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The Physical Touch Love Language (And 51 Creative Ways You Can Show It)

If you are in a romantic relationship and would like to improve it, you should master your partner’s love language. If he or she has the physical touch love language, you will want to do things like showering together rather than buying gifts, which would be more appropriate for the gift-giving love language.

There are five love languages - physical touch, giving gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, and acts of service. Each love language is unique, and everyone is different. If a person’s primary love language is physical touch, they would like to be touched more than they would enjoy any of the other four love languages.

If your boyfriend’s love language is physical touch, he’d rather you hold hands than give him a gift. Likewise, if your husband’s love language is physical touch, he’d rather show PDA (public displays of affection) than have you do something nice for him. This isn’t always the case for each person who has the primary love language of physical touch. Everyone’s different!

Let’s dive into the subject more, learning more about the beautiful art of love languages!

What Are The 5 Love Languages?

There are 5 traditional love languages - physical touch, acts of service, quality time, gift-giving, and words of affirmation. Understanding your partner’s primary love language is a crucial part of a healthy relationship. If you want to make your partner happy, you need to know how they receive and give love. Those two things are often not the same thing.

For example, my man’s love language is words of affirmation. He enjoys it when I appreciate the things he does for me; that’s just the way he is. If I buy him gifts, it’s sweet, but it’s not what he needs the most because his love language is words of affirmation. Does that make sense? He also shows love in a totally different way! Love languages can be a weird, unusual thing!

My man shows love by doing acts of service in our relationship. For example, he is more likely to show his love by getting me a drink when I’m thirsty or taking care of me when I’m sick than he is to put his arms around me after a long day. That’s not to say he’s not affectionate. He loves showing me the physical touch love language; it’s just not his primary one!

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 love languages!

1. Physical touch is one love language.

Since this is the love language we are discussing in this article, let’s look at physical touch a little more closely. When physical touch is the love language in the relationship, the partner needs physical touch to feel loved. He or she may enjoy showering together or just having physical affection after a long day at the office.

You can show physical touch in your relationship by initiating physical intimacy in your relationship. It may not always come naturally, but if that’s your partner’s way of needing love shown to them, you should aim to give them physical attention whenever possible! In this article, we’ll cover many ways to show your partner physical touch!

If you are unsure as to how to show the physical in relationships, this article should help as we’ve given you dozens of ways to show physical touch in relationships. Consider giving physical touch on a daily basis with your partner if that is their love language. They need physical touch to feel love and physical affection from you!

2. Quality time is another love language.

quality time is another love language

When you spend quality time with your partner, you give them your undivided attention in a real way. You don’t check your phone every 5 seconds to see what the latest score is on a football game you are watching! You give them the attention they need. Unlike physical touch, with quality time, you need to be present and attentive emotionally.

With physical touch, you can show your partner love by touching them in some way or showing love through your body language. If they need quality time when in relationships, you may need to be more attentive and present when you are around your partner. This could mean playing board games with one another or just cuddling!

Making time for your partner is critical with this one. You may need to book your date nights as you would a doctor’s appointment on your calendar. You just need to find the time to show them love in the way that they best receive it. Learn new things from your partner through observation and care. Make the extra effort to go the distance!

3. Gift-giving can be one love language.

Giving gifts is much different than physical touch because your partner needs to see that you love them by giving them presents or gifts. Maybe they enjoy getting a dozen long-stemmed roses after a bad day at the office. Perhaps, they need you to just remember their birthday by buying them their favorite office supplies! 

I often enjoy demonstrating love by giving my partner gifts, even though that is not his chief love language. He’d rather me say thank you than get a new wallet, but I love buying gifts and watching his face light up in surprise when he gets a new item! I also love shopping for him. When your man buys anything he needs, it’s hard to buy things.

For example, my man is into hunting and fishing, so whenever something is on sale on Amazon, he tends to purchase what he needs at the moment. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for me to be creative when buying gifts. However, I still usually find a way to make him happy by purchasing him something unexpected and new!

4. Words of affirmation are another love language.

words of affirmation are another love language

Words of affirmation can be a simple love language. Basically, your partner just needs to hear nice things from you. Perhaps they need to know that you are appreciative of the efforts they have made to make you happy. My man loves it when I tell him how much I love him or adore the work he’s done around the house. This is important!

With words of affirmation, you need to let your partner know that you love him or her by saying words that mean something to him or her. If they have done all the laundry, for example, you need to let them know how much you appreciate them doing that kind deed for you. You may discover that they enjoy being told compliments, too!

You can talk about things by letting them know how much you love them, appreciate them, and adore their little quirks. You might want to tell them how they are unique in your eyes, what makes them stand out from the pack of other fish in the sea, and how much love you feel for them through the many words you say!

5. Acts of service are the final love language.

While certainly not an inferior love language, acts of service is another one that may make your partner happy. If physical touch is off the table, you may need to do sweet things for your partner to make them feel adored and appreciated. This could be as simple as making dinner one night or just cleaning the house when they least expect it.

When you show acts of service, you demonstrate love by doing sweet things for your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. For example, they might appreciate it if you wash their car after a long road trip or make them dinner after a long day at the office. They want to see you in action! This could just mean that you do something nice every now and then!

My man loves to show acts of service. He often gets me a drink when I need one, offers to change the sheets on the bed on a weekly basis without me saying a word, and/or does the dishes without me asking for that. By showing his love through acts of service, he is letting me know that he cares for me in a real way! It does mean a lot to me!

