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37 Undeniable Signs That He Loves You

Men can actually be really complicated, especially when it comes to them actually telling you that they love you. They might be throwing you mixed signals because they are scared of their feelings, or they might just have simply not told you how they feel yet. No matter what’s going on with him, you are probably dying to find out whether he actually loves you or not. They are mysterious creatures, but once you know what you’re looking for, you will be able to tell if your man loves you, or if he’s just not quite there yet.

So, I have put this article together to help you figure out if he does actually love you, even if he hasn’t said anything to you yet. Many signs can tell you if he loves you or not, and a lot of them will be fairly subtle and simple things that you might have not even picked up on before. Once you’ve finished this article you will be able to tell what your man’s true feelings are and hopefully, it will be the news that you were hoping for – that he loves you.

1. He laughs and smiles a lot when he is around you.

This is one of the most obvious signs that your man is in love with you. He will smile because he is clearly happy around you, and it’s showing on the outside. Everyone smiles when they are around people they like, but his smile will be different around you. He will light up when he is around you. His smile will beam when he sees you, and he won’t be able to wipe it off. He is thrilled by your presence and it’s showing.

He will also laugh at your jokes (even if they aren’t great) and will giggle at pretty much everything you say. He will not only want to make you feel like you’re funny but subconsciously he will probably giggle because he loves you and is a little nervous. 

2. He is always faced your way.

When we love someone, we want will want to be facing them. So, if your man loves you, he will always point his body towards you, to show you his full attention. Wherever you are in the room, even if he is not near you or speaking to you, your man will want to face you. He’s not only showing you that he is devoted towards you, but that he is only focusing on you. He is mirroring you, and the mirroring of body language is also a sign that someone is in love. For example, when you go for a drink your man might also reach for his or when you roll your hands through his hair, he will do the same. If you notice that your man is doing this, it’s a sure sign that he is in love with you.

3. He makes time for you.

We are all busy people and life doesn’t leave us much spare time. However, when you are in love with someone, you always make sure you dedicate time to spend time with them. So, you will know your man is in love if you know he makes an effort to see you. Even if he has a busy life or works a lot, he will ensure that he creates time for the two of you to spend together.

4. He wants to introduce you to his friends.

If he is in love with you, he will want you to meet his friends and become friends with them too. Not only is it really important to be friends with your partner’s friends, but it’s also nice for him to see all the people he cares about getting along together. 

5. He wants to introduce you to his family.

He will want to introduce you to his family if he is in love with you. He will be hoping that someday you will be in the family, so it’s important that you meet them all. He might seem worried about you meeting them, but that’s only because he really wants you to like them, and for them to approve of you too.

It’s a big step when a man introduces you to his family, it means that it’s serious.

6. He always holds your hand.

There is something really special about when two people hold hands. It’s a really intimate act and even if it doesn’t seem like it, it is a huge public display of affection. Your man will want to hold your hand to not only always be touching you and be close to you, but it’s also a way of showing that the two of you are together. You show a united from together, and it feels good.

7. He speaks about the future between the two of you.

If someone is only looking to date you for a little while or isn’t that interested in you, they will never speak about the future. Ok well maybe they will speak about the future for them, but it won’t include you. When a man is in love with you, he will constantly talk about the future that you will share together. He thinks about you in all of his future goals and fantasies, and he openly speaks about what he hopes will happen for both of you.

8. He prioritizes you.

When someone is in love, the person that they love is automatically moved up the priority order for them. You will be at the top of his list, along with his close family members. He is dedicated to making you his number one, and with every decision he makes he will prioritize you. He will probably even put you before himself. This is when you know it is true love.

9. He wants to speak to you all the time.

When we fall in love, we want to consume everything about the person that we love, and therefore we don’t want to go for a long time without speaking to them. Your man will probably be blowing up your phone multiple times a day, or perhaps the conversation never really ends. He wants to talk to you so much because he can’t stop thinking about you and is interested in what you’re doing and how you feel.

10. He gets jealous of other men if they try to chat you up.

It’s important for me to say that even when people are in love, they are not so jealous that they are controlling. If your man is getting so jealous that he’s angry at you, or he is trying to control who you are with or what you do then this is really unhealthy and you should take some time away from the situation to get some perspective or seek advice.

However, jealousy in small amounts is pretty normal and natural behavior. Your man will probably show his jealousy towards other men that check you out or try to come on to you. He’s annoyed because he wants you as his own, not anyone else’s. You can tell that he is in love because we don’t get jealous of people that we don’t really care about.

