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What To Say When A Guy Says He Wants To Taste You (21 Funny Replies)

If we are honest, flirting is quite a paradox because it can be both fun and stressful, and these feelings stem from the same source: uncertainty.

It’s the thrill of not knowing what to expect from your partner or if to take them seriously. But in the end, flirting is nothing more than a friendly, witty, and presumably pleasurable dialogue. 

So, when a guy you are talking to says he wants to eat you, he most likely refers to kissing, sex, or oral sex with you. It could also mean that he misses you. You should know that there are no right or wrong responses because the appropriate answer would depend on the nature of your relationship, how comfortable you are around them, and if you are attracted to them. 

With that in mind, here is a list of things you can say when a guy says he wants to taste you. So whether you are looking to be sarcastic, witty, sexy, adorable, or straightforward, we are sure these responses will inspire you.

21 Things To Say When A Guy Says He Wants To Taste You

1. If I were a guy, I would want to taste me too.

Confidence! This is the energy you would be giving with a response like this. It means you are confident in your sexuality, aware of your sexual appeal, and can honestly understand why he would be into you. Also, this is an excellent response if you are into the guy and want to encourage him to push things further with you. 

You see, guys love confident girls. Girls who are comfortable in their bodies, proud of them, and don’t see the big deal in letting others know that they are proud of their bodies. So when you tell him that if you were a guy, you would want to taste yourself too, it’s a way of applauding his good taste.

2. Lick your screen.

Okay, miss witty, this is a great and ironic response that can be used to cool down the text. Perhaps, it is too much for you, or you are just not ready to dive into all the possible things he could be referring to by saying he wants to taste you. 

Sometimes, it can feel awkward turning down someone, especially if you enjoy them but would prefer to move at a slower pace than they are willing to move at the moment. This response can be used in moments like that because it shows that you are open to flirting but nothing as intense as that. 

You can soften the text by adding a goofy emoji, so he knows you get the message but chooses to make a joke around it.

3. I don’t mind being your dessert.

Well, if someone is willing to taste you, it’s only fitting that you spell out what part of the meal you’d like to be, right? Okay, that’s a joke, but you get the point. If a guy you are talking to says he wants to eat you, you could make things more steamy by saying you don’t mind being his dessert. This response indicates a lot of things.

On the one hand, it means you are open to having sex with him, and on the other hand, it means you are hinting at going on a late-night date that would have a happy ending. If your guy is smart, he would take the hints and get to work on scheduling a date immediately!

4. I want to taste you too.

Straightforward and honest. There’s no better way to say what you want than to say it exactly as it is on your mind. So, if your crush, who you can’t stop fantasizing about, says this, perhaps this is your opportunity to share your fantasy.

When you whisper back to him that you want to taste him too, it lets him know that you are on the same page and cuts down the time and energy you would have spent on mind games. For the most part, it makes things easier for both of you because it will steer your conversations to a more intimate space with less uncertainty.

5. Show me what you’d be working with.

So the guy thought he was in control of the conversation, but little does he know that you’re the conversation spinner because there goes an approval and a request all wrapped in one. By asking him to show you what he’d be working with, it means you’re not much of a talker, and neither do you entertain those who are all noise with no action. 

This is a perfect response for instances where you are together, perhaps on a late-night date, because it signals that you don’t mind getting down and dirty at that moment. 

6. Now you’re making me blush.

now you're making me blush

Let’s face it, not all of us can handle comments with sexual undertones. Such statements can make you blush even when you are happy to hear them. When you blush, it's natural to want to hide your face. However, it might work to your advantage not to do so, but instead, point it out before he notices because blushing allows him to know how you feel. 

When you say this and the guy notices your blush, he will understand that while you may open to his flirty comments, you just don’t know how to handle them. This will make him tone things down and walk through the conversation and relationship at your pace. 

7. This makes me a little uncomfortable.

There is nothing wrong with pointing out how something makes you feel. So if a man you aren’t involved with or someone you aren’t feeling says he wants to taste you and you are uncomfortable about it, politely let him know. It doesn’t make you a prude, and neither does it make you a bore.

It’s quite unfortunate that some guys do not know when they are overstepping boundaries. For the most part, many of them just want to try their luck to gauge the kind of girl you are. So if you are uncomfortable with their comment, this is a phrase you can use to point out to them that you do not appreciate such words from them. 

