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How Guys Text When They Like You (21 Telling Ways)

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

With a simple text, you can convey any message at any time. While texts can contain many words, sometimes, a single letter will suffice. Still, the way people use texts means a lot. When it comes to how guys text when they like you, there's no exception. 

While they can throw you into a maze about their feelings, especially when you just met, how guys text when they like you can easily tell you how they feel about you.

With that in mind, if you just met a guy that you like, and it seems like he is not sure about his feelings, no need to worry. Here are 21 ways guys text when they are into you. The article will give you some clarity, thereby eliminating the possibility of reading too much meaning to a text message.

21 Ways Guys Text When They Like You

1. He's the first to call after meeting each other for the first time

When you meet a guy you like, as a lady that usually plays it safe or hard to get, you're probably not going to call first. It's not common, but guys sometimes avoid calling first because they feel it'll make them look needy or desperate. But if a guy likes you, the first thing he'll do is to create a good impression after your first encounter is to text or call you.

2. Quick responses

Quick responses

There's almost nothing more annoying like a no-response or not getting a call back right away. Research confirms that some guys are lazy when it comes to communicating via text. So, if a guy texts you back right away, chances are, he wants to get to know you. Unlike women, men are not very good at playing hard to get. 

You know you can pretend not to like a guy even though things are getting spicy by using delay tactics to respond to his text. You could even turn down a date to make him feel "it's not going to be that easy." However, men are direct. It's not their usual style to ignore your text when they like you. 

3. He asks for more in-depth details

Research shows that men are visual creatures, which explains why some of them are superficial in relationships, caring only about curves and a pretty face. However, if a guy goes into details when texting you; wanting to know your values, aspirations, and dreams, girl, the guy likes you. 

Asking for more in-depth information means he wants to get to know you and doesn’t want to keep things casual. A guy that only wants to get into your pants will probably not be interested in anything more than a few drinks and dates. 

4. Less shortened words

Texting in short forms is now more popular, especially among the younger generation. Asides from the fact that people feel lazy to write, it's cool to use shortened words. But if you just met a guy who likes you, trust me, he'll keep in mind that you may not understand his short style of texting. Even though he acts cool with it, it’s not a great plan of action when you like someone.

Chances are, he'll type words in full to ensure you comprehend every bit of what he's saying. He may stick to the usual "LOL" most people commonly use, but you'll notice he'll consciously avoid using too many shortened words. It’s just what you do when you like someone.

5. He initiates conversations with you first

If a guy texts you first, i.e., he's always initiating conversation with you each day, trust me, you need to give him a hi-five. He's totally drunk in love and can't get enough of you. In relationships, It's a good sign when the guy and lady initiate conversation as it shows both parties like each other, and the spark is still alive. 

However, it can be a bad sign when your man doesn't ever initiate a conversation via text or calls, and you are the only one doing it. 

6. Long texts

Naturally, nobody likes texts that go on and on. But if you want someone, there's this urge to write more and keep the conversation going. If a guy likes you, his text will naturally be full of information. Asides from trying to keep things alive, it also means he has time for you. Like I said earlier, many guys are naturally lazy with texts. It makes it worse if they don’t like you. 

A very short response to your long text is a sign he doesn't have much to say, and he's altogether not that interested in keeping the conversation going.

7. All-day texting

Now, this point doesn't mean a guy must text all day if he likes you. People have different schedules and jobs, which may not permit all-day phone usage/ For instance, a surgeon that spends more than 15 hours in the operating room may not have time to do a lot of texting. 

However, if you ever find a guy that wakes you up with a "hello cutie" text, followed by a "how's your day going" and" what's for lunch" message, trust me, you have got yourself a keeper. Guys text more to show they have you on their mind and have time for you.

8. He uses hugs and kisses emoji

Research reveals that, unlike women who are more overtly expressive, guys are more rigid and that’s why they use less emojis when communicating. If you receive a text from a guy, it's likely to be quick and short. 

Adding affectionate emojis is going-the-extra-mile for guys. However, further research shows that emojis can be a go-to when guys don’t have much to say. So, be on the lookout if the emojis are too much,  

9. Random compliments

While guys can throw compliments at a lady to get into her bed, some compliments are genuinely from the heart. The general "hey cutie," "hello sexy," and "hi beautiful" compliment may come from a feeling of lust. However, if he tells you how smart and funny you are from time to time, he likely sees you as more than just an opportunity to have sex

Even more, if he attaches specific reasons to his compliments, it's clear they are not generic but well-thought-out. For example, if you handled a difficult situation while he was present, taking out time to remind you of the incident and how brave you are mean he's totally into you and admires you.

10. He talks about himself

Now, narcissists always make every conversation about themselves. They are naturally skillful in making every situation revolve around their universe. Once you notice this attitude, girl, walk away if you don't like that kind of person. But when a guy that likes you talks about him about himself via text, it’s a way of getting you to know him. 

A narcissist will talk about his achievements to inflate his ego and make you look inferior to him. But a guy that’s into may tell you about his family, where he's from, perhaps his fears and hobbies. A guy that isn't interested in knowing you will likely not go into details about himself either.

11. He'll laugh at your jokes

He'll laugh at your jokes

To know how guys text when they like you means you have to do some experimenting. Please send him a random joke that's probably not too funny. If he likes you, he'll probably find it funny or send you a "LOL" just to let you know he appreciates your effort for trying to make him smile. He might even offer to send you a joke to make you laugh in return. 

A guy who doesn't care will probably ignore or try to make you look stupid by telling you a joke isn't funny. 

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12. He'll ask about random stuff

If you just met a guy and you are not sure about his feelings, there's a chance he won't wait until there's important stuff to talk about before texting you. If you notice texts that aren't particularly about something important, e.g., hey, what's up, and how's the weather over there? 

