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My Boyfriend Is Bisexual: What Should I Do?

March 29, 2024

Did you boyfriend tell you he’s bisexual? 

Are you worried about what this means for your relationship?

If so, you’re in the right place, because this guide reveals everything you need to know. 

However, before we dive into it, it’s important for you to read the next few sentences carefully. 

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However, this guide isn’t just about infidelity. Read on for some more ideas on what to do if your boyfriend reveals he is bisexual. 

If you’re a girl who can honestly say “my boyfriend is bisexual”, you’re exactly who I put this topic together for. I want you to know how to handle these big changes in your relationship and decide what to do.

I want to show you what bisexuality is and what you might do in your relationship because of it.

What Does Bisexual Mean?

If you’re familiar with the acronym of LGBTQ+, you should know that the B stands for bisexual. This is one type of homosexuality.

People who are bisexual are individuals who like girls and guys. They are attracted to both girls and guys and would be willing to date either of them.

Bisexuality is as simple as that. People tend to make it more complex than it actually needs to be.

Because your boyfriend is bisexual, he may choose whether he wants to date a guy or a girl. Currently, he is dating you, a girl. He might have dated guys before or maybe he would date a guy in the future if you two broke up.

Watch this video to learn more about bisexuality:

What Should You Say If Your Boyfriend Tells You He’s Bisexual?

If your boyfriend comes out and tells you that he is bisexual, there are a few things you should do in response. This will help him to know that he is still loved and appreciated. Keep in mind that not all homosexual individuals are accepted by their friends and family.

At this moment, your boyfriend may need a lot of support. It all depends on how he has been treated up to this point. Still, a little bit of love and encouragement never hurt anyone.

It’s also worth reminding you that your boyfriend trusted you enough to come out to you. You need to be there for him. He may not trust his friends and family or maybe he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to.

First, you should let him know that you still love him. He may need to hear that you still care about him and that you love him the same as you always have. This is important because he may have been treated unfairly by his friends or family.

Next, you should ask him if he needs anything. Be careful so that you don’t make it sound like something is wrong with him. Use this as an opportunity to show him that you understand how some people view homosexuality.

By doing this, you will be showing your boyfriend that you love and support him.

What Should You Avoid Saying If Your Boyfriend Tells You He’s Bisexual?


Just like there are some things that your boyfriend might need to hear when he tells you that he’s bisexual, there are some things you absolutely should not say. You want to avoid making him feel like he’s doing something wrong.

Even if you don’t agree with homosexuality, you should not challenge him. He is telling you this because he trusts you. He doesn’t need you to question this.

You shouldn’t explain how you disagree with homosexuality or how you don’t support it. At this moment, you should be helpful and loving. He came to you for a reason!

You should try to avoid acting extremely shocked or surprised. Try not to seem angry or upset. Keeping a positive demeanor is helpful.

How Can Your Boyfriend Be Bisexual If He’s Dating You?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Your boyfriend is bisexual, which means he will date men or women. Currently, he wants to be dating you. He feels attracted to you and wants to be with you.

He doesn’t become heterosexual just because he is dating a woman. He wouldn’t become gay if he started dating a man.

He may be bisexual, but that doesn’t mean his sexuality changes. As someone who is bisexual, he can date men or women, depending on who he is attracted to.

Him being bisexual doesn’t affect the fact that he is dating a woman. By the definition of bisexual, your boyfriend can date men or women.

It can be confusing, but it makes more sense if you think about the meaning of bisexual and how it all works.

Because your boyfriend is bisexual, you might be wondering if he would leave you to go date a guy. This is a legitimate concern that we will get into later. In short, you don’t have to worry about that any more than you would need to in a heterosexual relationship.

Should You Break Up with Your Boyfriend?


You shouldn’t break up with your boyfriend just because he’s bisexual. He still wants to date you.

If he mentions that he wants to date a guy instead, the two of you may decide to break up.

Now, if you aren’t supportive of your boyfriend being bisexual, you will likely have to break up. He’s going to get enough slack from his friends, family, and the entire world for being homosexual. The last thing he needs is a negative opinion from his girlfriend.

You can absolutely date your boyfriend if he is bisexual. This is no reason to break up in and of itself. It may happen eventually if needed. Your boyfriend being bisexual shouldn’t affect your relationship in any way or lead to a breakup.

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What Should You Do?

There are actually very few ways that your boyfriend’s bisexuality could affect your relationship. Keep in mind that some people do tend to get worried about this so it’s normal to be concerned. It’s actually not a big deal at all!

If you’re dating a guy who is bisexual, you don’t need to change a thing in your relationship.

