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How To Make A Guy Realize He Loves You (17 Sure-Fire Ways)

When you’re with a person for a long period of time, you tend to get comfortable and assume that the other person’s feelings for you are still strong

Men are more prone to getting too comfortable in a relationship. They’re way more active when they’re wooing you but tend to relax when you’re finally theirs. 

If you’re tired of your man taking you for granted and you want to realize that you’re valuable to him, keep on reading these 17 tips that should let him know how much he adores you.

17 Ways To Make Him Realize He’s In Love With You

1. Remind him that you’re not just a body

Sometimes, when your man is really physically attracted to you, he forgets that you’re more than just your features. He forgets to acknowledge the intellectual, social, and emotional parts of you, making you feel less than what you really are. 

Sometimes, say ‘no’ to sexual relations and try to engage him in more intelligent conversations. Get him involved in your extracurricular activities especially the ones you’re good at, and be open to him about your accomplishments.

2. Remind him that you trust him

remind him that you trust him

Men sometimes pull away from their wives or girlfriends because of trust issues. Men aren’t very vocal creatures so they may not voice it out but some may gradually pull away from you. Lots of relationship issues are built on a lack of trust—perhaps he assumes he doesn’t make you feel secure enough? Or perhaps you're both dealing with jealousy in your relationship? 

No matter what the details may be, try your best to establish trust, be transparent, and assure him that you feel secure with him. Let him know he can trust you just as much as you trust him.

3. Remind him that your time is valuable

This is not the time to be a YES woman, it's time to exercise your NO’s for a change. When you fall into the trap of making him believe that you’ll always be there whenever he summons you, his love and affection for you may begin to wane. 

Let him go for some events on his own while you spend time doing what you love. Doing this would make him realize just how valuable you are to him.

4. Appreciate him

Perhaps you just need to show him a little more appreciation. He needs it just as much as you do. Don’t just give him the cliche, regular compliments, show him through your actions too. Actions speak louder than words; so make thoughtful gestures. You don’t have to be too dramatic or loud about it. 

Men feel like kings when their partners appreciate them, it makes them want to do more. Perhaps these kind gestures would make him realize just how great you are and how much he really cherishes you.

5. Go on dates with him

When a relationship has lasted for ages, you tend to stop dating each other. When this happens, your man could forget just how much he adores you. If you both used to go out with each other constantly, but later stopped, then you may just need a revival in this area. Yes, 

Netflix and chill are fun for a while but it gets tiring with time. 

If your mister has completely stopped trying, you’ve got to let him know. Tell him that you’d like to keep things interesting, you could even make the first move and plan a special date for both of you. This would remind him that you’re the love of his life and the more you spend quality time together, the more he’ll realize just how much he treasures you. 

6. Don’t hide your confidence

There’s nothing as attractive as a confident woman, it's not a myth. Unfortunately, not everyone was born with confidence. Some people have had to grow into their confidence and some never just never do. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones who happened to build your confidence or were born with it, then there’s no need to hide it, flaunt it! If you’re confident about your body don’t hold back, wear clothes that highlight your best features. 

Show him that you’re still the strong and independent woman he fell in love with. Don’t be afraid of making him feel threatened. Your confidence is sexy and he’ll fall in love with that.

7. Remind him that he’s a grown man

remind him that he's a grown man

You need to stop running to his side whenever he beckons. If he’s ill you can visit and drop off some chicken soup but don’t slave over a hot stove trying to make him a whole feast. Neither should you cling to him like you’re his private nurse. Give him the chance to take care of himself for a change, like JLo says, you’re not his mama!

Let him do his house chores on his own and handle all his adult responsibilities—he won’t die doing them. Sometimes, showing too much care for your man could make him take you for granted. Once you step aside and give him space, he’ll definitely remember just how much he adores and needs you.

8. Be your own person

Even when you're a couple, no one likes a clingy partner. In fact, being clingy is a cringe-worthy characteristic and sends a relationship crashing into the rocks in the blink of an eye. A little breather now and then does every relationship some good. So, take some time out to do your own thing. 

Think back. What did you do before he came into your life? Go out with your friends, have some alone time, do anything other than crowd his space. That way, he'll cherish every moment with you. Don't get it wrong—you don't have to play hard to get when he evidently already got you, just remember that your life doesn't revolve around him. 

9. Get out of that rut

Meeting that special someone is like a breath of fresh air, a sip of cool water on a sunny day, or even a good night's sleep. It's so refreshing and heartwarming. But once the honeymoon period is over, it's easy to get so comfortable that you fall into a rut. If you want that man to remember how he feels about you, you need to bring back the spice. 

It may not be anything like when you first got together, but the beauty of being together is that you can go through the throes of it altogether. For the most part, relationships evolve, so, you don't have to feel butterflies every day. However, you can sink back into the nostalgia of it once in a while.

