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Where Do Men Like To Be Touched? (8 Pleasure Spots That Will Drive Him Crazy)

It’s no longer an assumption that a good sexual relationship can help retain a man’s interest in a woman. Quite a number of men have complained during therapy sessions that their female partners are usually on the passive side, doing the regular. 

Men simultaneously get pleasure as they give pleasure; for example, when a man gently caresses his woman’s breasts, he partly enjoys it and makes the woman enjoy it as well. 

However, it is often assumed by some women that this should be enough, this isn’t the case at all times as research shows that sex can get monotonous and boring between couples after a long time of repetitive routines, even though they still love each other. Therefore, the need to spice things up right from the foreplay cannot be overemphasized

If you really want to gain your guy’s love and get him optimally stimulated with your hands, here are some tips to spice up your relationship. By knowing those places your man likes to be touched, you’ll make sexual encounters spontaneous, eliminate awkwardness, and add some new things to your sexual routine. 

Where Do Guys Like To Be Touched? 

1. The ears

I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to confirm that the ears are hypersensitive, just as it is for women, men equally feel a deep sensation when you touch their ears. That’s because the ears carry nerves and special receptors that are incredibly sensitive. Imagine a nerve so sensitive, it is able to pick up sound waves in the air, compare that to how sensitive it’ll be when touched. 

During make out periods, guys love it. In fact, it’s a spot that turns a guy on heavily; so, if you don’t want to have sex, don’t go working his ears. Make sure this is not an action that involves slapping your hands on his ears, it must be a gentle caressing around the lobes all the way to the back like you’re navigating uncharted territory. 

If you’re naughty and you want him on another cloud, get creative by using your tongue to do the touching. Work on the lobes gently to the top of the ears, if you truly want to get things steamy, navigate your tongue into his ear hole and simultaneously whisper sweet words in there, you’ll thank me later.

2. His hair

His hair

I’m quite sure you don’t need me to tell you how good it feels when someone plays with your hair, this is quite applicable to men too. There are nerve endings on the scalp connected to the rest of the human body. A gentle pull with your hands in combination with running your fingers through them will definitely send an urgent message around his body. 

Now, do not go around randomly pulling his hair for no reason expecting him to get sexually excited, this is a move you must engage in during foreplay. When you guys are kissing each other and the fireworks start popping, using your hands, gently run your fingers through the entire length of his head while you make periodic passion-filled eye contact with him. 

If your man is totally bald or likes to cut his hair really low, that doesn’t stop the fun, a gentle head massage as you kiss during foreplay will make him feel some sexual excitement as well.

3. The face

Perhaps, you are wondering how the face is supposed to sexually excite a man, cool your jets. Research shows that sexual excitement is partly physical and partly psychological. There’s almost nothing sexier than when your man gazes at you with a look screaming “I’m the luckiest man alive to be with this beautiful woman” while you are about to get down. 

Believe it or not, this turns guys on as well. Look at this way, it’s one thing to allow him to have sex with you just because you are horny but a completely different thing to give consent because it’s specifically him. When you touch his face by using the tip of your fingers to gently rub his forehead, eyebrows, and nose slowly to his mustache and beard, it will surely make him feel wanted and sexually awakened. 

Furthermore, all of these parts of the face constitute a person’s total facial identity, so, spending some time exploring those features passionately will send a strong message that’ll touch the mind and body at the same time.

4. The neck

Where do guys like to be touched? You may wonder, well, this is another erogenous point in the body, it’s a sensitive point full of nerves capable of arousing and turning gentle foreplay into a hot, steamy, and passionate sexual encounter. If you are the type that likes to initiate sex, go right ahead and approach him from the back with a surprise, kissing his neck from behind is a good way to awake him. 

Asides using your lips to lightly touch, and trace kisses from his neck down to his face, your hands can do the touching as well. Now, you are in front of him kissing him passionately, let your fingers roam around his neck. If your man is quite comfortable with a little intense action, take it further by gently biting him on the neck. Hey, do not go full vampire on your man if you don’t want him to think something weird is going on with you, just a little sensual dig will do the trick.

If you are going to use your teeth on him, make sure it’s a totally passion-filled, painless bite, if you get it right, you won’t only be sending sexual vibes all over his body, you’ll also be reaching out to his mind making him feel wanted by you. 

5. The back

I call this the “you are mine” touch, again, when your man is on top of you, the position gives you ample opportunity to explore his body with your hands unlike when he’s coming from the back. Instead of just receiving all the attention and pleasure from him, rub your palms along the length of his back and use your fingers to lightly touch or scratch the length of it, emphasis on lightly. 

Take it a little lower towards the waist where the movements are coming from, holding him in a partial embrace. Go ahead and get a little intense by gripping him harder sending him the message that he’s yours and you aren’t letting him go, but make sure you don’t have any sharp nails that can quickly severe the thin line between pain and pleasure.

