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Dating A Chef (17 Things To Expect When Dating A Chef)

There are various stereotypes about being with chefs that make people believe it’s always a pleasurable experience. They believe the man will forever shower his woman with amazing food and romantic dinners. On the contrary, this scenario doesn’t perpetually happen.

Dating a chef is amazing, but there are several downsides like any average relationship. If you’re contemplating being with one, this article will give you a proper insight into everything to expect from the association.

More so, it will change some of the negative impressions people have about professional cooks, including how angry and stonyhearted they are. If you’re ready to find out what it’s like to be with such a man, continue reading. 

17 Things To Expect When Dating A Chef

1. Expect a busy schedule

If your man’s career is cooking professionally, you should expect a hefty schedule from him. He’ll rarely have time for normal activities. More so, your bedtime will be his working hours and vice versa. This factor is critical to remember when dating a chef. Most of his busy schedules will be unintentional, which means you have to deliberately plan to spend time together. 

Getting used to the lifestyle of chefs will help you have a better relationship with them. You’ll be less concerned about his schedule and would focus more on making the relationship work. More so, his busy occupation won’t be as important as the bond you share with him. Behaving this way is critical to having a successful relationship with a professional cook. 

You need to see things from his perspective before you can understand his struggles. Expecting him to give up his passion to spend time with you will only cause more problems.

2. People will want to know the best meal he has cooked

People are naturally curious about popular professions. Therefore, telling your friends or loved ones that you’re seeing a chef will undoubtedly come with a few questions. One prominent question you should expect to hear is the best meal your man has cooked for you. 

They’ll unconsciously want to rate his cooking skills, and see what it's like to date a chef. It would help if you didn’t get offended by their curiosity. Even so, don’t expect people not to inquire about your personal life. Other people might dive into deeper questions like whether he lets you cook or teaches you his secret recipes. 

Never think they’re prying or overstepping their boundaries. They're merely excited about your association with a chef. Think of it as one of the perks of being with a skilled worker. You’ll always get attention from others because they’ll like to know more.

3. People will ask if he always cooks for you

Another question you should expect to hear often is whether your chef-partner allows you to cook at home, or not. This inquiry is based on the popular notion that chefs prefer to cook their foods by themself. Although this concept isn’t particularly true, it would help to forgive people’s ways of making inquiries. 

They’ll meddle in your dating life to get information on the time you spend in the kitchen. They also want to know the perks of being with a man with culinary skills. Will they, perhaps, consider being with one too? These are some of the reasons why people will ask a lot of questions. Be prepared to give intuitive responses to keep them off your chest for a while.

Keeping certain things a secret will only cause them to be more inquisitive. You should be willing to let out some information to appease their curiosity.

4. His hands will mostly smell like food

For someone that spends a lot of time cooking in a restaurant, you should expect your partner’s hands to constantly smell like food. This process might be hard to deal with in the beginning. However, with time, you’ll get used to the smell. You’ll appreciate his passion and resilience towards his job, which will cause you to neglect certain things.

More so, his effort towards making the relationship work will cause you to overlook these factors. Whether it’s garlic or any other odor you’re uncomfortable with, baring through the process will pay off in the long run. You can offer to take care of his hands as a kind gesture. However, it won't entirely deal with the constant smell.

Making him feel comfortable despite these factors will go a long way. He’ll really appreciate your efforts to deliver a home-like feeling, which will sponsor harmony between the both of you.

5. You’ll notice the knife markings on his hands

youll notice the knife markings on his hands

All chefs handle various kitchen utensils for long periods. Therefore, you should expect to see some depression in your partner’s hands from holding them all day long. It might be uncomfortable at first, but ensure it makes you compassionate towards him. Find ways to make him more comfortable by giving him optimal care when he’s home from work.

Never expect him to cater to these factors all by himself. If he works night shifts, he’ll be too tired to handle his personal care. Helping in these areas will ensure he feels all the more special. More so, he’ll value you as his partner. Things like moisturizing and exfoliating his hands can help him recuperate after a long night at work. 

Even so, encouraging him to apply sunscreen or other hand care products can help him stay at the top of his game.

6. He’ll always help with your food

One of the advantages of being with a chef is that he’ll help you through your kitchen mishaps and disasters. He’ll know several tips and recipes to ensure your meals are tastier. Plus, he’ll be eager to offer a helping hand. His culinary skills will cause being together to be more exciting. Plus, you’ll have adventurous stories to look back on. 

Ironically, he may not always want to cook when he’s home. But if you ask for his help, he’ll be more than willing to offer it. Seeing his girlfriend excel in his area of expertise will indeed make him happy. However, you should always think of his well-being before asking for help. He might be too tired and unwilling to cook. 