Why Are The 5 Love Languages Important?

Love languages are crucial in a relationship because they show how your partner gives and receives love in the best way. If your partner needs physical touch to feel loved, you need to show affection more than doing something else. There are hundreds of ways you can show physical touch, too! Give your partner a sweet hug when he walks through the door!

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Once you understand how your partner needs to feel love, you can begin to show them that love in a new way - a way that means everything to them. For example, if your partner needs to receive physical attention through kissing, make sure you have your teeth brushed and are ready to start making out more often than not.

Another way to show physical touch is by giving your partner a back massage or having a tickle fight when he least expects it. He just wants to know that you understand him and appreciate the way he needs to have love from you. As long as you understand that, you will have a successful relationship with your partner! Just remain committed to success!

How Does Physical Touch Equal Success?

If you remain hopeful in your relationship, you will always try to succeed in all that you do. I know that in my relationship, we work hard at making things go smoothly. This is not to say we are passive in the way we treat one another. On the contrary, we work hard to make things go well in our partnership! If you want success, you need to work at it with all your heart!

If you think relationships are easy and don’t require much effort, you are probably not in a successful one. You must try hard when you are in one because it takes two to tango. This could mean that you show your partner love by giving them physical touch. If that’s what they prefer, you may need to adapt your approach in relationships.

If you are used to buying gifts for your partner, you may need to change the way you do things if they would rather have the physical aspect of a partnership. Think about what matters the most to your partner. Do they like PDA over gifts? Do they prefer you to hug them at night rather than grab them a drink before going to bed? How do they show their love for you?

Second, you need to determine how you like to demonstrate love. Communicate this with your partner. Let them know you’d rather buy them gifts to show them love than you would give them tons of kisses each day. Explain that this is how you show them the love that you are feeling. If you talk things out, they will understand your needs and wants!

51 Unique Ways To Show Physical Touch 

  1. Rub your partner’s toes.
  2. Play footsie with your partner.
  3. Cuddle with your partner on the couch.
  4. Lay your head on his or her shoulders.
  5. Massage his or her feet.
  6. Wink at your partner.
  7. Give him or her butterfly kisses.
  8. Squeeze his or her knees.
  9. Make prolonged eye contact with your partner.
  10. Give him or her a kiss on the cheek.
  11. Enlighten your sexual intimacy with a lap dance!
  12. Pull your partner close with some force!
  13. Lay your head in your partner’s lap.
  14. Put your hands in the back pockets of your partner.
  15. Give him or her a full body massage.
  16. Dance together.
  17. Give sweet kisses on his or her forehead.
  18. Take a romantic bubble bath together.
  19. Massage his or her calves.
  20. Brush your partner’s hair.
  21. Have prolonged kisses.
  22. Nibble on his or her ear.
  23. Show your partner some PDA.
  24. Squeeze your partner’s hips.
  25. Give your partner a pat on the bottom!
  26. Give him or her a hug from behind.
  27. French kiss often!
  28. Kiss your partner on the neck, leaving a mark!
  29. Sit in your partner’s lap!
  30. Squeeze him or her on the bicep!
  31. Walk arm in arm together!
  32. Rub his or her scalp sweetly.
  33. Spend plenty of time holding hands!
  34. Put your hand on the small of his or her back.
  35. Put your arms around each other when you walk.
  36. Have a tickle fight!
  37. Kiss the top of your partner’s head!
  38. Greet him or her at the door with a kiss!
  39. Wash your partner’s hair.
  40. Scratch your partner with your nails.
  41. Cup his or her face in your hand when you kiss.
  42. Run your fingers through his or her hair.
  43. Give him or her a kiss on the legs!
  44. Give a lingering hug!
  45. Scratch him or her on the back.
  46. Initiate sexual intimacy.
  47. Give your partner a bear hug.
  48. Give them a pat on the back.
  49. Have plenty of foreplay before sex.
  50. Give a hug while running your hands along their back.
  51. Take a shower together.


How do you show the physical touch love language?

Practice a gentle touch when you show romantic love to your partner. Giving hugs and holding hands is a good start. If your partner’s primary love language is physical touch, express love by doing things like starting to initiate sex. They need that physical contact to feel and express love.

Why is physical touch important in a relationship?

If your partner’s love language is physical touch, you should show romantic feelings that way. Use your body language to say what you are thinking; you can do this by making eye contact and doing actual physical touching that they may crave, like holding hands.

What kind of physical touch best says I love you to you?

In my opinion, a sweet kiss on the forehead says I love you the most. I just love it when my husband decides to start showing love by doing something like that. It makes me feel loved and cared about - full of attention and affection!

How do I know my love language?

You can read about the five love languages to see which one fits you best. If you like to hold hands and show PDA (public displays of affection), your primary love language may be physical touch. If so, be sure to receive physical affection from your partner as much as possible.

What kind of physical affection do guys like?

It depends on the relationship. Some guys like a girl who takes the initiative in the relationship and shows physical affection in a blatant and obvious way. Other guys prefer subtlety. If your partner’s primary love language is physical touch, make him feel loved with physical affection and through your body language.

To Sum It All Up

What is your love language? Do you think love languages are important for relationships? How have they impacted the relationships that you have been in? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line in the comments! Also, if you enjoyed this article, we’d appreciate it if you’d share it!

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