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29 Tell-All Signs a Sensitive Guy Likes You (What You Want to Know)

Do you have a crush? Is there a guy you are crazy about but are unsure he likes you? Maybe you need to know the tell-all signs a sensitive guy likes you! If your crush is sensitive, you’ll need this information to assess whether he likes you or just wants to be friends.

Many guys are just scared to approach girls when they first meet. It might mean they’re shy; it could be a sign that they are just aware that you might reject them. If you expect to catch the eye of a sensitive man, be sure to read this article through as we’ll look at it all.

You will soon be able to tell whether a man is sensitive or not and whether this sensitive (or not) man has the hots for you! The first thing we’ll do is discover what makes a man sensitive, as you’ll need to be able to identify the type of man you have a passion for. Let’s dive in!

Characteristics of a Sensitive Man

Understanding sensitivity in our men can be a tricky thing to do. The following information should aid you in dealing with them and perhaps even finding one of them and falling in love with him. 

Understanding Sensitive Men Just the Way They Are

While dating a sensitive man can be a challenge, it does not mean he should be viewed in a negative light. In fact, many sensitive people are kind, caring, and curious - great traits for a partner! There is a difference, however, between highly sensitive and just sensitive people.

When you are dating a highly sensitive man, you might feel like you are walking on eggshells. He might mistake your kind words for a personal attack, for example. Also, highly sensitive individuals might seem overly emotional, which could lead to misunderstandings or fights.

When you start understanding sensitive men, you’ll be able to recognize the main “sensitive guy traits,” which often revolve around emotions. So, what are sensitive guys like?

Sensitive Guy Traits You Don’t Want to Miss

While there are plenty of traits of a sensitive person, here are a few that top the charts - the ones you will likely notice if you encounter such an individual.

1. He is empathetic

While this is one of the more obvious signs of a sensitive man, it bears notice. A sensitive guy is going to be very empathetic. Empathy just means that you are great at putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. You can feel what they are feeling.

2. He is good at making smart decisions

Because sensitive men are intuitive and understanding, they often have a great amount of wisdom. They can usually make decisions in a prudent way because they pay attention to the details and have weighed the cost of both sides of the argument.

3. He is self-aware

Most men are not overly self-aware, but a sensitive guy will very likely be in touch with all sides of himself! For example, he might know his likes and dislikes better than your average guy. This can radiate itself into self-confidence, making this guy very sexy.

Signs a Sensitive Guy Likes You: Recognizing Signs of Interest

Be sure to read all the signs mentioned in this list. The more signs you recognize in your man, the more likely it is that he is a sensitive guy. Common signs of a sensitive man include empathy, being interested in your interests, and showing various moods in your relationship.

Please notice that not all of these common signs will be present in the man you are in a relationship with. Every guy is different. One guy likes blondes, the next guy likes sports, the third guy just wants to be in many relationships at the same time. (Think twice before picking him!)

The point is that each man is going to be his own person. As you look at these signs, see if you recognize them in your boyfriend. If you see a pattern in this list, you’re likely dealing with a sensitive guy.

1. He sends you a friend request on social media

If you have a friendship with a guy or are just wondering if someone likes you, this sign will surely speak to your heart. A guy that asks you to be his friend on social media is probably into you. 

Sensitive people want to see and experience emotions. What better way to do this than to look at someone’s wall on Facebook or read over their feed on Instagram?

2. He is protective of you

A man that is protective of a woman is surely out to get her. He might act overly protective in your book, but that typically just means that he cares about you. After all, he is probably just looking out for your best interests.

3. He seems nervous

When people seem nervous, it is often because they are interested. Think about a time when you had a silly little crush. What kinds of things were going through your head? 

How did you act? What was your mood like? Now, take a look at how he acts around you.

4. You receive anonymous gifts and suspect him

you receive anonymous gifts and suspects him

Do you think your crush is into you? Do you wonder if he likes you as more than a friend? Maybe you are hoping to start a romantic relationship and think he is sending you anonymous gifts. 

My best suggestion is for you to be direct. Tell him you think he might be sending you secret gifts and want to know if it’s true. He will either speak up for himself, or he will possibly be envious that some other guy got to you first.

Either way, you will catch his eye!

5. He just shows up

Often, when a guy is shy, he will just do things to be around the one he has a crush on. Maybe he’s a family friend and just invites himself to family gatherings. Perhaps he knows that your guilty pleasure is Saturday movies and just shows up unannounced.

