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Famous Cancer – Sagittarius Couples: How Happy Are They?

Imagine sensible, cautious Cancer in a relationship with fiery frivolous Sagittarius

On paper, these two look like an unlikely love match. We have the Water Sign Cancer; uber-sensitive, analyzing every nuanced word and action. Then there’s the Fire Sign of Sagittarius; happy-go-lucky, warmhearted but tactless. 

The Archer fires off his stinging arrows without care. Usually Cancer’s hardened shell protects them. But remember, crabs are soft and squidgy inside and occasionally they feel the sharp barb of a throwaway Saggy remark. 

However, I said that Sagittarians are warmhearted. They feel genuine sadness knowing they’ve hurt their fragile Cancer partner. So, is it a case of opposites attract creating a perfect match, or do these two signs share common interests?

Here are 6 famous Cancer – Sagittarius couples.

Cancer Woman - Sagittarius Man Famous Couples

cancer woman sagittarius man famous couples

Nicholas Hoult and Bryana Holly 

Child actor Nicholas Hoult first appeared in About a Boy (2002) with Hugh Grant and the TV teen series Skins. He is best known nowadays for his role in the X-Men franchise as the Beast. 

This Sagittarius man lives with the US ex-Playboy model Bryana Holly. The two met in 2017 and within a year had a baby. 

Hoult is notoriously private about his personal relationships, but when asked about the baby’s gender, he said; “Someone will find out soon enough, and that’s fine. But for now, it’s my precious little thing, and I’m keeping it.”

Cheryl Tweedy and Ashley Cole 

Cancer woman Cheryl Tweedy came to fame after winning a place in the successful UK all-girl band Girls Aloud. She now works in TV.

She met Sagittarius man Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole in 2004 and married him two years later in a lavish ceremony covered and paid for by OK Magazine. The pair divorced four years later, with Cheryl citing Cole’s ‘unreasonable behavior’ as the cause. He cheated on the former singer. For super loyal Cancers, this is the ultimate betrayal.

Meryl Streep and Don Gummer 

Of all my celebrity couples, this Sagittarius and Cancer marriage is a love match made in heaven. This strong couple demonstrates how the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman compatibility works. So, what makes this romance of Cancer Sagittarius so long-lasting? 

I suspect that even though Meryl is a Cancer woman, she is a forceful personality. I don’t imagine that she’s bothered by the blunt words of her Sagittarius partner. If anything, she probably welcomes them. After all, you cannot be in such a demanding industry without developing a thick skin

Cancer Man - Sagittarius Woman Famous Couples

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

tom cruise and katie holmes

Here is where the Cancer and Sagittarius love compatibility fails. Of all the famous couples, who can forget that Oprah moment? It’s surprising because Cancer does not fall in love fast. This kind of behavior is out of character for the naturally cautious crab. 

In fact, it’s Sagittarius that has the reputation for jumping into situations without a care. Sadly, this Sagittarius and Cancer couple didn’t last. We can never know what went wrong, but perhaps Tom’s overwhelming passion and wish to settle down frightened off the young, independent Sagittarius woman. 

Cancer has a hard time trusting, so it was out of character for Tom to appear so vulnerable. Sagittarius gets bored easily, so perhaps she felt stifled by hisneed for control and stability. This is a typical example of Sagittarius woman and Cancer man compatibility failing.

Thomas Sadoski and Amanda Seyfried 

This Sagittarius and Cancer relationship works. Amanda Seyfried started her career as a model, but soon found her calling as an actor. 

In 2016, she began a relationship with her co-star on the Last Word, Thomas Sadoski. They married a year later and now have two children together. 

Amanda has spoken openly about her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. Of all the zodiac signs, she couldn’t have picked a more caring partner in Cancer man Thomas.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris/Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Here’s all the evidence you need that sometimes the Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility does work and sometimes it doesn’t. Actor Chris Pratt has a thing for Sagittarius and Cancer pairings. He met Sagittarian Anna Faris in 2007. They married on a whim that saw them eloping in Bali in 2009. 

The couple has a son but divorced in 2017. In 2018, Chris dated and married another Sagittarian, author and daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Katherine. The couple has two children.

With his marriage to Katherine, Chris has surrounded himself with some influential and protective family members (very crablike!). His in-laws include the Kennedys and the Schwarzeneggers. Chris proves that sometimes the unlikely pairing of Sagittarius and Cancer does work. 

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility in Real Examples of Famous Celebrities 

So, just how compatible are Cancer and Sagittarius couples? Let’s look at one of our famous couples and their zodiac signs. 

Tom Cruise (Cancer man) / Katie Holmes (Sagittarius woman) 

Tom Cruise might be one of the biggest stars in the world, but he typifies the Cancer man. He’s one of those super loyal Cancers. His relationships are long-lasting and serious. When he was dating Katie Holmes, he came out of his shell in the most dramatic way on TV.

But Katie is a young Sagittarian woman – independent, just beginning her career and looking to the future. She may have shared his passion and affection at the beginning of the relationship. 

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Sadly, Tom couldn’t make this relationship with Sagittarius work. On the surface, this couple shared many common interests, however, their differences proved too great, which led to a break.

We need to look at their zodiac signs to see why they were not compatible.

Cancer - Water Sign, ruled by the Moon, symbolized by the Crab

Cancer is a Cardinal Water zodiac sign, ruled by the Moon and symbolized by the crab. As a Water sign, Cancer is intuitive, sensitive and temperamental. They are nurturing beings governed by their emotions. Water symbolizes our emotions.

