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Will He Come Back? (13 Signs To Look For)

The million-dollar questions after every breakup, on practically every broken-hearted girl's lips, are “will my ex come back? Will my boyfriend return after deciding to walk away from our beautiful relationship?” 

The answer can go either way, with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ being suitable answers, depending on the man in question. I’m sure we’ve all asked these questions at one time or the other, I know I have. Breakups are hard in the beginning, but they get better with time, in these moments, it’s imperative that we know we’re in total control of our lives and how we feel. 

Everything gets better with time, it only depends on how we tackle our emotions. If he wants to, he will come back, and you will know that he wants to make a comeback when that happens. How? I will be providing the answers, of course! This article highlights ten sure signs your ex will eventually return as well as some tips to get him back. 

13 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

1. It wasn’t a breakup, but a break

Many couples do this often; they take breaks in their relationships without actually

breaking up or ending things. I don’t think I can go through with this personally, but for others, it works in their favor. For such relationships, the time apart is taken for each party to reflect on the relationship, and work on making things better individually. You get to see how you truly feel towards the other person during the much-needed break, then return with better resolve.

Calling for breaks in a union is usually for a good reason, things may be getting toxic and some space would help both of you clear your heads. You both could’ve decided to call it quits right away but instead, decided to go with personal introspection; this means you see yourselves going on for the long haul. In situations like this, you’re definitely bound to get back together, or in the worst-case scenario, make an attempt at staying together.

2. He was your true love

We’ve all been in a number of relationships (well, not everyone), and we’ve fallen in love with a good number of people with different characters and perceptions. These relationships could be fueled by the regular puppy-love affection, only for the feeling to vanish after some time. 

If you feel like you have finally met ‘the one,’ - the person you feel most comfortable with, and who shows you what true love really means and entails, then maybe he feels the same way too. 

He became someone you can’t do without, a person who makes you want to be a better version of yourself every day without questioning why. True love is a fantastic thing to experience, and once you have a feel of it with someone who feels the same way, no one and no amount of distance can keep you apart. If he sees you as his true sweetheart too, he’s bound to return sooner than you think, simply because he’s your one and only soulmate.

3. Your heart misses his

This may sound very corny, but it holds a lot of truth, we mostly think about people we care about, but when it comes to heart-felt feelings, these often occur when the other person shares our sentiments and current emotions. If your heart aches to have your ex back, chances are he’s also missing you wherever he may be. If you’re trying not to think about him, but the thoughts keep coming back, it’s possible his heart is feeling the same thing.

In most cases, when you genuinely love and care for your guy, it’s usually a mutual feeling he shares with you. During a breakup, with the aim to get him back, you’d probably feel like dialing his number and speaking to him. Talking to him can help you realize that he’s missing you too and that you’re both still synced emotionally, besides, what’s life without a little risk.

4. You’ve broken up before

Usually referred to as the rinse and repeat, it’s a case where you and your man have broken up before but still found your way back to each other. This second round was even better than the first time since you both learned lessons from the first try. Now here you are, single again and wondering if there’s going to be the third round, there just might be.

Many couples break up and reunite endlessly, and ultimately end up getting back for life. This can be your story, too, especially if you have a relatively healthy relationship with your ex-boyfriend or boyfriend. On and off relationships are weird but real, and there’s a high chance that he might want a comeback, after which you’ll both live happily ever after, hopefully.

5. He hasn’t moved on… yet

You’ve been apart for about six months or less, and you’re confident your ex hasn’t officially moved on. Yes, they post pictures every now and then with some other woman they call amazing, but those photos never stay for long. When your ex hasn’t got another girl since the two of you parted ways, that could be because he wants you back.

This is an excellent point for guys who are natural players, if he’s a player and is still single after you, chances are he’s realized how bad he messed up by letting you go and is thinking about talking to you again. The mere fact that he’s thinking about you doesn’t encourage him to look for another person. Before taking any action, make sure to get reactions and advice from people you trust, who might even know him better than you do.

6. There’s still contact

We’re talking about the non-stop contact rule, the one where he calls and sends text messages every day, leaving you to wonder whether or not you’ve indeed broken up. This sign is very tricky, as it’s not always accurate. You might have an ex-boyfriend who is scared you’ll do something foolish after the breakup, so he's kind of checking up on you. 

He might also be feeling bored, in need of something to do or the non-stop contact could be because he misses you and is trying to find out how best to rectify things. If this is the case, there’s a good chance you’ll get him back. Unless a man has feelings for you or cares a lot about you, he won’t try to keep in contact with you; it’s just too much responsibility. 

He must like you to some degree to give his time and affection through calls and text messages. When your ex doesn’t need to, but still contacts you, he might want you back. It’s up to you to decide whether you’re willing to take the plunge when he tells you of his intentions.

7. He still wants to know about your day

Your ex-boyfriend misses you and wants to get back together if he’s consistently curious about your day and how it went. His curiosity is simply because he’s still interested in you and everything you do. If he had no feelings for you, whatever you do with your day will have nothing to do with him; neither will such a thought ring in his mind, he misses you, period!

He still wants to know about your day

If your ex-boyfriend didn’t care, he wouldn’t bother to contact you regularly, only to ask if you had coffee or tea, that’s utterly absurd. Sometimes in life, if you want to be with someone, you have to be away from them for a while to understand how much they mean to you. This might be happening to your ex, which is why he’s trying to say hi again!

