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What It Means When Your Boyfriend Calls You Baby Or Babe (15 Possible Meanings)

Has your boyfriend recently started calling you “babe” or “baby”? 

Are you confused as to why he is using these terms of affection? 

Perhaps you’re wondering what it means for your relationship? 

If so, you’re in the right place…

However, first I need you to read the next few sentences very carefully…

I’ve been in a position where I was paranoid about what every small change in my boyfriend’s behavior meant…

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With that said, read on to learn why your boyfriend might be using “babe” as a pet name.

It can be confusing when you first hear this term used, which is why I decided to write about this topic. I want you to feel comfortable hearing and saying these terms when talking to your boyfriend.

You may also be curious because you don’t know how serious your relationship has to be in order for him to call you babe. Keep reading to find out more about these terms and what they mean for you.

When Your Boyfriend Calls You 'Baby' or 'Babe'

Your man recently started calling you baby, and you don’t know how to act. You don’t know how to act because you don’t even know what this means. One day, you were your birth name, the next day, you woke up to being called babe. Now, you are on google typing “help! My man calls me babe”.

Whatever emotions you feel after he uses the term baby is totally normal and subjective to you. It's tricky, and you can only act right when you have an idea of what the word baby means. You probably spoke to your close friends about this, and they looked at you weirdly and said, “what’s the big deal? So many men do this.”

Many women will agree to that, but we both know that you are an over-analyzer, the overthinker in you has gone into overdrive, and that response doesn’t sit with you. Here you are, two paragraphs deep into my write up searching for what the word “babe” means. Seeking answers as to why you were called “baby.”

You are at the right place, and I have the answers. But before I begin, I need you to understand that this is your boyfriend, which is a clear sign that you are formally dating and you are more than friends. And it is totally normal that he might not want to use your real name every time he calls you.

He wants to give you a pet name not because you are his pet but because that’s one of the perks he gets for connecting to you on a deeper level. Calling you babe or baby is a treat he gets for dating you, and he’s highly welcome because you are a premium catch.

So feel comfortable with not hearing your real name all the time. You have colleagues and your girls to remind you of your legal name. Although pet names are not for everyone, here are 15 possible meanings why he calls you babe.

15 Possible Meanings To Your Boyfriend Calling You Babe Or Baby

1. You are special to him

I said earlier that giving you a cute nickname comes with the boyfriend treat box. It’s one of the many advantages of the boyfriend position. You are more than just a friend to him, and baby is the special name he has chosen to make both himself and yourself feel special. He loves that he can get to call you that and others can’t.

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It helps him feel special while expressing how special you are to him. So, don’t be afraid; he’s just a man in love with a sweet nickname for his cute baby. With this, I think it’s okay to smile whenever he calls you baby instead of just looking shocked or confused. You mean the whole world to him and he’s trying to be a great guy.

2. He’s trying to mark his territory

If he calls you by your legal name, how else will that tall guy at the restaurant sitting across from the both of you know that you are dating him? He knows that you are a penguin, men will always be interested in getting you, but calling you baby, especially in public, will pass the message effectively that you are his girl.

He is trying to protect his relationship with you not because he doesn’t trust you but because he loves to see the disappointment in these men’s faces when he calls you baby. I know right! That’s so smart. Let this cross your mind when your guy starts calling you baby, and just let him have his little fun.

3. That’s exactly what you are to him

He knows you are a total babe, and he is acting accordingly. But to be serious, he calls you baby because you are his cute little baby girl. Not in the paedophilic creepy type of way, but just because he just wants to pick you up and leave you in his arms forever. 

Before I started this article, I carried out a mini research on my male acquaintances, all within their late 20s to early 30s, on why they call their girlfriends babe. 6 out of 10 of them responded “because that’s my baby” with no added response Just because she's my baby.

4. He is being sweet

Words of endearment date back to the early 1600s. Men have been calling their women all sorts of cute names for over 400 years ago. Sorry to those in love before then. But, Love can be weird, and so are the words that go with it. 

Guys who are in love see their significant others with rose-tinted glasses and only want to be sweet to them because of how perfect they are in their eyes. This might be the same with your man. He is so in love with you, and all he can think of is being sweet.

5. He knows you are big on words of affirmation

This should not be a surprise to you if your love language is a word of affirmation. Your man is just being an attentive partner. He knows his onions. He knows how much words mean to you, and he has decided to spice his words up. 

He tells you he loves you, he calls you “my love, baby, baby, baby love, babycakes”. He’s simply trying to express his love for you in various ways, with different words, just how you like it.

6. He is in love with you

he is in love with you

Your guy calls you baby because he is in love with you, he could go by your real name, but then that’s what everyone calls you. You are his baby girl, and it’s only right to call his woman baby.