A nice guy will most likely get the message and apologize at this point.

8. Describe how you like it.

Every man loves a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it. So if your boyfriend suggests tasting you, you can proceed to talk about how you enjoy it. Perhaps you can start by teasing him about what it would feel like to have you against his lips, then proceed to reveal the areas that turn you on the most. 

For instance, you can ask him where he would like to start from and when he responds, you either accept or decline depending on if you agree. Alternatively, you can say something like, “I can’t wait to have you lick me all over.” 

9. Maybe if you XYZ, you might get lucky.

It is no longer news that, as women, we wield a lot of power. We can build and destroy kingdoms without lifting a finger, and statements like this are how some of these battles are won. The point is, if you have been trying to get something from your man, now might be a good time to strike a bargain. 

For instance, you could say, “maybe when you finally take me to XYZ restaurant, I’ll let you have a taste,” or “Perhaps if you remain a gentleman, you’ll get lucky tonight.” Not only are you teasing him with something to look forward to, but you have also hinted at what he needs to do to be rewarded, and you know, but men also love a challenge!

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10. What part (of me)?

This is a great phrase to use if you and your boyfriend are in a long-distance relationship or a situation where you do not have the luxury of having sex with each other as much as you would like. That’s because in a long-distance relationship, you will have to make up for the lack of physical contact through words and imagination, and this response makes room for that.

By asking what part of you he wants to have, you create an opportunity for him to work on your imagination, so make sure you listen to his response attentively.

11. Tell me how.

Similar to asking your boyfriend what part of you he wants to go at, you could also ask him to describe how he wants to go down on you. It is another excellent response for times when you are apart as it allows both of you to maintain a steamy conversation that will leave you eager to tear each other’s clothes off the next time you see each other.

A little tip to remember, a response like this could lead to phone sex, so make sure you use it only when in a private and comfortable space. It’ll be a lot easier to be immersed in your conversation and freely talk when you are comfortable in your bed and space than when you're in a shared college room.

12. That’s good to know.

that's good to know

While it’s true that a guy saying he wants to taste you denotes sex or kissing, it can also be an indication that he is into you and he misses you. So if you have no clue about what to say but are open to entertaining the conversation, you could always let him know that it’s good to know.

This implies that you are happy he finds you sexually attractive and appealing enough to want to go down on you. After all, physical attraction is a big deal in romantic relationships, and it feels good to know your man finds you attractive.

13. I like a good eater, are you up to the task?

If you want to make the conversation a little playful and daring, ask him if he’s up to the task. We can all agree that guys love challenges, so be prepared to have your boyfriend try and prove the many ways he can please you with his tongue. 

Flirty comments and messages are signs that a man is into you, so teasing him now and then will keep him on his toes and constantly guessing if you are also into him or not. This will also build the attraction because men are drawn to mysterious women and keep them on their toes.

14. Not so fast!

Is your boyfriend moving too fast for your liking, or is this a conversation you are not ready to have? Perhaps you are not in the right space, or he’s using it as a way to distract you from whatever issue is at hand - guys do this a lot. Telling him ‘not so fast’ is a great way to make him snap back into reality. 

It is a way of saying, ‘I see what you are doing, but you need to hold the brakes for now.’ 

15. Well duh… I’m a snack.

Here’s that confidence talking again, and we all love to see it! Besides, why wait for someone to give you flowers before realizing that you are worthy of them? So never hesitate to let the man you’re dating know that you know your worth and love everything about yourself, with or without him having to say it.

I mean, it’s always nice to hear your boyfriend or partner make comments that denote how much he finds your body attractive but letting him know that you know will make him admire you more. In addition, saying ‘well duh… I’m a snack’ is a playful response that will make him smile.

16. This confirms that you are a guy with good taste.

Sometimes, a silly response that teases your boyfriend and compliments him is enough to keep a conversation going. For instance, if you do not know how to carry on a sexual conversation, you can simply say how his desire to have you confirms that he has good taste.

A response like this addresses that you know your worth, and you are glad that he appreciates your beauty. It’s a great way to make him smile and keep the conversation light.