11. He misses you when you’re not around.

When people are in love, we soak up every last bit of the person when they are around, because subconsciously we think it will help us to miss them less, if we have a higher dose of them when we are with them. However, we don’t realize that this doesn’t work and still inevitably miss them when they are gone.

So, if your man is in love with you, he will miss you so much when he isn’t around you. He will always try to delay your leaving by kissing you or trying to entice you back into bed for example. He will probably text you when you are apart and tell you how much he misses you. 

12. He wants to impress you.

Your man will want to impress you, in the hope that he will impress you so much that you end up feeling the same as him. He will try and impress you in many ways. For example, he might make a lot of effort with his physical appearance for you, or he might take you to expensive restaurants for dinner. He might also try and be particularly manly in front of you, and always offer to help you with things you can’t figure out, or fix things that are broken around your apartment.

13. He wants to fulfill your sexual desires.

Your man will want to also impress you in the bedroom. He will probably be really nervous at first that he won’t do a good job, which is the first sign that he loves you. If he was going to be sleeping with someone he didn’t care about, he probably wouldn’t be concerned about how well his performance would go, because he would really only be thinking about it from a selfish perspective.

If he loves you, as well as being nervous beforehand, he will try to pull out all the stops in the bedroom for you. He wants to make you feel good. So, you might also notice that he puts a lot more attention on you than himself, unlike other guys you might have slept with where no feelings were involved.

14. He’s affectionate towards you.

As well as giving you sexual pleasure, he will also want to make you feel good in other ways. He will be very affectionate towards you, even if it isn’t sexual. For example, he will brush your hair back off your face, kiss you or just simply put his hand on your lower back. Any of these small actions of affection prove that he has serious feelings for you.

15. He wants to know about your childhood.

When we are dating someone, we aren’t really interested in, we don’t tend to bother getting to know them that well. When you are in love with someone, that completely changes. If your man is in love with you, he will want to know about every aspect of your life. He will want to know about your childhood and past times. He will take a lot of interest in the small, personal and cute details of your life that other people might not be bothered about or even notice.

16. He wants to meet your family and friends.

This is similar to the fact that he wants you to meet his family and friends. Essentially, he wants to meet the other people that you love in your life. He wants to bond with people that you know and hold close because if he is wanting you to be together forever, he will need to know these people. He will obviously want to make a good impression, so he will most likely be nervous before meeting these people.

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17. He listens to you, properly.

Your man will listen to you if he is in love with you. He will really care about what you are saying, and he will dedicate a lot of time to listen to you and your problems, worries or discussion. Unlike other men you might have dated briefly, he will actually want to listen. He will talk less about himself and will listen more to you.

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18. He’s happier to chill with you at home than go out.

A man that is in love with you is one that’s happy to do whatever as long as he is with you. A lot of the time, he would prefer to chill at your place or his and get cozy on the sofa or in bed. If you are always going out together, you might miss out on this chill time. He will probably be happier to be in a place he can cuddle and kiss you all night long. He will also think that you look really cute with no makeup on and sweatpants.

19. He tells you that you always look beautiful.

A lot of men compliment women, but when they are in love it’s different. There is a different and more intense and genuine energy around the compliments your man will give you when he is in love. He will tell you that he thinks you are beautiful, and you will hear it a lot. When he does compliment you, he will look at you with such passion and admiration.

20. He loves your little quirky things.

A man in love with notice all the individual and quirky things you do, or that you have. For example, he might notice a certain mole on your body and tell you that he thinks it’s cute, or he might tell you how much he actually loves the fact you are a clean freak. Whatever the specifics are, your man will love what little things add up to make you you.

21. He does you lots of favors.

Your man will want to please you and make your life better and easier if he is in love with you. Therefore, you might find that he does a lot of favors for you if it doesn’t benefit him at all. He is doing selfless deeds because he loves you so much that he just simply wants to help.

22. He wants to know about your goals.

A man in love with not only want to know how you’re feeling and what you’re up to all the time, but he will also want to know what your life goals and aspirations are. He might be looking to see if your goals fit with his, but he could also just be genuinely interested in what you love and what you want to do in the future. It’s just a bonus for him if your goals align with his.

23. He compliments you all the time.

Your man will call you beautiful, as I mentioned earlier because he really thinks you are. However, his compliments will run deeper than the surface level when he is in love with you. You will notice that he compliments you on the way you work so hard, or maybe that you have amazing cooking skills. He will be complimenting you all the time, no matter what it is about. Obviously, he might be doing this to make you feel good, but he is also probably doing this naturally because he really does think that you have all of these great qualities.

