How to Know A Sagittarius Guy Is Serious About You (7 Telling Signs)

How to Know A Sagittarius Guy Is Serious About You (7 Telling Signs)

Sagittarius men are fire signs who not only bring passion to any relationship but are also adaptable to your needs as a partner. He tends to be known as a bit flaky because he is the type of man that loves the thrill of the chase, you might think he will do anything to get you, but wonder how you can know a Sagittarius guy to be really serious about you after the initial period of passion!

It’s tricky. After all, when he gets to know you, a Sagittarius man will love you for who you are and will be keen to be a stable person that you can rely on. When he’s committed, you’ll be happy enjoying plenty of public affection, smiling and warmth from this open character.

He is most likely a bit of a catch, good looking in the traditional sense, athletic and keen to be outdoors. Hello, tan! He is also keen to use his mind and enjoys big discussions and getting to the meat of a conversation. Really the best of both worlds in one package!

But, getting to that stage can be a nerve-wracking time for any woman! Though he deeply falls for you, freedom is what Sagittarius man values the most right now.

So, how can you know that a Sagittarius is serious? It’s time to look for the signs that he will likely be giving you.

How does a Sagittarius man act in love?

1) He’s starting to want you near him a lot more

A Sagittarius man is an ideal romantic partner in many ways and with a sign that symbolizes fire they are fearless, energetic, good money-makers and of course this passionate personality is part of how they are with the women in their relationships. But in comparison with Aries and Leo, a Sagittarius man is a bit different. Women tend to fall easily for him yet only a few can ‘break out’ of being just a casual fling into the real deal, especially when he is known for being quite flighty and hard to tame! He loves the thrill of the chase and is popular, giving him quite the choice and sometimes the ego to boot!

When he is starting to fall for you and be serious he will start to ramp up the compliments, maybe focusing on things away from your looks but your personality traits that he likes. He may compliment your funny nature, or how you do something, or even how you are around his friends and family.
This brings us to our first sign that he is really serious about the relationship and interested in being with you, that he is simply around a lot more. A Sagittarius man is used to having freedom in the relationships he chooses and generally speaking, he wants to get a woman but she must give him his space. This sign hates the daily routine and you simply cannot control a Sagittarius or tell him what to do. If he is starting to be around you, adjust and compromise, this a real sign he is serious about making this relationship work.

2 He feels more like a close friend

We all worry about being in the friend zone, but when it comes to Sagittarius men it’s key to know that this sign does value friendships. He would rather be your friend first before he becomes romantic with you, and even if you are together as a couple or seeing each other casually, he will still be feeling very ‘friendly’ to you. This is a good sign that everything is progressing as it should.

This man is keen to get to know you and will want to joke and laugh with you, ask you about the books and films you like and understand what you are all about. He might suggest going out for beers or a pizza instead of a fancy restaurant or seems comfy at home lounging around and learning more over a game of pool. You aren’t just one of his guys though – he wants to have a real bond with you beyond just looks.

A Sagittarius man will look for a sense of belonging with you and will also be trying to limit any worries or fears they have. That means your Sagittarius is likely to hang out with you, try and connect with you and want to become a friend so he knows the full picture. If he is making these moves it is a great sign he is serious about you.

3) He’s being honest.

This sign does value honesty as a trait and that comes to when he is falling in love. He values the truth and honesty but he reserves this for those closest to him. A Sagittarius is a special type of sign signified by the horse and the archer – which just like the image denotes is straightforward and ready to shoot from the hip!

If you have started to notice him opening up or being frank with you, this is a sign that he seriously considers you to be of value to his life, and likely a permanent fixture.
He will be keen to be honest and also to open and communicative about his past if he likes you and is serious about you, so look out for these conversations!

4) He will be supportive

A Sagittarius will be supportive especially when you are going through a hard time. He will be wanting to be there for you, help you and rather than just lending an ear like a Cancerian might, he will be working to guide you through whatever is happening on a practical level. He might not have said he is serious about you, but if he is trying to help in your daily life, then you don’t need to worry.