Don't feel disappointed if you are expecting more; he's probably just missing you and can't wait to connect. You know, by just saying a little hello, a conversation can't get interesting. 

13. He'll ask you about your schedule

If you get a text from a guy asking you about your plans, I'm sure you already what that means. You don't need a soothsayer to tell you he wants to be part of your day. He's aching to spend more time with you, and it's likely a request to go with him to the movies, or some other nice place will probably follow. So, say yes if you feel the same way.

14. He'll pick a nickname for you

Picking a nickname is a way of showing how special you are to him and getting more closer to you. It's also a way of testing if you'll accept the name, which may be an indication to him that you like him too. It might be a shortened form of your name none of your friends or family call you or something totally different like a diamond, jewel, or a beautiful flower, e.g., jasmine. 

Altogether, it's a move only a guy that likes you make. Furthermore, he'll likely introduce this nickname while texting as much as possible so that if you are psyched about it, he can go ahead to use it to communicate in person. 

15. He'll joke with you via text

One of the best ways to get people to become more comfortable with you is through humor. But this isn't a Kevin Hart or Eddy Murphy joke; it's more of an "in-house" joke exclusive to you both. Altogether, if he makes an effort to make you laugh, it’s one of those things that points to the fact that he likes you. 

Like the nickname, he'll also use these jokes frequently to establish it as "your thing." It might be a way you both make fun of other people or each other. It's a fantastic way of building intimacy between couples. 

16. He'll try to figure out if you have a boyfriend

Sometimes, a guy will not come out and ask if you have a boyfriend; instead, he'll ask you many questions via different text so that he can decipher if you've got a man. The reason is, he may not want to experience rejection. So, he'll rather use subtle ways to find out if there's a need to bother asking you to be his girlfriend. 

If you are expecting him to ask, you can't miss one of those funny questions. He can say something like, "Are you spending valentine's day alone? If you are single, go ahead and let him know, you'll notice a significant change in how he has been communicating. 

He'll intensify his efforts to let you he's into you or come out directly to ask you out since he's probably sure there's no other guy in the picture.

17. He remembers little details

Guys do not shine in the area of remembering little details. It's not just their area of expertise. A guy can forget anniversary dates or even birthdays. It's not usually intentional; it may just be a result of hectic work schedules. 

Therefore, if you newly met a guy that remembers details of a past conversation you told him, such as your mum's birthday or your appointment with the dentist, then you are likely all he's thinking about lately.

18. He texts you good morning

If you have ever woken up to the heartfelt message of someone you like, then you'll probably agree it's one of the sweetest feeling ever. If a guy likes you, things like saying good morning via text are one way to show it. 

He ultimately won’t mind if he has to text you first. Not only is he saying good morning to show you are the first thing on his mind as the day breaks, but he's also trying to beat any other "competitor" that might be trying to win your heart.

19. He texts you before going to bed

Being the person first he texts, as the day breaks, is as crucial as being the last person he talks to before going to bed. While he might not go to bed immediately, the idea is to make you feel you are the last person on his mind as he drifts to dreamland. If it happens frequently, you don't need a prophet to tell you that a love bug has bitten someone on your account.

20. He texts you at odd hours

Unless you have his biology textbook and he wants to remind you so that you can bring it to the lab the next day, then there are no two ways about it. Things like texting you at 1-am undoubtedly mean you are all he's been thinking about. 

It may be a deliberate move so you can know how much he cares about you, yet, It might have happened out of impulse. Perhaps, he woke up to take a leak and thought it's not a bad idea to reach out. Altogether, it's a sign he's crazy about you.

21. He Texts when he's with his boys

One of the reasons why guys go AWOL, and you can't seem to reach them on the phone is because they are hanging out with other guys. I know as a lady, it's easier to think your man is with another lady when he's not answering his phone for many hours, but you'd be surprised how much guys enjoy each other's company. 

They can be playing video games, talking about football, or national/world politics among other things. So if he's hanging out with his crew and he has time to text you back and forth, trust me, you've got yourself a keeper.


Do guys text first if they like you?

It's common knowledge that guys are lazy at texting. However, texting first means a lot when a guy is genuinely doing it. Guys would rather talk in person or not talk at all, so yeah, texting you first is a sign he's totally into you.

How often should a guy text if he likes you?

There's no acceptable number of times a guy should text if he likes you. The most important thing is to connect and show you are on his mind, which can also be via voice calls. Still, a guy that's really into you can text you first in the morning, once or twice before evening if he's not a very busy person, and finally at night to wish you a good night rest.

What Emojis do guys use when they like you?

Emojis are easy, excellent ways of communication. While guys are not very big at using emojis, they sometimes use flirt emojis when they have the chance. Hugs and kisses emojis is another subtle way guys say, "I'm into you you" without totally revealing their feelings.

How do you get a guy to tell you they like you?

Like women, lots of guys are afraid of rejection, so they play it safe until they are sure. However, you can bring a guy out of their shell by stylishly telling him you don't have a boyfriend, and you are ready for romance. It's also a good idea to hint a guy you like about your birthday, and you wouldn't mind sharing the day with him only. 

Do guys like texting?

It's common knowledge that guys do not like to text. They could receive a text and call you back instead of texting. However, when a guy likes you, he'll use every avenue to get through to you, and that includes texting. 

The Bottom Line

Guys indeed text more when they like a girl than when they don't. Knowing a guy is into you will help you know how to relate with him. It can even help you decide to make the first move without being afraid of rejection. I hope you like the article? Please leave a comment so we can know how you feel. Also, if you want others to read it, please share it.

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