8. He’s in touch with your family

Breaking up with someone you wanted to go all the way with can be very difficult since the families might’ve been involved. When families have to be dealt with during a breakup, it can be one of the worst things to go through, especially if they loved you as much as you did them. If you’re trying to get over an ex in such a situation, one of the ties you’ll work at severing is that of family. 

You definitely won’t go calling his sisters or mother simply to say hi. Likewise, he wouldn’t do the same if he still didn’t have feelings for you. If your ex-boyfriend still hangs out with your siblings, buys them things, or calls them frequently, it could be a sign. 

Are still has your parents on speed dial? You have to consider the fact that he still sees you in his life and future. This is something to ponder upon every time your family mentions having dinner with the ex you’re trying to keep in your past.

9. He’s stalking you on social media

He’s everywhere you are, and it might get a little suffocating on social media. In recent times, guys have joined the social media stalking train and have learned all the tricks we once held dear to our hearts. One of the first places to check on people in our lives is social media, and your ex-boyfriend won’t hold back if he still has the hots for you.

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If he’s violating the no contact rule by liking your posts, leaving comments under your picture on Instagram or Facebook, he’s probably still hooked on you. Don’t be surprised when your friends begin texting and calling to find out what’s happening between you and him. You’ll have no answer, of course, but you will know that your ex has left his door open, hoping to mend things sooner than later.

10. He still catches up with your friends

He’s swamped and has a lot on his mind, but somehow, your ex-boyfriend still finds ways of keeping up with your friends. Catching up with your friends is a subtle way to catch up with you and your life, especially when it comes to a new guy. When your former boyfriend makes time in his otherwise busy calendar for drinks with your friends, chances are he’s still interested in you and is looking for ways to fix things.  

There’s no other reason why he’ll still be communicating with your friends, without hitting on any of them. Talking to your friends might give your pals a hint that he still wants you back, and if they love him too, they’ll be willing to help him win you again.

11. He’s always passing comments

The consistent comments on your social media uploads from your ex should be a hint at his attempt to make a return into your life. This is a more profound point after the social media stalking since it focuses on comments in detail. It’s safe to say your former lover wants a second chance if he’s taking time to respond or comment under specific posts you upload. He wouldn’t take the time to do so if he simply wasn’t interested.

If the comments passed are odd or reek of jealousy, you have to be cautious, as this means

something else altogether. If they are constructive and positive, chances are he’s still genuinely in love with you, cares about you, and wishes for another try at your union. It’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to give things another try if he indeed comes back.

12. It’s only been a day

So, it’s only been a day or, in extreme cases, some minutes since he mentioned a breakup. During this time, you’re almost sure that he still wants you because they’re still uncertain about their decision. If he hints at a comeback, it is best to take your time before giving him your choice. Jumping right back into the relationship might not yield any profitable results, and might cause you more hurt in the long run than you’d expect.

13. Your gut knows

A woman's intuition hardly lies, trust your gut when it hints at your ex coming to ask for another chance. Your mind and body are two parts of you that give you information on how others feel about you. Listen to the first impulse from your gut; the first is always right. 

Your intuition might be right about the fact that he wants you back, but until he makes it verbal or official, that is his choice. He might not act because he’s scared of being rejected, so, it will be better for you to make the first move. If you still want him and your gut feeling says he wants you to, there’s no harm in giving it a shot.


Do guys usually come back?

From where we stand, anything on the far end of our boundaries seems tempting, beautiful, and seemingly the best thing that could happen to us. These illusions stick with us until after struggling to get to the other side, we realize that there was nothing special about the other side. 

If it has become a habit in your relationship, to break up and mend things again days later, it could mean two things, you both love the drama, or are hanging on to a toxic relationship. 

Will he come back if I give him space?

In relationships, one person might ask for space for varying reasons, and if that person is your man, be sure to give it to him. In doing this, remember to keep living your life as well as you can. Take up new hobbies and sports, and any other thing that will keep you happy and occupied. If he truly loves and misses you, he’ll realize it soon enough, and start working on getting his ex back, which is you by the way. 

Will he come back after no contact?

The second your man fears losing you to someone else; he’ll want you back. It’s a natural phenomenon that happens even to children. When their favorite toy is taken away, they feel lost and dejected, and they want it back. If a guy breaks up with you, leave him and focus on making your life amazing. Try sticking to the no contact rule and see how fast he tries to return.

How long does it take for a guy to regret breaking up?

The feeling of guilt or remorse for breaking up with someone else takes a lot of time. It can range anywhere up to six months, especially for men. After this stipulated time, they begin to regret dumping you and want to make it up to you.

Will he come back if I leave him alone?

It is not set in stone that leaving a man alone will most definitely bring him back. If he genuinely cared about you and left for external reasons, he has a high chance of realizing how much he misses you and everything you represent. It is during this moment that he’ll try to return to you

To Sum Things Up

When we love someone so much, losing them forever can be hurtful, emotionally, and physically. It’s sometimes more comfortable to imagine scenarios where he returns and professes his affection again, instead of facing the reality that he might never return. With this article, I spoke about the signs that show beyond certainty that he will indeed return and these signs are concrete. 

I hope you enjoyed reading through this list, please don’t forget to leave a comment below, and share this with your friends as well. 

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