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What To Do On A Blind Date? (15 Perfect Tips)

Exciting, scary, fun, dangerous, these are just a few of many adjectives lots of women have used to describe their thoughts on a blind date. However, the times have called for it.

Gone are the days when women waited for prince charming to come sweep them off their feet, and take them off to his castle. 

These days, lots of people need a little help finding someone who’s compatible with them. The process may not be fun, but it's necessary. So, going on a blind date, what would once have been taboo, is slowly becoming acceptable and even encouraged.

Blind dates have been around for a while. Having a friend or family member set you up with someone is not new. Some people have reported having a successful blind date and even more people are buying into it. However, some blind dates can turn out to be very awkward, ending in complete disaster.

15 Things To Do On A Blind Date

A lot of women tend to put all the blame on their blind date yet, the outcome of the date can’t only be blamed on the men. Both parties have a part to play in its success or failure. 

I believe everything has a cheat code and this includes having a successful blind date. Whether it ends in a lasting relationship or you both just end up having a good time, it's possible to enjoy a pleasant evening with your blind date. If you’re sick and tired of having bad dating experiences and you'd like to have those cheat codes already, then this puts an end to your search. 

Below are a few blind date tips that will help you enjoy your time with your potential Prince Charming. 

1. Keep an open mind

If you've agreed to go on a blind date with someone, then this probably means that you've tried other dating options. Obviously, this does not apply to everyone, some people are just lucky to find love on the first try.

However, you've got to keep in mind that this person may not immediately fit into your own idea of a partner. Try not to shut them out, there's probably a reason your mutual friend felt you two would be perfect for each other. You may find out sooner or later that you both are very compatible. So, it's important to keep an open mind, don't judge a book by its cover. 

2. Keep your expectations neutral

This isn't the famous ‘billionaire matchmaker’ show, no one is going to pick out a model for you. Even though that happens, there's still a possibility that you may not like him. It's important to keep your expectations low or neutral when you're about to go on a blind date. Don't expect to be set up with a ‘Ken’, when you may not exactly be a ‘Barbie’ yourself. 

Don't expect to have the usual, ‘like at first glance’ experience, get used to the idea that chemistry can grow over time. The more you speak to a person and spend some time with them, the more you see the beauty in them. This does not mean you have to tolerate bad behavior or ignore red flags, it just means you should give him a chance. If he’s making a good impression, then there's a chance that you may start to like him over time.

3. Do some background checks

For safety reasons, a blind date should not be completely blind, especially if this person is not very well known by the people who set you up. The world is a dangerous place, take care not to lose your life just because you want to be in a relationship. 

Besides asking your friend for some blind date tips, ask them questions about this person. then back them up with your own findings. A little online search never hurt anyone. This search may save you from a scarring experience.

Look up his friends on social media and check his interests and his posts so you can understand his tone and what he stands for. If you happen to stumble upon his Twitter page and discover a couple of misogynistic tweets before your blind date, you've just saved yourself from a very unpleasant experience. 

4. Wear something nice and comfortable

Most people are under the impression that a comfortable look is equal to a hideous look. This is very far from the truth. Some cute, stylish outfits are quite comfortable, this is what you should aim for. It's important that you feel comfortable in whatever you wear and look good while you’re at it.

Looking good works wonders for your confidence; being checked out or paid some compliments on your way for your blind date would make you feel way more secure. It would lighten up your mood and may even ensure you have a great time. Feeling comfortable will help you walk in there with good vibes; no one hates a fun vibe and I'm convinced your date would really appreciate it.

5. Drink moderately

Another great blind date tip is to stay sober. When you're on a first date, you need to be as alert as possible. You need to have clarity so you can recognize the red flags if they show up. This is why you should drink very little. Don't wash your dinner down with a whole bottle of wine just because your date keeps offering it to you. Once you've had at most two glasses, you're good to go. 

Besides this, your first date with anyone is quite important. It's on this date you will get to decide if you and your date are a good match. Trust me, you'd want to be fully sober for this. You don't want to sober up two dates later just to discover that you don't find this person interesting at all.

6. Leave your insecurities behind

leave your insecurities behind

Lots of women think pointing out their insecurities means they're owning them; this is not true. This is not true, in fact, a lot of men have confessed that hearing a woman list out her insecurities is a complete turn-off to them. 

Every mature guy knows that no female body is completely not perfect. They honestly don't expect you to look like a tomb raider avatar or a supermodel with no flaws. They have eyes, they can see your curves and edges, they don't need you pointing them out especially when it's in a bid to fish for compliments. 

Ask most men and they'll tell you that confidence (not pride) is very attractive. So, leave your insecurities in your purse and enjoy your time with the mystery beau sitting in front of you.

7. Be yourself

In today's world, there's lots of confusion about what a person should be and how they should behave. Some of the ideals we grew up with are now unacceptable, so people are becoming more and more afraid to be themselves. 

However, when it comes to relationships, it's important to stick to the real you. This is because you may have a successful blind date and end up spending lots of time with him. If you pretend to be someone you're not on your first date, you will struggle to keep up with the pretense. Along the line, he'll eventually realize you're a poser

Don't be ashamed to state what you like and what you cannot tolerate, the aim is finding someone who loves you just the way you are.

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8. Read their body language

Going on a blind date with someone is a bit daunting. You don't know what they like, or what they find rude or hurtful, so you may have to use your observational skills for a while. 

