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Gut Feeling You’re Meant to be with Someone: Should You Trust It?

If you’ve met someone and you’re wondering whether or not they’re “the one,” relying on gut instinct can be a powerful thing. 

Gut instinct, also known as your intuition or sixth sense, is a feeling, or knowing, deep within. If you’re properly in tune with your intuition, it’ll lead you in the right direction and give you guidance that logic might defy. Intuition is a superpower we all have that even science is puzzled by. 

It has been said that what we feel/our gut instinct is a result of complex processes that take place in the brain. Often these feelings arise before we’re able to decode and express the complex brain process consciously. 

Unfortunately, some of us get in the way of our intuition by overthinking, people-pleasing, or using past experiences/trauma to navigate the way. By getting in our way we deny ourselves the incredible power intuition holds such as quick and accurate decision-making, access to deep intelligence, the ability to read people, the ability to identify new opportunities, and a voice of caution. 

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Gut Feeling About Someone: Why Should You Pay Attention to It?

Simply put, intuition helps us make better decisions. So, it’s no wonder why, when we are correctly in tune with our intuition, we’re able to judge whether or not someone is a good match for us. Maybe, even, ‘the one’. 

If you have a gut feeling about someone, listen to it, whether that gut instinct is good or bad. Either that feeling will lead you into a healthy and successful relationship, or it’ll protect you from bad experiences with the wrong people. 

In romantic relationships, you’ll need all the help available to you. And, your best ally might just be your gut. Gut feelings will be able to share information with you, through feelings, that might save you years of wasted time, or heartache, with the wrong people.

33 Reasons to Trust Your Gut Feeling that You’re Meant to Be with Someone

1. You have a deep sense of knowing

People who are happily married often tell you that “when you know, you know.” Perhaps, this refers to that peaceful knowing from deep within that a person is right for you. You may not know how you know, you just know. This is intuition. If your intuition is usually spot-on, trusting it in this scenario would be a wise decision.

On the contrary, if you have a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is off, trusting it might save you from heartbreak. If you’re someone who’s been hurt several times in the past, however, you may want to take a step back and see whether or not this is intuition talking or trauma from past experiences. 

2. Your instincts haven’t let you down before

If you’re in tune with yourself and your gut instincts, chances are these feelings haven’t let you down previously. Gut feelings have a way of being incredibly accurate. 

If you can think of a few scenarios where your gut feelings were accurate - for example you happened to avoid a dangerous situation because you “just had a bad feeling,” or, you just knew you had to call someone and see how they were, or, your intuition helped you make the right decision in terms of a job offer - you may want to trust these feelings going forward. 

Luckily, even if your gut feelings seem to be a little off, becoming more in tune with your inner voice/inner self is something that can be worked on and practiced. 

3. There are signs and synchronicities everywhere

there are signs and synchronicities everywhere

The universe will often send signs as a way of communicating something. For instance, as a confirmation that you’re on the right path, you might repeatedly see double digits i.e. 11:11, you might run into the same person over and over, or you might see repeated symbols i.e. a butterfly.

On the contrary, if you’re in alignment with yourself but the path you’re on is not the right one for you then you might experience things like setbacks, delays, detours, physical ailments, or the feeling that things are falling apart. 

4. You feel connected from the day you meet

Sometimes, you meet someone and the two of you just get along from day one. You feel comfortable and at peace around them. Things just flow easily and effortlessly. 

If you feel a special connection with someone that you don’t feel with many other people (if any others), it’s a gut feeling you should trust. 

5. You don’t question your relationship

Generally, if you have a strong gut feeling you’re meant to be with someone you won’t question and over-analyze your relationship. You’ll feel at peace that they’re the person you’re meant to be with. 

If you find yourself feeling conflicted, over-analyzing, or questioning the relationship from the get-go, you might want to do some internal work and get to the bottom of your thoughts and feelings. Perhaps they’re the wrong person for you. Or, perhaps, it’s past relationship fears and traumas resurfacing. Talking to a therapist might help you work through things. 

6. You’re both on the same page about the relationship

For a relationship to function happily and harmoniously, the two of you must be on the same page about the relationship and your future together. 

At the beginning of a relationship, your gut feeling will be able to guide you. You’ll be able to sense whether or not he likes you as much as you like him and what his intentions are. Over and above gut feelings, communication is also key. 

7. There’s undeniable chemistry between you two

there's undeniable chemistry between you two

If you have a gut feeling you’re meant to be with someone and the two of you also have amazing chemistry, it’s a clear sign you’re on the right path. 

