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Why Do Guys Like Innocence? (11 Possible Reasons)

Have you noticed that high-value men tend to prefer innocent women over ‘bad girls’?

Are you wondering why this is?

Would you like to know more about how to come across as an innocent lover? 

If so, this is a guide that will prove very helpful to you. 

It’s true that innocence is a quality that high-value men are looking for in a life partner. Below, you’ll discover 11 reasons why this is the case.

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In this article, we’ll focus solely on innocence and why it’s an attractive trait. 

So, let’s dive in.

11 Plausible Reasons Guys Like Innocent Girls

1. Men consider innocent women loyal

Innocence implies a lot of things including loyalty. The idea of being innocent means you’re not cynical and you’re a reliable person. Guys who see innocent women as a loyal actual lookout for that as one of the qualities they seek in anyone they choose to date. Once they find it in you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re innocent by your character or sexuality.

Innocence is refreshing to most men, and they consider it an addition to your wholesome value rather than seeing it as the only thing you bring to the table. As such, if you’re a loyal innocent woman, you’re a great catch for the right man.

2. Guys think innocence equals honesty

Like loyalty, honesty is another trait of innocence that any truly innocent girl should possess. An innocent woman is without guile and manipulation; that is a big deal to any guy looking for a committed relationship. If your kind of innocence comes with honesty, good men will flock around you.

Even bad guys want a good girl who says the truth or speaks her mind regardless of what the consequences might be. As long as you’re not lying to them, wild guys like innocent women. Looking innocent is not enough though, men like innocence that comes with the appropriate character. 

3. Rough guys want a girl with kindness

Rough guys want a girl with kindness

More often than not, possessive guys with rough edges are obsessed with control. And so, they want a kind girl they can bend to their will, especially in bed. When most wild or tough men fall for the shyness of an innocent woman, they do so because of the light they sense in her; the kind of light that is opposite to their dark side.

However, beyond sex and the desire to control, guys who are rough around the edges desire kindness more than anything else. So they tend to gravitate towards the refreshing kindness of an innocent girl. As such, if kindness comes easy to you and you possess the kind of innocence rough guys need, they will seek you out.  

4. Guys see innocence as sweetness

An innocent girl is a sweet person; if you are not sweet in demeanor or character, you cannot claim to be completely innocent. When you put together all the things that make a woman innocent, sweet is usually the overall adjective that best qualifies her. 

While some men are dating innocent women because of the thrill of the challenge and chase, some men actually desire to date you because of how sweet a person you are. The next time you doubt what a great catch you are, think about how amazing your sweetness is and how you cause light to shine in the eyes of the guy trying to court you.

5. Innocent girls tend to forgive easily

Again, one thing doesn’t determine innocence; different characteristics make up a person, including an innocent one. If you’re kind, honest, and sweet, you’re most likely forgiving too. Men are attracted to the forgiveness trait because they know some women can keep grudges as though they are stocks that will yield interest for them in the future. 

As such, when they find a girl who can easily forgive or overlook their errors and they jump at the chance to make her their woman. However, it is easy to be manipulated as a forgiving woman. So, it’s your duty to protect yourself from being taken advantage of. 

6. Guys want a supportive girlfriend

Men who seek commitment would rather go for a woman who supports their ambitions and understand their shortcomings than pitching their tent with a selfish woman who is concerned with only how to look good.

A supportive partner isn’t shallow. A supportive woman has depth and is willing to go out on a limb for her man. An innocent girl is open-minded and doesn’t criticize when she should offer encouragement. She is always on the side of saying the truth the way she sees it but also out of love.

Some men are unable to handle how sweet a supportive woman is, so they usually mess up the relationship. That’s okay. Just stay true to yourself and the right man will appreciate you. 

7. Innocent women are good listeners

In a world where a great percentage of women are chatterboxes and gossips who would prefer talking to listening, innocent girls are a true find because men like to be heard too.

If you’re a good listener, a man will cherish you. Even if you don’t end up dating or having sex with him, a man who has come in contact with your listening skill will want to remain good friends. This is because he knows female companions like yours are rare.

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8. An innocent woman motivates

An innocent woman motivates

As an innocent girl, you want the best for everyone, even people who treat you badly and because you tend to see the good in everything, it is difficult to offend you. Thus, you will motivate your man through the worst scenarios and encourage him even when he doesn’t deserve it.

Men want to be babied sometimes and want that special woman who can hold their hands on the days they can’t be strong. Therefore, they will strive to get and keep a girl who motivates them.

9. Men love funny innocent women

Has a man ever told you’re funny even when you don’t intentionally crack jokes? Do men find humor in things you say things innocently? You are sure to draw men to you when you have innocent humor you exhibit naturally. 

Men do not only find funny and innocent women attractive but it also gives them immense joy to be in your presence. As such, if you’ve been wondering why that man can’t seem to stay away from you, your quirky humor might be the magnet attracting him to you.

10. Sexy innocence is a huge turn-on for men

A combination of innocence and sexiness is an irresistible lure for almost every guy. When a girl is beautiful but seems not to be aware of the fact, a guy tends to be extremely attracted to her. Sexual confidence is wonderful but men also feel drawn towards girls who aren’t too aware of their sexuality.

Many men make it their life's mission to sexually control and corrupt such girls in a good way. If you possess a sex appeal without flaunting it, you’ll attract men in droves. 

11. Innocent women are like unicorns

When you put all the attributes of an innocent woman together, she sometimes appears too good to be true. As such, when men see a girl exuding innocence and these awesome characteristics, they might doubt how real she is at first. 

When they eventually realize you’re for real they hold on tight, unless you disappear into the thin air of their imagination. 


Why are guys attracted to innocence?

Most men are mostly attracted to innocence because it’s the opposite of who they are or the characteristics they possess. They find innocent girls a breath of fresh air from the overly confident women they see every day. 

What does innocent mean to a guy?

Innocent to a guy could mean sexual purity and “I get to be the first man to bed her". Innocent could also mean, “She’s a pure soul who wants the best for me, wouldn’t hurt me intentionally and I love that about her”.

What traits do guys find most attractive?

Men love a girl who can listen to what they are saying and understand their needs. They also love women who share their thoughts honestly without making them guess what’s on their minds.

Is being called innocent a compliment?

If the speaker doesn’t mean you’re naïve, then being called innocent could be a compliment meaning, “You are honest and without ulterior motives”. However, if the person is saying you’re naïve, they mean, “You’re ignorant of your actions and you’ll get hurt or do some damages with your naivety”.

What kind of girl do guys like the most?

Most men just want a girl who will understand what they want in a relationship and not stress them out with girl drama. Men sometimes prefer a girl who listens to them to one with the most sexual experience. As long as they could have peace to go with happiness, they would stay loyal to their girl.

In Conclusion 

The idea of being innocent is relative; innocent girls aren’t necessarily shy or lack confidence all the time, but they are every other thing mentioned in this post. Therefore, you need not wonder why or how a guy will want to date an amazing you.

Hope this post helped you somewhat. If yes, please leave a comment below and use the share button too.

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