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A Sagittarius Man In Bed (6 Sexy Traits) 

April 30, 2024

Would you like to know more about what a Sagittarius man is like in bed? 

Perhaps you’re anticipating sleeping with a special Sagittarius soon? 

Or maybe you’re looking for ways to perform better for an existing Sagittarius partner? 

Either way this is the guide for you. We’re about to explore what you can expect when sleeping with a Sagittarius man. 

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Here, in this article, we look to answer that question as well as what a Sagittarius man in bed is like and what you can expect as some of their sexual traits. We also look at whether a Sagittarius man in love is different when he is having sex in comparison to a Sagittarius man who isn’t in love with the person he is sleeping with. 

What Are Sagittarius Men Like In Bed?

Here are seven of the most common characteristics of a Sagittarius man in bed and what you can expect your sex life to be like if you are dating a Sagittarius male. While they do, indeed, get commonly perceived to be selfish people, this isn’t actually what they are like while having sex with a man or woman. All the below traits are ones that can make sex brilliant with a Sagittarius man. 

1. Adventurous

To some women, the idea of an adventurous lover who is keen to try out new things is a massive turn on. To others, it can be overwhelming. Whichever side you sit on, if you are a woman dating a Sagittarius man, you can expect things to be kept fresh and fun in the bedroom

If you are the latter woman, the one who feels a lot of pressure to keep things exciting when having sex due to the Sagittarius man’s adventurous sexual side, try to keep in mind that a Sagittarius only wants to make you happy and bring you closer together through sex. 

He sees being adventurous as a way of pushing the boundaries of each other’s sexuality and a way to strengthen your bond. He will never want you to do anything you are uncomfortable with so if you are not keen to try out any of the sex positions he suggests, he wants to be hurt or angry if you speak up about that fact. 

In fact, he actively wants the woman he is in a relationship with to be comfortable enough to tell him things - good or bad. 

2. Attentive

It’s a shame that a Sagittarius man gets such a bad reputation for being selfish as when it comes to sex, he is actually a really attentive lover and always wants to ensure that the woman or man he is sleeping with is happy. 

This means he is willing to attend to your every desire to ensure that you have a great time when in bed with him. For that reason, it can be a great idea to tell him directly what you like as this no-nonsense man will take the direction as a turn on - as will bring you all that sexual pleasure that comes from having all your needs met. 

Be sure to return the favor with him though when having sex with him. Ask him what he likes and if he suggests new things to try, thanks to that adventurous side, do try to give it a go if you are comfortable with the idea. He will be so grateful that you too are trying to please him and it will no doubt make your sex even better knowing that you are both having your needs met. 

3. Passionate

In addition to being adventurous and attentive, a Sagittarius man is incredibly passionate in bed. This means that he will want to have as much sex with a woman as possible - especially at the beginning of a relationship. For Sagittarius men in love, this passion does not dissipate easily like it sometimes can in a long term relationship. 

You can expect a fair amount of foreplay therefore as a Sagittarius man tries to draw out any sex that he has with the woman or man he is dating. He will want to touch you all over and will invest all his efforts into every lovemaking session that the two of you have. 

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If you are unsure as to how to match this passion, you could try thinking about dressing up in new sexy lingerie or perhaps offering him massages as a way to ensure that he does not feel like he is the one with all the passion and fire in the relationship. 

He will also appreciate the woman or man he is with instigating sex too as he will not want to feel like he is the only one with a sex drive in his relationship. 

4. Enthusiastic

Along with being a passionate man, a Sagittarius is also very enthusiastic about any sex he has. He commits 100% each and every time he is with a person and really gets into the zone. He finds it easy to forget about the troubles of the day and will focus all his attention on you and him bringing each other the maximum possible pleasure

This can be quite difficult for a busy woman at times to do. The weight of the day can sometimes get in the way of us concentrating on lovemaking with the free and easy, and enthusiastic nature, that a Sagittarius man has. However, if you focus on him as he does with you, you will soon be able to get into the zone and invest all your energies into what is always set to be a fantastic experience, thanks to that Sagittarius passionate nature. 