When it comes to the bigger decisions in life, he will be there looking for ways to help perhaps with money, emotional support or something practical. This could be if you are studying, working or struggling with home life. He will be the kind of person that is the first one you call when things go right or wrong, an ideal match for any woman. Look out for the signs that he is keen to be by your side and that he is showing support in your life right now.

5) He’s in your life despite setbacks

You might think you’ve scared him off saying or doing something, but the Sagittarius man has a great trait in that they continue to be in your life even if there are challenges. He won't move forward and be seriously involved in anyway unless there is the right type of love in place. If he is still in your life, he no doubts already thinks of you as seriously special, in short – he’s shot that arrow!

Because he is committed in his sign you will start to see that there seems to be nothing you can do to turn this man away! He will be loyal and will overlook some of the day to day dramas as just ‘part of the relationship’. Whereas other signs might see something as real line in the sand, this sign is able to adapt and take you for who you are without strings attached.

Sagittarius men love to have a great relationship and want to invest in that. He will be doing everything in his power to make things just right so you are happy. Even if you aren’t in a relationship just yet, you can be sure that he is already preparing to ask that big question.

A Sagittarius will make you a real priority in their life, so there could be gifts, cards, or simply helpful, practical support.

6) He's going on adventures with you

Sagittarius men just love adventure in their lives, and just like Cupid dashing around and the horse behind the sign, Sagittarius men are keen to get around the World too. Don’t forget that this sign is ruled by Jupiter after all!

You may already know that this sign is often on the look out for expansion of their mind and their world. With a big personality, they want to learn and experience as much as possible. That means they have short attention spans, and sadly this includes romantic relationships. If he can combine his passions of a lady in his life with his own need for adventure, he will be very happy indeed.

Whether it’s on the move in the car or on a long-distance trip, this is his comfort zone, so look out for adventures and road trips he’s talking about taking you on.

It is never the same old places in mind with this sign, and he may be introducing adventure by being keen to introduce new people to you as well. This is a really big signifier he is very serious about you!

At this point, you are no doubt feeling like you are together, so check to see if there are ways he is showing he wants to share his passion with you, whatever that may be. He will also be open to wanting to try things that you like and to try an experience any activities that you like, and doing these things together is a sure sign that you are working towards a very serious relationship together. Take the chance to invite him to something important in your life so you can start to build your own memories together. If you are a fellow free spirit he will really enjoy this and see it as a sign of your own love for him.

7) He will tell you he loves you

If a Sagittarius is in love they are cautious, but they move in straight lines towards the ultimate goal – having you say I love you back! This straight-shooting is great in a relationship because it leaves you in no doubt-. If he tells you he loves you, he means it. If he can say the words, he has already traveled mentally down a serious path with you and he is serious. He will also want to be exclusive with you. Just like the archer and the horse behind the sign, he doesn’t want to be tied down and he loves to be free so if you are hearing those 3 all-important words, you’ll know that this is a serious commitment from the Sagittarius man.

If he hasn’t said them yet, don’t fear but simply holdfast. A Sagittarius takes their time but using all the signs mentioned above – the adventures, being in your life, feeling like. Close or best friend will be indicators that this moment won't be a lifetime away for you.

If you do reach the serious stage with your Sagittarius, you are in for a real treat. Sagittarius is a sign indicating the truth, honesty, and sincerity and when he falls, you can be sure it's for the real you and not a façade or a show. True acceptance!

Can you tie down your Sagittarius?

Do you agree with all the characteristics of Sagittarius men here? What about your Sagittarius man are you making progress in your efforts to help him see how amazing you are? After all, any man can be by your side through the best of times, but this man is likely to be there through the good and the bad, and this sign is one of the most likely to offer this commitment to you when he is ready to.

As you can imagine, when he moves the relationship on you will be in for a real treat as you become someone special and valued in his life, but getting there with a Sagittarius is well worth the efforts!

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