There are a few minor things you can do to support your boyfriend as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. For example, you can be there for him on the tough days. Not everyone is going to be accepting of him.

Aside from that added support, you don’t need to make changes in your relationship. There’s no need to make any bold decisions because of this.

Is It Okay to Date Someone Who Is Bisexual?

Plenty of people are in heterosexual relationships even if they are bisexual. They live their lives as a normal heterosexual couple with no problems whatsoever.

This alone should tell you it’s okay to date someone who may be bisexual. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

You can actually continue your relationship without making any changes at all. Your relationship can be the same as it has always been without a problem!

It’s important to note that you should continue treating your boyfriend the same as you always have. Just because he’s told you he is bisexual does not mean that he’s a different person.

Don’t break up with your boyfriend just because he’s bisexual. You’re still in a relationship with the same person!

Will Your Boyfriend Cheat on You if He’s Bisexual?


This is a common misconception that people have while dating a bisexual person. People believe this because they think that bisexual individuals want to be with a male even if they’re dating a female and vice versa.

In short, no. Your boyfriend is not any more likely to cheat on you because he is bisexual. Heterosexual boyfriends are just as likely to cheat on their partner so you don’t really have anything to worry about.

Of course, you should be aware of the fact that your boyfriend could cheat. Just don’t be concerned specifically because he is bisexual. That doesn’t make a difference.

If your boyfriend does cheat on you, know that it’s not because he is bisexual. It’s simply a common issue in relationships.

If you catch your boyfriend cheating on you, treat it as you would treat any other cheating incident. Be careful so that you do not blame your boyfriend’s bisexuality on the situation. That’s not what this is about.

How Can You Support Your Bisexual Boyfriend?

As mentioned before, your boyfriend being bisexual can cause a lot of stress for him. His family and friends might not accept him for who he is. He might be made fun of or put down because of this.

As his girlfriend, it’s your job to be supportive. You should make sure that he knows that you love him for who he is.

You might also support your boyfriend by going with him when it’s time for him to tell people that he’s bisexual. You can be there to back him up if his friends or family have anything negative to say to him.

You can encourage him by simply reminding him that you are on his side and that you truly care about him as a person.

Be there for your boyfriend when he needs you the most, especially if he’s having a hard time with his relatives or peers.

Other than that, you should continue to support your boyfriend like you would have before you knew he was bisexual! Keep helping him when he’s having a rough day. Make sure you are loving him and encouraging him when he needs it.

Should You Tell People That Your Boyfriend Is Bisexual?


You absolutely should not tell anyone that your boyfriend is bisexual without his permission. You need to respect his privacy and allow him to tell people if and when he is ready.

It’s not your place to tell others that your boyfriend is bisexual. One of the biggest reasons for this is that people are not always accepting of homosexual individuals. If you out your boyfriend, he may get some backlash that he wasn’t prepared for.

If your boyfriend asks you to tell someone that he’s bisexual, go for it. With his permission, there isn’t a reason not to tell people. You just shouldn’t ever tell someone without your boyfriend’s permission.

This is true of all topics that revolve around your boyfriend. Given the strong opinions about the LGBTQ+ community, not everyone will be welcoming of this news.

Because of how people tend to treat LGBTQ+ individuals, your boyfriend may ask for your assistance and support. This added encouragement can be very helpful.

What Should You Do If You Think Homosexuality is Wrong?

If you can’t agree with your boyfriend on this controversial topic, you shouldn’t be dating him. He needs your love and support as his girlfriend.

Some people disagree with homosexuality for a number of different reasons. For many people, this is because it’s still a somewhat foreign topic. For others, it’s because of their religious or moral beliefs.

If you think that homosexuality is not okay, you need to make a decision. You can either support your boyfriend despite your differences or you can break up with him.

There are things that couples disagree with all the time. This is a big part of your boyfriend’s lifestyle so it may be harder to overlook. You still have the option to accept it even if you don’t agree with it.

You can try to work with yourself too. Being this close to someone who is a part of the LGBTQ+ community might open your mind a bit.

If you absolutely cannot accept your boyfriend or change your mind about the way you see homosexuality, you should break up with your boyfriend. This major difference in views could eventually break the two of you up anyway. It’s better not to deal with that later on.


If your boyfriend is bisexual, you should love and support him as you always have. This isn’t grounds for a breakup so don’t worry about that. You and your boyfriend can continue your relationship happily without any issues whatsoever.

Your boyfriend being bisexual shouldn’t influence your relationship unless you let it. Many bisexual individuals are happily dating or married to heterosexual individuals.

If you have any questions about this topic or another topic, feel free to leave us a comment. We will do our best to answer your questions!

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