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How To Meet A Successful Man (23 Best Ways)

Let's face it; every lady has a dreamy and fantastic picture of the ideal man when it comes to relationships. Therefore, it won't be a fallacy to say a successful man is every woman's dream. Don't let anyone make you feel it's a vain thing to desire a man that has achieved some feats in life

In fact, virtually everyone wants success one way or another. If it has always been one of your dreams to find, date, and settle down with a successful man, here are some tips on how to meet a successful man. This article will cover the things you need to do and places you can find these guys so that when you do meet them, you'll know what to do.

23 Ways To Meet A Successful Guy

1. Know What Successful Men Do

IF you want to want to meet wealthy or powerful men, the first thing is to know what these kinds of men do. Don't be fooled; it's not everyone driving a fancy car that's successful. Trust me; some men are just living above their means, trying to look rich. With the right job, you could get a mortgage for a luxury car. 

But how do real successful men make their money? These men are not usually salary earners except for athletes who earn huge weekly packages and appointed CEOs. Still, many of these sportsmen and CEOs do not live on their fat weekly or monthly wages only. They usually have chains of business. 

Therefore, most successful men are often entrepreneurs such as investment company owners, real estate investors, media and entertainment business owners, investors in oil and gas, and more. Furthermore, a growing number of professionals in the health care business and engineering are also wealthy. 

2. Research What Kind Of Woman They Want

research what kind of woman they want

It's a fact that men have preferences when it comes to choosing women. However, some things are common to all men when it comes to a healthy relationship. So depending on the kind of man, you'll need to exploit both the general things all successful men want and their personal preferences. 

Wealthy men love classy ladies, and class should naturally show in dressing, makeup, carriage, conversation, and behavior, etc. While successful men want women that'll be available whenever they want, research shows that most of them prefer someone who’s also relatively successful and independent as well. 

That explains why they are on the lookout to ensure a gold-digger isn't trying to play her way into getting a share of their wealth. Furthermore, these men prefer dating and showing off their relationship, so younger and pretty ladies are likely vital criteria.

3. Know Where They Unwind

Rich men have their hobbies, and it'll do you some good if you know where they relax and have fun. Many rich men like to enjoy themselves in private clubs, golf courses, etc. The good thing is, you can gain access to these places unless it's entirely exclusive for a certain class of people. Still, you can gain access with the right connections if you know your way around.

4. Know Where They Live

In general, the rich often like to live among people in their class, as it makes them feel more comfortable and safe. Plus, their kind of life would be similar. Therefore, one of the studies you need to do is to know where rich and successful men live. 

The reason is pretty simple, one of the most comfortable places to run into people is around their neighborhood, not in your local coffee shop. It may be while taking a morning stroll, a short jog, or an evening walk. To start dating someone who lives their life on the high side, one smart thing to do would be to show up where they can actually see or notice you.

5. Know What Interests Them

know what interests them

One other research you need to do is to know what interests them. It may be about hobbies, business, world politics, etc. Generally, wealthy men are usually interested in what may affect their financial position and life in general, such as the stock market, politics, elections, and the likes. 

It'll be nice if you can hold intelligent conversations, you don't need a degree here. You can take up the dailies or look through the internet for current news and dig deep, so you are grounded about the topics. 

They also like to know fun places where they can go on vacation or fun facts that aren’t privy to hear in their circle. Rich people also want to do things that'll keep them healthy enough to enjoy their life for a long time, so that'll be a good line of conversation.

6. Move Close To Their Residence

Now that you have done some research, It's time to move close to where you can smoothly run into them. Now, it's perfectly understandable that you may not be able to afford the luxury neighborhood; however, you can get something decent not too far away if you’re looking to build a relationship with someone above your class. 

The idea is to get as close as you can. Once you move in, engage in activities like jogging, walking your dog, or going to the coffee shops they frequent. Also moving close to where successful men live means you'll know more about their way of life and have better chances at dating the guy you like. 

7. Dress The Part

If you don't dress the part, likely, you won't attract the right attention. A little heads up though, rich and successful men can smell gold diggers from miles away. 

Even by swiping through profiles on online dating platforms, a successful guy could probably tell a lady who genuinely wants a relationship apart from someone who’s only dating for the money and status. 

