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How To Say No To A Booty Text (13 Tactics To Try)

Are you receiving unwanted booty texts on your phone?

Would you like to let this guy down gently without upsetting him?

If so, I’d recommend you read this guide, as it features 13 useful tips for saying ‘no’ to a booty text.

But, before we get into this guide, let me make a prediction.

If you’re being this thoughtful about your response to a booty text, you probably have some sort of romantic feelings towards this guy. Maybe you’d even consider responding positively to his message, if you knew a bit more about who he was and what his true intentions were.

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Of course, it could still be that you want to turn this guy down. And I want to help you to do that in the most effective way. So, scroll down now to read my 13 effective tips for turning down a booty text.

How To Say No To A Booty Call

When a booty call catches you off guard, you temporarily freeze. Sometimes that freezing moment is full of disappointment, and other times it simply catches you off guard. Either way, it’s important to respond the right way

It’s important to let him know that you’re interested in him as a person if you still want to talk to him and to show some self-respect if you simply don’t do booty calls. There are quite a few ways that you can approach this situation. One of these 13 tactics is guaranteed to be right up your alley. 

1. Block him

No one says that you have to respond. If the guy is nothing more than an old flame that still has your number from years ago, and he randomly pops up every six months, do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with a response. He’ll just pop up six months later again. Instead, hit the block button and go back to bed. 

2. Explain that you want more than sex

Explain that you want more than sex

This is the response that you’re looking for if you were sexting but now regret it. It can be easy to fall into that trap, or accidentally come off the wrong way when you were just trying to make sure that you were sexually compatible. If this is the case, it’s a little understandable that he thought you would be down for booty calls. 

Your response needs to clear the air. Let him know why your actions were what they were, and let him know that you aren’t interested in being his booty call. You can simply state how you feel, explain your actions, and close it with an “I’d rather not be your booty call. I like you more than that.”

3. “I don’t do booty calls”

If you want something more concrete than a booty call, in general, simply tell him that you don’t do booty calls. There’s no need to explain anything else. If he asks why, tell him why, but don’t engage in negotiations. Instead, he should respect your decision enough to stop texting about wanting some nookie. 

4. Silence speaks more than words

If you’re not one to do booty calls and find that him implying that is a bit offensive, not saying anything will speak volumes. Don’t chase after him. Don’t go off, even if you want to. Instead, simply turn your phone on silent. Go back to sleep. Then, address it in the morning after he either apologizes or moves on from the topic. He’ll get the message loud and clear. 

Sometimes, men will ask why you didn’t text back. Simply tell him that you don’t want to be his booty call. If he persists, it means that the two of you don’t have the future that you’re looking for in a man. 

5. The casual turn down

It can be so hard to tell a guy that you’re fantasizing about no when he texts you late at night. He’s dreamy. He’s gorgeous. You’re in love with his personality. However, you want him to feel the same way about you. 

In this scenario, you don’t want to come off too bitchy, but you don’t want to give in either. Toss in a “lol” or “sounds great, but no” in your text to keep the mood light. Simply tell him “you’re amazing, but I don’t do that.” This will keep things casual, leave the door open for more conversations with him, and let him know that you’re not going to do that. 

6. Tell him it’s not okay

If not responding is just not your style, and you want to see the behavior change, let him know. Tell him that it’s not okay to text for sex and that you don’t appreciate being on the receiving end of that. Let him know that you want a relationship, not a hookup. 

Guys will respond to this by either being defensive or apologizing. No matter how they respond, you can trust that it’ll be the last time that he shoots you a random text for sex. 

7. Turn it into a date

Sometimes, we really like a guy, but they do something dumb, like that phone call for sex. If you want to forgive him and give him another chance, tell him thanks, and then ask him out on a date. Tell him “that would be fun, but going to the movies with you would be preferable/a lot more fun/ more my style.” 

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When a man sees you as nothing but someone to have sex with, he won’t go along with the date idea or you can expect him to cancel at the last minute. If he wants to get to know you, he will. 

8. Skip the explanation

While giving an explanation for previous behavior is okay, it’s not always necessary to provide responses full of explanations. Instead, let him know what your wishes are, and then toss the ball back into his court. 

9. Provide alternatives to Netflix and chill

Provide alternatives to Netflix and chill

Maybe he didn’t exactly say that he wanted sex, but he invited you over to watch a movie. At his place. If you don’t want to take him up on that offer, and you know what the outcome will be, offer another suggestion instead. Tell him you’d rather go out for a movie. 

10. Ignore breadcrumbing attempts

If he’s breadcrumbing you, it’s easy to fall for. He might seem like he wants more than just sex because he texts you randomly during the day. On the other hand, the only time you see him is when he wants sex. This is the equivalent of breadcrumbing. He’s leading you on so that he can keep you under his thumb, and enjoy sex on the side. 

You don’t need someone like this in your life. If you want to celebrate your sexuality with an FWB, do it with someone that is honest and doesn’t lead you on. If you want a relationship, you’re not going to get it with this guy. It’s time to ignore anything he has to say and move on with things with someone else. 

11. Send a meme

I have one meme that I love to use. It’s a picture of Bugs Bunny saying “NO”. I don’t say anything about it. There’s no need for an explanation. Just that one meme. It’s like a breath of fresh air not to agonize over what to say, or not to say. 

Instead, give it a shot. Just send a simple meme that says no. He’ll get the message, and it’ll showcase how awesome your personality is in one text message. It also requires very little effort. 

12. A witty comeback

A witty comeback can be as funny, or as ruthless, as you want it to be. For some clever ideas, check out this article. Keep in mind that this might not give the message that you want though. 

For example, if you want him to get the message not to hit you up the next time he’s in the mood, and he interprets your response as you playing, it’s not going to be effective. It will give you a good laugh, though. 

13. Be a bitch

After going through this so many times, it can just feel good to tell a guy off. Tell him to go f!@# himself. Rant about how guys that do that think that girls have low self-esteem. Recommend he goes to therapy. Call him toxic. Really, just let it all out. 

This isn’t one of those things that you would normally do if you want someone to like you, but if they just want to get you in the sack anyway, why be concerned about their feelings? Exactly. 


How do you politely decline a booty call?

Say no thank you, and suggest something else instead. Then, provide several things you’d like to do with him, like going to the movies, hanging out with a group of friends, bowling, shopping, or going to the zoo. He’ll get the point that you don’t want to randomly hook up with him. 

How do you reply to a booty text?

Either politely decline his advance and offer something else to do, or eliminate him from your dating life. For the latter, you want to ignore someone or let him know how you feel and then ignore him some more. Silence is still a response. 

What time is a booty text?

Anytime after midnight. If he is known to frequent the bar and sends you a message at three in the morning, it’s always for something sexual. It means the bar just closed, and he wants to spend the night with you instead of going home. 

How do you turn a booty call into a relationship?

Get to know each other outside of the bedroom. Next time, cuddle afterward ask some cliche questions like, what’s your favorite color. Tell him things about yourself. When you like someone, it’s important that they feel the same way, so you need to slowly show them how amazing you are!

How do you make your hookup miss you?

Silence. If he’s going to miss you, this works every time. Simply don’t contact him first. However, keep in mind that just because you miss someone it doesn’t mean that they will miss you back. He might simply move on to the next. If that’s the case, he just did you a favor anyway. 

In Conclusion

How to respond to this request depends on whether you plan to forgive them, or will no longer be interested. My go-to responses are silence or a meme. What about you? How do you respond?

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