Cardinal signs are the innovators, the people that spark off an idea and that get things off the ground. Cardinals begin each season; for instance, Aries starts spring, Cancer starts summer, and so on. 

Cancer is shy and sensitive, but their cardinal nature forces them out into the spotlight. Luckily, their hardened shell protects them and gives them courage. Only fellow water sign Pisces is more sensitive than Cancer. 

In Water signs, the Moon represents our emotions, home and our need for security. Our Earth’s gravitational pull holds the Moon in place. Cancer longs for this emotional security. Sometimes, this longing comes across as neediness and manifests in clingy behavior. They can also become possessive of partners if they do not reciprocate their love.

Sagittarius - Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, symbolized by the Archer/Centaur

Sagittarius is a completely different zodiac sign. Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign, ruled by Jupiter and symbolized by the Archer. Fire signs are extroverted, fun, and spontaneous

Fire provides warmth and light and represents passion. Mutable signs are adaptable, flexible and go with the flow. Mutable signs bridge the gap between the seasons. They signal the coming changes and prepare us for what lies ahead. They must be flexible.

Sagittarius is a sign of duality; by that I mean it has contrasting character traits. Remember, the Archer, depicted as a centaur, half-man, half-horse represents this sign. No wonder it feels so conflicted. The head of the Archer is on an eternal quest for knowledge, but he has no control over the frolicking legs of the horse. 

Saggys can be both serious and irresponsible. However, in most cases, they’re restless. Their ruling planet Jupiter represents expansion and innovation. Sagittarians want to explore the world, to live their life and learn all they can while they can. Sagittarius has more in common with impulsive Aries than Cancer. 

So, how do Sagittarius and Cancer couples ever meet and form a relationship?

Why Cancer attracts Sagittarius

why cancer attract sagittarius

Sagittarius cannot help but fall for Cancer’s beguiling nature. There’s something hypnotic and mysterious about Cancer that intrigues the usually free-spirited Sagittarius.

Sagittarius envies the security provided by Cancer. Sure, it’s exciting to travel the world, meeting new people, but coming home to an empty house is a lonely business. Sagittarius feels at their freest when they explore from a safe base.

Why Sagittarius attracts Cancer

Why, oh why, would an ultra-sensitive, deep thinker like Cancer fall for hard talking Sagittarius? Well, there is something about Sagittarius’ optimism and good humor that draws Cancer into its orbit.

Sagittarius never takes itself too seriously; unlike our Cancer friend, who uses caution as a weapon and a shield. Sagittarius may lack tact, but their candor is benign. A Sagittarian’s heart is as expansive as their ruling planet Jupiter.

Sagittarius’ fearless nature awes Cancer. The laughter of Sagittarius teases the shy crab out of his shell as she stumbles around, making a fool of herself (after all, Saggys are notoriously clumsy). 

Do Cancer and Sagittarius Make a Good Couple? 

do cancer and sagittarius make a good couple

Sagittarius and Cancer have decidedly opposing character traits, which make a relationship between them problematic

Cancer wants to pull you under its protective hard shell, shielding you from the world. And at first, this sounds seductive. However, after a while, Sagittarians want to explore. They need to get out and take a leap into the unknown. 

This puzzles Cancer. ‘I thought this is what you wanted’ they ask. ‘Yes’, Sagittarius says, ‘but not forever!’ 

There goes that arrow again, piercing into Cancer’s soft heart, stinging their eyes with tears. ‘Oh, please don’t cry’, Sagittarius says; ‘Look at that rainbow; don’t you want to see if you can touch it?’

This is a zodiac pairing at odds with each other. Sagittarius – Cancer compatibility depends on Cancer letting go and Sagittarius understanding his need for caution. After all, we all need someone to point out the hazards of life and keep us safe. And Cancer can learn that he can trust Sagittarius because they always tell the truth, no matter how brutal.

Cancer must give Sagittarius the freedom they crave, then Saggy will reward Cancer a thousand times. Sagittarius must learn that Cancer wants to protect the people they love, then they can resolve their differences.


Are Cancer and Sagittarius a good match?

Sagittarius and Cancer have such different personalities, it makes this one of the worst matches in astrology. Cancer is emotional, family-orientated with a need to settle down. Sagittarius is fiery, restless and brutally honest.

These signs want different things, but it all depends on how sensitive Cancer reacts to the tactless remarks of Sagittarius. If Sagittarius can understand Cancer’s need for security, they may have a chance.

Can a Sagittarius trust a cancer or the opposite?

Of the two, you know where you are with Sagittarius. This sign has no filter, tells it like it is, regardless of your feelings. Cancer is not renowned for playing mind games or gaslighting behavior. Yes, they can sulk and become irritable, but we do not know them for lying. Neither zodiac sign has a problem with communication.

Can Cancer and Sagittarius be soulmates?

This depends on so many other factors. On paper, the Cancer – Sagittarius pairing is not a good match. But you need to consider a person’s age, how mature they are, their Moon and Rising signs. If Sagittarius has a moon in a water sign, they might be more sensitive. If Cancer has a moon in Gemini, they may understand Sagittarius’ need to spend time apart.


According to their zodiac signs, Sagittarius and Cancer are not compatible. However, the above famous couples show that they can overcome their differences sometimes. Have you had a Cancer – Sagittarius experience yourself?

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