Does The Sagittarius Man Cheat 5 Signs He May Be

Does The Sagittarius Man Cheat? 5 Signs He May Be

Do you feel worried about that Sagittarius man you love may be cheating on you? Does the Sagittarius man cheat? You might be wondering if he is capable of such a thing, after all, you feel like you were really getting to know him.

If things are changing and suddenly all is not well between you, the Zodiac may have some answers. This could be something that the Sagittarius man is doing to get a rise from, or it could be that this naught Sagittarius is cheating on you.

We hope that it's just abilo, but we know its best to be forewarned.

Let's get right into it so you can see all the signs that a Sagittarius man might cheat on you.

Signs that a Sagittarius man is cheating on you

1. He has moved on!

This is hard to put if you are looking to see if he has cheated but the chances are very high that if the Sagittarius man is over you – you will know! He is the sign of the Zodiac who is known as being just painfully honest.

You might find yourself suspicious that they're cheating on you and while this is not definite for any sign, it is possible as this sign is not the most faithful, to begin with. If they're kind of mentally checked out of the relationship, and they don't really care about how they're treating you, that the next step to be aware of is that in general, this sign really doesn't care if they're cheating on you. So as we say, if they're 100% over you, the chances are that you will be removed from is life just moments later. Now, this isn't always the case and it isn't always as easy as that to know. So there are some other signs, but this is the first one – him simply leaving you.

2. He is traveling without you

As you will know this particular sign really does love to travel but also tends to have work that involves them jetting in and around and out of the country as well as all the extra vacations. If he used to make room for you on these trips, but suddenly he doesn't invite you, or let alone tell you that he is going – especially if someone else is there that he has mentioned then this is definitely a sign that they might be cheating or considering it. There are more subtle signs as well, such as that they start participating in activities and general adventures, in a nutshell –  life without you. Maybe they start going through the weekend alone, or they just sign up for skydiving and don't even ask you if you want to do it. They might start hanging with friends more and just not inviting you. This is a sign that he may have met someone else at one of these venues and he is assessing if she is worth pursuing. He might even be meeting up with her there as well. It can be hard to tell, but one option is for you to start doing new pursuits as well, show him just how exciting you can be and what you have planned. Don't sit around waiting for him to decide if he values you and your company, especially if he has checked out emotionally in other ways.

3. He is passive-aggressive

One other sign with a Saggitarius man is that he might get kind of mean around you and more of a passive-aggressive character. You will notice if he is considering moving on or cheating, that they are leaning more towards being done, then continue on the relationship but because their heart isn't in it then they may just stop caring about how they treat you. It may seem insensitive and totally awful to be treated in a way where their manners have vanished towards you, but their sensitive side will pretty much disappear if they have checked out and basically they'll be mentally done with the relationship, which would be great for you to know!

4. He stops getting physical with you.

If he is cheating or considering it then this once affectionate sign will be quite different indeed. Long gone will be the days of hand-holding rubbing your back snuggling kissing, etc.

Just to note here that its clearly down to you to put a stop to the physical side of the relationship if you too feel like they're pretty sure that they don't want to be with you anymore – you aren't someones to be used!

If things have just slowly drifted and romance is pretty dead, this could be a sign that they are seeing someone else.

Part of the reason why they stopped being physical with you is that they're getting it somewhere else, to be blunt!

This is one of the areas where you will be able to see a difference and he might be quite defensive about your lack of physical touch. You should try and introduce new things to him in the bedroom if you do want to save the relationship, and remind him that you have plenty to offer both there and in the rest of the home!

All signs in this area point to his habit of feeling bored and lacking in adventure, so if there is anything you can do to help here then it will go a long way to improving the relationship – if you do still want to save it, that is.

5. They seem bored  with you

If your Sagittarius seems like they're bored around you or kind of tired, you see lots of yawning. not really listening to or paying attention to you, this is a sign that their head is elsewhere and they may be cheating. This could just be a sign of losing interest, or that they are with someone else.

 If you find that you are both talking as much as you used to and they are going out of their way to make you happy and to teach you new things like they probably did at the beginning of the relationship they have maybe just been getting a little too stagnant in the relationship and they need some excitement, or they need some space. And that's not really up to you to provide, however, this could be a way to make the relationship work – something to fix before things get worse. If you do recognize this issue and you're feeling that he is not talking at all, then this could be a sign he has already moved on.

Don't forget that these are very impatient people so once they get to the point where they're over and they're ready to make up their mind to cheat or break up that there really isn't much chance that they're going to turn around how they act. Unlike other signs, perhaps a Cancer man, the Sagittarius is different, as they're not going to do a slow fade away, and a very vague check out before they physically end the relationship. Whilst they can be a little wishy-washy and not always stick right to their decisions, once they make that decision it'll probably happen very quickly they will just let you know they're done with you. It might be cold and hard, but they will be gone very quickly after that.

Maybe you can work things out but especially with Sagittarius, it's a little bit more difficult if they're the one that makes the decision as to the future of the relationship.

Is the Sagittarius man cheating?

The Sagittarius man is someone you probably still have strong feelings for and you probably felt there was a real bond and a connection between you two. It can be really hurtful when all the signs of the zodiac point to the fact that this man has been cheating on you. After all, why couldn't he just tell you?

We know it might sting now if the signs look bad but just remember that there are so many fantastic men out there who won't treat you like this naughty Sagittarius mad and you are sure to find one in no time at all.

The good news is that this man will soon be out of your life and won't drag his heels, so if he is still around there are chances that the relationship can be fixed. Your man will be different and unique, so we do hope it works out for you.

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Thanks for reading the article and we wish you the best of luck with your man!

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