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Do Guys Like Makeup (17 Ways To Know If A Guy Likes Your Makeup)

July 3, 2024

All the rave on the internet about natural looks can make a girl who likes to wear makeup feel insecure, especially if men’s opinions mean something to her. Does this mean that guys don’t like makeup? Well, it’s different for each man.

Some tilt toward the natural look end of the spectrum while some don’t mind a full-face makeover with bold eye makeup and everything. Then there are those who tend to stay in the middle – they don’t hate makeup, they just don’t like “much” of it.

Some men think women who wear much makeup look like they are going for the MET ball, but others don’t mind women wearing makeup. While many prefer a lady with a natural look at home, then probably appreciate it when she wears some lipstick and eye makeup to work and for events.

Do you love putting on make-up? Are you concerned about what men think about women who wear much makeup? There may not be a universal answer to what men really think about makeup, and if there was, not all guys have the same opinion. 

However, these tells I’m about to share with you are sure giveaways that’ll help you figure out how a man feels about your makeup.

17 Ways to Know If A Guy Likes Your Makeup

1. He tells you he likes your makeup

he tells you he likes your makeup

One sure-fire way to know if a guy likes your makeup is when he tells you that he does. There are no guessing games necessary or having to take the bat of his eyelid as a hint with this type of guy.

Depending on how obviously you lay it on, your makeup might not be the first thing he notices about you, but when he does, he’ll let you know. Although some men probably won’t bring it up until it comes up in conversation, even a smile or a nod would show if they admire the makeup. 

2. He notices when you tweak it

An average straight guy doesn’t know much about makeup. Any product that doesn’t look like lipstick is mostly just “that stuff” to them. In fact, if you’re not wearing a bold-colored lipstick, they probably wouldn’t notice.

However, when they begin to notice ‘the eye thing’ or some other tweaks in your natural look, it may mean he’s paying extra attention because he likes the whole package. And since makeup tends to enhance the facial features like high cheekbones and full lips that men supposedly like, there’s a chance yours played a role in his attraction to you.

3. He doesn’t force you to go without makeup

I use force loosely here, but you know how men can be diplomatic when they don’t like something. They know coming right out to say ‘I don’t like your makeup’ can start an issue they don’t quite have the energy to finish, so they lay it on you like advice or a compliment.

“You look good babe, with or without makeup,” or “it’s just a hangout, why don’t you go natural today?” Of course, there’s always a chance he means it too, but if he doesn’t try to get you to go out without makeup, he probably likes it.

4. He compliments it often

When he takes one look at your face, and you know every second of the last 45mins or so you spent on your makeup was worth it. The kind of compliments that don’t always stop at ‘you look beautiful babe’ although that is welcome too.

Makeup is a form of art, and art lovers don’t usually shy away from talking up a good one. When some men like your makeup, they will compliment it often.

5. He rarely compliments your makeup

I know this may sound a bit confusing, especially after my previous point but rarely complimenting your makeup may just be a result of him being used to it. If you’re the type of girl who wears makeup every day, your man has probably gotten so used to it that your enhanced beauty has become a sort of standard.

When it does come up, it’s usually something like “you look gorgeous, as usual.” While there may not be any extra hype for the makeup (and I know that can suck sometimes), it’s a sign that nothing looks amiss, and that’s a good thing.

6. He takes you as his date to events

he takes you as his date to events

For the most part, men just don’t want their girl looking like a clown when they finish putting their face on. It’s why women prefer wearing natural-looking makeup; it never goes out of style, I suppose.

Another way to tell if a man digs your makeup or at least doesn’t mind it is when he asks you to go with him to events he considers important. Men like to show off, so trust me, he wouldn’t be comfortable taking you along to those high-end occasions if something as noticeable as your makeup didn’t look right to him. 

7. He pays attention while you get your glam on

Some women count making dinner with their significant other as spending quality time together. While to others, their man hanging around for what most men wouldn’t, like while they put on their makeup, can mean the world.

Men like this don’t mind makeup on girls, in fact, the day you choose to go out without lipstick on, he’ll ask why. If he doesn’t mind buying new gift sets for you, and standing around while you make up, then he probably likes the idea of it. 

8. He doesn’t get irritated when you take too long to dress up

You know those men that get agitated when you’re late to an event, but are still trying to get your brows right? It’s no myth how long women take to dress up because after having our beauty bath, fixing our hair, and pampering our skin, there’s still that flawless dolled-up look we want to achieve. 

While it is fair that no one wants to have their time wasted, the irritation can be a little more when a man thinks you’re wasting his time wearing makeup. However, when he appreciates your makeup, he gets that you sometimes need those extra minutes and won’t give you too much grief for it.

9. He asks specific questions about your makeup

Now, this isn’t common to all men, so don’t go setting unrealistic standards. That said, some men pay attention to even the tiniest details about the women they’re into, even the seemingly insignificant ones like her favorite brand of lipstick. 