So the idea here is to dress sexy but don’t cross the line where you start to look too desperate. Find a balance between exquisite and sexy. If you want to crash any of their events and are unsure what the dress code is, it’s better to choose something, class, chic and sexy. 

8. Be Confident And Aim At Being Successful

Beyond dressing exquisitely to catch the attention of successful men, you also need the charisma of a confident woman. You don't need to appear all desperate and needy; what you should do is make people feel you have what it takes to be great. If you are holding a conversation, captivate people around you. 

While this ability might be a natural gift to some people, it's also something you can learn and be good at. It's not about pretending to be someone else; it's about aiming to be better. Remember, you are not a gold-digger, so while he may have the money now, you should have the positive, can-do attitude that you have what it takes to be successful as well.

9. Have New Friends

have new friends

If you want to start dining with successful people, you need to start rolling with successful friends. I'm not saying you should become a jerk by dumping your old friends; however, you need to make new ones. Friends can introduce you to new acquaintances, and if they are rich, it's an easy way to meet someone successful. 

Wealthy and successful people attend each other's parties and events, so having a few wealthy friends on your side can give you access to parties and other events where you can meet the man of your dreams.

10. Change Hangouts Spots

If you are serious about meeting a successful guy and possibly starting a relationship with him, it's time you change some of your hangout spots. You might need to stop hanging out at local bars and classless restaurants. Take a step up and visit places where successful people dine.

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Restaurants are one of the places where you won't need a special invitation to get in. Once you dress the part and have some money to buy a meal, you are good to go. Frequently hanging out at spots located in high-brow areas can significantly increase your chances of meeting a successful man of your choice.

11. Start The Talk

Once you are lucky enough to meet them in their domain, it's time to engage them on what you have in your arsenal—no need to be too forward. Look for an open window to pitch in your opinion, intelligently. 

The ability to sway conversations will attract any man. Like I mentioned earlier, read and ground yourself in the topics you want to engage them. It'll be a disaster to start a conversation you can't sustain.

12. Act Like Money Doesn't Matter To You

Like I said before, successful men are careful about gold-diggers, so ensure your conversations are not all about money. Avoid asking about how much something costs, like how much he bought his Lamborghini or penthouse. The surest way to be profiled as a good-digger is to start asking about a man's bank account and how much he earns annually. 

13. Go To Public Functions

go to public functions

When it comes to meeting successful men, an excellent idea is attending charity events. The rich are always in the business of supporting charity. They do it as a way of giving back, and many of them physically attend those functions.

Usually, these events are strictly by invitation or by the purchase of expensive tickets. If you can't afford to pay your way in, you can still find your way by volunteering. You can find these kinds of events by searching online. 

14. Attend Sporting Events

Rich and successful men enjoy golf, horse racing, polo, etc. The great thing is, you can easily get into sporting events. While there may be VIP sections, the fact that you can get into the venue means you have a chance of meeting them. 

If you mean business, you can join the clubs they belong to, such as golf clubs. Please take a few golf lessons and go there on the days they come to have fun and play. This move is an easy way to expose yourself to them and their lifestyle.

15. Go To Art Openings Or Exhibitions

Many rich people take great pleasure in artworks. Some purchase artworks to beautify their homes, while many of them are just collectors and enthusiasts. Altogether, it's an exciting place to meet successful men and strike up a thrilling conversation, like many huge social functions, many art exhibitions are strictly by invitation. 

However, there are also free openings. You can also become a member of museums and art institutes, granting you easy access to different art event events. Make sure you also know your onions, so you can engage when it's time to converse.

16. Attend Auctions

If you happen to have an interest in precious items such as rare stones, gems, and classic/vintage vehicles, events where the auction of these items is happening are good ways to meet successful guys. 

You can gain access as potential buyers, enthusiasts, or even students doing research. Make sure you always dress to impress. Remember, these auctions are a means to an end. 

17. Use Online Dating Sites

use online dating sites

There are real online dating websites that connect the wealthy to potential spouses. They also help the non-wealthy to find their dream man. Examples include and Surprisingly, you can also get professionals or a love mentor who will match-make you with a successful guy. 

Bear in mind that there are no guarantees that your love life will suddenly come alive after creating a dating profile. Rich folks also like to have casual fun, so make sure you are not ordinary body count to a rich guy.

