What It Means When Your Boyfriend Calls You Baby or Babe

What It Means When Your Boyfriend Calls You Baby or Babe

Has your boyfriend recently started calling you babe or baby? Are you finding yourself thinking, “I wonder why my boyfriend calls me baby.”?

It can be confusing when you first hear this term used, which is why I decided to write about this topic. I want you to feel comfortable hearing and saying these terms when talking to your boyfriend.

You may also be curious because you don’t know how serious your relationship has to be in order for him to call you babe. Keep reading to find out more about these terms and what they mean for you.

What Does Babe or Baby Mean And Why Does He Call You That?

Babe and baby are common terms of endearment used in serious relationships. They are a way to show someone that you care about them.

Babe and baby usually start being used once two people start dating. Of course, it can begin while you’re flirting and getting to know each other too.

If you aren’t in a relationship—or if you haven’t been in one in the past—you may think it’s weird to refer to someone as a baby. It’s often confusing to people until they are actually in the situation.

Next time you hear someone use the term “babe” or “baby”, just know that it means they care about the other person. It’s not meant to be odd, but it sometimes appears that way.

Nicknames and pet names are simply a natural way that humans speak. This is just more significant in relationships.

1. It Means He Loves and Cares for You Deeply and ​He’s Flirting with You

It means that your boyfriend is just be trying to be sweet and flirty with you and show how much he loves you. It’s a normal part of every relationship.

Think about how it makes you feel when he calls you babe, baby, or any other terms of endearment. You might smile, giggle, or get butterflies in your stomach. This is especially true at the beginning of a relationship.

If your boyfriend wants to make you happy or feel loved, he may use these terms to accomplish these feelings.

Flirting is an important part of a relationship even beyond the beginning. It helps to keep the feelings alive between the two of you.

Since using these words shows that he cares about you, flirting can also show that he cares about you or is at least interested in you.

Next time he uses babe or baby when addressing you, be sure to flirt back. This will not only make him feel good, but it will be good for your relationship too.

​2. It Means That He's Extremely Attracted to You


When your boyfriend calls you babe or baby, it also means that he is showing you that he is attracted to you romantically. It’s another way that he can show his attraction for you without saying it outright.

Of course, there are countless ways to show attraction. He has likely done this in many different ways throughout your relationship so far. Calling you babe or baby is just a new way for him to do this.

In addition to using endearing terms, your boyfriend may compliment you or go out of his way to show you he cares about you. You have probably experienced these words and actions as a result of your boyfriend being attracted to you.

Regardless of how you and your boyfriend show one other that you’re attracted to each other, it’s a very important part of a relationship. Without it, the spark may not last.

Does It Mean That Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You?

A common concern is that your boyfriend could be using babe or baby to make sure he doesn’t mix up your name. If he is cheating on you and has multiple girlfriends, he may use more generic terms to avoid calling you the wrong name.

This isn’t as common as it’s thought to be though, so you likely have nothing to worry about. Usually, babe is just used as a term of endearment.

However, to rule it out 100% you could always use a tool like this one to rule out that he's cheating on you.

Just enter his name and it'll give you good idea of what he's been up to.

Many people joke about this scenario, but this alone shouldn’t cause concern about your boyfriend cheating on you.

If your boyfriend only calls you babe and never says your real name, there may be some issues. You can look for other signs that he may be cheating as well, and then you might need to confront him about the issue.

With no other warning signs, it’s likely no big deal that your boyfriend is calling you baby.

Should You Call Your Boyfriend Babe or Baby?

If your boyfriend has been calling you babe or baby, you might consider using these terms in return. You might be a little nervous to use them if you haven’t before or if you don’t know how he will react.

You can take your boyfriend’s lead here and assume that he’s fine being called babe and baby. It’s nearly impossible for these words to be taken offensively. Just be aware of his reaction and his body language.

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If you want to be extra sure, you could ask him ahead of time. If you’re comfortable with each other, this question may be unnecessary. You could also run it by him after you use the term.

This video talks more about your decision to call your boyfriend babe or baby:

If you feel weird using these specific words, you can use a different term of endearment. You’ve probably heard the popular ones, such as sweetie or honey.

As your relationship continues to progress, you may come up with new ways to address your boyfriend. Some of these might end up being quite funny and would seem odd to anyone who doesn’t understand them!


If your boyfriend is calling you babe or baby, it usually means that he cares about you. This can be a big step in some relationships, but it isn’t always that important. All of this really depends on the relationship that you are in.

Babe and baby are also often used flirtatiously, so your boyfriend may be calling you them to flirt with you. This is useful both before a relationship begins and after you’re already in the relationship.

Leave a comment down below if you have any questions!

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