When such a man has the privilege of watching her put her makeup on, he may ask questions like “what’s this one called” and “what do you use that for.” Again, not all guys have the patience for this, but those who do are usually that invested in the process because the final look fascinates them.

10. He can’t take his eyes off you

Have you ever caught a guy staring extra long like he’s trying to take in every tiny detail of your face? If this happens a lot when you wear makeup, then that man definitely loves it. Whether it’s natural-looking makeup or one really glam look, it will show on his face if he likes it.

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These kinds of men really compliment your makeup in detail rather than as a whole. If your eye makeup is what tickles his fancy, in addition to not being able to take his eyes off yours, it’ll come up in his compliments before your date is over.

11. He gifts you makeup products

he gifts you makeup products

I know a present is more for the recipient than the person giving it, but a man gifting you makeup products hardly leaves space for doubt as to whether or not he likes it. I mean, why buy you red lipstick if he doesn’t love it on you? 

In fact, makeup ranks high on some women’s list of thoughtful gifts because it says so much more than what’s on the attached note. It says he’s been paying attention, especially when he gets a brand you use. It also says he likes your makeup enough to invest both his time and money into it.

12. He sponsors your trips to the beauty salon

To be frank, not all guys can pull off getting the right makeup products on their own. And that’s not something we can hold against them, not even those who work in the beauty scene.

For a guy like that, one way of showing his thoughtfulness could be to encourage you with a gift card to a salon. He may not really think you need to wear makeup all the time, but he appreciates the effort put into all your looks. 

13. He treats you better with your face on

I know this isn’t the most romantic tell on the list, but it is a tell nonetheless. Some men love girls in makeup so much that they can literally do anything for you when you have your full face on.

In fact, the special treatment can be so glaring that once you clean off the lipstick, concealer, and all, their enthusiasm dims. I don’t know if this is a fetish of some sort, but it does happen.

14. He posts your pictures on social media

A man can hide his true thoughts about your look to spare your feelings, but what he won’t do is put himself in a position to get dragged intentionally. If he doesn’t like what you do with your face, then he won’t associate himself with it. 

He may really think you look good if he’s posting more than one picture on his social media pages. If he’s intentionally showing you off, the chances are he thinks you’re gorgeous.

15. He brags about you

Social media life aside, is he proud of you with your makeup on in real life as well? It is not news that people can get behind something online for clout but won’t be caught associating with it in person.

If your guy confidently uses your looks as a bragging chip among his friends on more than one occasion, he digs it. And if he does it both off and online, that man loves more than just your makeup.

16. He likes perfection

he likes perfection

While the idea of perfection is an illusion, some people try to find it in any way they can. If other things in your boyfriend’s life indicate that he wants everything around him looking their best, there is a good chance that he loves it when you glam up as well.

Guys like that are usually not very good at concealing what doesn’t sit well with them, so if your makeup has been rubbing him the wrong way, you would know.

17. He wears makeup himself

We’re gradually getting to a stage where men (hetero inclusive) are no longer ashamed if they choose to enhance their facial features with some beauty products. So, it isn’t weird when a straight man and woman sit in front of the mirror to ‘paint their faces.’

Men who enjoy dolling themselves up will probably be more open to their women wearing makeup anyhow she wants to. The plus is that if you’re with this type of guy, you don’t have to wonder if he likes your look because he’ll tell you himself. He’ll probably even give you some tips to make it better.


Do guys like natural or makeup?

Most guys usually claim to prefer a natural look to a made-up one but what many of them refer to as natural isn't a bare face with no products. Many men want you to enhance your natural facial features with makeup so that it looks like you woke up perfect without having put any effort into it.

Do guys notice makeup?

Guys notice a pretty face. If your makeup blends well enough to accentuate your beauty, they notice even if it just registers as you being gorgeous. However, they are more oblivious to colors than we women are, so they might not notice your makeup per se if you don’t use popping tones.

What do guys find most attractive?

What guys find attractive differ from one to the other. One guy could be partial to physical traits like face and body symmetry, while another would find simplicity and other personality traits they desire most attractive. Based on this study, there is a deeper science behind what most people like.

What color lipstick do guys like?

Despite what guys say about preferring natural looks and whatnot, studies have shown that many of them are actually most attracted to red lipstick. Not only is it deemed as the sexiest lipstick, but it is apparently also associated with warmth, motivation, boldness, and positive energy. However, many men also appreciate pink and nude lipstick.

What makes a woman’s face beautiful?

Makeup can enhance a woman’s features, but what makes a woman truly beautiful comes from within. Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman with a great personality. If we’re keeping it strictly physical, women with symmetrical faces or who at least have both sides of their face well blended are usually deemed attractive.

In Conclusion

In the end, I always recommend doing what makes you happy; it’s your face, your choice. Men will always have an opinion, but you don’t have to live by it. If you enjoyed reading this, show some love in the comments, and kindly share the article too. 

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