10. Build up a relationship with his friends

Aside from being nice to his family and having dinner with them once in a while, getting well acquainted with the people in his circle would give you an advantage. In addition to the regular hangouts they have with both of you, try to connect to each of them individually. 

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It's hard for him to stop thinking of you when his friends are constantly talking about how great you are. Be nice and let them associate good feelings with you. Invite them over to watch the game or for game night. Creating a bond with his friends would make him realize just how amazing you are.

11. Put yourself first

Prioritizing yourself would automatically add value to you; neglecting yourself so you can pay attention to him would do the complete opposite. Most men could end up relaxing the moment they know they’d always have you around. He won’t feel the need to value your presence or time. 

He also won’t feel the need to take care of himself talkless of you. Prioritizing yourself would make him sit up and give you the love and attention you deserve. Instead of going along with him to his parent’s place for the hundredth time, go somewhere you want to go and do something you genuinely want to do.

12. Give him space

give him space

Being clingy is the last thing you want to do in a relationship, you end up choking your partner and weighing him down. Men love to hang with their other ‘ale’ friends, it's what keeps them connected to the gender. 

They love to watch the game together, hang out at the bar, go fishing, or just play video games together. Doing all these things with his friends does not mean he does not value you or enjoy your company. On the contrary, he’ll love you even more when you’re not always in his space.

13. Have a life outside the relationship

Never underestimate the value of your girlfriends, they’re your true ride or dies. You need some space just as much as he does, it's very necessary. When he notices that you’re not solely dependent on him and his attention, you’d begin to be mysterious to him. 

The mystery would pique his interest in you and automatically make you more attractive to him. So, it's time for you to dust off all those hobbies you kept aside, just so you could ‘pay more attention to your relationship’ and get back to them. Call up your girlfriends and let them know you’d be free to hang with them tonight, go get your life!

14. Stop making excuses for him

You need to stop giving him a free pass every time he messes up and every time he hurts you. The more passes you give to him, the more he’d take you for granted. Stop tolerating his horrible attitude and his neglect, he won’t change that way. 

Remind him that you’re human too and you have feelings; he needs to put in some work to make the relationship successful. If it upsets you that he keeps forgetting your anniversary or birthday, just come out clean and tell him, he’ll make an effort to change and will in turn value you even more.

15. Support him

Every serious-minded and mature man’s desire is to have a supportive woman by his side. Society is quite hard on men, they’re expected to be strong and independent. To solely support themselves and their families, a supportive and helpful woman would be like a breath of fresh air. 

Many men who act as they have it all under control are really trying to compensate for one weakness or the other. Perhaps all you need for your partner to realize just how much he cherishes you is to make sure you give him lots of support.

16. Encourage him

No man is an island, and that includes your partner. Everyone needs a little encouragement to get through the various waves and challenges in life.If he’s going through a rough patch or just expecting something good, it would help to make him feel better about the situation. 

Spend time encouraging him in the morning, he may really need those words of affirmation you’re sending his way. Men need that encouragement even though they don’t ask for it, so make him realize you're on his side

17. Give him time

After doing all the above to make him realize he cherishes you, sit back for a while and wait for the results. You don’t want to make it obvious by staring at him or being awkward; men sometimes take a while to process their feelings. Just keep showing him love and make him understand that ‘you’re a catch’ but you could also be his ‘superwoman’.


How do you make a guy realize he lost you?

A guy would realize he has lost you the moment you stop giving him so much attention. Stop responding to his messages, stop having sex with him, perhaps even start seeing other people. Make plans for your life and don’t include him, take your mind off him completely, and don’t look back.

How can you know if a man really loves you?

You know if a man really adores you, by the way, he treats you, the way he speaks to you, and the way he speaks about you. If a man truly cherishes you, he would try his best to secure your peace of mind and maintain the trust you have in him.

How do you make a guy regret ever hurting you?

‘The best revenge is success.’ I think many people agree with this, and I do too. Rather than wasting precious time trying to get back at him, channel that energy into your fitness, health, business, and future. When a man sees you’re doing well without him, that’s the best revenge

Do guys realize what they have lost?

Most guys realize what they’ve lost only when their ex has moved on, especially if the woman he lost was remarkable. When they’ve dated other women who end up giving them a hard time, they’d definitely look back and regret losing you.

How do I know if my breakup is final?

The moment there is no communication anymore, the relationship is most likely over. Acts of love, affection, and care are what keeps a relationship going; the moment both parties stop caring about each other the relationship will cease to exist. Also, if both parties start seeing other people, the relationship is definitely over.

To Conclude

I hope you found this write-up helpful. remember, sometimes your partner may forget how he felt about you when things were still fresh. Don’t panic or overreact; just try your best to remind him. Feel free to comment on this topic below, and share the article with friends.

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