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Taboo Sex (17 Taboo Acts People Love)

When we think of the word taboo, the first thing that pops into our head is something disgusting. The thing is, taboo sex acts are considered outside of the norm. However, they’re perfectly normal. We all have different things that we like in life. While one person may prefer to vacation in the mountains, another would rather go to the beach. 

People are like this with their sex lives, too. When you think of it like that, sex acts that are considered taboo are actually quite normal. 

They’re simply a preference. 

Taboo Sex Acts

This seems to refer to anything that falls outside of standard penetration and oral sex. For years, these were shamed. A person couldn’t express their sexual desire without people calling them weird. Traditional stereotypes of men being unbelievably horny at all times and those women should not want sex was the norm. 

Today, all of that has changed. While some people are still shamed for their sexual preferences that are defined as taboo, more and more people don’t care. When movies and books like Fifty Shades of Grey soared in popularity, it brought the world of BDSM and other sex acts were kept in the dark to the spotlight, and communities that engaged in these acts began to speak out. 

Now, it seems like everyone has a kink. We all have our fetishes. Here are some of the ones that people love!

1. Roleplay

Role-play can take on various forms. Maybe it’s the hot maintenance man that came over to fix the sink. Or perhaps a schoolgirl that’s being punished. This could also be something like the pool boy being unbelievably hot. This taboo sex act is all about having fun and exploring those hot fantasies in real life. 

2. Foot fetishes

foot fetishes

People having a foot fetish is so popular that it’s hard to believe it is still considered taboo. Some people just love a person’s feet and make love to them. Those that enjoy this might not be honest in the beginning, but more and more people are becoming open to this one. 

3. Exhibitionism

A person on Reddit actually started a thread because of them being into exhibitionism. They asked what other people were into, and the comments did not disappoint. (I don’t think Reddit ever disappoints us when it comes to people being open and honest.) 

Some people created a throwaway account to reveal their sexual taboos, but plenty of people were very open, including the original poster. 

Exhibitionism is when a person likes other people watching them. In fact, so many people are into this that it’s become widely accepted and popular in places like swingers clubs. You do your thing, and someone watches you. 

4. Eating the booty like groceries

Rimming is so common now that it’s another one that is hard to believe it’s still considered taboo, but it definitely is. Some people are still turning their noses up at this one and referring to it as gross. Other people are saying that it needs to be eaten like a cupcake. 

This one comes in two forms, though. Some people derive pleasure from being on the receiving end, and others from being on the giving end. For some, it’s all about oral, and for others, it’s about going further than that. 

5. Public sex

Some people get a lot of pleasure from the rush of getting nasty when they have the chance of being caught in public. It’s having to be quiet that excites them. There are people that shame this because, well, anyone can walk by. However, that’s what most people find so fun about it. 

This is really common in people that also like exhibitionism. The thought of someone catching them and watching is double the fun! This can be having fun in a parking lot, or simply opening the blinds and hoping the neighbors catch a glimpse. There are some people on Reddit that don’t even claim it’s about sex itself. 

Instead, it’s the mere act of someone watching them while they walk around the house naked. 

6. Incest 

For some, this is a kink all about any family member. Others, the thought of someone else’s family doing it instantly gets them aroused. PornHub is packed with so many videos of a mother and daughter exploring intimate fantasies to fathers and daughters having “fun” that it’s not hard to believe this is a huge kink for a lot of people. 

Most people that have this fantasy tend to have it about something in particular. For example, some fantasize about their own family members. Others think that is disgusting but fantasize about other families having incest. There’s a wide range of taboos, and most people have a specific preference regarding those. 

7. Men in panties

For every guy that thinks this instantly makes them gay, there is another one that loves dominating women while wearing your favorite lace pair from Victoria’s Secret. Some men, according to the internet, simply get aroused at the thought and love the way that they feel it on them. Others love the shame that comes with this kink. 

8. Adult breastfeeding

This one is considered a kink that is definitely outside of the norm. Men, or women, derive pleasure from breastfeeding off of someone else. There are now ways that a person can make themselves lactate, and that has definitely made this one increase in popularity.

Like many others, this takes on several different forms. Some like to watch, and some like to be the ones breastfeeding. 

9. Submission kink

This falls into the category of BDSM. (BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadochism and masochism.) Most people that are exploring the world of BDSM find their way to this in one way or another. 

One person completely submits to another. The sub, or person that submits, gets a lot of pleasure from giving their body to someone else. The other gets to fulfill their desires related to domination. 

10. Pain

Pain gets its own kinky heading, even though it’s also a part of BDSM. Some people have an orgasm from receiving pain. Others prefer to be on the giving end. Sex play usually involves some form of bondage, but not always. 

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11. Bondage


Bondage involves anything from rope bondage to device bondage and so much more. This sex act always involves a person being physically restrained. Sex sometimes happens, but sometimes it doesn’t. The mere act of bondage can give a person so much pleasure that it makes sex unnecessary. 

12. Humiliation

There are so many different forms of humiliation it won’t fit into a paragraph, or even three. One person humiliates another person, and they essentially get off on the sense of power. Penetrative sex might be involved, but it might not be. Everything from pet play, urine fetishes, and even some people that have a foot fetish can fall into this broad category. 

