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How To Set Up A Blind Date (9 Vital Tips)

Blind dating is a social meeting between two people usually set up by a mutual friend or through a dating app or website. This meeting is targeted at involving the people in a romantic relationship, or even marriage

No doubt, blind dates are common in today's dating scene. Many public figures met through blind dates and it is working out for them. Notable amongst them are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. So if you want to set up your single friend on a blind date, I think this is just the article for you.

In setting up a blind date, there are some things you need to consider so that you can get the desired outcome. Indeed, it may not even work out at all, but the aim is to get your friend to trust you since you have to choose the right guys for her. On that note, here are some tips on how to set up a blind date.

9 Tips To Set Up A Friend On A Blind Date

1. Ask whether she is up for it

Let your friend be aware that you are setting her up for a blind date. This is prudent because she may not be up for it. Also, be aware that not everyone is comfortable with this kind of dating. 

A friend might read into it wrongly and think that you assume she is lonely or desperate. Or, she may not buy into the idea of blind dates because of her values.

You ought to respect that. But it is also possible that she may be up for it. Many single actively pursuing relationships would love the idea of being matched, though they may not express it. However, it is common courtesy to gain permission first before setting a friend up. Again, it is also important that the potential blind date also knows you want to set him up with your friend.

Run the idea by him so that he knows what he is getting into. It would be disappointing to give only one person hope that he/she is going to meet a dream partner. Only for it to be false hope because the other person low-key didn’t like the idea.

2. Know her taste in men

While you may be eager to set a friend up, it is wise to know their taste in men. Also, try to understand her values, likes, and dislikes. This is so that you do not match her up with a stranger, to whom she cannot relate. If the potential date has qualities she is into, then the date is likely to be a successful one.

Also, set her up with a hot guy. Give her a reason to go on another blind date you may organize in the future. Even if it doesn’t go well as planned, she will trust that you will deliver your best for any future dates.

3. Do not assume that a potential date must end up in marriage

Let’s say you met a cute guy, and you think he will be a great match for your girlfriend. This is because his interests tally with hers. Now, you are already planning their wedding and forcing her to like him. Try not to do this.

Allow your friend to form her opinions about her date herself. Your opinion is not the final verdict. He may enjoy common interests as your friend but that ‘love spark’ may not be there.

No doubt, the heart wants what it wants. And if the chemistry is not there, it is just not there. So, don’t be too hopeful that the date must end in marriage. Allow the new couple to have a great time, and build a connection if there is any. The best you can do is hope that it translates into a beautiful relationship.

4. Do not force things

do not force things

If your girlfriend happens to be the only single one in your social circles where you all are dating, she might feel pressured to find the perfect person. In a situation where you can get a good match for your friend, there is a very high chance that she might be applying too much pressure on herself.

I say this because she might acknowledge that you are trying to get her into the dating scene. And she may not want to disappoint you and make all your efforts go down the drain. So do your best not to force things. This might put a strain on your friendship.

5. Try as much as possible to keep it natural

Do not make it so obvious that you are trying to get them into the dating scene. This can make the date go awkward. Be subtle about your intentions as much as possible. So you could, for instance, try to get them together in one place or invite them to a party.

At the next meeting, introduce them to each other. Then make an excuse so that they can talk to each other. If your friend is impressed, she might choose to go on a second date with the guy to get to know him better. The fun is in keeping it natural. It makes the environment favorable for the vibe to be created.

6. Do not involve yourself unless you are asked to

Another tip to consider is not to involve yourself unless your girlfriend asks you. I understand

that you might be interested to know what is happening between them. Simply ask your friend how it went, and if she wants to, she will spill all the details. If she doesn't want to talk about it, do not push it.

Also, if you feel you need to give your opinion all the time, you might end up annoying your friend. I understand you want the meeting to be successful. But, keep your advice to yourself. Give it out when it is asked for. 

It is bound to fail if you keep interrupting. So, give them the necessary space so that they can figure things out by themselves.

7. Keep it lowkey

The secrecy is, perhaps, the most fun part of blind dates. This is because your friend will not know what to expect. It is like opening a gift box where you should be prepared to be surprised. Whether a good surprise or a bad one, that is up to your friend's perception of how the date went.

Keep the extra details of the guy to yourself. You can only give your friend the basic details where you have to. Casually get them to meet, introduce them, then allow them to take it up from there.

8. Do not pressurize your friend

do not pressurize your friend

In this next tip, let me give a hypothetical situation. Emily had a blind date set up for her by her friend, Tracy. Tracy thinks Ben is a very good catch as he is just as religious as Emily. He is also smart, and enjoys hockey and reading. So, they possibly have many things to talk about. Again, Ben is rich and very generous.

Tracy wants the best for Emily, and she thinks Ben is a good match for her. So she keeps pressurizing her not to miss her chances with him. She always insists Ben is dating material. The result was that somehow because of all the pressure Emily was giving Tracy, she lost interest in Ben. In the end, when they went on a date, Emily felt nervous and awkward.

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She wanted to say and do all the right things but Ben was not impressed. He was not feeling the connection, and to him, it seemed she wanted to please him so much. So, he decided that Emily was just not for him. Tracy had good intentions for her friend. But she ended up ruining a possibly good relationship with her friend, because of her constant pressurizing.

9. There may be repercussions

You should be willing to accept that there may be repercussions if things do not go well. There are bound to be awkward run-ins in your presence, and the one they would point the blame

at you. In extreme situations, it may even affect your friendship with both parties.


How do you start a blind date?

You need to be open-minded. Do not be in a hurry to judge your date based on your first impressions of him. Also, view everything in a positive light and be willing to try out new things. Do your best to have fun.

How do blind dates work?

It could be that a mutual friend decided to play matchmaker. Or, you might have met someone interesting on a dating app or website. Then, you decided that you want to know about them. So you go on a date with them. It is called a blind date because you do not know a lot about them. And in most cases, you have not seen the person before.

What should I ask on a blind date?

On such a date, you are getting to know the person. The conversation would be a lot easier if you do not ask intimate or very personal questions. So, you can ask questions like "How was your day?", "What are your hobbies?", "What do you do for a living?" etc. Research has discovered that being flexible in your communication can help make your date a good experience.

Should I go on a blind date?

Going on a blind date is not a bad thing. If you are having low confidence in yourself, or you just got out of a long relationship, a blind date is the right thing for you. It may help you regain your confidence and also remind you that there may be that perfect match out there for you.

How do you make a blind date not awkward?

To have an awesome date, you need to first be relaxed, and ask questions that connect you emotionally with your date. Do not be rude; put your phone away. Listen and be interested in what they may be saying, even if you do not relate to it. Again, do not interview them. It is a date, not an interview session.

In Conclusion

With these tips in mind, when setting up a blind date for your friend, you should have no problems. I hope you enjoyed this article. Let me know your thoughts. And please share this piece.

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