you are disappointed in them

Aquarians have a lot of pride in themselves and they are afraid of letting people down, in particular, the significant other in their life. There are not many things you can say in a relationship that will hurt him more. 


How does an Aquarius act when hurt?

Aquarius, when hurt, tends to go silent. This is because they need time away to sort their feelings out. Only when they are ready will they pick up the phone or agree to talk about the problem.

How do you make an Aquarius man miss you?

Aquarius is the sign of independence and as such, they appreciate it in other people. Show them that you are capable of looking after yourself. That you have your own interests and passions and that you don’t actually need them. That will make them sit up and take notice.

What happens if you ignore an Aquarius man?

There is a danger that if you intentionally ignore an Aquarius man he will just ignore you straight back. After all, these guys are not idiots. But it is a good idea to give them space once in a while. To allow them some freedom and to not always be available to them.

Are Aquarius men picky?

In a relationship, Aquarius man is something of a picky star sign in the zodiac. This is because he is so independent. He’s not that interested in settling down. So you have to be really special for him to want to date or commit to you.

Do Aquarius move on quickly?

Unfortunately yes they do. Aquarius are not considered to be sentimental or slushy types. They might not be as brutal as Gemini when they end a relationship but they can turn their backs quickly and move on as if nothing has happened.


What are your thoughts on how to hurt an Aquarius man? Have you ever dated an Aquarian and hurt him, either intentionally or by accident? If so, do you agree with my points?

I’d love to hear your views! Please feel free to share this article if you enjoyed reading it.

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