6. The butt

Are you still wondering “where do men like to be touched?” Has the butt ever crossed your mind? I know this part of the body is generally considered more sexual for ladies, but you’d be surprised a gentle tap on your man’s but can be quite sexy. 

It can be an inviting move telling him you are down for some intimate action and also a perfectly stimulating act during sex especially when he’s taking the lead on top of you thrusting away. For example, a gentle tap while he’s just coming out of the shower would send him an unmistakable message he’s wanted especially if you accompany it with a wink. 

Now, when the real action is going down, don’t be afraid to touch the cheeks of his butt slightly with a squeeze, or gently tap it repeatedly. Trust me, it’ll send cold shivers through his body, however, be careful not to make this painful as he may think you are crossing into new territories of sexual pleasure that involve some form of pain, this may or may not go down well with him.

7. The ribs

The Ribs

The ribs are naturally a ticklish area for lots of people, no doubt, it must have a lot of nerves for it to throw someone into laughter without watching a cartoon or hearing a Kevin Hart joke. So, this is a perfectly good place to exploit to your advantage, the more sensitive he is in the rib area, the better. Now, make sure you don’t go hard on him like when you two are having a play pillow-fight.

The aim isn’t to make him burst into uncontrollable laughter but to excite the nerves of that area enough to awaken him. Like the butt-touch move, it’s a move you can use when he’s on top of you or while you are still kissing during foreplay. Make sure it’s a gentle caress, by running your hands along the length of his ribs like you want want to feel how soft butter is but you don’t want to dip your fingers in it to cause a mess. 

8. The penis

Don’t be shy like some people that are not very bold when it comes to sex, they just prefer to be on the receiving end. Others may want to but hold back because they fallaciously assume guys love to take the lead and may see women that are sexually expressive as too forward, intimidating, or sexually wild. On the contrary, men want women that are more expressive in the bedroom. 

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Because a man’s penis is what he uses to finally get down/climax, a hard-on down there is technically a confirmation he wants to have you. So, you don’t want to rush there immediately you start kissing unless you are in for a quick one. Explore all the other parts of his body, let the penis be the last place you reach. Touch it while it’s still in the pants to make him feel you can’t wait to get it out. 

Then go ahead and let it loose once you’ve decided there’s no turning back, caress him down there just a little bit more before you both decide to take the main “dish.” If you are down with tongue action, trust me, guys love it, the penis is a very important place the man wants to be touched. There’s also a secret place most women don’t know about called the f spot, this is the little fleshy part under the crown of his penis; the area that connects the head to the shaft. 

Some guys don’t even know how electrifying their f spot could be; there are a lot of nerves down there that could set flames with a simple touch or tickle. As a woman, you need to be more than skillful here as they’ll be times you don’t want to go the whole nine yards while he wants it. Knowing how to touch a guy down there will make you get him to climax easily and both parties will remain happy.


Where does a guy like to be touched while kissing?

Men, like females, like to be touched as they like to feel wanted as well rather than just a giver of pleasure in their journey to climax. Men want to be caressed in sensitive places such as the hair, back, the neck, face, butt, and of course the penis which is one of the most sensitive places used in penetrative or oral sex.

Where to touch a man to make him want you?

If you are in for a quickie, kiss him gently and go straight ahead for the penis, it sends a quick message to the man that you can’t wait for him to tear your clothes off. However, if you want it more romantic and lengthy,  you can alternate the lips, tongue, and hands to touch his neck, ears, back, chest, inner thighs, and of course the penis. 

How do you touch a guy sexually?

If it’s a guy you are in a relationship with and you are trying to be an initiator, you can gently tap him on the butt with a wink. You can also surprisingly approach him from behind initiating a massage-like touch on his shoulders and neck while you add passionate kisses. Take it to the inner thighs and he’ll definitely know you are reaching out sexually. 

How do you touch a guy while kissing?

When kissing a guy, he’s probably going to be right in front of you, this gives you a lot of opportunities to use your hands, lips, and tongue to do the touching that will excite him. Running your fingers through his hair is a great way to start while you kiss him, followed by his chest, back, inner thighs, and ears. If you have intentions of having sex, you can go further down there to feel his penis and f spot.

What do men really want in bed?

While it may be true some men like to be the initiator of sexual activities, as they want to dictate the pace, guys also love the feeling of being wanted. They want sexual activity to be spontaneous and not feel rejected because they want pleasure in a particular way. Also, men want to try out new styles, they want a lover that’ll be willing to try things out in bed and know how to touch a man.

To Conclude

Now you know some of the areas your man wants you to touch him, I guess you’ll be able to surprise him soon. I hope you enjoyed the article, it’ll be nice to know what you think about the article in the comment section, you can also share it with others you think would benefit from the list.

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