Signs there’s great chemistry between the two of you might look like:

  • Instant spark/connection/attraction
  • Intense/direct eye contact
  • A shared sense of humor
  • Desire to be together almost 24/7
  • Amazing sex/sexual tension

8. You feel peaceful and at ease around them 

One of the signs that you’re with the right person and have made the right decision is that you’ll feel a sense of peace, calmness, and ease when you’re around them. They will feel like your safe space and home, all in one. 

9. Your relationship is easy and flows, for the most part

No relationship is going to be easy and free from issues or drama all the time. All relationships will have ups, downs, and learning curves. All relationships will require communication, understanding, and respect. 

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If you find you’re in a relationship that’s easy and free-flowing for the most part, it’s a sign you’ve made the right decision. If, however, your relationship is riddled with fighting and disagreements, you might want to reassess things. Trusting your gut instincts in this scenario will help you navigate a difficult relationship

10. You have butterflies in your stomach

Butterflies from excitement in your stomach, chest, and heart area are one of the most popular symbols to show you’ve made the correct decision. On the other hand, people may often experience butterfly-like sensations that are associated with anxiety. Knowing the difference between these two sensations will help with your decision-making process. 

11. You have fun and laugh together

Shared laughter in a relationship is essential. Studies have found that it’s a way to keep passion and love alive in a relationship. Often, the desire to be with a loved one for a lifetime is driven by the couple’s ability to laugh and have a good time together. 

If you’re able to laugh together with your loved one regularly, chances are you see them as a dear friend as well as a lover - a winning combination! 

There are many interesting benefits to shared laughter with a loved one, including: 

  1. Increased well-being
  2. Better communication 
  3. Increased commitment to a partner
  4. Greater intimacy
  5. Better health

12. Communication is easy between the two of you

communication is easy between the two of you

Good communication is one of the key components of a successful relationship. Partners should be able to listen to each other and communicate about things that weigh on their minds in constructive, respectful ways. 

If you have a bad gut feeling about someone and the way they communicate, listen. Communication is likely to have a significant impact on your relationship, both in the present and future.

13. You feel like you’ve known them for years

This feeling is generally a great sign. When someone matches your frequency/ ”just gets you,” you’re likely to feel heard, understood, and at peace. All signs that should come together with a positive gut feeling. 

14. You have the same core values

Having the same core values is essential for the longevity of a romantic relationship. Shared core values mean you have the same, or at least similar, beliefs when it comes to children, religion, finances, and communication. 

15. You’re able to be yourself around them

If you’re able to take down your guard, take off your masks, and be your authentic self around your partner it’s one of the key signs that you’re in a relationship that’s right for you. 

On the contrary, if you’ve been seeing your partner for some time and you still feel you need to hide parts of yourself, you might want to ask your intuition for guidance as to why. Perhaps, there are insecurities that lie with you that you can work on. Or, maybe the person you’re seeing isn’t right for you. Whatever it is, listen to that little voice inside.

16. You feel safe with them 

Feeling safe with someone is usually a gut instinct that means you can trust a person and be yourself around them. It signals that this person has good intentions and won’t hurt you. And, honestly, what more could you want from a relationship than trust and authenticity? 

17. You want to know everything about them

you want to know everything about them

If you’re genuinely interested in someone you’ll want to invest the time and energy and get to know everything about them. You’ll want to spend time listening to their stories and learning everything about them to connect on a deeper level. 

18 You’re partners and best friends

Finding someone who feels like your best friend as well as your partner/lover is special. For a relationship to stand the test of time it’s vital that the two of you have a strong friendship. Couples who are happier in their relationships report that it’s due to their strong friendship.

At the end of the day, being friends with your partner means you’re more likely to laugh together, look forward to spending time together, be vulnerable, and respect each other. 

19. They make you feel special 

If the person you’re with makes you feel special on a deeper level, trust your gut feeling about the relationship. Chances are, you’ve found the perfect match. 

Someone who makes you feel special in this kind of way will make you feel heard, understood, cared for, and loved. Being around them will make you happy. 

20. You have mutual respect for each other

Mutual understanding and respect form part of the foundation of a successful relationship. If this component is lacking, you will have a strong feeling that something is off. 

21. You enjoy having them in your personal space

For me, and many others who place a high value on their personal space, this one is a biggie. 

If you enjoy having the person you’re with spend time in your personal space and you want them around more often than not, you should feel confident about your decision to be with them. You’ll likely experience feelings of calmness and serenity when they’re in your space, as opposed to anxiety and tension. 

22. Your family and friends give their nod of approval

Often, the people we love the most are the most critical when it comes to who we choose as our life partners. And, for good reason: they don’t want us to get hurt! So, if your closest friends and family approve of your partner, it’s a sign your gut instinct is spot on. 

