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A Hug From Behind (What It Means In Your Relationship)

Do you want to know more about why your partner hugs you in the way he does? 

Does he like to hug you from behind? Or in a different way?

Whatever way he likes to hug you, it probably communicates something about your relationship. 

In this guide, you’ll learn what it means when your boyfriend hugs you in a specific way.   

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Then, you can read up on what it means when a man hugs you in a certain way.

What Is A Protective Hug?

When someone comes up and hugs you with your back facing them, they may surprise you! This can be fun, but what does it mean? Hugs like this are signs of safety and security. The hugger wants you to know they will be there for you and keep you safe from harm.

Guys often hug girls like this because they’re comfortable and happy. He’s showing you love and affection, and if he pulls you close during this romantic hug, you can be sure that he is wanting the moments with you to last as long as possible. It’s a good type of hug!

Why Do We Hug?

People hug for many reasons. Physical contact makes people feel comfortable, kinship, good vibes, and/or affection. We give each other hugs to say, “Hello,” “Goodbye,” and “Congrats!” Hugs are also a way to show care, compassion, comfort, affection, and love. 

why do we hug

During sports, many players offer hugs to show support and affection to their team members. Some even go a different way and slap each other on the butt or hit each other lightly on the back. Showing physical contact on the body says, “Well done!” or “I’m glad we’re on the same team. Let’s go win now!”

21 Other Types Of Hugs

1. The Big Squeeze

This strong hug may involve the hugger touching your back or body somewhere else as they firmly hold on to you. This hug means protection, security, reassurance, comfort, and care. 

If you’re in a relationship, this person really likes you and wants to make you happy. They are enjoying every second of being in your arms.

2. A Bear Hug

Friends often give this type of hug to show they care. This kind of physical contact is often seen between two players on a sports team. If you are in a relationship, this guy misses you and wants to keep you protected. It’s popular for people who are in love.

3. The Pickpocket

During this hug, the hugger is saying, “I like being around you.” He’s showing affection and comfort. He feels at ease around you. When a guy gives this hug, he wants to show everyone that you belong to him and that the two of you are in a real relationship.

4. Resting Heads Hug

You should feel like the most loved person ever with this type of hug. It shows that he has deep feelings for you and is totally comfortable in your arms. It’s the kind of hug you see in serious relationships.

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5. The London Bridge 

This hug is awkward. Usually, this person doesn’t really want to have physical contact with you but is making an effort. Often, just the upper bodies touch during this hug. It’s just a way of being polite or kind to someone.

6. A Side Hug

This kind of hug is generally reserved for close friends. This is a relaxed way of showing hope, comfort, and happiness, and it’s usually exchanged as a token of friendship or kinship.

7. An Eye-to-Eye Hug

This hug is for two people who are in love. It shows a deep connection. This type of intimacy shows that the couple is devoted to each other and their future. If someone gives you this hug, they are truly, madly in love with you.

8. The Quick Hug

This hug is not a sign of affection. Generally, if you receive this hug, the person is not interested in having a relationship with you. However, if you are in a serious relationship, this person may just be in a hurry, so pay attention to the context of the situation.

9. The Lasting Hug

If someone is giving you a lasting hug, they want the moment to last as long as possible. They may have missed you if you just came back from a long trip, or they just want to show how much they care in their body language.

10. The Twirl

This is a fun hug, usually seen in relationships where one person is ecstatic! You should feel lucky if someone does this to you because it means they’re thrilled to have you! This also shows that he’s not afraid to show you off. Plus, you know he has a playful side!

11. A Sloppy Hug

This type of hug is not seen in a romantic relationship. If you get a sloppy hug, this person is not interested in a relationship or a hug. They are making a weak effort to be civil.

12. The One-Armed Squeeze

When an individual puts one arm around you, he’s trying to protect you, but it’s usually reserved for friendship. However, it is a sign that this person will keep you protected and help you in any way they can.

13. The Cuddle

This hug usually happens when two people are intimate. They may be holding each other while watching a movie or sharing each other’s bodies after lovemaking.

14. A Self Hug

This is when you wrap your arms around your body as a way of telling yourself, “Good job!” or “You can do this!” You may be trying to comfort yourself as you go through a hard time. It’s a positive way to self-soothe.

15. The Slow Dance

This particular hug shows true love; it shows that the magic is still alive in the relationship. Think back to your High School prom. Some people do this during weddings; it’s sweet and romantic; it shows remarkable chemistry.

16. A Pat on the Back

If someone pats your back during a hug, they are wanting to show you friendship and nothing more. It’s also a way of saying, “Congrats!” or “I’m proud of you!”

17. The Naughty Hug

This one may be all about lust. His hand may travel from your back to your butt really fast. This is one of those ways that guys indicate they are horny and want sex or another kind of physical contact.

18. The Flirty Hug

This hugger definitely wants a relationship. They’re attracted to you and are trying to show you that they’re interested in you. It’s a sign of chemistry if you feel the same way.

19. A Hug Around-the-Waist

This type of hug shows a lot of love and affection. It can be for romantic relationships, depending on the context, but it can also be for friendships. If there’s eye contact involved, he really does want a romantic relationship with you.

20. The Ragdoll

This is a one-sided hug. The hugger has feelings that are not shared. If someone just goes limp in your arms, you can be sure to know they don’t want the hug. You should back up if you get this reaction.

21. A Catcher Hug

This hug happens when a person runs and is caught by the hugger. You see this at airports when a man sees his girl after a long time away from each other.


What does hug from behind mean?

It means that you can trust this person; they will keep you secure and safe. They want you to know that they will be there for you as a protector, an individual you can count on in the future. It’s good news. He or she cares about you deeply.

Why do guys hug from behind?

Guys do this to show girls that they care about them and will be there in the future to support and protect them. This guy is not afraid of responsibility or commitment. He wants to show you how much he cares about you by touching you in a hug.

What do you do when someone hugs you from behind?

You should enjoy it! Someone cares about you a lot and considers you to be your partner. You can lean your head back on their chest, touch their arms with your hands, or even just take a deep breath and let the hug sink in.

What does it mean when a guy hugs you from behind around the neck?

It’s one of the more protective ways to hug a person. It means that this guy wants to keep you safe from harm at all costs; he’s got you covered. He’s your protector, your “security blanket.” He wants you to know all of this, and he’s showing it physically.

What is a flirty hug?

A flirty hug is usually a hug that has more than the arms involved. The hugger may bat her eyelashes, say something silly or funny, or even have a little slap on the shoulder. The hug is an effort to show affection, and she may even linger in the hug.


It looks to me like we should definitely be hugging each other more often. What do you think?
Are you a hugger? Do you know of any hugs that weren’t included in this article? 
Please share your experiences and opinions in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you!

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