17. Too bad I’m not yours to taste.

Turning a guy down doesn’t always have to be brash, rude, or mean. Sometimes you can be polite or coy about it, especially if you are sure that the man you are talking to is smart and respectable enough to get the message and let you be. 

This is why this response is perfect for strangers or people you aren’t very familiar with and have no interest in either because it’s a sign that you are in a relationship with another man or have no interest in getting in bed with them.

Unlike a direct no which could hurt a man’s feelings, this gives you room to be playful and serious at the same time.

18. Tell me something new because I noticed the way you look at me.

tell me something new because I noticed the way you look at me

It’s not your fault that he wears his heart on his sleeves, and as a result, you can tell that he’s been drooling over you helplessly. In other words, by saying you noticed from the way he looks at you, you are pointing out to him that you can tell how he feels about you.

This is great for times when you can tell a guy is nervous around you but trying to keep his cool and act macho. Playfully pointing it out to him that he isn’t fooling you or anyone else will make him laugh and relax a bit more because it means that you don’t consider it to be a big deal, and despite seeing through him, you are still here, entertaining his jokes and sly comments.

19. Don’t hold your breath; it will never happen.

Okay, this is a bit harsh, and as a result, I would advise that you use it on those guys who can’t seem to take no for an answer. Perhaps you’ve told them off in so many other ways because you didn’t want to hurt him, but he’s been persistent. 

You see, some guys do not know how to take no for an answer. So when a lady tells them off, they see it as a challenge, and it fuels their desire. They feel the need to persist with their request, hoping that she will get weary and succumb one day. You should not trust guys like these because they will not hesitate to take advantage of you in a vulnerable state.

A response like this will let him know that you are serious and not even in his wildest dream would be intimate with him.

20. What do you think I’d taste like?

If you need more reasons to explore your imaginations, here’s one. Ask your boyfriend or partner to describe what he thinks it would be like when he tastes you and listen to what he has to say. After all, every ladies’ lady part tastes differently, and this can be attributed to your diet for the most part. 

So if you’ve been together for a while, he should know your diet and use it to gauge what you would taste like. This will get both of you excited and makes the wait even more thrilling.

21. Why? 

‘Why?’ is a simple question that denotes a lot of things. So you could say ‘why do you want to have a taste of me?’ or ‘why are you telling me?’ or ‘why me?’ It doesn’t matter how you phrase it because, in the end, the answer you are looking for is to know the reason why you are his center of attention.

I also use this response whenever I know a guy likes or misses me, but I just want to hear him say it directly.


What does it mean when a guy says he wants to taste you?

When a guy says this, it means he is into you and misses you. As such, they are eager to either kiss you or have sex with you. 

In terms of this statement being offensive, it would depend on your relationship with the person. For instance, hearing this from your boyfriend will naturally make you happy, but hearing it from a stranger will most likely make you uncomfortable.

How to respond when a guy says he wants you?

There are several ways guys tell and show the girl they like that they want them. Regardless of the exact words used, the perfect response would depend mainly on how you feel about him. So, assuming you like him, you can be direct and let him know that you want him, too, but if you aren’t feeling him, now’s a good time to politely and gently let him know.

What is a good response to ‘I want to eat you?’

As mentioned earlier, there is no good or bad response when someone says they want to eat you. On the one hand, this could mean that they want to engage in oral sex with you, such as eating your ass, but on the other hand, it could also mean that they find you to be unbelievably adorable. After all, overwhelmingly positive emotions have a way of looking negative. 

Like when we cry when happy or hug someone too tightly because we miss them, it’s the same way we want to bite our loved ones, babies, and even pets when they are cute.

What does it mean when a guy says he wants you in his life?

When guys say they want a girl in their life, it’s usually because they value her and consider her to be a positive influence in their life. So if a guy says this to you, it’s a good sign that he loves you and will never want to lose you.

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to taste your lips?

If a guy says he wants a taste of your lips, it simply means he wants to kiss you. He wants to know what it would feel like to have his lips against yours. This could mean that he is into you and can’t wait for you two to get to a level of sexual intimacy or, at the very least, share a kiss.

In Conclusion

When it comes to flirting, the possibilities of what could be said or done are endless. It all just depends on the relationship between the person flirting and you, the receiver.

I trust you enjoyed reading this piece and found the responses helpful. If yes, please remember to share with your friends and leave a comment behind.

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