24. He supports whatever you want to do.

If your man is in love with you, he will always support you with what you want to do. He will see that you have a passion or talent for something, and he will back you all the way until you are where you want to be. Also, a supportive partner is attractive long-term, so he might hope that you notice that and fall in love with him too.

25. He goes out of his way for you.

He will put your needs and desires above his own, and therefore you might notice that he will go out of his way to help you achieve something. Similarly, he might go out of his way to see you, especially if you or he lives an especially busy life or live far away from each other. If he is in love with you, you will notice that he is going out of his way to make you happy, help you or see you, a lot.

26. It’s lovemaking, not just sex.

When you have sex with this man, it is amazing. Even if it isn’t the best sex you’ve ever had, it will be completely different and the best you’ve ever had in so many different ways. This man is making love to you, not just having sex with you. You will notice that there is so much passion, affection, and intimacy when you have sex with him. This is the real deal, and it’s love.

27. He wants to spend time at your place, and he wants you to come to his.

Your man will want you to both spend a lot of time at each other’s places if he is in love with you. He might want to see what it will feel like if you did live together. Without realizing, he might be trying to show you what it would be like to have him around all the time, and hoping that you like it enough to hopefully envisage the two of you living together someday.

28. He leaves things at your house.

In addition to always wanting to spend time at yours, or have you at his house, he might leave things at your house. You will know it’s serious and he is love with you if he leaves necessary things like a toothbrush or socks and underwear. He might also encourage you to leave some things at his house, or clean out some space for you in his closet. 

29. He opens up to you.

People only really open up to those that they fully trust. With love, comes trust. So, if your man is opening up to you about some really personal things or tells you something, he has never told anyone else, it’s because he feels like he can confide in you. Trust me, men only really do this when they are in love with someone because they are actually very vulnerable beings that don’t want to open up too much.

30. He remembers things you tell him.

Someone that loves you will always remember and take note of the things that you tell them, even if they are small things that you say in passing. For example, you might be surprised if he takes you on your next date to see a band you told him you liked three weeks ago in a brief discussion. He is really listening to you and taking note of the things you say.

31. He wants to provide.

Wanting to provide is a pretty natural instinct that men have built into them. However, they will only want to provide for a partner that they can really see by their side in the long run. Therefore, if you see that your man starts to provide things for you without you asking, it is most likely because he loves you and wants to be in the relationship in the long run.

32. He looks at you with love.

The way a man looks at you can pretty much tell you all you need to know. If he is in love with you, he will look at you with such passion in his eyes. He will look at you lovingly and admiringly. He is showing you how he feels, without even realizing it, through his eyes, and I’m sure you will be able to read him like a book. 

33. He speaks fondly of you to others.

Men don’t normally speak about women and their relationships unless they are really important to them. Therefore, if you figure out that your man has been speaking about you to other people, then that’s a strong sign that he loves you and is taking his relationship with you very seriously, as long as he is saying good things of course.

34. His eyes follow you around the room.

Like I said earlier, your man’s eyes will be able to tell you how his heart is feeling. However, the way he directs his eyes can also tell you this. Your man will want to soak you up, all the time. So, if you notice that even when you are not with him his eyes are still fixated on you, this is a sign that he has strong feelings for you. He doesn’t want you to leave his gaze for too long if he can help it.

35. His pupils are dilated.

The last sign that you can tell by looking at his eyes is to see if his pupils are dilated when he is around you. Biologically, when we look at the person we love, our pupils dilate. So, the next time your man is staring into your eyes, take a look and see if his pupils are looking rather larger than normal.

36. He mirrors your emotions.

A very clear sign that your man is in love with you is if his emotions match yours. For example, if you are having a bad day and are sad, he will be sad, or if you are happy, he will be happy too. He is obviously in love with you if he is affected by the way you feel so significantly that you can change his mood without meaning to.

37. You feel it

Finally, you will be able to feel it in your gut if your man loves you. Everyone can feel certain types of energy that surrounds them by looking inwards. For example, if you walk into a room, you will be able to tell if two people have just fought, even if you didn’t hear or see anything. As humans, we pick up on things. Our gut instincts are normally right, so if you feel like he is in love with you, he probably is.


I really hope that with the help of this article you are now able to go and see if your man is in love with you, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then I really hope he is.

Did this article help you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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