18. Make Friends With Other Ladies

Believe it or not, just as women can be a roadblock to getting that successful guy, your fellow woman can also be your ticket. As you attend social functions and sporting events, you can spread your networking tentacles to high-class ladies. Just as you present yourself well to attract a successful man, you also need to look good and act classy with rich women. 

The bottom line is rich young and older women can introduce you to their rich sons or cousins if they feel you are right for their son. They can also be your ticket to social functions that can help you meet successful guys. Remember, the idea is to get a chance to meet someone successful, so rich friends can help you achieve that target.

19. Consider Changing Careers Or Workplaces

If there's a sector, e.g., oil and gas, where you know there are higher chances of meeting successful, rich guys, it might not be a bad idea to switch over if there's an opening. Therefore it doesn't have to be a complete change of career like from being a nurse to becoming a real estate agent. 

You can still be a nurse and practice in the in-house medical facility of a large oil company. It's better than waiting for a virtually impossible opportunity to meet your dream man on the streets. Research shows that many married couples ran into themselves at workplaces despite office romance being discouraged. 

20. Attend Business Functions

attend business functions

The internet is an excellent place to search for business functions and seminars. From the seminar's venue to the caliber of people that will be attending, you'll know if such a function has the potential to help you meet the right people. 

Some advertised business functions will mention the names of the speaker and special guest. That's an excellent way to know the kind of people that'll be in attendance.

21. Support An Important Cause

I won't advise you to support a cause for selfish reasons, so look out for something that interests you, like climate change or food security. If you love animals, panda bears and some other creatures are endangered species with a survival cause that you can support. 

These are functions where you can end up meeting someone and hopefully starting a healthy relationship based on shared interests. If you are active, you won't struggle to gain access to the events, which may even offer you the opportunity to travel.

22. Volunteer At Strategic Places

Asides from charity events, you can also volunteer in places like NGOs, political organizations, and even hospitals. 

Don't underestimate medical professionals; they may not be in the same league as successful tech entrepreneurs, but trust me when I say some of them can boast $500,000 to $1M per year. If you volunteer in places where these people are, chances are you can gain easy access to them.

23. Don't Lose Yourself

don't lose yourself

While you may be trying to attract what you are not or at least, what you are aiming to be, make sure you don't lose yourself in the process. It's easy to get lost while trying to impress someone. 

As you research about successful people so that you can engage them in their turf, make sure whatever knowledge, dress style, or behavior you are trying to adopt doesn't change you into another person you can't manage. 

You can't pretend to be someone else for too long; and no one likes a fake person. Besides, if you do get the man of your dreams, changing when you can longer keep up with who you've been pretending to be will only cost you the relationship or your fancy love life.


How can I attract a powerful man?

The first thing is to level the playing field, i.e., look for an opportunity to be in the same place as them. Then make sure you dress to impress. Even fairy tale-Cinderella had to look super elegant for the prince to notice her. 

It mind sound superficial, but people don't see personalities first. So make sure your first impression counts. Also, make sure you are bringing more than a pretty face; powerful men love confident and independent women.

How can I meet a rich man?

While you could get lucky and meet a rich man in a coffee shop or on a dating app, sometimes you might need to orchestrate the possibilities. For example, move close to the neighborhood of the rich. This way, you can run into them while jogging or taking your dog for a walk. 

What's the best place to meet a man?

There's no textbook rule here, you can meet a man almost anywhere. A gym, social events, sports bars, coffee shops, grocery stores, and dating apps, are places to meet someone special. 

What men look for in a woman physically?

While women have different preferences, some criteria are similar. Men love beautiful, confident, and independent women. Men also love women who dress classy and sexy. It might sound a little vain, but men are very superficial, so they'll see how you look first before they appreciate the real you.

What makes a man attractive physically?

The style of dressing, the hair, and height can all contribute to a man's attractiveness. Also, men that talk intelligently, smoothly, and coherently are attractive. Sometimes, a man's possession, such as the kind of car he's driving, can also make him look more attractive.

Key Takeaways

Finding successful men to date and settle down with can seem a little challenging, but it's not impossible. Getting close is one of the first ways of leveling the playing field as they'll get to notice you. 

If you can play your cards right, you might get the chance to settle with Mr right. I hope you enjoyed the article? Let me know what you think in the comment section, and you can also share with those that might need to see this article.

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