Thinking he should always help with meals would put too much pressure on him. On the contrary, being empathetic at certain moments will go a long way.

7. You’ll unconsciously try to keep up

Dating chefs can be challenging because you’ll unconsciously try to measure up. You’ll try to cook better meals and engage certain precautions in the kitchen that you weren't used to before. Their dedication to their profession will even make you more enthusiastic about yours. Since they are great leaders, you’ll find yourself taking on more responsibilities, even while dating.

These and many more scenarios are likely to happen because the life of a chef is somewhat intimidating. However, be careful not to feel inferior if you don’t measure up. Your partner will also face several ups and downs running a restaurant but will endure those obstacles. Using only their great times as a determinant of your success will put more pressure on you. 

It’s critical to learn life qualities from your chef partner, but ensure it doesn’t cause you to seek an unhealthy sense of perfection.

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8. You’ll be under pressure when you cook for him

It’s natural to feel intimidated when you’re doing something your partner is good at. You might feel insecure due to your sense of incompetence. However, try not to let this feeling consume you. Your partner will not really expect you to measure up to his standards. He’s had several years to train, which will cause him to be more empathetic towards you.

Understand that you’ll make mistakes when cooking for your chef-partner. More so, you might receive instructions on how to do better next time. Never take your partner's criticism the wrong way. He’s not discrediting your work but wants you to improve. Seeing this as one of the perks of being with such a man will build peace and harmony between both pof you.

You should also strive to communicate your displeasure with certain criticism to prevent it from happening again.

9. He’ll ironically love eating out

Thinking chefs love to prepare all their meals is a common misconception. On the contrary, they prefer trying different meals at several restaurants. This process helps them get better at their jobs, and sample out their competition. The more you come to terms with their ironic lifestyles, the less disappointed you’ll feel by certain of his actions. 

You need to give him the benefit of the doubt when he picks a restaurant you’re unsure about. Instead of cooking, he might want to try new foods as a date idea. Things won’t always go the way you planned, but that’s the fun of being with someone like this. There’ll be a sense of spontaneity in every action, which you’ll undoubtedly enjoy together, with time.

Your chef-partner will mostly think outside the box to stir up his creativity. Giving him room to express himself is extremely critical.

10. His utensils are precious to him

his utensils are precious to him

Most chefs work with precision, which means they value some of their kitchen utensils more than others. Paying attention to these tools and treating them with utmost care will get you on your partner’s favorable side. Never assume they don’t care about their utensils. More so, that the ones at home aren’t as important as the ones in the restaurant.

As much as writers value their notebooks, your partner will really value his utensils even when he’s not working. You shouldn’t use them carelessly, except when critical to your meal preparation. It would also help if you asked permission to avoid misusing or tampering with its working process.

These steps are critical to the growth and union of your relationship with a chef. The more you see things from his angle, the more your association with him will blossom. Try not to think he’s too demanding when he makes certain rules about his equipment.

11. Getting free time together is hard

Chefs mostly have cumbersome schedules because of how engrossed they are in their profession. Your partner will treat his career with utmost importance and might not have time for other activities. Even so, he’s likely to work during the day and night, which might take a toll on his private life.

It’s critical to understand that finding time alone with your partner might be hard. You’ll have to plan rigorously before both of you can be alone together. It isn’t your partner’s fault but merely the nature of his job. Making every moment count is crucial to making things work. You don’t need to complain about the situation but cherish the moment even more.

Ensure your partner feels at home whenever he's with you. This step is essential to building a unique bond with him. He’ll be more willing to hang out with you despite his need to rest.

12. He’ll always want to visit specific restaurants

There are many things you won’t understand about your chef partner, and one of them is his desire to visit specific restaurants. He might want to go to these places for several other reasons apart from food, which you might find annoying. Regardless, you have to trust his instincts whenever he makes such decisions. 

He might also recommend certain foods you’re not comfortable eating, or you’ve never tried before. Instead of making a problem about it, you should embrace spontaneity. These scenarios would push you beyond your comfort zone but are one of the perks of dating a chef. 

His desire as a chef is to light up your taste buds while feeding his creativity. He also believes there’s a way around everything, so this is a great way to keep things fresh and exciting.

13. Your friends and family will always meet him for cooking advice

Since your partner is an expert in a popular field, your friends and family will undoubtedly meet him for advice. You might also become a middle man for their inquiries. Therefore, it’s crucial to get accustomed to the process. From learning how to cook home food to dishing up restaurant recipes, your partner’s phone would be a hotline for other people's kitchen disasters. 

The best way to handle such a situation is to see things from a positive angle. You can even think of yourself as a chef’s assistant and offer tips in the areas you’re knowledgeable about. More so, encourage your partner not to get offended by their persistent questions. 