Getting along with each other’s nearest and dearest is such an important part of a relationship. When this element is lacking it could cause issues later down the line. 

23. The little voice inside your head is giving approval

Often you’ll hear people refer to a little or quiet voice inside their head. This voice is also known as your intuition/sixth sense/gut feeling. If you quiet your mind and listen to this voice you’ll be able to get a clear idea of whether or not someone/something is right for you. 

24. You dream of them

Different dreams represent different things. If you find yourself dreaming about them regularly, your dreams could be delivering a message from your subconscious that you should pay attention to. 

Recurring dreams about someone could mean one of the following: 

  • You have unresolved feelings toward this person
  • You have a deep connection with them
  • This person is very important to you

25. You catch yourself smiling at the mere thought of them

The thought of them, the mention of their name, or a text message from them puts a smile on your face that doesn’t seem to fade… If this is the case, it’s likely true that the universe has led you to this person. 

Trust and listen to your gut and let it continue to lead the relationship, especially if it hasn’t led you astray before.

26. You’re always fantasizing about them

you're always fantasizing them

Dreaming, daydreaming, and fantasizing about your lover are all signs from your gut that you’re on a positive relationship path. If you find that you can’t stop thinking about this person, it’s a sign you should pursue them.

27. Equal effort is invested in the relationship

A great way of gauging how your partner feels about you and your relationship is whether or not they invest equal effort into the relationship. 

Wrong partners will have mismatched levels of effort and interest. You’ll know they’re not the one for you through your intuitive feelings and by the way your body reacts when around them, i.e. feelings of anxiety, sweaty palms, or a sinking feeling in your gut. 

28. The person mirrors you

According to psychology, mirroring is something we tend to do when we like someone. It’s our brain’s way of trying to get in sync with someone. Humans mirror each other as a way to understand and connect with each other. It’s a way of showing empathy. 

If you notice your partner is mirroring you, i.e. copying your body language, speech, or facial expressions, it’s a sign they’re interested in you. 

29. You have a gut feeling someone is attracted to you

Some people are more closed up and difficult to read when it comes to dating than others. However, if you have a gut reaction/sense that this person is attracted to you, you’re likely correct in feeling this way. 

30. You connect and experience things on a deeper level

If you’re able to connect to your gut/intuition, it’ll give you the ability to experience things on a deeper level. You’ll also be able to connect with your partner in a deeper, more intimate way.

If you want to experience life in a happier, easier, free-flowing manner, listen to your gut and let it be your guide. Tune out all the external noise. 

31. You feel like you’ve met them before

Ever meet someone or step into a place and feel like you’ve been there/met the person before? It’s as if you’re reliving the moment. This is more commonly known as déjà vu. Experiencing this is a gut feeling worth exploring. 

32. You can’t shake the feeling

you can't shake the feeling

When you have a strong intuition about someone it’ll be a feeling you can’t ignore. You’ll just know something on a deeper level that you might not be able to explain with words, even in the early stages of dating. 

Trust your gut if the same feeling keeps occurring. Instincts rarely fail and it’ll be in your best interests to follow them. 

33. You want a future together

If you can picture a future together with this person and they feel the same way, it’s a clear sign you two want to, and should be, together. 


Should you always trust your gut feeling in a relationship?

If you’re in tune with your gut and it hasn’t led you astray before then trusting your gut feeling/intuition would be sage advice.

Remember, there’s a difference between a gut feeling and relationship anxiety. A gut feeling is usually an immediate feeling/response to a person or a situation. On the other hand, relationship anxiety usually lasts a lot longer and can be completely normal to experience, even in healthy relationships. 

Are the gut feelings just your knowledge of experience in the subconscious?

Gut feelings are said to be an immediate feeling or knowing that comes from an accumulation of information stored in our subconscious. These feelings are present long before we are able to consciously access the information. Intuition relies on past knowledge or experience to produce the feeling or awareness we know as a gut feeling.

How do you know when your intuition is talking to you?

When your intuition is talking to you, you might experience one or some of the following:

A feeling or sensation that won’t go away, 
A deep knowing, 
Clarity of thought, 
Vivid dreams, 
Peace after making the correct decision, 
A sinking feeling in your gut, 
A flash of affirmation.


If you are connected to yourself and your intuition, allowing your gut feeling to give you insight and information regarding people and relationships would be a wise thing to do. Your gut feelings will direct you to what’s best for you, leading you to true happiness and fulfillment. 

If you have a gut feeling about a relationship, you will physically feel things that let you know whether or not this person is right for you. Trust those feelings.

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