Baby is a gentle word. It is assigned to someone you care about and want to protect. It is affectionate and tender, and it best describes love if you think about it. He is simply letting you and the world around you know that he is in love with you.

7. He thinks you are adorable

Babies are cute and adorable. You look at their cute puppy eyes and just want to nurture them and give them all the love you have. Guys are visual creatures. He looks in your eyes and thinks that’s my baby just by how adorable you look.

He feels responsible for his adorable baby, and he will go to any length to protect you.

8. He is covering up his tracks

You know your man better than me, so your sincerity to yourself should be optimal. Is your man calling you baby because he has other babies, and he doesn’t want to mix up your names? Dating in the 20th century involves all your senses, especially the sixth one. So girl, what is your instinct saying?

If you think he is, he most likely is. You are probably a weekend babe, and the other girls are running weekday shifts. It’s not a bad thing that he’s calling you baby, but it’s not always a good thing. Thirty percent of the time, he’s cheating, but not all the time.

9. He is not mad at you yet

He calls you babe or baby because he is currently not mad at you. When things get serious, you know he’s going to pull out your government name, and that’s how you will be addressed. 

If there’s an argument and he’s calling you babe, you have not crossed the annoying part yet.

10. He is big on intimacy

He craves intimacy with you, and he’s expressing it by calling you, baby. He is interested in spending time with you, loving you, and connecting with you. Why? Because you are his baby. You are the one he wants to talk to, you welcome him, and you are always happy to see him.

Do you see why he calls you baby now? You bring a certain aura of peace to him, and he wants you to know that. He is full Relationship material, hold him tight. If you want to see him grin from ear to ear, start calling him babe too.

11. He is a Justin Bieber fan

Your guy calls you baby because he is a Justin Bieber fan. He was probably always singing it in 2010 and took a solemn oath to call his significant other baby all the days that they are together. 

You are the answers to his silent prayers, and he is letting you know. He is not a strange man, he just loves to call his girl baby like in the Justin Bieber song. It has a romantic meaning to him and you should appreciate this gesture. People babe their babes because of this, trust me.

12. He gave you a nickname

he gave you a nickname

You give the people you love special nicknames. When your man starts calling you baby, it’s because that is his special name for you. You are no longer your regular name to him, you are his special baby and that’s your new name.

13. He wants your happiness

Whenever you are talking and he calls you baby, he sees the way your face lights up and your mood changes. He loves that he is responsible for it and this is one of the major reasons why guys call their women babe or other terms of endearment. He is a well-mannered guy and many women will love him for this. You are lucky!

When all the girls are complaining about how their men are not making them happy, remember that yours went an extra mile, used the word baby, and intentionally says it to see a smile on your face

14. He pays attention to you

Your guy calls you baby because he pays attention to you and your feelings. He wants to make you satisfied no matter what and calling you baby is a way of finding out if terms of endearment will strengthen the bond in the relationship.

I mean it makes sense that he starts calling you baby because he wants to make things better. He has heard girls like these things, so he’s trying it out with you. This is a clear signal that he’s really into you, wants a relationship, and is showing it by calling you baby.

15. He is being romantic

Your guy calls you baby because he is a hopeless romantic. He is the romance ninja and is hell-bent on bringing in Cupid as a stakeholder in your relationship. Dating takes effort and he is interested in doing the work. He wants his girlfriend hopelessly in love with him.

Dating should be enjoyed and not endured, so sit back and enjoy the romance and all the baby calling. It is your girlfriend privilege, you deserve it.


What’s the difference between baby and babe in a relationship?

There is no real difference when a guy calls you baby and babe in a relationship. It is the same thing, the same meaning. They say variety is the spice of life. Sometimes they just want to spice things up.

What does it mean when a man calls you baby?

It means you are special to him. Guys call women that are special to them babies. They feel like they have crossed a particular line with you and your real name will no longer cut it.

What do you say when a guy calls you babe?

Most girls don’t know what to do when a guy calls them babe. It depends on how you feel, if you don’t feel weird about it, smile and tell him you like this new name. If you are not comfortable, let him know.

How do you tell if the guy is serious about you?

If a guy is serious about you, his actions will show it. Don’t believe just words, let actions and words align. It is also important to know that if he is serious about you, you won’t be confused.

Is it weird to call my boyfriend baby?

It is not weird to call your boyfriend baby. That’s your baby, so let him know, call him baby, and everything nice.

In Conclusion 

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. When your boyfriend calls you babe, it simply means he loves and adores you, and has no problem showing it to you or letting people around you know. 

Let me know what you think in the comments, don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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