13. Furries

That’s right, furries. Most people have heard of this, but it is a real thing. A person acts like an animal, such as a dog or a pony. This is complete with a costume, pet-like behaviors, and even a tail. 

14. Pegging

Anal is so common that it’s not always considered one of the sexual taboos, but, in this case, it is. It’s anal sex performed on a guy, sometimes by a male or a female. It just depends on what they are into when it comes to sex. 

15. Period sex

That’s right. This sexual act is exactly what it sounds like. Period sex is when a person wants to have sex with a woman while they are on their period. 

16. Pregnant sex

This is another one that needs almost no explanation. It’s not so much the sexual act that matters. Instead, this type of sex simply takes place with a woman that is expecting a child. 

Some people are a bit more specific than that, though. They love a pregnant body when it is nine months pregnant or has a large baby bump, for example. Others are aroused at pregnancy during any stage. Most types of sex that are geared towards a specific topic tend to have subtopics, or specific preferences, as well. 

17. Being used

While this is seen in both men and women, there tends to be a bit more female pleasure from being used on the Reddit thread. In the age of feminism that we are in today, this one is still one that some people will not admit to. 

In fact, some people are so against it because they find it demeaning to women that it’s quickly become one of the sexual taboos that gets the most shame out of all of them. People get called out for this one a lot. 

Other Taboo Sex 

While these are some of the most common, they are far from the only ones out there. Raceplay, orgasm torture, sex with multiple people, choking, spitting and so much more fall into this category. When people begin to explore what they like and explore what they don’t, they find out that there are quite a few more things in this category than they realized. 

When people begin to truly explore their sexuality and live out those fantasies, they quickly find out that sometimes their desires don’t match up to what is considered the norm. In fact, so many people fall outside of the norm now, that taboo desires are quickly becoming the norm. 

Non-penetrative sex is not always the norm, but it is extremely popular. During this type of sex, a person can still have an orgasm. In fact, both people might have orgasms. It’s during oral sex or via the use of toys instead of penis/vagina sex, though. 

Some people simply don’t want this type of sex. Just as there are various things that turn different people on, there are quite a few things that others view as normal that turn a person off. There are those that don’t want penetration, some that don’t like oral sex, etc. 

Consent Is Key

I feel like taboo sex gets a bad rep because of a few things. Yes, it’s outside of most people’s norm. However, another thing is that when a girl gets gangbanged by twenty different guys, it tends to remind us of horrible news stories about rape. When women are degraded, we instantly associate that with an unhealthy relationship. 

That is why it’s always important to remember that consent is a big part of what separates taboo sex, like BDSM, from things like rape and an unhealthy relationship. Each person offers consent and has fun. They are then able to explore their sexuality and different desires. After a person gives consent, they aren’t obligated to continue doing anything that they don’t like or want to do. 

Both people can stop at any time. 

What This Type Of Sex Says About You According To Psychology

what this type of sex says about you according to psychology

Taboo sex has become a fascination among many. So much so that there are numerous studies on the topic. According to psychologists, those that tend to have an appetite for BDSM sex are actually more psychologically healthy than their peers. 

This is thought to be because they have a healthy release for all of those emotions via sex. They also have to stay in control of their emotions during sex, making sex one of the best things for them. 

Taboo sex is no exception to the studies. According to this website, the sex fantasies that a person has can say a lot about them. Certain people that have certain types of fantasies are known for having specific personality traits. In fact, you can learn quite a bit about yourself by taking a look at what you like during sex. 

This isn’t always what you think it is, either. While one person might instantly assume that a person that likes being degraded or feeling shame has low self-esteem, it’s the opposite. These people are often able to carry on normal lives, have wonderful self-esteem and sometimes they are so in control of their lives that not being the person in control is a huge relief for them. 


What things are considered taboo?

Anything outside of what people consider the norm is considered taboo. Some consider have a sexuality that isn’t straight taboo, but that is pretty popular now. Other taboos include BDSM sex, fetishes like a foot fetish, period sex, race play, etc. 

What is a taboo relationship?

A taboo relationship is something that most people don’t usually do. For example, a young twenty-year-old with a man that is ninety. Two cousins or family members. Anything not generally accepted in a culture is taboo, such as a person wanting a marriage based on love in a country that is known for arranged marriages

What does taboo mean?

This means a restriction or something that is not allowed in a certain culture. This might not be something illegal, but maybe something outside of the norm that a lot of people don’t do. Cousins dating each other might be legal in some countries, but incest is illegal in the United States, which would make it taboo. 

What are the three taboo sex subjects?

Sex subjects that fall into this category are anything that falls outside of what is considered the cultural norm. For example, period sex, anything BDSM-related, or certain fetishes, such as a foot fetish. Some still consider certain sexuality to be outside of the norm. 

However, having different sexuality is quickly becoming the norm, so don’t count on it being considered taboo for long. 

Why do we like taboo?

Most people like breaking rules, and doing taboo things is the perfect way to do this. Having an orgasm in public is not only sexually satisfying, it gives most people the rush of excitement that they are looking for. It’s the adrenaline from doing something forbidden, whether it be exploring your sexuality or orgasms in the workplace bathroom. 

To Summarize

Taboo pleasure is when a person gets pleasure from something that most consider outside of the normal. This can involve anything from incest to having a particular fetish. What else would you add to the list? How do you view taboo topics?

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