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What To Post On Facebook To Get Your Ex Back (9 Things To Do)

If you know that your ex is still Facebook stalking you, it’s the perfect tool to use to get them back. To make this work for you, it’s important to make sure that you don’t delete them as your friend. Then, you can work your magic to make social media work for you. All it takes is a few key things and some careful thought to use Facebook to get your man back. 

If you’re planning on using social media to get your ex back, there are certain posts you should share. Likewise, there are specific posts that you need to avoid when possible. Posting the perfect updates will help capture his attention, and make him realize how much he wants to get back together. 

What Should I Post On Social Media?

1. His favorite things that you do

Every boyfriend has something that they love about their girlfriend. He might have forgotten those now that you’re his ex. When you’re using Facebook to get him back, it’s time to show them off, provided they are appropriate. (Posting revealing pictures makes you look desperate. Avoid that.)

If he loved it when you made him cookies, share a picture of a freshly baked batch. A simple caption like “love baking!” will suffice. Your ex used to compliment your looks? That calls for a selfie to let him know you’re still hot. Did he emphasize how you always kept a clean house? A status on how you love having a spotless house will make him smile. 

Remember what he loved about you, and brag a little bit. Don’t overdo it, though. You don’t want him to know what you’re up to. 

2. Don’t update your relationship status, hide it instead

don't update your relationship, hide it instead

If the break-up is recent, don’t immediately update your status to show that you’re single and ready to mingle. This isn’t going to make him want you back. Instead, avoid the negative attention and shout-outs from guys that a newly single status can bring. Opt for the decision to hide your relationship status so that only you can see it. 

It will not rub it in that you two broke up, and guys won’t flock to your Facebook profile. You don’t want your timeline packed with other guys. Instead, just quietly stop posting about your relationship and hide the status. That’s it. 

3. You’re now living your best life

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing your favorite pajama pants and still eating tubs of ice cream a week later while watching sad movies. Not on Facebook you’re not. 

He doesn’t need to see you sad, crying, and heartbroken. He might feel bad for you, but that’s not what you want. You want him to look at your Facebook and be filled with feelings or miss you, not feel pity. Both will get you attention, but only the first one will get your ex back in your arms. 

Keep these things in mind when posting to make it look like you’re having an amazing time: 

  • Always look great
  • Pictures with friends
  • Pictures of you going out of the house (photoshop doesn’t count)
  • New outfits are always great
  • New hairstyles
  • An awesome makeup look

Anything that looks happy, upbeat, and like you’re having fun will work. If you’re not sure how it will be interpreted, don’t do it. 

4. No sad quotes or pictures

Just because you’re sad doesn’t mean you need to make it your new status. Instead, don’t update anything on days that you’re not focused on using Facebook to get your ex back. That means no memes (unless they are funny), no sad quotes, or sad statuses. Instead, avoid them. Avoid pictures of yourself crying with some pizza because you miss your ex too. 

5. Do not comment on his Facebook at all

Don’t like his pictures, comment on something unrelated, etc. It’s like following the no contact rule, but he can still see your Facebook. This isn’t because you’re trying to cut him out of your life, though. Instead, it’s because you want him to be the one to reach out to you. 

If you’re still friends, you’ll have to resist the urge to comment on a picture he posts, but you can do it. If it’s hard, unfollow them. This is an option that Facebook gives you so that people do not show up in your newsfeed, but you stay friends on Facebook. 

6. New hobbies are great posts 

new hobbies are great post

When you’re using Facebook in hopes that your ex will come back, it can be helpful to post a new hobby or two that you’ve picked up. If he misses you, he doesn’t want to see you moving on. 

He will want to know that you miss him too. Yet, those pictures of new hobbies, and you have a great time doing them, are the opposite of that. It will kill him to see you moving on, and he might not be able to resist the urge to reach out to find out for sure. 

Try not to fake a new hobby. If he does reach out to you, you need to be sure that you know what you’re talking about. For example, if you have suddenly taken up pottery, yet his grandmother also enjoys pottery, you won’t be able to fake it until you make it. It can make you look desperate, killing your chances of getting back together. 

7. Show off a date

Sometimes, it can take a little bit of jealousy to get him back. He might realize how much he misses you when he sees you with someone else. You don’t have to go on a date if you’re not ready. Instead, pick a guy friend that he doesn’t know. Head off to the movies, and share a simple picture of you two smiling. No explanation is required. 

If your ex is jealous, he’ll show up in your inbox soon. He might say something cliche like he’s glad that you’re having fun with your new boyfriend. It’s because he will want to make sure that you’re still single. 

If you are trying to make your ex jealous, this should be all it takes to make your ex reach out. However, if he’s not the jealous type or knows that you have a lot of guy friends, it won’t work. It also won’t work if he already knows all of your friends and recognizes the people in the picture. 

Other ways you can make him jealous with Facebook include: 

  • Showing yourself out at a bar or other place where women get hit on
  • Share anything that you know are going to get you more likes
  • Accept those random requests from men so they can also like and comment on your stuff
  • Show off your best life, which is what you have now

If you’re not living your best life yet, try to have some fun. You might wind up in amazing shape or may actually love that new hobby you picked up. 

8. Flawless selfies

If you can’t take a flawless selfie, it’s time to learn how. Learn about your angles. Play with filters. If he loved you natural, ignore the filters and work with natural sunlight. Make sure to accentuate your best features, like your smile. 

Post amazing selfies of yourself doing things. You can pull this off and instantly work on getting your ex back. It will look like you’re absolutely amazing, gorgeous, and always full of fun. For more tips on how to take the perfect selfie, check out this article

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9. Places you used to go together

places you used to go together

There’s a secret to this if you want it to help you with your ex. Share pictures of places that you used to enjoy with your ex or your mutual groups of friends. You can also check into those places. Then, let him know that you go there with new friends. Include new people, like the hot guy in your friend group. 

Seeing new places will make him reminisce on the old relationship. He’ll start to romanticize things the two of you did together and might resent you taking new friends to do something that was “your thing.” Getting your ex to message you first takes careful consideration, but this is one of the best tips!


What should I post on social media to get my ex back?

Share happy statuses and amazing pictures of yourself. Funny jokes or hilarious memes are always great. You always want it to look like you’re living your best life on Facebook no matter what’s really going on. Fun hobbies are another awesome idea. 

How can I get my ex back on Facebook?

Leave them on your friend list or make your profile public so that they can see everything. Then, post pictures to show them you’re having a great time, make them a tad jealous, and remind them of how great you are. Post pictures of their favorite things about you, like your killer cooking skills

What can I post on Facebook to make my ex jealous?

Pictures with a new guy are always a sure-fire way to make an ex jealous. Check in to places you two used to go together, and then share a picture of you there with a friend. Make sure to include other people in most of your pictures to show that you’re doing things with other people. 

What should I text to get my ex back?

If you want to get him to come back via text, it can be helpful to have a conversation regarding the issues in the relationship that led to the break-up. If you’re not sure what to say, start out with some small talk. He’ll wonder what you want and give you some time to work up to the hard conversation. 

Is my ex trying to get my attention on social media?

Probably. If you’re asking this question, you already know the answer. You’ll see them posting pictures with other people, having a blast and there will never be a sad quote. When they want to be more obvious, they’ll post a risque picture, but delete it after you’ve seen it or things specific to you. 

To Conclude

Trying to get your ex back via social media is easy if you know what to do. Has it ever worked for you? What did you do?

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