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Being Babied (7 Reasons Why People Like To Be Babied In A Relationship)

Everybody loves babies. You think of babies and all that comes to mind is warm, soft, and beautiful. You just want to love them because what’s not to love?

In relationships, men and women equally like to be babied. And no, I am not talking about wearing diapers, eating baby food, or dating an immature person. It simply means treating your man with extra special care, like a baby.

The world is a tough place, we all need extra love. There is no better way to show love than to treat your partner like a baby in the relationship. Babies always get love, and now it’s time for the big babies to be treated the same way. The world is already difficult for men, so it would be nice to be babied and pampered by someone very special in their life.

The need to be babied can be a result of the person's past. It could be what the person is used to or what the person missed growing up. Your partner could be from a house where they were doted on with all their emotional needs met. There’s a probability that they had no one to dote on them, so they look for that in relationships.

At the end of the day, even an adult was once a baby and In relationships, even the most independent people still want to be babied and pampered. And if you still do not understand the need for your baby to be babied, then here are 7 reasons why people like to be babied in a relationship.

7 Reasons Why People Like To Be Babied In A Relationship

1. It makes them feel loved

Wonder why toddlers never stop saying “I love you, mummy”? Well, it’s because they feel the love from their mum. From the cuddles to the jokes, to the food, babies feel maximum love for the time and affection. And this should be the standard in relationships. Make yourself available for your partner, not at the expense of your needs of course.

As small as babies are, they sense the love they get from their mum because of the level of affection they get. Now, I know that life can get stressful, but won’t it be wonderful if your man comes home to massages, good food, and peace? A babied man is a perfect man. This is because you are rest assured that he is satisfied with the level of love he gets from you.

2. They get maximum attention

they get maximum attention

Guys love to be babied in relationships, because that way, they feel they have your sole attention. They want to be the center of your world and that’s adorable because it means they always want to be on your mind. With babies, you cannot even look away for a minute, they might be trying to fall out of the cradle if total attention is not given. 

Likewise, guys like to be babied in relationships because it assures them that they have all your attention. So, they like their body rubbed, beard stroked, and more. They want you to remember important dates and meeting schedules. Also, they want you to text them in the morning asking about these things. The world is already in disarray, be his peace sis.

3. Everyone wants their ego stroked

Ensure he feels like the number one in your book just like a baby feels with the mother's breast milk. So, let him know what he is good at, and don’t forget to drop a comment whenever he is feeling good or bad about himself. Make him feel like he is the best at what he does and nobody can measure up. A mother will always tell her baby the best things, so cultivate the habit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, don’t lie to him or exaggerate his abilities because contrary to what we all think, men perceive when women lie and they hate to be lied to or deceived the same way babies hate it. So tell him he is the best at what he does without exaggerating it or making up things he is not.

4. If you call them baby, you might as well baby them

Put your actions where your words are or whatever the kids say these days. He is a baby to you, then you might as well get him pampered to the maximum. When your words of endearment match your actions, men feel like you are deeply fond of them and it gives them a sense of security. So you call him baby? Give him baby treatment. Treat him as your baby boy.

Now, I am not encouraging you to whip out the baby food, all I am saying is how are you calling a man that is not being babied your baby? A well-babied man is a faithful man because he will appreciate the level of work and energy you are putting into the relationship more. And that’s a win for you too sis. So, baby him today and of course while still ensuring it’s within your capacity.

5. It is what they understand love as

Babying a man 24/7 can be tasking, it requires one’s special attention, it requires undivided attention even when you have things going on in your own life. But most times, men want to be babied because that’s how they translate love. That’s how they understand to show and receive love. It’s how they were brought up, so they expect the baby treatment.

No matter what age men are, they never really grow out of being pampered like a baby, and isn’t it cute, to watch a man that is so masculine fold up in your arms for your classic back rubs because it feels like home to him. I will always emphasize that love is reciprocating. So if he is not giving you the same energy he is requesting, don’t waste your time or energy.

6. He is trying to fill a hole

Most times, men are not loved and babied enough because patriarchy and society made toxic rules. Rules like men do not cry, or men should not be too expressive. So all of his life, he has had to be the one taking care of people and would like to be taken care of for a change. Most times, when men want to be babied, it’s because being treated like a baby is novel to them.

Many men are specialists in taking care of others and not themselves and end up not knowing how to take care of themselves. So, most times, men love being babied to fill this space, to make them feel deserving of love and affection. They have never been given maximum care or allowed to request it because society sees it as a taboo. Baby your big baby today sis.

7. It makes you an intentional lover

it makes you an intentional lover

Babying a baby takes a lot of intention. Babying an adult requires more intentionality. You have to always be present emotionally, physically, and mentally and this might be the reason why your man wants to be babied. Men want to be babies because they want to see how intentional you can get as partners and lovers. And if it is within your power, then baby away.

Babies love having conversations. They always want to know why, how, and where. They communicate their wants mostly by crying, and the mother just knows what exactly they want. They know what not to do and what to do. In relationships, this is important because your partner can trust that you will be intentional in taking care of them physically and emotionally.


What does it mean to be babied?

To be babied means to be loved wholeheartedly with no conditions attached. It means providing your partner’s wants so far it’s in your capacity to do. It’s just extra love and dote on. It is being available and intentional and doing extra cute stuff just because. It is majorly trying your best not to hurt your partner’s feelings as much as you can.

Is it normal to like being babied?

Yes, it is normal to like being babied. There is nothing wrong with being shown extra love and not coming to a hostile environment with your partner. There is nothing abnormal about wanting to be loved a little extra or a little special because the world is really hard as it is. Also, there is nothing wrong with asking to be spoken to or treated delicately.

What does it mean to baby your boyfriend?

What it means to baby your boyfriend is to love your man regardless of what your day looked like or how it went because you are sure that if situations were turned, they will do the exact thing for you. So, you stroke their ego when the needs arise, you baby them when you can, you show them extra love, you indulge in healthy excesses, basically being super intentional.

Why do I act like a baby around my boyfriend?

You act like a baby around your boyfriend because you are comfortable with him and also because you want to be loved loudly, selfishly, and intentionally. You want his entire attention and affection and you deserve every bit of it. You act like a baby because you are his baby and being babied is your love language.

How do I take care of my boyfriend?

The best way to take care of your boyfriend is to be there physically, emotionally, and mentally for them. Just to be present in every moment and be very intentional about your love for them. You can only achieve all this when you are at peace with yourself and when you receive the same energy from them.

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The Bottomline 

I hope you enjoyed reading every part of this article as much as I loved writing it. Don’t forget that sometimes, being babied is how some men receive and show love, and always remember that you should only put your energy into Let me know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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