No one wants to seem picky or bratty at first, so he may not voice out much. It’s left to you to watch. Yes, it's true that you aren't a mind reader, but by watching a person's body language you can tell when they're uncomfortable, irritated, or just plain unimpressed. Try reading his body language so you can know when to lighten the mood, or if you got carried away and you're talking too much.

9. Stay humble

Bragging is another major turn off and everyone can agree on this. Both men and women find pride to be very repulsive. So, you need to stay humble. Your blind date is not an opportunity for you to brag about being employee of the month four months in a row. There’s nothing interesting about that and you’d need to be interesting to keep your date engaged. Keep your achievements out of your conversations. 

Also, don't be too proud to tell your date he looks good, it may help him relax and worry less about what you think of him. Trying to boast about your looks or anything else could really turn him off or intimidate him, so remember to stay humble.

10. Be honest

Telling lies is part of being fake, try your best not to do this. Just stay honest even though you don't feel like you're in his League. You may need to talk to yourself before you step out for your date. Make peace with anything you're insecure about so you don't end up having to lie about it.

Everyone has something they need to work on, no one has a perfect life. So, if there are any personal issues that are a bit sensitive, You don't have to bring it up, just don't lie about it. For example, if you're in between jobs at the moment you don't have to bring it up on your first date. However, if he asks about your career, don't make up stories. Just let him know you're still in the process of searching.

11. Listen and don't interrupt

People love to be heard, no one likes to be silenced or feel irrelevant. So, don't get carried away talking about yourself, listen to what he has to say too.

Even if he happens to say much about himself, use that opportunity to get to know more about him. It may help you decide if you truly want to keep seeing this person or not. Everyone has a unique story, even if you don't see yourself in a relationship with him, you may learn a few things from his stories. 

Although some people are unbearably boring, this is not an excuse for you to interrupt them. Listen for as long as you can and if you can't take it anymore, ask to be excused and go home.

12. Be punctual: first impressions matter

be punctual first impressions matter

It's very rude to keep anyone waiting, not just a date. So try your best to keep to the time you both agreed on. Being late to your first date is an unspoken message saying you do not respect their time or their person. 

If you know you need to do a whole make-up and pampering routine, start early. If something comes up at the last minute, call early enough to let him know that you may be a few minutes late. 

13. Be polite

We all know, in general, what things are considered to be rude on a date. For instance, showing up late with no prior warning, using your phone instead of engaging in conversation with your date. Keep your phone in your bag or purse until you urgently need it. Put it on silent if you're not a doctor or fireman. Your calls and texts can wait at least two hours, the world won't fall apart if you delay answering your calls for a while.

Pay attention to your date. The only reason you're both there is to get to know each other. Remember your table manners; unless your date is at a fast-food restaurant and you ordered a burger, use your cutlery when it's necessary. Treat your date with respect, even though you have no interest in seeing him after that, at least he took out time from his schedule to come on a date with you.

14. Keep things light

Stick to light topics, and don't get too intense on a first date. İf you're lucky and you both happen to like each other, remember that it's the first date. If you're going to flirt, keep it on a light note. Don't dive into being too explicit. 

When you're asking him questions about himself, stay on the surface topics. Ask about his career, family, his hobbies, and what does in his free time. Don't ask him about his past, his exes, etc. Keep everything on a light note. The aim of the date is for you both to know enough about each other, so you can decide if you'd like to keep seeing this person in the long run. 

15. Stay safe

You can never be too careful, the world can be a scary place, psychopaths walk around like normal people sometimes, you'd never see it coming.

Even though this is a friend of a friend, take safety measures just to keep yourself safe. Make sure your friends or family members know exactly where you're both going on your date. Ask your friend to call your number to check on you if you aren't back on time. Make sure your date is not too far from where you stay, it should be within the town where you can call a cab back to your home if things start getting scary. 

To stay even safer, agree to have your date in a public place. For example, in a restaurant, arcade, or cinema this way you're at less risk of getting hurt if he's a creep. Ultimately, do all this with wisdom, don't be too paranoid so you don't make your date uncomfortable. He may be as uncertain as you are. 


What should you not do on a blind date?

Don't raise your hopes too high, don't be rude, don't keep your partner waiting, and don't leave him hanging after the date. Let him know if you liked him. If you aren't interested in seeing him after that, then politely let him know, don't leave him there to wonder what he did wrong.

What do you say on a blind date?

Your blind date conversations should be kept light, don't make things uncomfortable or too intense by asking nosy questions. Ask your date about his interests, his passions, and skills. Being funny is a plus, it will make the date more fun. Although, it should not be forced.

Is it okay to go on blind dates?

Blind dates have proven to be awkward, unpleasant, and even risky for some people. However, a significant amount of people have some good reports about it. Some blind dates have led to a happily ever after. So, it's neither good nor bad. If you'd like to give it a try, keep your expectations low.

How do you introduce yourself on a blind date?

When you're introducing yourself to your date, make sure to make eye contact with him. Keep a friendly face if you can't hold your smile without feeling like you're forcing it. A handshake is alright, you don't have to hug him if you aren't comfortable with it. Don't put pressure on yourself to be fun, being polite is enough. 

How can I impress a blind date?

Don't try too hard to impress your date, that should not be your goal at this point. You need to focus on getting to know your date. However, if you want to wow him, put your best foot forward. Be polite, pay them compliments, be there on time and make a good conversation.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, there's no harm in trying new things. If you've tried the conventional way of dating and it hasn't worked for you, give your blind date a chance. Please let me know what you think about this article and be sure to share it.

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