Thinking of other fun ways to handle their inquiries will help you cope with the situation. For example, you can host a family dinner at your residence, where your partner can cook everyone’s favorite.

14. He’ll want you to try specific foods with him

Your partner’s taste buds might be different from yours, but he’ll undoubtedly want you to try out several recipes with him. Whether it’s from his kitchen or in a new restaurant, he’ll love sharing his latest discoveries with you. This process will be the highlight of working day and night to excite other people’s taste buds. It could even serve as some of his date ideas.

Getting used to the meals your partner likes is critical to bonding with him. You’ll have to trust his intuition even though you’re unsure about the recipe. If you enjoy what your chef offers, you’ll be making him really happy. The good thing about this experience is that you’ll certainly appreciate what he offers. 

More so, there’s nothing more exciting than trying out awesome meals with your partner. It might take your taste buds time to adjust to the new foods. Nonetheless, you’re bound to enjoy them.

15. He won’t show enough remorse for burns and splashes

he wont show enough remorse for burns and splashes

A chef is bound to experience multiple burns and splashes from being in the kitchen all day. However, he’ll get used to the pain since it’s part of his profession. This process might make him less remorseful of your pain when you encounter such accidents. 

You might expect him to treat you like a baby and cater to your wounds. Instead, he might utter a silent, “Sorry!” and continue with his meal preparation. He might go further to give tips on how to handle your burns, but may not address them in the manner you expect. 

It’s critical not to take his response the hard way. You may not appreciate his approach but it doesn’t change how he feels about you. He’s used to being tough about the situation, which has undoubtedly affected his empathy level. It would help not to use his reaction to judge the outcome of your relationship with him.

16. He won’t be excited about staying in and cooking

Ironically, a chef would seek more adventure outside his home when it comes to food. He won’t fancy staying in and whooping up meals, especially since it’s what he always does at work. Instead, he’ll want to experience things from another angle. For example, finding out what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the fire.

He’ll love visiting a new or specific restaurant more than he’ll like preparing meals out of leisure. Understanding this lifestyle is key to making your chef happier. Instead of demanding your favorite recipes, you can treat him to something nice from a place he loves. This process will also increase the bond between the both of you.

Even so, it will make him more willing to prepare your favorite dishes when you request them. Understanding how to make a chef happy is key to your happiness.

17. You’ll have loads of fun

Irrespective of the ups and downs you might face with a chef, it’s undoubtedly a pleasurable experience. In the same way, he handles his profession, he’ll be passionate about you. Even better, he’ll ensure your taste buds get the best experience from being with him. Your kitchen will get the respect it deserves and would become a place where exceptional dishes are created.

Your dates would even be more extraordinary because your partner would know all the best spots in town to treat you to something sumptuous. Everyone in your family will be pleased with the help he offers to you and them. From giving tips and secret recipes to ensuring you never prepare a bad meal, everyone would be satisfied.

The most critical thing to remember is to handle the downsides more intuitively. Instead of reacting negatively, use it as an avenue to increase the bond between you and your partner.


Are chefs good in bed?

After a strenuous day at work, a chef would be willing to invest his time in relaxing exercises like sex. In the same manner, he’s passionate about his food, he’ll focus on making his woman feel special in bed. This factor makes him an excellent lover and an expert in sexual activities

Why should you date a chef?

One of the best reasons to date a chef is that you’ll taste new and delicious chef recipes. More so, they are known to be romantic individuals, which means you’ll be treated with love and compassion. Your kitchen will always be super clean, while he works his magic for you and your family. 

How do you deal with dating a chef?

Dating a chef is a great experience, but you’ll certainly experience some ups and downs. You’ll have to handle his busy schedule by making plans on how to spend his free moments as a couple. More so, you’d have to get accustomed to the kind of food he likes, even if it’s not your favorite.

How can I impress my chef boyfriend?

The easiest way to impress your chef boyfriend is by giving positive and intuitive feedback on his meals. More so, you need to treat his utensils with optimal care. Remember that trying to be as perfect as he is wouldn’t necessarily impress him. It’ll only put too much pressure on you and the relationship. 

Do chefs cheat?

A chef is bound to work long hours, meaning he’ll have little to no time for other activities. He can handle romantic relationships, but would rarely have a chance to cheat. If you really like a chef and you’re contemplating being with him, your major worry should be his busy schedule and not his promiscuousness.


Did you enjoy this article on having a relationship with a chef? Remember that being with a chef won’t always be pleasurable. However, you can make your boyfriend happy by finding little ways to make him comfortable. His happiness would undoubtedly make him a better partner. Kindly leave a comment below or share this article if you liked it.

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