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Massage Techniques for Him (35 Best Tips for You to Follow)

Are you looking to give your man a to-die-for massage? 

If you want to knock him off his feet, try playing pretend. Act like you are an actual masseuse by showing him what a professional massage really feels like. This article will go over some great tips and massage techniques for him that you can actually put into motion. 

Don’t stop here, though. Try being extra creative when giving him his massage by doing things like using scented massage oil, kneading his muscles hard with one hand, and focusing on his trouble spots like his shoulder blades or lower back. Depending on his age and athletic ability, he may have somewhere else that bothers him. Make sure you ask!

There’s no reason that you can’t be vocal about what you don’t know. Just ask him which massage technique he likes the best and see what his response is! 

Work together to make sure that the techniques you use are something he truly enjoys! I bet that if you do a really great job in giving him a massage, he’ll return the favor!

Table of Contents

Create A Relaxing Ambiance

1. Turn on relaxing music

Find some soft, gentle tunes on your media player. 

2. Light up the rooms with romantic candles

Don’t forget you lit them, though! The last thing you want to worry about is a fire!

3. Use sensual-smelling massage oils

use sensual smelling massage oils

Don’t forget to heat them up so that they are warm to the touch as you massage him.

4. Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature

Remember that he will most likely be naked, and you want him to be comfortable, even if you are a little too warm. 

5. Talk softly and slowly

You want to show him you are serious about making him feel good, so remember to keep the mood relaxing.

6. Gently give him instructions when needed

While you don’t have to say anything during the massage, you will want him to change positions from time to time, so don’t be afraid to tell him what to do. He may appreciate that.

7. Use yummy-smelling lotions

8. Dim the lights

You do need to be able to see what you are doing if you want to do a good job!

9. Speak up, but don’t overpower the relaxing music

10. Burn some incense

This is another great way to set the mood with soothing smells.

11. Provide him with warm towels

Consider throwing them in the dryer so that they are nice and toasty when he needs them!

Act Like A Professional Masseuse

12. Start off with gentle rubbing to gauge his comfort level

13. Listen closely to the sounds he makes

This will let you know the amount of pressure he needs as you move your hand down his back. 

14. Apply pressure when you rub him down

apply pressure when you rub him down

Don’t be afraid to use your whole body as you try different things. You may need to really knead his back as you would dough; this will help give him a deep tissue massage, which may be exactly what he needs!

15. Be prepared before you commit to doing this

Consider watching some instructional videos beforehand so that you will know where each hand needs to go on his body.

16. Try not to be distracting with unrelated conversation topics

The last thing a guy wants to hear during a massage is the complaints you have about your life or relationship. This isn’t the time to hash out issues; if something is bothering you, you can come back to it another day at a different time.

17. Don’t be afraid to use things besides your body

Think hot stones and anything like that which can help you give the right amount of pressure to the muscles along his back. 

18. Turn off your computer and cell phone

You can write people back later; right now, your focus should be on what you are doing and nothing else. Show you are committed to this one task and aren’t distracted by anyone else.

19. Stay focused on what you are doing

While he is trying to focus on staying relaxed and enjoying what you are doing, you are probably thinking of a million things that you want to say to him. 

Instead of letting your mind wander off and start distracting him by asking him questions, just focus on making him feel good. You’ll be glad you did your best work when all is said and done.

20. Be sure to offer him a cool beverage to sip on

21. Try rubbing in different directions

As you rub your hands down his back, think in terms of shapes. This will help you move each hand in the right direction.

22. Ask him what his problem areas are for you to focus on

He may have bad calves or a sore back; you really won’t know unless you ask him where he’d like you to focus your attention. If he doesn’t have a particular area in mind, start with his shoulders and explore his whole body with your hands until he indicates that you’ve hit his “sweet spot.”

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23. Try not to tickle him

24. Ask him to dress to the level of his comfort

He may not feel comfortable being completely nude, so make sure you cater to how he wants to do things.

25. Really commit to what you are doing

Try to really focus on doing a good job; there’s no reason you can’t show off your “hidden talents” as a masseuse, even if you really have none. In other words, fake it till you make it; act as if you know what you’re doing even if you haven’t got a clue.

Remember To Be Sexy

remember to be sexy

26. Dress up

Just because you are trying to be professional doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Wear something a little slinky; show off some skin. He’ll probably appreciate that.

27. Shave your legs

28. Remember that he will be looking at your feet

Try to plan ahead and have your toenails painted. Hit the spa and get a pedicure, because he will be looking at your feet while you rub him down. Put on your favorite red high heels and really get into the “role” of being a massage therapist.

29. Use your entire body to rub on him

30. Don’t be afraid to get messy

You’re going to get oil on you; there’s just no way around that one. If things get hot and heavy, go with it. Try to just enjoy it even if things get really messy! You only live once, right?

31. Use your mouth

He may WANT you to turn this massage into something more than a back rub, so try to incorporate a little bit of tongue action as you go; you may even want to bite him!

32. Experiment with different things

You may need to try more than one technique; play around with things until you get a positive reaction from him. Trust your instincts as you go along.

33. Use your fingernails

Many men love this, so be prepared to get a little kinky as you try to scratch him down his back as you massage him. Gauge his tolerance level of this if you are aiming for sex.

34. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear

Get a little dirty! It won’t hurt to tell him he looks absolutely delicious in his birthday suit! See what he does with that information; then, continue down that path or head back to being a masseuse, depending on his reaction.

35. Don’t be afraid to kiss him as you go

don't be afraid to kiss him as you go

Depending on the relationship you have with him, he may really want you to engage in the experience, enjoying it as much as he does!


How do I give my man a good massage?

Focus on his back, as this is usually the place that needs the most pressure. Heat up some coconut oil and apply it gently with your hand to his lower back. One by one, do this same action to all parts of his body, applying adequate pressure as you go.

What questions should a massage therapist ask a client?

To determine the best massage technique for your man, you should find out what his problem areas are so that you can apply pressure well to those places. You may want to use one hand to apply a significant amount of pressure there or apply hot stones to that area.

What is the best way to prepare for a massage?

It’s a good idea to set the mood in the room where you will be giving the massage by lighting candles or burning incense. Heat up the towels he’ll use and warm the massage oil. Also, try watching a few instructional YouTube videos on how to give the best massages.

What should you not do during a massage?

Since massages are supposed to be relaxing and stress-free, it’s a good idea to not nag or talk about difficult subjects when giving someone a massage. In fact, it’s generally not a good idea to talk unless you need to give instructions or ask questions or unless he starts.

How do you touch a guy?

You can start touching him gently on either side of his body, applying pressure as you go. Don’t concentrate too much on sensitive areas like the belly button or armpits, as this may make the massage less relaxing for him, especially if he is ticklish or indicates discomfort.

To Sum Things Up…

Did you know that the way to a guy’s heart isn’t always through his stomach? Physical touch can be a powerful thing! Give your man a massage he will forever remember!

What do you think makes up a good massage? Please share and comment! I’d love to hear from you!

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