His enthusiasm also helps push that adventure side of him so you can expect to try out lots of different positions and places to have sex - particularly at the beginning of a relationship when a Sagittarius man cannot get enough of his partner.

5. Sensitive

While a Sagittarius man may be an adventurous guy in bed, a Sagittarius guy is also very sensitive to his partner’s needs and likes to show a great deal of affection to bring his partner satisfaction between the sheets. He then in turn finds that a huge turn on and that then brings him a lot of satisfaction too. 

He will, therefore, use that attentive nature to realize what the woman or man he is with wants and will enjoy the familiarity that he gains over a period of time in being able to address those needs - as well as sensitivity foresee them too. 

So if he sees that the woman he is with has been having a stressful time at work, he will try to ensure that the sex that they have is sensitive to that fact. He may start off with a massage or a bath lit with candles. Or, if he realizes that the woman or man he is with is extremely horny, he will do what he can to meet that need with every thrill he can think of. Be that having sex on the kitchen table or something else that he knows his partner likes when in that type of mood. 

6. Sensual

It is so often overlooked as a great sexual trait to have, but a Sagittarius man is a very sensual lover. He realizes the power of touch and ensures that he does not rush things - particularly if he has the time to slowly move things along in the bedroom. He will try to touch all parts of your body, especially those that are your favorite erogenous zones. 

Being this in mind, and his love to bring pleasure to a partner, do tell your Sagittarius man where you want to be touched. He will find this a huge turn on too and will enjoy the experience all the more with you if he knows that you are being touched where you want and how you want. He won’t take it as a criticism that you are pointing out to him what you need. He is not a mind reader and would far prefer to know exactly what you like. 

Remember this if you are a woman or man who has just started dating a Sagittarius - you’ll be having so much sex that you should use that time at the beginning of a relationship to let him know what you like. 


Are Sagittarius dominant in bed?

Sagittarius men tend to be alpha males and so as a result they are often very dominant in bed. However, this does not necessarily mean that they only pursue their own wants and desires, they will still want to please you and bring as much pleasure as they can. 

Are Sagittarius selfish in bed?

Whilst they are more likely to be dominant in bed, Sagittarius men are not selfish in bed. They can be very generous and attentive lovers who want to please their partners in any way they can. They will not judge a partner on what their sexual desires are and will actually do their best to act out any fantasies. 

How do you know if a Sagittarius man is falling for you?

A Sagittarius man is falling in love with you if he tries to make sure he sees you as much as he can. He will happily attend any type of family or friend event with you, and will constantly be asking you along to things or out on dates

What is Sagittarius man attracted to?

A Sagittarius man is attracted to a fun-loving person who is kind and caring as well. They love to see zest for life in their partners and as well as a sense of humor. Being an alpha male they like to protect their partners and so they are attracted to a person who is happy for them to offer their protection. 

What are Sagittarius’ good at sexually?

A Sagittarius man in bed is good at being a very passionate and attentive lover. They love sex and have a very high sex drive. Of all the zodiac signs, sex is perhaps one of the most important things in a relationship for them. 

A Sagittarius Man in Bed - Conclusion 

A Sagittarius is often perceived to be quite a self-interested person and so they can sometimes be wrongly tarnished with the same character when it comes to being a lover. However, a Sagittarius man loves to bring pleasure to his partners and will always endeavor to ensure that their needs and desires are met whenever they have sex. 

This can make for some incredibly intense lovemaking sessions. Some women may find this quite overwhelming at first and make them question their performance. However, remember that for the most part, people do in bed what they like to receive. So ask your Sagittarius what he likes and how he wants to be touched or what he wants from you whenever you have sex. You won’t regret it! 

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