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How To Get A Taurus Man To Commit (9 Clever Ways)

May 30, 2024

You are not the first and will definitely not be the last woman to wonder how to get a Taurus man to commit – they are just really slow in making commitments. And while you should not depend on Zodiac signs to make your love life magical, you can most certainly count on them to help you understand yourself and your partner. So, let’s talk about compatibility and commitment with Taurus men.

Just like a bull – which represents the Taurus sign, the Taurus man is known to be stubborn and it’s usually difficult to get through their hard exterior. What’s more, the Taurus man is well-grounded, loyal, and deliberate in his actions. 

With that being said; in this article, I will be providing you with tips on how to attract a Taurus man, maintain a relationship and get him to commit into choosing you as a life partner.

Getting A Taurus Guy To Commit To A Relationship - Top Tips

1. Stimulate his senses

The Taurus man is a sensual being who relies deeply on sensory experiences. They like the fine things of life and this desire also radiates towards what they expect of their partner. 

In fact, to keep a Taurus man on his toes and falling head over heels for you, you have to be uber feminine and keep up with your physical appearance. This does not mean being superficial but be more like the urban girl-next-door who is confident, serene, and exudes an agreeable demeanor.

2. Do not be a mystery

If you want a Taurus man to commit to your relationship, you have to prove to him that you are loyal and honest. Honesty is important to the Taurus man and he needs to be able to trust you and know that you have got his back.

Men from this star sign do not like mysteries, he wants to know everything about you. Believe me, when I say, the Taurus man has thought about a hundred and one different scenarios of what life would be like with you as his partner.

So, be ready for questions from him and make sure you answer them honestly because you do not want to be caught in a lie by this man – they are not very forgiving when it comes to dishonesty and infidelity. 

3. Aim to be his best friend

Aim to be the one person whose support he can always count on to share his thoughts and plans with. It is not often that you will find a Taurus guy going though fits of emotions but when he does, be the one he runs to. 

The Taurus man is a loyal being and he wants that loyalty reciprocated with the same energy. He needs to know you are on his team no matter what and he has you like a rock to lean on should he need one.

4. Be grounded

The thing is; just as the Taurus man finds comfort in stability and being financially independent, he expects the same from his partner. To make a Taurus man commit, you need to get yourself together; be independent and money savvy. Show him you can survive just fine without depending on him.

Also, he needs to know you will not run him dry financially instead, you are capable of helping him grow his wealth. So, create and set goals for yourself and if they are in sync with his, that’s a plus. The Taurus man is results-oriented and he craves companionship. He will be delighted to treat you as a teammate if your goals and morals align.

5. Create boundaries 

If you are trying to make him commit, playing mind games and flirting with other men is certainly not the way. You would in fact be treading on a dangerous path and could end up shooting yourself in the leg.

The Taurus men in relationships are sometimes jealous and may come off as possessive. Taurus men do not like to share and if he sees you flirting, this could be a huge turn off for him as it is a sign of disloyalty. More so, he takes relationships seriously and wants you to be his, and his alone. 

Pro tip; try to create a balance in your relationship while maintaining male friends by introducing them to your Taurus partner and creating boundaries. He needs to be able to trust them as well.

6. Be patient and present

The Taurus man is slow when making decisions and hates to be rushed. If he feels you are pushing him, it will only make him move further away from you. Truth is, when dealing with a Taurus man, you can never tell for sure how long it will take for him to make a decision. However, what you can do is stay patient and present.

Make sure your presence is noticed by letting him see the value you bring into his life. Listen to him, build a good communication, set goals together and create activities you both enjoy. This will create a bond that will naturally push him to commit more into the relationship.

7. Up your culinary skills

Whosoever created the phrase ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ must have been talking about a Taurus man. Taurus men love to eat good food. Being able to get down and dirty in the kitchen is one way to create a cave for yourself in his heart. 

Up your culinary skills

No doubt, good food will always keep a Taurus coming back to visit you. Even if you are no Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, take it upon yourself to explore recipes together. You could also enquire about the best restaurants around you and create time to discover them together.

8. Make your home a sanctuary

The desires of the Taurus man in a relationship are similar to that of a traditional man – they yearn for comfort, stability, and safety. These desires very often influence their need to have a partner who is a good homemaker. 

So, make your home clean, tidy, and comfy whenever he comes over. You want it to be a safe haven for him away from all the chaos in the world. Have some sweet incense and candles out, involve him when decorating just understand what he likes. By doing this, you will basically be teasing him into seeing what life will be like with you should he commit to making you his life partner.

9. Develop a good sense of humor

Another thing is that the Taurus man loves to work hard and play hard; remember, they thrive on balance. There is no need to act all stuck up and always serious around your Taurus man. Develop a good sense of humor and be able to dish and accommodate harmless jokes. 

Create an atmosphere of happiness and laughter in your relationship. Taurus men are attracted to this energy and if you can make your Taurus man laugh more often, be sure you are slowly taking a space in his heart and this will make him commit more to you. It is not easy to get through with Taurus men so making him laugh is a sign that you are winning.


How do you know if a Taurus man is falling for you?

If a Taurus man likes you, be sure to be spoilt silly as one of his love languages is generosity and he will not hesitate to shower you with gifts. He will take you on beautiful dates and he will be eager to teach you new things. The Taurus man expresses himself more through actions than words so, pay close attention to his actions.

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Is a Taurus a good match for a Taurus?

A relationship between two Taurus is a good match and it is bound to be filled with romance, great emotional understanding, and shared values. However, they are bound to encounter difficulties when it comes to understanding each other’s differences because of their stubborn nature. It is advisable for them to let go of the need to always be right.

How do you keep a Taurus man interested?

Do not push change and expect him to commit quickly as it unsettles them. Instead, give them reasons to trust you by not playing games and being honest about everything. 

Get your life together, take care of your physical appearance and be a good homemaker. They like substance and physical presence. 

How do you make a Taurus miss you?

Make a Taurus guy miss you by taking some time apart. This does not mean breaking up your relationship but just physically separate from each other every now and then. Take advantage of his desire for beautiful things by uploading flattering pictures of yourself on social media just to remind him of what he has in you.

How does a Taurus man flirt?

If a Taurus man is interested in you, it is really hard to miss as you will notice his face light up whenever he is around you. He wants to know more about you and will want to invite you to the places he loves. A Taurus man will generally want to appeal to your sense of romance.

To Sum Up

Knowing how to get a Taurus man to commit may seem like a lot of work but the reward is totally worth it. I hope this list was insightful enough to let you see some of those benefits. 

I would like to read about your experiences in dating Taurus men and if you found this list helpful. Also, please share this article with your friends and family who may be interested or even dating a Taurus, you may just be saving a relationship– don’t be selfish.

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