Look for signs a shy guy likes you.

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6. He stares at you more than usual

When someone has their eye on you more than usual, it typically means that they are interested. Maybe they want to just be friends; perhaps they want more. If you’ve noticed a guy looking at you quite a bit, you’ve probably figured out how he really feels!

7. He talks to your friends about you

Many guys are shy when it comes to figuring out how to best approach the women they like. In order to alleviate their nervousness, they will talk to your friends about you. 

Perhaps they want to know all about you - your favorite color, where you like to hang out, what your favorite movie is, how many siblings you have, and the list could go on. They will probably only search for one key thing - whether you are single or not.

8. He stands near you

Maybe you go to school with this boy or work at the same mall. In any case, if you find him standing near you quite a bit, more than the norm, you might have a sensitive guy crushing on you!

9. He does sweet things for you

Are you in a relationship with a guy that you suspect is sensitive? Does your shy guy buy you gifts all the time? Does he show affection for you by giving you treats? He could just be a sweet guy. He might be old-fashioned. Chances are he is sensitive and more.

The next time you are alone with your boyfriend or crush, announce that you would love it if he told you how he felt. Explain that you LOVE getting gifts, but you want to hear from him how he feels about you. A sensitive man will likely reveal it then.

10. He blushes when you walk into the room

When you have a shy and sensitive guy, he will likely not be able to control the way his body functions around you. When his hormones are going crazy because you walk in the room, he will have a tough time keeping his admiration for you to himself.

The real question here is, is your guy too shy to ask you out?

11. His friends tease him when you’re around

You might wonder why his friends would tease him when you are around. The story behind this is that many guys tell their friends about their crush. Their friends then cannot control themselves when the girl (you) walks in the room, so they tease him.

12. He makes sure that you always have a drink

he makes sure that you always have a drink

So, many sensitive or shy guys will want to make sure that their girlfriend or woman of their dreams is taken care of. Some men show this by making sure she always has her drink filled. This might happen at a restaurant, or he might do it when you are over.

13. He is overly polite around you

Falling along the same lines as the drink filler, a sensitive or shy guy will often be extra polite when you are around. He might use a bit of formal language that you think is quite out of character. Maybe he stands up when you do. He wants you to know he’s into you.

Keep in mind that some men are just polite to whoever crosses their path. Often, you will need to trust your gut when it comes to telling if a man has feelings for you or not.

14. He is quite clumsy

A man that is clumsy around a woman surely has her on his mind. Guys will often mistakenly indicate they want a relationship with girls by tripping all over themselves in front of them. Does this sound like the man that is on your mind right now?

15. He wants to know everything about you

When you have a conversation with this guy, does he ask you a lot of questions? If you think this is an abnormal number of questions, he might not be very shy. He might, in fact, be quite sensitive. Sensitive guys want to know all about their women.

16. He acts differently with you than he does with other women

Are you treated special? Does he show you more affection than he does to everyone else? Is your relationship with him a tad more touchy-feely than the normal relationship? If you are treated like a princess with this man, chances are he is sensitive and very into you.

17. He tries to impress you

Most men will always try to win a woman over by impressing her. He wants her to notice that he is able to do superhuman things (even if he is not and even if he fails miserably at this). If this man is catching your attention this way, you’ve likely found a match.

18. His friends quiz you

We talked about what he might ask your friends if he is into you. Now think of this situation in reverse. How else will he get to know you? He’ll get his friends to do the dirty work - not that talking to you is a dirty job.

Of course, he could easily just chat you up for this information or send you a friend request on social media, but a shy guy just can’t bring up the courage to do this. A sensitive guy will often feel the same way.

Either way, if his friends are giving you the third degree, you should ask them why. Explain that you suspect that this gentleman has the hots for you, but you want to make sure. Their reactions will tell you everything, so pay close attention.

19. He does favors for you

Let’s say you both work at the mall, and you can’t find the time for a break so that you can grab your mom’s birthday gift from the department store. If this guy is first in line to do this favor for you, you might question his motives. He could really like you!

20. He acts overly brave

So, we all know that men tend to act brave around women. What is overly brave? Think somewhere along the lines of “stupid guy behavior.” Maybe he does something reckless or something you find to be incredibly dumb. This sensitive man very likely wants you!

21. He looks nice

he looks nice

A sensitive guy knows to show his feelings in different ways. Maybe you notice that he has a freshly pressed pair of slacks on or shined his favorite accessory. If you see something odd with this gentleman, you have likely come across someone sensitive.

