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When A Guy Calls You Another Girl’s Name (Here are 7 Reasons Why He Did It)

The mind is a very powerful tool. No one truly knows what it is capable of. Calling someone by the wrong name is said to be a window to what is being thought of. For instance, when a guy calls you another girl’s name, he’s been thinking of her. 

It's cringe-worthy when your boyfriend makes this kind of error in a cute moment, say at the altar when he's saying his vows, he calls the name of an ex instead of yours. Well, such a deadly mistake only happened in an episode of “friends”. In reality, it occurs often in an argument or when in bed.

Keep in mind that there could be over twenty reasons why your husband or partner would call you the wrong name in the middle of an argument or when in bed. Most of the time, it's a meaningless mistake both of you could laugh about. 

However, there are other meanings to being called the wrong name by a guy. Either caused by a force of habit or even love. I know, you're probably wondering how calling another girl's name translates to him loving you, keep reading. 

I've carefully written out seven reasons your partner or a loved one would call you the wrong names to help you clear some doubt. 

7 Reasons Why He Called You Another Girl’s Name

1. Its love

As difficult as this may be to believe, it’s true. Have your parents ever gone through calling everyone’s name in the house before remembering yours or sometimes, they never remember it at that moment, it's normal. Do you think that means your parents are cheating on you with your other siblings? Of course not. 

It's possible to forget the name of the person you love, especially in the heat of an argument or something. If he's never had a moment where your name seems to have vanished from his mind, then he hasn't had a deep thought about you. I bet you he calls someone else your name sometimes so, chill. 

2. It's a force of habit

it's a force of habit

Oh my God, if that brother just came out of a relationship into being with you, fortify yourself for more slip is because they will happen. However, there's a time frame for it which we would discuss in the next point. 

It's difficult to break a habit. Perhaps, this man has a few women in his life whom he cares about who also hang around him often, there's a chance he would mistake you for one of them at least once. It doesn't mean you've lost your place or anything, that's a force of habit. Just like your husband calling you by your daughter's name.

3. You're in a rebound

Whether he calls you another girl’s name is one of the signs to look out for when checking if you're in a rebound relationship. In a rebound relationship, it's not about you but your partner getting a fox and you don't deserve to be used like that. 

On some rare occasions, they fall for you but what are the odds, and are you willing to take that chance? You shouldn't. There's a time frame for when he's fresh out of a relationship and that's two months maximum (depending on how long his past relationship lasted). Other than that, he's using you as a rebound. 

4. Brain fart

Oh! This can be pretty awkward when it comes out at a cute moment like when in bed or in an inside joke or something. This is nothing to be worried about especially if he's rather calm not panicking about it. Just call him another name too and keep it moving. I bet he'll see your point and make corrections. 

Brain farts can happen to even the best of us. So, cut your partner some slack when you get under his skin for it. This can become a whole lot more than what it is if you nag about it for too long, be guided. 

5. They had recent contact

they had recent contact

This is one of the strongest reasons a guy would call his girlfriend an ex’s name, they had recent contact! Maybe they met somewhere for an innocent coffee and he didn't see the need to tell or they had a short conversation on the phone or something. The memory of her is rekindled and that can cause the name mentioned to be hers. 

Sometimes, it's as flimsy as him seeing a picture of her on Instagram or reading her tweet. Mistakes like this happen within the time frame of the contact and then it's gone till whenever! It's worthless to let the issue linger. 

6. A sign of frustration

Have you ever been so frustrated by an argument that your head goes blank? Sometimes, it's a situation that makes you that frustrated. Nonetheless, you forget someone's name and begin to sieve through a bunch of names to jog your memory. It happens, at least to me, it has happened a couple of times. 

I'd advise you to look critically at the situation surrounding why he called you a different name before drawing your conclusion on it. It could simply be that he's frustrated and needs to relax. Just like you cut yourself some slack, do the same for him. 

7. He's thinking of her

This reason is typically the one that makes a woman go crazy when their partners make such a mistake as this “calling her the wrong name.” Most times, they're right! He's thinking of her or has been and that may translate to him being in love with someone else. Although we women do the math too quickly, as a result, exaggerate the situation. 


What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you another girl’s name? 

It could just be as a result of a brain fart. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t probe him even a little about it. There's a chance he just spoke with his ex, met with her recently, or perhaps saw her post on social media. 

Don't be quick to jump to the conclusion that your boyfriend is cheating on you when this happens. At most, it may come as a force of habit. However, do your findings first. 

What does it mean when he calls you by his ex’s name?

You need to consider the time frame first. Did you both just start dating? If yes, prepare your mind for a few more slip-ups, he's not used to the change. However, be careful he's not using you as a rebound. 

When he calls you by his ex’s name very often, he's probably not over her and could be dating you to keep his mind off it; not because he's into you. That's cruel and you deserve way better. 

Why do guys give you nicknames? 

For starters, they think we think it's cute. Problem is, not all of us think that way about being called nicknames. I only accept those names if they are from a good inside joke. Guys give nicknames to girls they like, it doesn't randomly happen unless he's crazy. 

It signifies a bond between you and your partner and depending on who you are. It could make you feel good and guys can tell so they give you a nickname. If guys like the name of a girl they keep hers. 

Why does he say my name in bed?

First off, the euphoria of sex is different for everyone, male or female. Some guys express a good feeling during sex by calling out their partner's name during sex. Maybe that's your man as well. He's in love with you, yes, it is also a sign of true feelings when he exclaims your name. 

If you doubt it, imagine your thought process if he called the name of another girl or an ex. I bet you get the picture now. 

Why does he say my name a lot? 

He's constantly thinking of you and that's a good thing because you only think about people you love that much. There's a high chance you're the best he's ever had and he's intrigued by you. Ever thought maybe he's trying to get your attention? Things can be that simple in life darling. He could also do it because he likes the girl’s name.

To Sum Up 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it for you. Keep in mind that there are many other reasons a guy would call you another girl’s name or say strange words and sometimes, there is absolutely nothing to it. I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below, please write them and share this article with your friends. Thank you! 

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