22. He is overly talkative

A man that enjoys hearing himself talk could very likely be acting out of nervousness. Perhaps he really likes you as more than a friend but has not had the courage to ask you out on a proper date yet. Maybe chatting is his way of expressing that. It might be his way of flirting

If you are with someone and suspect that they like you, look for signs of flirting. If you notice them, you can easily reciprocate those actions with your own! Make eye contact, smile a lot, and ask him plenty of questions.

23. He tells you his secrets

A sensitive guy is going to share when you get him to open up. There’s no doubt about it. He feels a lot and wants to express himself, but he probably only wants to do this with someone he is very comfortable with. 

24. He wants to chat with you online

When a guy wants to be in a romantic relationship with someone, he will likely try to connect with her online. 

If he’s tried to reach out to you online, he is probably rather shy. He might just not feel comfortable enough with himself to chat in person at this time. If you like him, be friendly and message him or reach out in some other unique way.

25. He seems genuinely interested in your passions

When a sensitive man likes a person, he will generally take stock of her interests, passions, likes, dislikes, and everything that falls in between. He’ll want to know all about you! It might seem a bit excessive, in fact, but he really just has the hots for you.

If you find it all to be a bit overwhelming, be sure to ask him something about his interests and passions. Show that you are interested in his life too. He’ll fall all over you when he realizes you have a soft heart.

26. He fidgets

When someone fidgets, it generally indicates they are nervous. We all know when members of the opposite sex are nervous, this means that they are interested. Sensitive people generally express themselves in unconventional ways sometimes.

27. He seems jealous of other guys

Any man who acts jealous of other people is indicating he has an interest in you. Maybe he thinks you are really hot and doesn’t want others pursuing you. Perhaps he wants the two of you to be in an exclusive relationship. He doesn’t want other men around.

28. He asks you a lot of questions

When a guy asks many questions, it’s typically not because he is a private investigator. It usually means he is really into you and wants to find out what you are “into.”

As mentioned, sensitive people find extraordinary ways to show their interest. They might try asking you plenty of questions - so many that you question their true motives. Consider all possibilities before you give him a hard time for being nosey!

29. He smiles a lot around you

he smiles a lot around you

Smiling is a great non-verbal way of saying, “Hey! I like you!” When a person smiles at another individual, they are indicating something positive; they are saying they feel positive feelings. Sensitive people know this and often show their feelings nonverbally.

How to Start Dating a Highly Sensitive Man

So, you have determined that you are dating a guy who has a little more than a sensitive side? As you spend time with your new man, you might see the relationship shift a bit. Maybe things go your way the more time you spend with one another. 

These are indicators that he is really into you, but they could also be subtle signs that he is highly sensitive. If your special someone is highly sensitive, they might be overly stimulated by their emotions. It could be that social situations cause them to feel vulnerable and weak.

Maybe a conversation is difficult for your man. If that is the case, don’t get upset with him. Instead, go over a few conversation starters before you hit a group gathering or party. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared if you have someone who has social anxiety.


How do sensitive guys act?

When in relationships, sensitive guys will often make things easier by listening more than talking. This is because they are wise enough to realize that they learn more by listening than they do by talking all the time. These are the type of people you want in your life.

How do you attract a sensitive man?

Attraction can make a girl confused! It’s difficult when a quiet man wants to be with someone you are not. If his taste does not align with who you are, move on. You can’t really outsmart attraction in a relationship with a guy who is in touch with his feelings.

Are sensitive men good partners?

If you want a guy who will talk to you and not give you an excuse that he’s not in the mood, this is your guy. A sensitive guy is a wonderful partner and family man to have around. In fact, building a family with a guy like this will likely lead to good and prosperous things!

What are sensitive guys like?

A sensitive guy might be afraid to talk about what’s bothering him. This typically only happens if he is also shy. In relationships, shy men might be quiet in an argument, which can be tricky if you want a shy guy to, for example, talk about your sex life.

What are the most obvious signs you are dating a sensitive man?

You can tell a lot about a guy by his body language. If his body language says that he is paying attention to every word you say, he might be a good listener. However, it could also mean that this man is hanging on your every word because he feels your same emotions!


Now that you know the top signs a sensitive guy likes you, are you going to ask that guy out? Will you wait for him to make the first move

What did you think of the list? Do you have anything to add to it? We'd love to get your insight. Leave a comment!

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